Friday, March 25, 2011

George Soros - Mafia Boss

We need to stop focusing on Obama.  I realized this morning with much alarm that we are spending an enormous amount of time focusing on Obama.

You know the old saying that if you watch for the elephants the mice will walk in without you noticing?  Obama is the elephant.  What we really need to be watching for is the rodents.  And the rodents in this case are George Soros and his mafia.

Why is this person so prominent in this country?  Why does he own half the news media?  Here is a mafia boss BANNED FROM EUROPE who has destroyed entire countries and he is leading a charge to change the "WORLD ORDER".  Since when do we trust billionaires who have collapsed other countries? Are Americans truly this gullible?  Unfortunately, I think they are.

I do not believe Obama is the person we need to worry about.  He is a stooge who is just in this game to make money, live a life of luxury, and honestly could care less about Americans or this country.  He is the "untouchable one".  I believe now he has no power whatsoever.  He just has the keys to the safe.

George Soros is the person we should be concentrating on. He is determined to destroy capitalism and profit from its collapse. He has the socialist groups, the unions, the DNC, the anti-war groups, the European anarchists at the tips of his fingers.  We should be exposing this goon and watching his every step. Instead...most people don't even know who he is.

I have never believed in the call to impeach Obama until now.  I did not think it was necessary.  But the economic stability of this country is on the verge of collapse and I watch as most Americans have absolutely no clue this is happening. Since November the mafia has stepped up its game.  They have redoubled their efforts to collapse capitalism because they realize now that 2012 is looking less likely to go in their direction.

The more they realize this the more damage they will cause.  They will not relinquish power willingly.  They will do everything they can to drag the world down with them.

Faith that things will work out and that old saying Good versus Evil is about all we got right now.  If Americans do not wake up and realize what an enemy George Soros is...and how Obama is being used as a stooge in this game...We will all be starting from scratch very soon.

I read this post and think...Gee, I sound like a gloom and doom "The sky is falling" predictor. I have always hated those people.  I have always felt that karma is on our side.  But I look around and I see too many people with their heads up their ass....with no clue about what is happening with our economy.

Obama has got to go.  He must be impeached and we must get the Democrats out of power.  And we must put George Soros out of business. They do not have any respect or love for our country.  They are against it. They are trying to bring it down and we have got to make sure people realize this.

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