Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Magic Fairy Dust And Unicorns Are Wearing Off

Yeah....uh's happening.

Jimmy Carter Is Not Even This Stupid.

In my wanderings this morning I am picking up the same vibe from everybody....but it's early.  Seems that the magic fairy dust around Obama is running out.

Is it possible that his hold on the faithful sheeple has finally been broken? 

I got an interesting take from a person yesterday who is moderate.  As we were pondering (as we usually do) about HOW could Obama think he could toss our military into a war in Libya and then run off to Rio and get away with it?.....She says to me "He did it for his ratings.  He thinks Americans love war (i.e. we're war mongers)  and that politically it would be a popular thing and help him get re-elected."

That stunned me and I had to think about it....but it does make sense.  Rush Limbaugh said the same thing. Whatever Obama does he does it for political purposes. He probably does think we would like beating up on Libya.  He thinks it makes him look tough and Reagan-like.

Only thing is....It backfired greatly.  He does not get it that we compare him more to Jimmy Carter.  Somebody in his inner circle convinced him that he was like Ronald Reagan and his ego told him that attacking Libya, a weak, almost toppled tyrant who would most certainly fall victim to his own people, would be a painless, easy war and he'd be able to benefit politically.

HA!  What a dope.  You know I hate to even say it....But even JIMMY CARTER is not that dumb.

He put OUR TROOPS in harms way for what?  He has manipulated events in the Middle East that will have great consequences to us for decades and he has no clue that he will go down in history as the one in charge when these events took place.  We will pay the price for his stupidity.  This emperor wannabe is going to be writing books and lounging on some private beach somewhere getting his feet rubbed some day and we're going to be fixing the harm he has done to our country.

My only concern is that our enemies don't take advantage while he's here.  Let us hope that we have guardian angels in our military and in our government that will keep our country safe despite its inept leader.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sarah Palin Has The Same Alarm We Do

It's becoming a regular habit isn't it?  Sarah Palin looks more like a President than Obama does.  She sees right through the nonsense.  It's like she has that same radar we do.  The BULLSHIT monitor. It is starting to go off on a regular basis, isn't it?  Maybe somebody should let him know that...Ehhh, maybe not.

It appears Obama wants to change things things differently.  He doesn't feel compelled to respect the history of the President and does not feel obligated to the American people to show RESPECT.  If he wants to go on vacation with his family before explaining to us why he decided to put our troops in harms way how DARE we question his decision. 

We are ANNOYING.  We are so annoying in fact that Obama can just throw some teleprompter speech out there a week or two later that doesn't really explain much or tell us anything...He is only doing it because he HAS to.  You can imagine him rolling his eyes and shaking his head and saying out loud "WHY should I have to explain myself?"

What in the WORLD is he doing still blaming George Bush? Does he not read the news? Does he not realize that Bush actually has higher poll numbers than he does?  Did somebody forget to tell him that the blame Bush gig is up? I guess not.

This guy really has lost touch with reality and I have to say....It is the fault of his people.  He has isolated himself because he thinks we're annoying.  The more annoyed he gets the less he listens to people.  He believes his own press, too, which is kind of funny when you think about it.  He probably watches NBC and believes what they say!  That's a little scary.  Obama thinks he's like the KGB but the problem is...He's not that smart.  And neither are the people around him.

It's like the Mafia Utopian Left elected a president who just wants to sit around and get his feet rubbed and they don't know what to do now. They can use him only so much.  People are getting tired of hearing his voice.  He just goes on and on and on.  And see...when you are no longer useful in the Mafia you don't get to stick around and collect the perks forever.

You can't bullshit the American people for too long.  We have a very short attention span and this double speak is getting old. Alarms are going off...and Sarah seems to be hearing the same thing we are.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Somewhere In The Middle

Try as they may, the Utopian Left socialist thugs are NOT the majority in this country.  Sometimes when you read the news (or watch the news) it's hard to reconcile that.  It looks like we're on the brink of disaster half the time.  It's important to remember that is mostly "Media Murk" as I like to call it.  Nothing depresses our news media more than boring.  When nothing is going on they have no way of grabbing your attention other than to come up with some chaotic situation, scandal, or disaster.  With so many news sources they compete for chaos.  If there is no chaos then they just make it up. If THAT doesn't work then they go to the greatest fall back of all time...SEX.

Sadly, we've become a country of tabloid news.  Incidentally, our British friends were going through this long before we were.  They lost a princess in the peak of its hey day.  I remember thinking..."No way it would get that way here...We're too responsible for that."  HA!  Fat chance.  Our news media EMBRACED it.

That's why I don't think it's healthy to concentrate on one news source.  If you're like me you have a multitude of news sources you go to each day to pick up on the major news stories.  I have two or three trusted sites I go to each morning...and of course I post the ones that impact me the most on Facebook.  Some days I'm sure my friends and family think I've lost my mind because I am posting links one after another sounding a lot like a hysterical person. "The economy is about to collapse!" "The Liberals are taking over the world!"  "I will NEVER let the liberals take over the world!" "Those bastards!"  You get my drift.

And then there are times I actually see funny things that I post and that's when I REALLY look schizophrenic.  "The world is ending!"  "Isn't this dog cute?"

I figure it's a matter of observation.  I take in all the stories I see and I believe about 30% of them.  Then I try to figure out WHY they are doing that story....what is the real purpose.  Journalism is not an honest business. Most news is planted and deliberate.  Most people in journalism are NOT honest.  The objective at any news organization is not to tell you the truth.  The objective is to get your attention and make money for your company so you keep your job. Sometimes the objective is propaganda and disinformation and that can come from the government and military. Therefore, I think it's rather dangerous that we've come to rely so heavily on the "news".

The best strategy I've found is to stay in the middle.  When you see anything of an extreme...go far, far away. We're not about to die.  The country is not going to collapse.  The socialists will not take over the world.  The right is not racist. Nuclear reactors in Japan are not going to kill everybody off. The EPA is not going to destroy our country. And the Tea Party is not going to go away.  Just remember that being informed is good...but believing everything you read is unwise.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Cold War Morphed Into Global Warming

So the unions i.e. communist/socialists are rioting in London.  George Soros and the far-left have gathered and paid for a bunch of THUGS to run wild and cause violence in London and as usual what happens?  We see a couple of stories in the news and then turn the other way.

They've been doing this for years and I have YET to see any respectable news organization dig deeply into these people.  Every summit...every meeting with "world leaders" there they are.  Thugs in waiting.  Paid for by George Soros and his billions of dollars.

These people are determined to destroy capitalism.  I would venture to guess 99% of these people have no clue what it is they are performing these violent acts for and 98% of them probably have no idea what capitalism even is.  Somebody put money in their pocket and they agreed to be a thug because they love being a thug anyway so what the hell? They wouldn't know how to work a real job or balance a checkbook if their mommy even held their hand.  Their mommy was probably on crack or even worse...was some hippy that traveled the world learning Russian and having babies with different men and cultures ....Eh...but that's a different story isn't it?

When we "won" the cold war the cold war did not go away.  The cold war morphed into this group of socialist thugs.  In fact...the cold war morphed into Global Warming. The people who used to be true Liberals are just flat out of luck because people, I hate to tell you, but your party sold its soul to the socialist left.

So let's see....The Islamic fanatics hate us.  The socialists hate us. They've now joined forces and George Soros and his billions are financing them.  What could go wrong??

We just have to keep informing people.  We have to have faith that good does conquer evil.  We have to believe that karma is on our side.  Yes, Virginia, there is a lot of evil in this world.  But the good guys ALWAYS win.

Friday, March 25, 2011

George Soros - Mafia Boss

We need to stop focusing on Obama.  I realized this morning with much alarm that we are spending an enormous amount of time focusing on Obama.

You know the old saying that if you watch for the elephants the mice will walk in without you noticing?  Obama is the elephant.  What we really need to be watching for is the rodents.  And the rodents in this case are George Soros and his mafia.

Why is this person so prominent in this country?  Why does he own half the news media?  Here is a mafia boss BANNED FROM EUROPE who has destroyed entire countries and he is leading a charge to change the "WORLD ORDER".  Since when do we trust billionaires who have collapsed other countries? Are Americans truly this gullible?  Unfortunately, I think they are.

I do not believe Obama is the person we need to worry about.  He is a stooge who is just in this game to make money, live a life of luxury, and honestly could care less about Americans or this country.  He is the "untouchable one".  I believe now he has no power whatsoever.  He just has the keys to the safe.

George Soros is the person we should be concentrating on. He is determined to destroy capitalism and profit from its collapse. He has the socialist groups, the unions, the DNC, the anti-war groups, the European anarchists at the tips of his fingers.  We should be exposing this goon and watching his every step. Instead...most people don't even know who he is.

I have never believed in the call to impeach Obama until now.  I did not think it was necessary.  But the economic stability of this country is on the verge of collapse and I watch as most Americans have absolutely no clue this is happening. Since November the mafia has stepped up its game.  They have redoubled their efforts to collapse capitalism because they realize now that 2012 is looking less likely to go in their direction.

The more they realize this the more damage they will cause.  They will not relinquish power willingly.  They will do everything they can to drag the world down with them.

Faith that things will work out and that old saying Good versus Evil is about all we got right now.  If Americans do not wake up and realize what an enemy George Soros is...and how Obama is being used as a stooge in this game...We will all be starting from scratch very soon.

I read this post and think...Gee, I sound like a gloom and doom "The sky is falling" predictor. I have always hated those people.  I have always felt that karma is on our side.  But I look around and I see too many people with their heads up their ass....with no clue about what is happening with our economy.

Obama has got to go.  He must be impeached and we must get the Democrats out of power.  And we must put George Soros out of business. They do not have any respect or love for our country.  They are against it. They are trying to bring it down and we have got to make sure people realize this.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011 - A LOT GOING ON TODAY

Today, because there are so many things happening, I will be updating my post all day.  Unfortunately, I have to work and can't spend a long period of time writing and monitoring the headlines AND posting to my blog with the attention it deserves.  So stick with me...and I will update throughout the day.

First, the bombings in Israel should concern us all and they have Obama's behavior to thank.  His treatment of Israel and provocations by the left in the Middle East...makes it predictable that Israel is under fire.  We need to hold Obama responsible.

Second, Steve Lerner from SEIU should be investigated and tried for TREASON and ALL OF YOU should spread this story far and wide.  He is a union leader and has been caught on tape planning to attack our country to destabilize our economy.  That is TREASON.  The DOJ cannot ignore this but the news media WILL.  We cannot let this go.  Spread the story.

Third, there has been a HUGE explosion on the internet of union/George Soros paid trolls trying to create the illusion that there are more of THEM than US.  Counter the trolls.  Fight them.

NOT RACIST. NOT VIOLENT. WE ARE NO LONGER STAYING SILENT.  Just out chant the trolls where ever you come across them and drown them out.  It's fun and productive.

Lastly (for now) poor Obama...He is coming home from his vacation because HIS WAR is falling apart. Germany is pulling out.  France has no clue what is going on.  Obama is getting in deep and he has to come home.  Poor baby. I'm sure he is not going to like that....having to give up his golf and all.

Stay tuned.....and stay alert!!!

UPDATE 11:28 a.m.:  Lots of buzz about Marines being deployed in Libya.  We never send our AF or Navy pilots into an arena without spotters on the ground.  It is a given we have SF on the ground in Libya.  Obama needs to clarify his remarks and say there are no ground combat missions...because everyone in the military knows that we have people on the ground in Libya.  Air assault units ALWAYS have support services on the ground.

UPDATE:  1:56 pm:  So Hillary comes out and says "We saved MILLIONS OF LIVES" in Libya but we can't see them or count them because the people we saved didn't die."  Well....Color me skeptical but that sure does sound a lot like the STIMULUS JOBS that Obama created, doesn't it?  ROFL

Monday, March 21, 2011

Eyes on Russia and China

Whenever the news becomes overwhelmed with headlines I always step back and observe.  There is a reason this happens.  It is purposeful.  Usually it starts with a crisis that is legitimate like say, a major earthquake in Japan.  Then suddenly there is a spiral of events and it seems like one thing after another happens keeping us flipping (or clicking)  around grasping for answers.

The Obama/Soros machine has mastered this.  It means they are up to something and they don't want you to know what it is they are doing behind all the murk of the headlines.  It keeps the news reporters out of their hair.  It keeps your attention and keeps your eyes away from them.

I've been watching them do this for two years but they've been doing it a lot longer. It's how they won the election. They fooled everybody with their "Wall Street crash".  Yes, there was definitely some trouble but George Soros and his Wall Street sell off was on purpose.  It even fooled George Bush.

So anyway, of course I have no proof of any of this.  I can only share my suspicions and tell you I've been watching this happen, having noticed a pattern about two years ago.  That's when I realized that you can't believe anything you see on the news media.

Presently, I'm watching China and Russia.  Obama and Soros set off three years ago to start manipulating the world economies.  It started with the Wall Street crash.  It progressed and moved on to Europe.  We saw scattered rioting and upset in Europe last year.  The usual socialist groups have been manipulating the Middle East for about the same period of time and Obama has been bitch-slapping Israel around since he became President. We saw Egypt fall and that was planned and manipulated by the socialist groups Obama and Soros are in bed with.  Thanks to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel we have not seen a complete and total collapse of the Middle East but they are working on it.  I believe Libya was just a cause and effect that Obama/Soros hadn't figured into the equation and now they're trying to use it more of a diversion than anything.

I think Soros and Obama are really stupid enough to believe that they can play their socialist card game with Russia and China...and this is what they are hiding from everybody.

Up to now they've been able to manipulate lesser nations and countries.  It does not take a rocket scientist to topple Kadaffi for heaven's sake.  Egypt took some work but the Middle East is such a tinderbox it is not hard to manipulate its people because they are suppressed and gullible. They could not topple Jordan because King Abdullah is smarter than they are and they CERTAINLY do not have the brains to topple Israel.  So they are hiring goons to do the work for them.

China and Russia are NOT weak nations.  If Obama thinks for one second he can outwit the Chinese then he is more ignorant than I thought he was.  For that matter, the old KGB guard Putin is not going to put up with Obama's meddling, either.  If George Soros wants to play games with Putin then I'm popping some popcorn and enjoying the show.  Putin has been quiet for a long time...and suddenly he has raised his head out of the sand.  China is stirring as well.

I do believe that Obama and Soros have bitten the wrong snakes this time.....It will be interesting to see how they try to wiggle out of it.  Hopefully, we won't get caught in the crossfire.

UPDATE:  It's important to note George Soros' huge financial interests in Brazil which explains why Obama is there.  Soros basically owns Obama.  Without him he had no chance of winning the election in 2008 and he knows if he goes against him he can't win in 2012 either.  George Soros owns 35% of the oil company in Brazil that we get our oil from.  Obama could be there doing dirty dealings for George Soros.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sarah Palin Acts More Presidential Than Obama

This is India's take on Sarah Palin and it is a positive, good reflection of Sarah.  Transcripts of the speech and good narratives of what she said.  Most important to note the part about how Americans are like sheep when confronting the news media!!

She is doing more for her country than our current president...who is busy vacationing in Rio.

Obama's Agenda Is Not Hard To Figure Out

First of all, I have been very distraught over the Japan bashing that has been going on by the news media.  Japan is NOT on the brink of collapse. It's not about to explode into a mushroom cloud and destroy the earth.  But I guarantee you the Utopian Left Socialists will do everything in their might to convince you of this. I have friends in Japan and they confirm that the news media is giving people false information.

The left will use this to push their green agenda.  They will use it as a means to shut down nuclear power.  They will use it to disrupt Japan's economy just like they did with the "runaway Toyota" that would accelerate and kill everybody.  Conveniently, this happened right after the government took over GM.  Miraculously, we're all still alive.

So now they all jump onto the earthquake in Japan like flies on you-know-what to convince us the earth is about to explode and it's because of nuclear power.  Everything in Japan is being banned by the EPA.  When was the last time you saw our government react so quickly? No only are they lying thru their teeth they are trying to destroy Japan's economy and with the same goal they have to destroy ours. They hate the US.  They hate capitalism.  They will exploit any crisis to further their agenda. This is chaos socialist style.

And what is this nonsense about Libya? I personally feel that Obama was pushed and threatened a little bit by Hillary.  I think the Clintons gave him a nudge as in....You better or else...and he caved.  It wouldn't take much to get Obama to cave.  Just threaten to take away his golf clubs and you have him.  He tells everyone we're going to start bombing Libya and then hops a plane to Rio for a party.  WTF?  He and his entire family have left.  Should we worry?

Yes we should. Unless you live under a rock or have been completely brainwashed it is becoming extremely obvious that we have a Marxist socialist president who truly does not give a flip about this country.  He has a huge black theology chip on his shoulder and he is going to golf, party, and lie his way all the way to 2012. How far does it have to go?  Is the news media ever going to wake up and smell the coffee? I see glimmers of hope here and there but it's hard to see because George Soros and the far left have spun their mafia goons throughout the news media world and basically all they want is to make money and they will do it whatever way they can...even at the expense of our country. Even Fox news is in on the fun.  They have scared not only the Japanese people...they have scared half the country with their NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE headlines.  I've decided we just can't trust any news media.  They all just depends on how much.

Japan is not exploding.  They aren't starving.  They aren't contaminated.  The northeast region of Japan suffered a historic earthquake and was wiped out by a tsunami.  But they will recover.  They will rebuild.  They will be stronger than they were before. 

Our country is being raked through crisis after crisis and the far left is capitalizing on every one. They are trying very hard to create a "chaos" at every turn to shake our resolve.  They are trying to paint a picture of a weak USA.  They are distracting people from their dirty economic practices and are determined to rally our young people into believing that things are SO HORRIBLE that they must let the government take charge and take care of them.  This is what it is all building up to.

We need to start a countdown clock to 2012 and remind people that November was just the beginning.  The less the Democrats stay in control the more chaos they will try to project.  We ARE winning this's just hard to see it because the left is so loud and obnoxious.  Fight them.  Open your eyes and be cautious....because what you see on the news is not reality. It's what THEY want you to see and believe.  It is the illusion of chaos that the left wants to project to make you give up.

We will get rid of the scum in Washington this time...the trick will be to keep their slime from coming back.  Do not be intimidated.  Do not let them coerce you into believing their narrative.  Whatever is being headlined in the news...look to the opposite. It's the same rule, different program: The left will always be doing whatever they are accusing their enemies of doing. It's that simple.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black Theology and Socialist/Marxist Ideals Are The Same

During the 2008 election campaign Obama and the Democrats went to great lengths to convince people that Obama was not racist...that Americans weren't racist...that he had no idea that Rev Wright was a bigot and hated the USA.  He just was completely clueless.  He went out of his way to make sure people knew he was not in agreement with one thing the guy stood for...despite having earlier talked about how inspired he was by this man,  his children were baptized by him, and he was married in this church.  But of course...he had no idea. It's hard to believe people bought into that lie.  But then again, the way the liberal media packaged him and sold him to the public I guess it's not hard to believe.  Isn't that scary?  There are NBC zombies roaming around and they are a lot more scary than the nuclear reactors in my opinion.

You can take the above statements from this bigot Wright guy and pretty much chart all the actions and decisions and behavior by Obama and it all goes hand in hand.  This was a black theology church.  They believe firmly that white America is evil, capitalism is evil, and the world owes them something. They have a huge chip on their shoulders. Sound familiar?

It's not hard to figure this into the socialist agenda. Socialists are champions of adopting people and groups who are down and out and feel "suppressed".  They are also good at exploiting people who are lazy and irresponsible and want an excuse to do nothing but sit on their arse at home and receive handouts. The SEIU pays people to go protest and riot in different places.  They also pay people to troll the internet.  They pay people to commit racist acts and claim to be conservatives.  The DNC, OFA, MoveOn...George Soros and his ilk and zombies spend enormous amounts of money employing trolls to do nothing but deceive people all in the name of Marxist communism.

George Soros has been banned from a lot of European countries because of his snake like activities in destroying their economies.  He lives in Washington DC and sees Obama weekly.  You can go to You Tube and see video after video after video of him describing how he hates capitalism and how the US is going to destroy itself and it is his duty to help it along.  He owns so many different media outlets I could not list them all.  Huffington Post, MoveOn, OFA, Media Matters, I could go on and on.

When I was young people feared communism and with good reason. In 1989 we thought we had defeated it. We haven't.  Communism did not go just morphed into warm and fuzzy causes like global warming and polar bears, minnows in California, and the Democratic Party.  There is no liberal party left. The blue dogs have died....the Utopian Left killed them. The celebrity zombies in Hollywood have been eaten, too. 

Have you noticed that all the people who are famous that whine the most about capitalism are the very same uber-rich people who get a waiver from the regulations, laws and restrictions that all the rest of us have to suffer from?  Why are these rich celebrities so concerned about my well being all the sudden?  They can buy their way out of any inconvenience yet they seem to think they know what is best for me. Ashton Kutcher can lecture me about using oil and gas and drive around in a Hummer? Since when did this jerk have the right to lecture anybody?

So it's not surprising that Rev Wright is a bigot, theology USA hater....and champion of communist/Marxist ways.  What is surprising is that Obama is getting a pass from the news media and that people actually think he is NOT.  He plays golf, vacations, eats lobster, tells us we're fat and lazy....and goes to Brazil to party while Japan is suffering and Libyan rebels get bombed and slaughtered...and the news media is only worried about who he chose for his final four.

The left's race-baiting strategy has only just begun. Be prepared...and fight it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

THE WORLD IS ENDING....And By The Way, Have You Read My New Book?

Today as I sweep the headlines I can't help but notice one thing:  The news media truly is not on our side.

Despite the fact that nearly all US news media people are absolutely clueless when it comes to Japan, its culture, and its people, they have suddenly become experts on the Japanese nuclear energy program.  I do have to give Fox news credit for telling people that Japan has 55 active nuclear plants that provide energy to their country and despite having an earthquake of 9, which is not completely shocking but alarming still, only six have had trouble and those six obviously are near the earthquake epicenter. Most people don't even know that. If you rely on the alphabet communist news (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN) you'd think the entire country of Japan is about to blow up and it's because of those evil nuclear people.  Even worse...they blame global warming.

Fox also showed a map of where the nuclear plants were which were mostly on the east coast of the country and guess what?  Most of the radiation that would be generated by any type of accident would be blown out over the ocean and dissipate. NO it wouldn't make it to the west coast of the US. Just don't go fishing out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for a few weeks, eh?

I have complete confidence that not only Japan is doing all it possibly can to control and limit these problems...but also that our military and the US are now involved in helping to avert further disaster. Japan is completely different from us in one sense:  Who ever is in charge of the nuclear plants right now will certainly resign in shame after this is all over. Their president may even resign in shame. Our news media needs to tread lightly in its predictable assault.  They will attack, insult, shame, bully, and lie their way through every sensational headline they can think of to get people to watch. But the Japanese take these assaults very seriously and the people at the top trying to fix things will likely be the fall guy once it's over.

Yesterday I watched in disgust as news anchor after news anchor sounded the alarms and all but donned radiation suits and gas masks.  These games do not help the Japanese people. They should instead be focusing on the relief organizations who are there in force to help.  They should be focusing on the people who are welcoming displaced residents into their homes.  They should be focusing on THE POSITIVE THINGS that are happening. But of course, the positive things don't get people to watch, right? You need doom and bloody bodies to get people to watch.

Or do they?

I for one would love to watch more news that focused on productive positive things.  People in crisis want reassurance and optimism.  What does it take to get through a disaster like this?  Determination and a survival instinct.  The Japanese are survivors.  They love their country...they are proud of their culture...and they are probably the hardest working people I have ever known. They are not greedy and selfish. They show respect and humility.

They are also the funniest people I know. These people can throw a party that will put the most hard core drinker in the U.S. under the rug. If you've ever had sake you know what I mean.

But this is not the time to beat up the Japanese nuclear scientists or play political games.  This is not the time to scan YouTube for racist videos by the predictable idiots who do such things. As you watch the news keep some things in mind:  The American news media is not only GUESSING what is happening in Japan, they are hyping and sensationalizing everything trying to get viewers. Take what you hear with a grain of salt. Focus more on what we can do to HELP the Japanese people. Don't buy into the demonizing and blame games and other predictable nonsense that the news media wants you to buy into.  Think of ways to help Japan and how can you get other people to help as well.

Start with the Red Cross. Of all the organizations out there....I trust them the most. Donate money to them and without any doubt it will go where it needs to go.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Anti-Nuclear People Are Out in Force

Be cautious when watching the news these next few days.  Every anti-nuclear freak and every media outlet is going to sensationalize what is happening in Japan for YOUR attention.

Of course the liberals will use it to scare people so they will turn against the idea of nuclear power which is cheap, easy, and not nearly as dangerous as they want you to believe.

I am extremely skeptical when I see the news reports coming out of Japan.  Not only do they not have good sources they are trying to interpret Japanese into English. In these cases it's never a good idea to believe everything they say.

As I write this Megan Kelly comes on the TV and says "WE COULD BE FACING A CATASTROPHIC NUCLEAR MELTDOWN" and then she goes on to talk about Starbucks and a scandal involving a tip jar on their counter. See what I mean?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our President The Golfer

So while our friend Japan is going through a horrific disaster our president decides it is not in bad taste that he go play golf and attend cocktail parties. For him, what would you expect?

We could sit here all day long and list incidents where this president has acted in total disregard to other people going through hardship...and he calls himself a liberal. Actually, I do not think he is a liberal.  I think he is acting more like a communist with no empathy whatsoever. That would be more in line with his black theology upbringing.  You see, they do not believe anyone else has suffered as much as they have so therefore empathy is not required.

Not only has he decided that he is above showing respect to other countries going through a crisis, he DESERVES the luxury and perks he receives as president. He whined this week because being a president is so hard.  It would be so much easier if he were a dictator like China has.  WTF?  Did somebody tell him it would be easy to be president?  Is he even president, really?  Or did the DNC just use him as token African-American boy so they could jam through their socialist agenda and use the race card to stay in power?  It sure makes you think.  He refuses to make any decisive statements or actions.  Whenever we have an event it takes him days and even weeks to decide what to do.  Would you seriously want this guy in charge if an asteroid were hurling through outer space toward the planet? '

I am happy to see fellow Americans donating with their hearts to the Red Cross to help Japan.  As usual, Americans are being generous and kind. Japan is a brilliant country and will survive and become stronger than they were before without any doubt. 

But as for our golf-loving elitist in chief who wishes he was a dictator....I wish he would just go on a permanent vacation and eat his lettuce somewhere else. We Americans apologize for his disgusting behavior.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers for Japan

In the 1980s I lived in Japan and I fell in love with the country, the culture, and its people.  It is a beautful place and the people are equally as wonderful.  To this day they influence my life and my children's lives.  If there is any country on this planet that can endure this act of nature it is them.  Our prayers go out to them and I hope they rebuild and heal as quickly as possible.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Ghetto To Want The Ghetto

Democrats are so funny....HaHaHa...NOT. The liberals are spreading video around of a short statement by Reagan that supposedly shows he supported unions. Yeah? Ask the ELEVEN THOUSAND air traffic controllers he fired during their strike!!

I ran across this story yesterday regarding Jessee Jackson Junior.

We had to endure his father during my we have his nut case of a son to put up with. So every ghetto kid should have an Ipod and laptop? How about...GET OUT OF THE GHETTO! Oh, my bad. He WANTS them in the ghetto. If there were no kids in the ghetto he wouldn't have a voting base would he? Anybody think of that? The race-baiting industry giants are not convincing the majority of Americans that we are bigots. They are only preaching to their "pet" constituency. Every speech they give is designed to fire up the very kids sitting in the ghetto without laptops that they want to KEEP in the ghetto so they KEEP their jobs. The Democrats have a history of keeping its people in place...divided and in groups...angry at the rest of the world. JJJ even went as far as to say that we should change the constitution so that all the ghetto kids get all kinds of free stuff. I can just imagine what George Washington thinks about that.

We're at an important time. Most of our kids grew up not even thinking about race. Then the Democratic party decides to use this trumped up RAACIST strategy to stay in power. They want to create a dependent group of people who want to sit around on their arse and not work and have the government hand them everything. They want to destroy capitalism and they are willing to USE PEOPLE to get it done.

Never in our history have the communist left had such a good chance to win their fight. We cannot allow this to happen. We have to stand firm against their onslaught and we have to stand firm and NOT BACK DOWN no matter how intimidating and obnoxious they become.

Republicans have a tendency to back down from a fight. That is part of the structure of conservatives...albeit the name conservative. But we have to maintain a back bone and fight them hard. We cannot compromise. It was that compromising spirit that got us beat in 2006 and 2008. We have to remember that. We swept the floor of all the Republicans who were compromising and giving away the store. We have to keep that resolve and fight to get rid of the socialists and fight the thugs and Utopian Left who want to destroy our country. We cannot afford to wait until it is destroyed. We have to stop them before it goes too far.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Despite The Propaganda...Americans Know Right And Wrong

We've reached a point in our history when there is so much information and so many perspectives that it is really hard to know what the truth is anymore. To understand what this means you have to step back in history. It was not that long ago that people did not watch television 24 hours a day. Believe it or not, 60 years ago most people did not even have a television set. When I was a kid we had a black and white set (only one TV) and my father woke up early to go to work five days a week. My parents watched the morning news choosing one of three stations.  Of course back then there was no cable or satellite.  You watched either ABC, NBC or CBS. PBS was reserved mostly for Sesame Street and Mister Rogers.

There was something scarier about the news when it was in black and white. I don't know just was.  There were no graphic effects, no music, or funny subtitles. You mostly heard typewriters in the background of a scratchy, monotone male voice. He delivered the news in a serious manner and it was not drawn out between fancy commercials.  That was in the 60s.  The pictures were still photographs and you rarely saw video.  If there was video is was fuzzy and looked far, far away.  With the exception of Friday night spooky movies and Alfred Hitchcock you did not watch the TV past 11pm. You got a flat-line.  That's right. TV was off the air until 6:00 a.m. the next morning.

In the 70s it started to change. We got a color TV set but still no cable.  The news became a little more focused and longer.  The war was a popular topic. News people started focusing more on their evening newscasts and the male anchors gained in popularity. There was still no cable, though.  Most people watched the evening news for definitive information if you can believe that. Most people still read the newspaper. My parents got the morning AND evening newspaper. It was a real treat when late night shows began to pop up.  Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was one of them. As my Dad used to say when I wanted to stay out late with my friends "There is no place you should be after 11:00 p.m." and he was right. He certainly would NOT have liked my choice of late night viewing but compared to today it was pretty tame. Saturday Night Live was revolutionary. Not only were they wild and crazy they were partiers! They made fun of politicians. They mocked adults. 

CNN came out in the 80s it was great. CNN Headline news actually served a great purpose. You could turn it on any time of day and there were the most recent headlines of the day. It was usually partial and not opinionated. People had gotten busier. People began working all kinds of schedules. No longer did we have the stereotypical husband going to work with the house wife sitting at home watching soap operas. Everybody went to work.  Cable became king. We were no longer forced to watch the boring daily grind of network television. We had a music channel with rock music!! We had a new brand of late night shows.

I remember in the 70s during the Nixon years how old the news people seemed and in particular politicians. I was quite annoyed that I had to watch old, greasy haired politicians going on and on and on about boring things during the Watergate years. There was no choice. That is all that was on TV. You either watched how awful the news was or you went outside to play. Terrorism reared its ugly head. Jimmy Carter and his failing economy and the Iranians taking hostages was the major news item in the mid to late 70s. Jimmy Carter was not liked by the news people then contrary to what you are told now. There were terrorist acts and communists and the world was scary. Nobody had confidence in Carter. People were tired of watching the news and seeing Iranians chanting DEATH TO AMERICA. It was scary. Carter had no clue what he was doing and he seemed to be blaming our own military for failing to stop it. Despite what they tell you now they did not like Carter and neither did most Americans which is why Ronald Reagan won in a landside election. People wanted a change and they wanted as far from the Democratic party as they could get.

The news media seemed to love Reagan and fear him at the same time. Reagan had incredible authority about him. We had been stuck in the mud in the late 70s. Reagan shook the place up. He demanded we love our country again. We had a bright new future to look forward to and we were taught how to love our country again. There were dangerous people out there and we were going to do something about it. We had a leader that made us feel secure, yet we were still a little afraid of how aggressive he was. But it worked. We cleaned up our act and instead of people running around with flowers in their hair smoking pot we went to work and became respectable again. It became apparent to all that the liberal news media did not like it but there was no denying that Reagan won over the American public. They didn't like it but they had RESPECT for it. That is a key word.

In the 90s things became more complicated. It is the first time I noticed that the news had a definite bias and a clear agenda. What I was being told by the news media did not jive with what reality was. It was the first time I yelled at my television set. I got frustrated at how the news people were saying things that obviously were not so. Why were they cheering so much for the Democrats and trashing the conservatives so much? A divide grew larger. It was becoming obvious that it was becoming a race between two sides. When I was young you did not tell people who you voted for. It was not appropriate. In the 90s it became apparent that the news media was definitely gunning for the liberal side of things. But they did at least TRY to be fair. When Clinton did stupid stuff...they called him out for it. They did not cover it up.

That changed in 2000. When Al Gore ushered in his whining and boo-hoo party when George Bush won the election the news media had polished and waxed its plan.  It became apparent to everyone that the liberal news was determined to brainwash and manipulate public opinion. They censored the news. They edited the news. It became a Hollywood production. Hollywood and the news media joined sides. They adopted causes (those cute polar bears) and began to make huge money using fancy PR schemes and strategies to dupe the American people.

With the introduction of the internet we now have 24/7 news coming at us from every direction.  People get their news and information from a huge array of sources. Network news is still there but it is hardly the dominant source. People have divided up into their political preferences and causes. The name of the game is to shock and awe the headlines. Whatever you can do to grab the most headlines across the huge spectrum of news sources the better. It does not even matter if you do something fact sometimes bad is good. It gets you noticed. There is so much competition for our attention people slander, trash and behave badly on a regular basis now to get the attention they need to make money. Look at Charlie Sheen.  Look at Britney Spears. Look at Kate Gosselin. Hardly people you want your kids to look up to for inspiration.

We are now at a point where people call each other Hitler and bigots. Not exactly a shining example of American ingenuity. People are divided into political groups. Communists are using our freedom of speech and wealth to manipulate a new generation of Americans into believing our way of life is wrong. We have so much information coming from so many different directions it is almost impossible to focus people long enough to educate them on what is happening. We have allowed our enemies to exploit us.

There are enough people my age who remember the days of black and white television. We remember the American dream and that dream does not include communism and propaganda. We are at a turning point in our history. We have been deluged with so much information it is impossible to sort through it. But we know when life is good and when it is not. We still know right from wrong. We still recognize when our enemies are trying to do bad things...and this is one of those times.

Calling the American people racists and bigots is not going to win you an election. Dividing us up into groups to fight each other is not in the best interests of our country. Americans don't always make the right choices but we do know how to correct our mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. As the November election proved, it is not what the propaganda arm of the liberal media can do...It's what Americans know in their hearts that matters. The American dream does not include divided groups who call each other names. The root of this country is the melting together of groups to stand together to conquer our enemies.

We will do that. It's what Americans do.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That Racist Tea Party...Eh?

The greatest thing about all the socialist idiots in Wisconsin running around threatening GOP leaders? People can contrast the hippy-looking Vietnam-protester-esque look of the LIBERALS and the little old ladies with blue hair in the Tea Party. There is no comparison of course and people see that. It just proves our point. Liberals always defeat themselves. It's a proven fact. They are greedy and power hungry and can't control themselves. As much as they would LOVE to paint a picture of anarchy and violence coming from the right they can't do it.

They tried with all their might to provoke violence when Obamacare was signed. If you'll remember, Nancy Pelosi walked thru a huge crowd of Tea Party folks at the capital with a large hammer. The race-baiters even came up with the idea to walk with her and they were so convinced they could provoke some racist pictures for the camera (complete with Jessee Jackson Junior running behind them with his camera running) but the entire episode blew up in their face. WHY? Because Tea Partiers are not racist. It has NOTHING to do with race to want the government to stop spending us into debt. Wanting low unemployment has nothing to do with race. But of course...the liberals like slandering the right and this was their brilliant plan. They did not elect Obama because they sincerely wanted the first African-American president. They elected him because they knew they could call people racists if we tried to vote him out again! They could scream racist whenever we disagreed with his policies. They truly came up with some stupid plan that by guilting the public they could get 8 years and therefore solidify a permanent political class.

Yes...Liberals were that naive. They actually thought they had eliminated the GOP forever.

HAHAHAHA. It's actually quite funny when you think about it.

So watch this video and enjoy. The liberals in all their glory for all the world to see. Spread it wide my friends. Don't expect the liberal media to show it...we have to.