Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sacrificing Our Country For Power

So I'm definitely starting to see the strategy emerge. Socialists are usually pretty predictable.

Here's my prediction of what will happen between now and November.

Ten years ago if you had told me that the president of our country would try to destroy capitalism, throw us all under the bus, promote racial tension and stoke violence in the streets, divide us up into hate groups to ensure his own power grab to institute socialism I would have never believed you.

Yet...In ten short years this is what we have folks.

We have powerful socialist groups running the show in this country. They've been bilking our OWN treasury on top of it. The debt on this country is mind boggling and there is NOTHING to show for it. It has mostly gone into the pockets of socialists who are determined to bilk and destroy our way of life. They are attacking our religious institutions. They are attacking our science institutions. Look at NASA. It has been gutted.

Tom Hanks does Apollo 13 and appears to be "Mr. Patriotism" and then turns around and attacks NASA. Does this make any sense folks? Socialists don't make sense.

The leader of our country is provoking racial tension and hatred. He is HOPING for chaos and violence. Why? Most people would assume that he would desperately hope that wouldn't happen. But guess what? What better way to prove he is "THE ONE" than to jump in and "save us" in the run up to the election.

Can you see a scenario in October where people are driven to "We have riots and violence if we vote for Romney but "THE ONE" can "save" us if we vote for him.

You can take it to the bank folks this is the strategy that the Socialist left is cooking up.

Just like they rammed Obamacare down our throats...They will hold our country hostage. If we go against the socialist THUGS they will do all they can to hurt our country.

We have the Hollywood socialist left. We have the news media BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by George Soros and his billions.

This is going to be an ugly, ugly, ugly election. So get used to it. Be prepared to get ugly right back at them.

They will corrupt the voting process as much as they humanly can. We have to vote in record numbers to DESTROY their strategy.

We can and WILL do this.

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