Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That Racist Tea Party...Eh?

The greatest thing about all the socialist idiots in Wisconsin running around threatening GOP leaders? People can contrast the hippy-looking Vietnam-protester-esque look of the LIBERALS and the little old ladies with blue hair in the Tea Party. There is no comparison of course and people see that. It just proves our point. Liberals always defeat themselves. It's a proven fact. They are greedy and power hungry and can't control themselves. As much as they would LOVE to paint a picture of anarchy and violence coming from the right they can't do it.

They tried with all their might to provoke violence when Obamacare was signed. If you'll remember, Nancy Pelosi walked thru a huge crowd of Tea Party folks at the capital with a large hammer. The race-baiters even came up with the idea to walk with her and they were so convinced they could provoke some racist pictures for the camera (complete with Jessee Jackson Junior running behind them with his camera running) but the entire episode blew up in their face. WHY? Because Tea Partiers are not racist. It has NOTHING to do with race to want the government to stop spending us into debt. Wanting low unemployment has nothing to do with race. But of course...the liberals like slandering the right and this was their brilliant plan. They did not elect Obama because they sincerely wanted the first African-American president. They elected him because they knew they could call people racists if we tried to vote him out again! They could scream racist whenever we disagreed with his policies. They truly came up with some stupid plan that by guilting the public they could get 8 years and therefore solidify a permanent political class.

Yes...Liberals were that naive. They actually thought they had eliminated the GOP forever.

HAHAHAHA. It's actually quite funny when you think about it.

So watch this video and enjoy. The liberals in all their glory for all the world to see. Spread it wide my friends. Don't expect the liberal media to show it...we have to.

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