Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sacrificing Our Country For Power

So I'm definitely starting to see the strategy emerge. Socialists are usually pretty predictable.

Here's my prediction of what will happen between now and November.

Ten years ago if you had told me that the president of our country would try to destroy capitalism, throw us all under the bus, promote racial tension and stoke violence in the streets, divide us up into hate groups to ensure his own power grab to institute socialism I would have never believed you.

Yet...In ten short years this is what we have folks.

We have powerful socialist groups running the show in this country. They've been bilking our OWN treasury on top of it. The debt on this country is mind boggling and there is NOTHING to show for it. It has mostly gone into the pockets of socialists who are determined to bilk and destroy our way of life. They are attacking our religious institutions. They are attacking our science institutions. Look at NASA. It has been gutted.

Tom Hanks does Apollo 13 and appears to be "Mr. Patriotism" and then turns around and attacks NASA. Does this make any sense folks? Socialists don't make sense.

The leader of our country is provoking racial tension and hatred. He is HOPING for chaos and violence. Why? Most people would assume that he would desperately hope that wouldn't happen. But guess what? What better way to prove he is "THE ONE" than to jump in and "save us" in the run up to the election.

Can you see a scenario in October where people are driven to "We have riots and violence if we vote for Romney but "THE ONE" can "save" us if we vote for him.

You can take it to the bank folks this is the strategy that the Socialist left is cooking up.

Just like they rammed Obamacare down our throats...They will hold our country hostage. If we go against the socialist THUGS they will do all they can to hurt our country.

We have the Hollywood socialist left. We have the news media BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by George Soros and his billions.

This is going to be an ugly, ugly, ugly election. So get used to it. Be prepared to get ugly right back at them.

They will corrupt the voting process as much as they humanly can. We have to vote in record numbers to DESTROY their strategy.

We can and WILL do this.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guess what?

Okay. I've been bad. I haven't been posting for a while. The reasons are many...but basically, the past few months I've been extremely busy and mostly annoyed with politics.

But also, the less I post the less worried I am. Let me explain.

In the beginning I started this blog as a means of venting my frustration. At the beginning of Boy King's term (which seems like a long nightmare doesn't it?) before we fought and won back congress, the Democrats basically were holding the country hostage. They were running around Washington with their hammers pounding the American people over the head, laughing, mocking, and hysterically out of control.

There was nothing we could do. So we formed the Tea Party. At least we had a means to vent our fears and anger. Naturally, the Democrats have tried all they can to destroy it as they have everything else conservatives do. They even try to destroy Fox, Rush, Hannity....Sarah Palin...I could go on all day. You get the picture.

But guess what? We took back congress. We've also been fighting back against Obamacare. We've been fighting back even in Hollywood. In case you haven't noticed they're going broke. Why? Because limousine liberals want to ram propaganda down our throats and guess what? We don't buy into it. Too bad.

Glenn Beck was harassed and forced off of Fox by the George Soros goons but guess what? He made an online program that has been HUGELY successful. So take THAT liberals. $70 million in profit in the first 6 months is nothing to sneeze at.

The MSM is still a bunch of paid off socialist Pravda suck ups but guess what? We really don't care if these limousine liberal anchors get their dirty martini's handed to them on a golden napkin. We get most of our news via the internet. Yes, the liberals are trying to get control of that, too.

BUT GUESS WHAT? We are MONTHS away from the November election and the socialists are trying every desperate tactic (race baiting anyone?) they can think of...even LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH about Boy King's chances to stay in power.

And guess what? They are LOSING.

So that's basically it. I'm not as worried as I was so I don't post as much. But have no worries. I'm still watching. The fight is by no means won. But the more desperate strategies we see the left play...the more likely it is they know their ship has run aground. And this is good.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The GOP Must Focus Their Message,-Ronald-Reagan-and-Rick-Santorum/537021186312307876.html

This is a brilliant piece by Bill O'Reilly and I agree wholeheartedly with his analysis.

The GOP has got to focus its message. We all know Romney is going to be the nominee for the GOP. I looked around yesterday at some clips of speeches by Romney. He is focused clearly on the economy and at hitting Obama hard on the bad economy. But what is the media focused on?

They are focused on painting Santorum as some kind of religious fanatic. It is obvious WHY they are doing this. What puzzles me is WHY are conservatives letting them muddle the message?

Obviously, the media has to sell itself. The more sensational and emotional the more attention they get. Whether it's something that gets people happy or pissed off..If they can get your attention they will print it.

The FACTS are: The progressive left wants you to thinking about anything and everything that DOES NOT focus on Obama's record. Don't pay attention to what he has done to shut down private enterprise. Do not pay attention to how energy prices are soaring through the roof because of his failed energy policies. Do not pay attention to the price of consumer goods. Do not pay attention to his secular agenda and his attack on the religious right. Do not pay attention to Obamacare and the mandates that will ruin the quality of our health care.Do not pay attention to the far left liberal groups who are spreading socialist propaganda, trying to nudge our country into a statist dictatorship where they control every aspect of our lives. Do not pay attention to how the far left is trying to divide us into groups to make us hate each other, whether it is race, gender, religion, or ANYTHING.

No...The left is trying its best to muddle the message. It's everywhere and all over the place. They flood the news media with thousands of nonsense stories and propaganda to keep YOUR FOCUS off of what is really important. And since George Soros and the far left Hollywood elite socialists own 99% of the news media they do a good job of it.

The GOP needs to focus on Romney and Romney's message. They need to fire a laser beam on Romney and end this speculation. Santorum is not going to be the nominee and we know it. Neither is Paul or Newt.

We need to FOCUS our message and target the left. We have GOT to dominate the conversation and that conversation needs to be about the economy. We cannot let the left control the subject. WE have to control the message.

Ronald Reagan won in a landslide because he made sense and he HAD common sense. He appealed to everyone. You watched him speak and you said to yourself "He is absolutely right".

Romney does the same thing but he is being drowned out by the progressives...We need to focus on Romney and his speeches and get the message where it needs to be.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank Goodness For Real Role Models

I've been a Denver Broncos fan for as long as I can remember. Well, actually, since 1983 when they drafted John Elway to be precise. I loved John Elway. He was by no means a perfect quarterback. He certainly had his ups and downs along the way throughout his career. But isn't that what his two Super Bowl victories that much more sweet? We loved him when he won. We loved him when he lost. He was a good sport and did good things for his community. He didn't whine or complain. No matter how much the sports media tried to knock him down he always smiled and loved playing football.

When he won the first Super Bowl his team and his coach all dedicated the win to him because they said he deserved it. And we all knew he did. John Elway was a good role model for a lot of kids growing up during my generation. Never give up. Play a good game and be a good sport. Love your country and be a good Christian.

Peyton and Eli Manning are two more examples of good role models for kids.Chris Carter from the Vikings ranks right up there with John Elway. Terrel Davis, Jerry Rice, I could go on and on.

Now we have Tim Tebow and Lin. Good Christians doing good things for people and setting a good example for our youngsters.

We see a lot of crap on TV these days. The news is driven mainly by sensationalized news, most of it negative. We've been force fed divisive politics so much it is no wonder we forget about the good things. At what point did backyard gossip become so powerful?

Remember when Princess Diana died and we all stood in awe at "How can a country become so obsessed with itself that it drives a princess to her death being chased by tabloid leeches in a car"?  I remember thinking how we could never become that way here in the US. Well, we have become that way. Look at the Britney Spears debacle. The news media was well on their way to destroying her and if her parents had not intervened they would have probably succeeded.

Hollywood is force feeding us a bunch of crap and unfortunately a lot of people thrive on it. Good family shows are practically non-existent. We watched a sweet family in PA with six kids who appeared to be good parents turn into a 3-ring circus with the mother turning into a media whore and exploiting her children so she could get her nails done.

We need to look for the positive things like Tim Tebow and focus on the good things around us. There is a lot of good in this world. We just have to choose to see it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Buy Any Virus Protection Stock Lately?

I find it alarming that the FBI is about to conduct a "social experiment" as they themselves call it.

There's a virus out there that has infected millions of computers and their solution is to cut off the internet for all those who have been infected. Out of MILLIONS of viruses that have gone around and around and around the government decides "this one" is worth conducting "an experiment".

My first question is...Who in the government just bought stock in virus protection? This is going to cause widespread panic like the buildup to the 2000 scare. Everyone is going to be terrified their computer is infected. So can you already see the crooks out there who are going to position themselves to "clean" our computers? This is NONSENSE.

Second....Think about how insidious this is. Are you paying attention to what the government is doing? They call this a "social experiment". Let's say Boy King's goons want to knock out all their political opponents from the internet before the next election. They could go on Facebook and create an app ...which is easy enough. A little box that says "Who hates Boy King and wants him voted out in 2012?" The dolts stupid enough to click on that box get a cookie downloaded on their computer. Then the FBI can track you or worse...lock you off the Internet.

If you don't think they would do something this insidious you're not paying attention because this is EXACTLY what they are doing. This is what FB has been doing for a long time. You have NO PRIVACY on the internet and that's been going on for a while. Just months ago the government was given the go ahead to pry into all our internet activities. Of were too busy being distracted to pay attention.

So on March 8th when millions of people are locked out of the internet remember where this "social experiment" originated. Remember the new laws that give the government the power to lock up a person WITHOUT DUE PROCESS for any reason for as long as they want with no representation. Remember that they can use this to intimidate people who don't agree with their positions.

The news media is not talking about this folks. Do you think they will? Did they tell you when they took phosphate out of dishwasher cleaner? Or were you like thousands of other people calling a repairman to fix your dishwasher?

If I were a gambler I would take bets that most people won't have a clue what is going on. They will either A) Buy a new laptop B) buy anti-virus software.

We shall see how this unfolds. In the meantime....Don't like or dislike anything on Facebook.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Socialism is NOT America's Future

Well the Blah is still there apparently. With a few added exciting events.

Boy King has certainly stepped in it with his recent religious attacks. Forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraception and abortion pills. This is what our country has come to. Not that we're shocked or should be shocked. He made it quite clear during his pandering last election that he would attack the Catholics. He has a history of this. Harvard is about as anti-Catholic as it comes, folks. His own wife is on record slamming the "White Irish Catholics" in Chicago.

What fascinates me is how he is in such a liberal bubble of make believe...He actually was so arrogant to believe he could try to do this and get away with it. See, the far left is pretty short-sighted. They think all people think the way they do. They are so arrogant and think they are above all of humanity...and what they say goes whether you like it or not.

Americans are a point. The Boy King Valerie Jarrett ego train failed to grasp that this country was FOUNDED on religious freedom. Our ancestors sailed across the Atlantic and landed in the woods with NOTHING to get away from religious persecution in England. We're not about to hand our religious freedom to a bunch of socialist thugs from Chicago. They can sip their wine and think about that a while.

Oh wait. No they won't. They aren't that smart. And they think we're stupid. Boy King came out yesterday and said..."Oh...The Catholic institutions don't have to pay for it...the (evil) insurance companies will".

Like that makes any difference whatsoever.

Okay people. Open your eyes. Count the number of medical institutions you have in your local area that are affiliated with religion. You either have Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, or Catholic hospitals. They are all across this country of ours.

Now realize what these socialist THUGS plan to do these institutions. Do you seriously believe they will stop at just forcing abortion on us? NO. They are going to turn our health care system into a walk-in welfare clinic that you wouldn't want your DOG treated in. This is just the beginning folks.

It's the reason we hated Obamacare....and it's the reason we STILL hate Obamacare. It's not just a matter of religious freedom. It's about SOCIALISTS who are lying through their teeth to the American public. It's about a president who hates this country and wants to change it into some kind of welfare nanny state to punish it. He wants to create a generation of kids who have no dreams. He wants to divide us into groups and have us fight each other so he can sit on the beach in Hawaii and play golf eating french fries.

THIS is what the election is about. Not Republicans fighting Republicans. If you don't know that all politicians suck at this point then OPEN YOUR EYES. At least Republicans halfway listen. At least Republicans don't want to DESTROY the country and make it some kind of DUMP. It does not matter whether it is Newt or Romney or Santorum. As long as it is not a SOCIALIST we can fix it.

We are too great a country to let these idiots ruin our country. I am confident we will win this next election and the DNC will be banished for years to come.Pay attention...Be smart. Don't react instantly to the headlines because the liberal media is CREATING the headlines trying to lead you by the nose to what they want you to focus on and AWAY from the crimes of this administration.

That means YOU over at the Dept of Justice. Don't think we have forgotten.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blah..Blah...Blah. It's An Election Year.

So reading the news these days is pretty annoying.

This is the time in the election cycle I hate. The elite media grovels in it. They love seeing Republicans attack Republicans. It saves them time and money. And most importantly, it takes us far, far, far away from the failed policies of Boy King. Instead of discussing how horrible the economy is, instead of talking about the price of energy going through the roof, instead of talking about the 9% unemployment, the value of the dollar imploding, and how evil George Soros is (OH! My bad...they NEVER talk about that because he has BOUGHT the news media and controls them)...They focus in on STUPID, idiotic, IRRELEVANT things such as ...Romney's wealth.

How stupid is it that Brian Williams, who makes $13 million a year salary at NBC can feign shock and horror at Romney's wealth?Boy King can go to 10 fundraisers in two weeks and then give an address feigning disgust at politicians who campaign all the time????

Folks, we need to get this show on the road. We need to be focusing on Boy King and how he's spending $50,000 on lingerie for his boyfriend Reggie. We should not be blabbering on and on about Gingrich and Romney.

ALL politicians are crooks. There are very few who are not. In fact...The ones who are not are the ones you never hear about. The news media finds them boring. The sad truth is....the more wealthy and corrupt they are the more successful they are.

So in reality...We are not looking for some squeaky clean, "true" conservative to beat Boy King. We are looking for the one who has enough money and power to buy his way into the White House. Boy King did not get into the WH because he is some great politician. He powered his way thru with George Soros' money. George Soros paid every internet troll out there to saturate the internet. He paid all the crooks and creeps who went from state to state intimidating and fraudulently cheating through the primaries to knock Hillary out. David Axelrod made his name by smearing and paying off every cheap floozy he could get his hands on to slandering every candidate along the way. Just like he did with Cain. Just like he tried to do with Gingrich. (Fortunately for us everyone already knew what a jerk Gingrich is so it didn't matter). Of course...We can't prove all those things but we have seen all this play out before. It's the same exact song played election after election.

It's a long way to November. Keep your eyes open and be skeptical of every headline. This is the most important thing we can do as Americans. We have to stop reacting to the headlines and instead wait...find out what the intent of the headline is. Every headline has an origin and THAT is the real story.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Class Warfare, Division, and George Soros

I read the "glowing" article today by the Daily Beast on George Soros and honestly...It makes me want to throw up. I'm surprised the author didn't lick his toes and walk on hands and knees. Talk about paid robots.

First of all, George Soros is the biggest SLEAZEBALL the world has ever seen and he has been involved in this country's politics FAR TOO LONG. Half the reason the Democrats have sold their souls to the devil points back to his interference.

Let's just point out one. The "occupied" movement. Van Jones, self-proclaimed COMMUNIST. Hater of the United States. Bigot of all Bigots. He used to be the "green czar" for Valerie Jarrett and her Chicago Mafia of Merry Men...When it became apparent that they couldn't bilk the American public over the global warming scam they turned to this self-proclaimed bigot to start class warfare and race riots.The left has been trying to use this outdated scam for decades and it never works. We have moved BEYOND this people. Which is why they are just flooding our cities with illegal immigrants who don't know this and don't care. The Dems naively think that they can create new classes of people who will largely depend on THEM for their existence.The Dems and their Soros goon squads naively believe they can at will command these people to do their dirty work for them like they are some kind of tribal war lords or something idiotic on that level.

When you have instability you have an excuse to clamp down on the public. The Communist left knows that Americans are much too smart, much to calm, and much too RATIONAL for their "grand design" to work. So what are they doing? They are creating these CLASS WARFARE situations. The occupied movement sure has shined hasn't it? Their paid help hasn't exactly been holding up their end of the bargain. They got a bunch of hippie kids from rich Liberals at Princeton and Berkley to camp out in tents at parks which became rat invested and disgusting and the public has roundly (and justly) rejected the entire movement.

In case you haven't noticed the left is still trying to stoke racial division to get things even uglier. The left is trying every UGLY TACTIC they can think of to make our country fall apart. Go around on the internet and if you see any stories about race you will see LEFTIST THUGS who are PAID FOR by the George Soros PROPAGANDA TEAM posing as conservatives making racist comments all over the place. How do I know they are fake conservatives? Because if you dig a little deeper into their profile you see who they really are. They create fake profiles. And it's the same group of people. You see the same idiotic freaks, groups of fake people going around from blog to blog and website to website leaving the same FAKE COMMENTS all over the internet.

You see....Soros believes you can create a race and class war if you put enough money into it. He's been doing a great job over in Europe. Look at this article about him. Does it mention ANYWHERE in this article that his first job as a kid was helping the Nazi's collect all the possessions of the Jews on their way to concentration camps? In his OWN BOOK he describes this as "the best time of his life". Does it tell you how in his OWN BOOKS and interviews how he ridicules the US and the people and how he plans to use capitalism as a means of DESTROYING THE US? You can find this information easily coming out of his OWN MOUTH. But do you see that in this article? No...of course not.

This freak wrote a book and he wants to be seen as some kind of "savior" of the world. He has said so in his OWN BOOKS. But what he is really doing is trying to destroy us. He wants to run this country into the ground and he has made this perfectly clear. He has even taunted us..and made fun of us...because he says he can state his purpose clearly and we're too stupid to pay attention and do anything about it.

The elite media is not going to tell you the dark side of George Soros or Boy King and his anti-American goons. If you are not paying will get sucked right into the propaganda. Educate yourselves. Educate your children. We do have rough times ahead of us because of the financial debt we have allowed the liberals (and conservatives) to drag us into. But we are AMERICANS and that is the one thing George Soros and his greedy mind can't get his head around.

Not only will we work out way out of this mess..We will take him to the woodshed in the process. These people don't get it. They don't get what being an American is. They just hate us.

They are going to find out the hard way what we are really made of.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pieces of a Puzzle

Whenever "breaking news" comes out most people react the way the news media wants them to react. And this is unfortunate.

There are so many different groups who influence the news media. People need to sit back and remember that headlines are almost 100% manipulated. The government manipulates it. The political parties manipulate it. The news media ITSELF manipulates it. Not to mention our enemies.

Never belive the headlines. Rather, read the headlines and put them on your board to put the puzzles together.

Right now we have the "Boy King is going to destroy the country" puzzle. We have all manner of headlines telling us how sneaky and underhanded he is. How he is destroying the constitution. How he is going to detain Americans and take away their freedoms and rights. Our DOJ and he will unsurp the next election and become dictators...etc., etc., etc.

This could be a lot of noise coming from the right to gin up support for the RNC. They ARE trying to raise money. The best way to raise money is to upset people.

This could be a lot of noise from the left, too. Nothing thrills the left more than to give the socialists the impression that Boy King is this unstoppable, force and they will win no matter what. That gives them POWER.

Either scenario puts money into the pockets of both parties. Which is what all this is.

We are still a country of laws. We have a constitution firmly in place. We have the power as a people to vote these goons out of office. If Boy King and his paid mafia even TRIED to disrupt the next election they would very quickly find 50% of the country marching on Pennsylvania Avenue to remove him. And trust me, the military would be happy to provide the helicopters to fly him into exile.

WE are the majority. WE elected congress to stop the Democrats from imposing their will on us. If Boy King wants to continue his bully behavior he should just start packing his suitcases now because this is NOT how you win a re-election. We should be used to this. He has been doing this since his first hour in office.

Boy King has two choices: A) Lie his way to November and stop trashing the country and he MIGHT win. B) Realize that he will not win no matter what and do as much damage as possible before he is thrown out on his ear.

It's his choice. No matter how many thug-like things he does before November ALL THINGS can be reversed and fixed. THAT will be our biggest challenge.

Remember, there are progressives on the left and right. We have to hold their feet to the fire to make them reverse this nonsense once we get the scum out of the pond.

I do not worry about dictatorships and lawlessness and all that stuff. I believe in our country. I do NOT believe the headlines. Headlines are just that....manipulated news to get your attention and take your money.

Read between the lines and remember it's a puzzle.