Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fake Scare Tactics By Socialists to Destroy Capitalism and The Way We Live

I'm really getting tired of the constant onslaught of attacks on capitalism by the progressives.

A friend posted a scare warning about a baby food. It was a scam of course. But the point of the scare was to terrify young mothers not to buy a certain product for fear of poisoning their baby. There is nothing more alarming to a new mother than to think that the food they are giving their baby is poisoned. So the scam is effective whether it is true or not. People will play it safe.

The progressives are getting very good at this scam. It's really a sad realization that there are people and groups who would use this type of tactic to destroy companies but it's actually quite common. The progressives are probably the most devious bunch I've seen. I used to think the communists in the old Soviet Union were the most immoral people on earth. Turns out progressive socialists have learned and schooled from them and have modernized their strategies.

And by the way the Democratic party no longer exists. The progressive socialists hijacked them a long time ago.

The progressives attack all forms of capitalism. Remember the fake runaway car scam? Right when O-Bummer took over GM suddenly Japanese cars were hazardous to our health for some reason.

How many times did you see some fake poison scare about products imported from China?? It sure is a coincidence that was about the same time we were bickering with China over trade imbalances.

Pharma is not immune. Remember the fake flu scare? Payback for their support of Obamacare. Look where it got them. They were hoping to buy some immunity but the socialists had other ideas. Have you noticed the endless commercials of lawyer groups suing medical device companies and drug companies? That bankrupts these companies and increases health care costs.

Notice how mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illness is on the rise? Progressives have been passing legislation to ban pesticides that kill mosquitoes. Google online "mosquito spraying" and you will find ENDLESS posts by socialist progressive groups talking about the "evils" of chemicals. I don't know about you but I'd much rather wear DEET than suffer through MALARIA. Mosquito infestation is on the rise and their diseases as well.

We can add to that the bed bug infestations as well. Head lice?? Google either of those and again the same thing. All these very controllable problems have been getting WORSE because progressives have been suing and banning all the cures. They have bombarded the internet with "anti-chemical" articles that are all CRAP.

Those cute puppies and kittens that are starving and abused? Those ASPCA commercials are a SCAM. They are VEGAN GROUPS that use that money to go after and sue dairy farms, chicken farms, beef farms, fishing industry....It is ALL an attack on capitalism.

So why would progressives want to create such chaos? Why would they want to scare people or create viruses or allow mosquitoes to make people sick? Why would they hurt our food supply?

Because it creates chaos. Chaos breeds socialism. A free society cannot function when the government controls everything. People who are afraid for their health and safety look to the government for solutions and help. A dependence on government gives politicians POWER. If they can create total chaos they can clamp down on us and control us.

It's that simple.

Open your eyes and watch what they are doing. I read a very telling article this morning concerning the debt crisis. Apparently, the WH is upset that Wall Street has not panicked and crashed this week. They were hoping that their scare tactics would have worked to cause a sell off so that it would force people to become scared and angry at the GOP. It has backfired. The progressives have become so transparent in their scare tactics that people are onto them.

Think about it. Socialists are willing to sacrifice YOUR HEALTH, your food, your way of stay in power.

That is a lot more scary that any pesticide I know of.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

There are NO HUNGRY CHILDREN...Just Corrupt Government

Notice all the commercials and stories lately about "starving children" in the US? Here it is in a nutshell folks:

The Democrats are destroying the economy and creating a DEPENDENT CLASS. No jobs equals a lot of poor people who are dependent on the government. The Democrats are EXPANDING the government to take care of all the people it MADE POOR by destroying our economy.

What does this do? It puts money in THEIR HANDS and gives them POWER.

That is DEMOCRAT STRATEGY 101. Divide the country into groups. Create chaos. Create poverty. Expand the government. Destroy jobs. Create a DEPENDENT CLASS of people who will depend on these bone heads for food and you have power forever.

This is what these SOCIALISTS want our country to be all about.

I am SICK AND TIRED of seeing these commercials on TV. Food Channel has one now. A commercial about "poor kids" who have no healthy food. Every kid in that commercial is chubby. Even the lady hosting the commercial is chubby. Yet, they go after McDonald's.

They shut down vegetable and fruit farms in California in the name of a minnow.

They take corn away to create fuel at the same time as shutting down oil production. Gas prices go up. Food prices go up. Jobs are destroyed. But guess what? They have a lot of unemployed, hungry people so what do they want to do?? Raise taxes to pay for it.

Environmentalists are suing and going after dairy farms, meat processing plants, farms.....WHY? I thought we had hungry people, eh?

See all the commercials lately going after the pharmaceutical companies?? How long before the government tries to take over that, too?

Democrats have a strategy and believe me it has NOTHING to do with freedom and prosperity. It has everything to do with POLITICAL SHOWS on TV about the debt ceiling to distract you from what is REALLY happening in this country.

2012 can't get here fast enough. Socialists and Democrats are determined to destroy this country and we have to be equally determined to stop them.

Boehner is Doing a Good Job

John Boehner has done a good job since he has become Speaker of the House. In fact, he's done a great job over the past few years. He has held the ship together even through the worst of hurricanes. Two years ago the Dems were tap dancing on the Republican grave declaring the party was dead. Boehner held it all together.

He has an impossible job. He is the only Republican in Washington with any leadership role. The President and the Senate will not agree with him or work with him on ANYTHING because they are too partisan. They aren't leaders. They're just political hacks. Neither gives a crap about what is good for the country. They only care what is good for THEIR OWN POWER.

But I think its healthy that we're debating this new debt ceiling debate. The Tea Party rightly so should challenge the GOP to stand firm and be tough and not cave to the Democrats. But not to a point of adamant belligerent nonsense. The FIRE BOEHNER headlines are a bit much. It's immature and stupid. You can pressure Boehner to stay tough without threatening to fire him. I understand this is par for the course in Washington but we have to understand that this election thing coming up requires us to STICK TOGETHER.

We're not going to get anything major accomplished only controlling Congress. So blaming Boehner is not helpful. Republicans need to stick together and concentrate on exposing the LEFT. This entire debt ceiling debate would not even be a discussion without the Republicans in congress to begin with. The Democrats would still be running up the credit card with no limit whatsoever. God only knows what trouble we'd be in by now.

So be tough but don't be destructive. Demand more but don't be unreasonable. Concentrate on the BIG PICTURE. A fractured Republican party does not win elections.

John McCain: Embarrassing

John McCain. What a total loser. He makes an attention-getting speech on the floor of the senate trashing the Tea Party, basically accusing the Republicans of deliberately wanting to cause a default because they naively believe Obama will be blamed in the chaos.

I'm pretty hard core Republican and I've never once heard that theory be praised. Everything I've seen and heard points to that being false. The news media and the president hammer Republicans day in and day out. Americans despise "the congress" whichever party is in power. Heck, most folks don't even KNOW who the majority is most of the time because the liberal news media covers it up. Obama and his sheep take advantage of that.

In fact, Boy King hopes that Americans being stupid will help get him re-elected next year.

But back to what a dope McCain is....He trashed the Tea Party and then went on Hannity last night and denied that he trashed them. Obviously, he had heard from a few of them. I wonder if his daughter told him how great his speech was?

McCain should be an example to all of us. This is what happens when you get somebody like McCain as the top Republican candidate for president. You end up with Obama. WHAT were we thinking? This truly was a low in our times. This guy lies through his teeth just as much as Obama does. If he had won there really wouldn't be much of a difference between he and Obama. Could you imagine? It actually would be worse.

Maybe we should thank him. Thanks to McCain he was such a lousy candidate we ended up with Boy King Golf Lord who was so incredibly destructive to our country that it will take at least a decade before we forget how horrible it is when Democrats take total power. If McCain had won it would have just dragged it all out. Now we'll be able to wipe the slate clean so to speak.

Well, clean except McCain is still there. We have cobwebs to clear out but we're getting there.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Saved McDonald's

I've been surfing around this morning looking for stuff on Obama's speech last night. I'm not seeing a lot of coverage on it, actually. Did anyone even watch it? I see a lot of praise for Boehner. I agree with that praise. He has done a fine job keeping things together. Remember he held the ship on course even after the 2008 elections when the alphabet news media declared the "Republican party was dead". He held it together through all the nightmare of Pelosi's reign. All the times she taunted the American people, telling us how stupid we were, how she knew what was best. All the times we were upset, angry, afraid she called us Nazi's and racist and told us we were "rabid mobs". Remember those lovely days?

Boehner held it together. He has stood up to the far-right and he has stood up to the Obama Socialists. He deserves kudos for that.

We have a president who is a weakling and a lame duck. Our enemies see that. This is a dangerous time for our country. We're not even sure Obama even gives a hoot we're not safe. His socialist dreams don't include making our country better and stronger. His socialist dreams involve a big chip on his shoulder with a warped view of our country. He is more concerned with feeding his own ego at this point. In fact, Speaker Boehner AND Senator Reid dumped Obama to get something done which prompted Obama to do the press conference last night so he wouldn't feel left out.

It's becoming obviously clear to all that the socialist ideology that has been forced on us the past decade is finally being rejected. The gig is up. The party is over. True liberals sold out their party and let these idiots ruin it. Now we are going to have to pay the price. The next eight years or so we will have to work hard to rebuild and get back into the groove of being American again...but first we have to sweep out the socialist bugs that have infested our house.

That means YOU liberal media....All the liberal pundits pretending to "inform the public" need a reality check. Nobody believes them anymore. Propaganda in the form a news network is NOT what we're about. You will NOT kill Fox news and you will NOT fool the American public. You've been exposed for the socialist loving hippies that you are. So, now that you sold your soul to the devil whatcha gonna do? Who is going to line your pockets when your Mao friends leave town??

But the greatest thing is that the American people are starting to see the light. They understand at last that Democrats really have no business being in complete control of the country. They can't be trusted. All the fighting and drama...every time they take over this happens. Conservatives just rolled over and played dead with the help of the progressive fake Republicans McCain and Lindsay...and dare I say...ROMNEY. Remember...If McCain had been elected there wouldn't have been much of a difference than Obama. But we've learned our lesson, no? The word "compromise" has been put to rest. There is no compromise with the Democrats. It's a trick...a sham...another ugly game with unethical rules that have ulterior motives. We have survived and we're on the mend. Obama is on his way out the door and GOOD RIDDANCE.

We saved McDonald's....That's really all that matters, right?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our President, The Dictator

It is seriously getting disgusting.

The president of our country is more concerned with his prospects for winning re-election in 2012 than he is with fixing our economy. Democrats AND Republicans are currently dragging him kicking and screaming down a bipartisan road to get something done before the buffoon completely collapses the economy. World markets are looking at this guy and scratching their heads. What is his deal?

He is a SOCIALIST is what his deal is. Name ONE policy of this president that has worked in the past two years.

Go ahead. I'll go pour a cup of coffee while you Google and try to find one. You can't. There IS NO policy he has passed that has actually been beneficial to this country.

Let's name a few of his "achievements" shall we?

He immediately came into office with the mindset of exploiting the "recession" as much as he possibly could to strip the federal reserve of hundreds of billions of dollars. He justified this rape of our federal reserve by trying to scare the public. "If we don't spend $867 billion on this stimulus bill the recession will become a depression. Unemployment will rise above 8%." He  claimed the world would end if we didn't do it, remember?

So what happened? Nothing. The CBO and every other government agency has determined in audit after audit after audit that the stimulus bill DID NOT WORK. Obviously, unemployment is now almost 10% and headed up two years later. The "shovel ready jobs" was a joke and Obama HIMSELF has even joked about that. Everything he claimed would not happen happened...and NOTHING he claimed would happen HAS happened. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada.

So where did the $867 billion go? Mostly to overseas banks and the socialist unions.

Obamacare. This could take up an entire blog but I will keep it as short as possible. Eight years ago my job field was wide open. We had work as far as the eyes could see. Companies were doing so well they were increasing their benefits and offering really good health insurance programs for the first time because they were competing for the best workers and were trying entice people to join their companies.

Now? We lost our insurance a year ago. All the major companies have now dropped insurance completely along with all the benefits. We are now all being hired as "independent contractors" which means...basically..."You're on your own, buddy". The work force is so stretched thin because unemployment is so incredibly high the market has been SATURATED with people trying to find jobs. So the work is spread thin and now you have to have 2-3 jobs just to make a full time income.

This is increasingly the story for a lot of people these days. You can't get by on just one job now. You need to have two or three for any sense of security at all.

This is Obama's America. People need to wake up and smell the Socialist Coffee, folks. This guy has no intention whatsoever of fixing our economy. His only intention is to win the next election so he can continue to dismantle this country and stay in power.

This guy has put the word "ENTITLED" into its own category. He has become so delusional he is even toying with the thought of completely ignoring congress and bypassing it altogether to spend our money as he wishes and then just "take it up in court later".

This is what you call TREASON. This is what a DICTATOR does.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights was designed for THE PEOPLE. It is there to protect us from people just like Obama. He cannot bypass congress.. He cannot bypass the Senate. He cannot go against the will of the people to feed his pipe dream of dismantling this country no matter how many people he buys off at NBC news. He is delusional and so is the alphabet news media if they think they can do this and get away with it.

It ain't gonna happen, folks.

It has become THE PEOPLE against THE SOCIALISTS. And WE are going to win.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Obama's 2-year-old Temper Tantrums

Obama can't have his way and he is going to drag this country into a complete economic crisis for POLITICAL reasons.

Let's be real. Obama does not give donkey S*** about our country in the first place. All his socialist policies and agenda have been designed specifically to drag us down a socialist road to ruin. The proof is in the pudding, folks. It does not take a rocket science to figure that out.

He is trying his best to play a game of Poker with the GOP and the GOP is sticking to its guns. Obama can't deal with that. His Chicago mafia tactics aren't working. So what does the leader of this country do? He goes on national television and throws a temper tantrum over and over.

The GOP has clearly and consistently stated raising taxes are NOT on the table, yet Obama seems to think we should cave on this just because he wants them to. He does not feel it is necessary for HIM to compromise. He wants the GOP to cave so he can pound them next year and have a political advantage.

This is all politics to the Democrats. They had two years under Pelosi to pass a budget. Remember, we would not be having this conversation AT ALL if the Democrats had done a budget in the first place. But they were too busy spending $5 trillion in DEBT with all their socialist pet projects to bother with a budget. So here we are.

Republicans swept the 2010 elections in historic numbers precisely because Americans aren't stupid. Americans KNOW what a budget is. They KNOW that you can't put everything on a credit card and pay interest on bad debt and expect to survive. They KNOW that irresponsible spending eventually catches up with you.

Democrats have been putting our children and grandchildren in the poor house and the GOP is finally taking away the credit card from Sugar Daddy socialist. Obama can't have his way this time.

He is threatening to raise the debt ceiling and defy our constitution and Congress. If Obama does this it's over. He can kiss his chances (as if he had any in the first place) goodbye. The American people are tired of the bullies. The Democrats have been stomping around now for a good 4 to 6 years intimidating, bullying, and beating up the American people and telling them they are stupid and toothless long enough. We've had it.

We're done. You can't destroy our country. It's time for your socialist agenda to hit the highway. If you want some kind of pet project to rule the world you will have to leave and go somewhere else. This is OUR country and you can't ruin it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

RIP NASA...Don't worry...We'll Get You Back

Boy King isn't doing so good right now, eh?

I watched yesterday as the Shuttle landed for the last time and  I was sad. NASA...A shining example of how government can achieve things. Not perfect, for sure. It had it's $800 hammers and all, but it employed some of our brightest and best. Most of the scientists and brainy people at NASA are from the military. So it is run a lot like the military. In the past few decades we've achieved remarkable things that once seemed completely impossible. It's because of the brilliance of our men and women in the military that made this possible.

But of course, the socialist left is out to destroy anything that actually makes our country great and NASA has been a target for a long time. Over the past decade the Pelosi era gutted NASA programs. They methodically gutted and cut funds to the plans and schedules that NASA had designed to carry on our space program and when Obama became president all he had to do was gut the program altogether. It's disgusting and makes me sick. The McCain's and Graham's and mushy wishy-washy "Compromise Republicans" did not fight for our space program...They just bent over and let the Democrats destroy it. George Bush was too busy trying to save us from the terrorists and was too optimistic that it would be saved. Nope.

Obama does not give a crap about the NASA achievements. When are people going to FINALLY realize that this jerk is going to destroy everything that is good about this country? It is hard to believe that this guy is doing all this stuff "accidentally". There is no bad judgment call here. It's not bad policy. It is a methodical, structured, planned destruction of everything good in this country. If you left the socialist left in charge another four years this country would be completely destroyed.

Don't even go there. That's a picture I don't want to even think about.

Kudos to Allen West for stepping up and talking smack when smack is due. It's time we fight back against these "women" of the Democratic party. Pelosi did enough damage. I'll be damned if we let Wasserman-Shultz do more. The Boxerman's and Miss Piggies have GOT to go. This is another reason I love Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. They take their lumps and keep on going. They love this country and refuse to let the bully women of the DNC ruin it.

As we watch Obama free fall keep in mind that the farther down they go the higher they climb when they do something good. We've got a long time between now and November 2012. Lots of things can happen. As dismal as it looks for the Boy King at the moment things can happen to turn things around. Especially when you've handed billions of dollars to scumbags like George Soros. Especially when you have socialist Europeans trying to DESTROY Fox news. Don't think there's no connection there. We've been predicting this for how many years now? The question is not whether or not the left will's a question of when. It's all about timing, my friends. The past few elections Democrats have organized and launched big events right before the election to sway the public. We need to get ahead of them and predict what they will do this time.

I don't think they would benefit from attacking Murdoch and Fox news...I think it would backfire in a major way. So we should keep our eyes open.

Stay cool....Keep your eyes open...and be wary of the socialist left.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obama's Ronald Reagan Moment Will Not Be What He Thinks

This is a great article. I read this and it reminded me of Ronald Reagan. When Ronald Reagan won in 1980 the Iran Hostage crises immediately came to a close. Our Jimmy Carter nightmare was over. We had a huge mess to clean up but we came together as a country, rolled up our sleeves, and felt confident that with Ronald Reagan and the conservatives in control we were FINALLY going in the right direction.

The feeling of driving off a cliff was finally over. Jimmy Carter and his progressive nightmare government were gone. There was relief and elation. FINALLY...We would start rebuilding our country. FINALLY we could be proud of our military and know that they were going to be taken care of and respected the way they should be. We would be safe. The we wouldn't be so vulnerable to our enemies now.

This is how we will feel once the progressive left and the era of Obama is defeated in 2012. The business community will not feel threatened by this socialist onslaught. They will not have taxes and regulations strangling them and will know they have the support of their government. We will have a lot to clean up but we will be relieved that the socialists are not in charge. The news media will try to do their best to power over the American people and the conservatives in charge but will find themselves bankrupt if they do. The government will no longer fill their bank accounts and pay them to spread propaganda.

Hollywood better take notice as well. Americans are sick of having progressive propaganda rammed down their throats. We've grown up as a country. We're much more informed than we were six years ago. We see your agenda and we don't like it. That's YOU Glenn Close. That's YOU Ron Howard. We're done with your socialist agenda. Don't sit in some sprawling mansion with servants all about telling US how to live. If you want to adopt some socialist cause take it to Europe and brainwash them. WE ARE NOT EUROPE. We are not going to take this socialist crap any more. We're sick of you elitist hippies telling us how to live and manipulating the public.

They tell us we're fat, obese and unhealthy and try to drive McDonald's out of business and then do public service announcements talking about all the starving children in the inner cities. Here's a good question...WHY are there starving children in the inner cities? Who put them there to live in those conditions? Would it be SOCIALIST PROGRAMS? How insulting is that? Don't go on television calling us racist when YOUR PARTY is the one dividing people into groups and paying them off to live in slums so they some kind of power voting block to keep them in power. That is SICK and PATHETIC.

Change is coming to his country. Socialism will never take over this country we love because it is not how we were built and it is not in our soul. Every person around the world who has come here has come here for that reason. They didn't dream about coming here so they could live in the same pathetic socialist condition they escaped. And they didn't dream about coming here to be manipulated by some pathetic celebrity who wouldn't know what work was to save their life. We're Americans and we're free.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Obama and His Never-Ending Self Adoration

A lot of people got some much needed relief this weekend escaping into the world of Harry Potter. Don't you wish you had a wand or a book of spells that would banish the progressives into the forbidden forest? Or perhaps we could put the DeathEaters ...I mean Askaban prison and sick the Dementors on them.

Ahhh...It's fun to dream.

The saga continues. Democrats will use scare tactics and distractions all week so you won't be reminded that the Democrats, under sockeye salmon face Nancy Pelosi, did not bother to set or live by a budget the past two years and instead spent trillions of dollars we don't have to put our children, our grandchildren, and perhaps even our great grandchildren in terrible shape. No matter how many times you repeat that people don't seem to grasp it. We are in for DECADES of malaise because these idiots expanded government and printed money and devalued our dollar so they could feed their social justice pet projects and retire in luxury.

Picture that. Obama and his kids will be living in the lap of luxury in Hawaii playing golf and living on the taxpayer dime long into the future and our kids will most likely be living in our basements. It makes my skin crawl and it makes me angry. Obama gets on TV and lies straight through his teeth like this is all some grand game of Poker. It's a game to him. He has a huge ego to feed. Somebody told this fool that he didn't stink because he certainly thinks he is all that.

And he is not. But you know, let him think that. His inner circle obviously doesn't enlighten him as to the true public perception. He watches NBC, listens to Valerie Jarrett, and has his toe lickers at his beck and call telling him how wonderful and loved he is. He gets more and more disconnected from the public and that is great for us. Even liberals have a hard time justifying his behavior. He has become so self-inflated it's really unbelievable sometimes.

We are just barely getting started, folks. The war against Fox and conservative freedom of speech is starting to heat up. The election season gets closer and closer. We are still struggling to see a clear frontrunner for the Republican party...and trust me, it's going to get ugly.

So enjoy your Harry Potter. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Stock up. Plan ahead. Be prepared.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Republicans Doing What We Put Them There To Do

So after Obama throws a temper tantrum and stomps out of the debt meeting we are reminded who didn't eat his peas. No more adult. He can't lie his way out or con anybody and it gets to him. He's got a huge chip on his shoulder for sure. He keeps referring to himself as like Ronald Reagan (gag). Why does he keep doing that? Why would he even say "You wouldn't treat Ronald Reagan like this". Is he serious? Kennedy treated every Republican with disdain....openly. I guess he doesn't like the new and improved Republican party that grew a spine but guess what? The American people do.

We happen to like them this way. In fact....We voted for them. We even voted for the ones who specifically said they would do exactly what they are doing. Obama totally doesn't get that. He either totally doesn't get that or he is just too self absorbed and ignorant to notice. He wants to go play golf. He wants his little circle of pets to stroke his hair and kiss his toes and tell him how great and wonderful he is.

Can't you just wait until this family is out of the White House and the service people can open up???? I'm telling you, the stories will be EPIC. I guarantee you that some service staff are going to write a book about how horribly they were treated by the Obamas. Just watch. I'd bet my life on it.

Chuck Schumer. I have despised this guy since he became a slug chasing after Bob Dole back in the day. In fact, Bob Dole had the best line ever to sum up who Chuck Schumer is, "The most dangerous place in Washington DC is standing between Chuck Schumer and a news camera". Remember Anthony Weiner? He was raised and trained by Chuck Schumer. You get the picture. Camera whore, arrogant, obnoxious, and for some reason those are qualities that people in New York love. He goes on TV and lies through his teeth and does it in a way that makes you want to throw your goldfish out the window. He makes me cringe he's so annoying. Anyway, he was on TV yesterday with all these charts and graphs and nonsense saying that if Republicans don't give Obama the credit card with no limit back that "people with cancer will die".

I'm not exaggerating. He actually said those words...."people with cancer will die".

They are doing everything in their power to turn the public on the GOP but so far it is not working. In fact, a generic Republican beats Obama in a poll 47% to 39%. I find that hilarious. Also, 69% of the American public do NOT want the debt ceiling raised. See, people actually DO pay attention. Obama and his scare tactics are not going to fool the American public. When people are miserable they take it out on who is sitting at the White House. They don't blame George Bush. Okay...8% of them do but who gives a crap about the Chris Matthew fans anyway?

This is ALL OBAMA. If the economy tanks it's all on him no matter how many temper tantrums he throws. The more he talks the more annoying he gets. My daughter sees him on TV and she immediately yells "TURN THE TV". Nobody likes a whiner.

Hang tough Republicans. You are doing a fine job.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ronald Reagan Had Character That Obama Does Not

For some creepy reason Obama keeps thinking he's like Ronald Reagan. First of all, he is nowhere even CLOSE to being a Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan did not win the 1980 election in a landslide victory because the GOP slandered Carter. He won because the American people were completely and totally fed up with out of control liberal arrogance and spending. Carter used to lecture the American people (sound familiar?) and people were tired of it. He whined, blamed, and insulted us to the point where we said ENOUGH!!!! His inept policies were destroying our country and our enemies were at our door.

Obama won because the Democrats slandered George Bush. The news media and Hollywood had unchecked power and the GOP rolled over and played dead. They were more concerned with keeping our country safe and underestimated the propaganda. Starting in 2006 they allowed Pelosi to knee cap and power her way over Washington and the progressives hammered the GOP almost to extinction. We watched our representatives fold like paper plates and we hated them for it. People like McCain and Graham sold us out.

History will show this. It will vindicate George Bush and show that he was a wonderful president. He was not perfect but he dealt with unbelievable danger and he kept us safe. He loves our country. He is a man of faith and he still believes in our country even though the political machine treated him like crap. We treated him like crap. Pelosi treated him like crap and she IS crap.

But this Ronald Reagan comparison with Obama is the biggest turd in the room.

Ronald Reagan was able to coax the Soviet Union out of communism. Ronald Reagan brought the left and right together to do things that were right for this country and he was able to convince the American people that he was in charge, he was protecting us, he was doing the right thing, and that we had to stick together and work hard and we would get through it together. He did not insult us. He did not threaten us. He didn't lie to us. He didn't throw a temper tantrum and whine. He respected us.

Obama has no respect for us whatsoever. He believes he is entitled and wants his way and if we don't like it then too bad. He wants to lecture us on how we should live and then goes out and plays golf, goes on vacation every three weeks, and eats Lobster while telling us to eat Hamburger Helper. He tells us we're stupid. He tells us we shouldn't worry ourselves about the economy. He honestly believes we should just give him unchecked power and believe what he says.

It's like putting Casey Anthony in charge of the country. He is a pathological liar. Every single thing he does is a calculated political move. You can't trust him. When you see him on TV giving us a lecture you don't believe what he says. You wonder what he is up to.

How could he possibly think he compares to Ronald Reagan?  I'll tell you how...because he actually believes his own cheerleader news crowd. The very same people at the alphabet news who worship his every word have convinced him he is all that. He is NOT all that. He has never been honest with us about anything. Every economic policy he has done has HURT this country. He has not altered one thing. The stimulus failed and he to this day refuses to admit it. He promised not to monetize our debt (print money) and he has done it TWICE and is now talking about a THIRD time. He lied to us about Obamacare. Day in and day out we see videos on the internet of all his lies. He is instituting a European socialist skeleton in this country and lies to us every single day about it.

Ronald Reagan may not have been right about everything, but he had the CHARACTER to admit when he was wrong. He had enough character and sincerity to correct his mistakes for the good of the country. He did not throw temper tantrums and he was not vengeful. He invited us all in and promised us he would make things better and he did just that. He may have disagreed with his foes about how to get something accomplished but had enough strength and kindness to see that it got accomplished for the good of all people. He knew when to listen and when to act. He had the maturity to be patient with those who were not and enough common sense not to burn his bridges. He could be friends with everybody but tough when he had to be. He did not have to trick people, lie, or con people. He had honesty and integrity on his side.

Obama will never say those things. History will show that this president was not an honest one. He was a deceitful one. He is not who he says he is. His intentions are not honorable. The progressives, just like the "global warming con job" are not trying to make our country stronger. They are trying to dismantle it and punish it.

There is NOTHING Ronald Reagan about that.

BooHoo Let's go to Camp David and Eat Lobster

In all seriousness, Obama can't be this dense, right? If he keeps insulting, bribing, and threatening the American people he not only will lose the election next year he might find his bags packed at the curb even before then.

He has a tendency to throw temper tantrums. When he does not get his way he pouts and whines. Just like when somebody on the news says something he does not like he has his "people" call and harass the news people to make them stop. Carney threatened to cut off the WH press pool yesterday because they had the NERVE to shout questions. My goodness.

All this "Obama walked out" nonsense is to pander to his base. The left is childish and they love childish behavior. If NBC came out and said Obama punched Cantor in the mouth they would be cheering on the morning show this morning. Thugs R Us. This is the Democratic party.

Obama OWNS this economy. If he chooses to withhold social security checks it's on him. It's not on the GOP. Democrats had two years to pass a budget and failed to do so. Obama said NOTHING. They were too busy ramming Obamacare down our throats and spending TRILLIONS of dollars on unions and other pet projects for every socialist program they could think of. Now Obama has to pay the price for it. Trying to blame the GOP for something the Democrats failed to do is typical liberal behavior.

The American people ARE paying attention and they DO see what is going on here. Obama can't charm his way out of this.

But I do have to admit, it seems quite amazing he is really this dense. It makes me suspicious that he is purposely doing this. If he turned around and did a 180 and caved it wouldn't shock me. The left would hail him as a "hero" like they did with the Bush tax cuts and his poll numbers jumped for three months.

Perhaps he might do this closer to the election.  I don't know.  But whatever he does...I don't trust him.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Distractions and Desperation

So Obama's "spring action media team" decided that having the American people infuriated over the 9.2% unemployment numbers was not good. So they drank coffee and came up with this idea..."Hey, let's threaten to cut off seniors and disabled people and wounded veterans from Social Security and then blame it on the Republicans.  YEAH! That would distract everybody".

So there you have it. This is all this nonsense is about. Obama has the authority AND the money to continue paying social security and veterans and seniors and all the main essentials of the country even if there is no debt ceiling deal reached. BUT...Wonder geek Geithner and Obama want to frighten people and take their attention away from the fact that their economic policies BLOW so they came up with this scare tactic.

This is called BRIBERY. This is what the Chicago Mafia does. They walk around with bats and threaten people. It's no different than the SEIU thugs who beat people up at whatever stupid protest the progressives have going on any given day of the week. It's no different than the thousands of pathetic slugs George Soros flew into Wisconsin during the teacher union cuts. You remember that? Before Scott Walker was able to balance the Wisconsin budget AND give teachers a raise??? Just like the THUGS in New Jersey that threatened Chris Christie before he balanced their budget.

And it's a lot like Ben Nelson and Harry Reid and their ugly, slimy bribes to get Obamacare through congress. It's ugly and it's slimy. It oozes Democrat. These people are so desperate to spend our money and destroy our economy that they would throw us all under the bus just to get their way.

Do you really want thugs like this running our country? Are you like me and hate seeing the direction this country is going? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Keep your eyes open and watch the left. They are desperate and willing to throw us ALL off the cliff if they don't have their way. Just like 2-year-olds. The Al Gore whiny crybaby crowd.

In the words of Debbie Downer Wasserman-Shultz....."Democrats Own The Economy". and it is ALL THEIRS.

UPDATE: Bernake just announced another round of printing money. Every time they print money it devalues the US dollar. Two years ago Bernake AND Tim Geithner both said without a doubt how STUPID it would be for us to print money and how we would NEVER do such a thing.

They have been printing money for over a year now. It is devastating our economy yet they continue to do it to prop up the economy for POLITICAL purposes. Americans need to get ANGRY at this. They need to start calling their representatives and start telling them what idiots they are...and they need to realize how incredibly BAD this is for our country.

As I said earlier....The Democrats are so desperate at this point they would throw this country off the cliff rather than lose the next election. The writing is on the wall. If they know it's hopeless they WILL throw us off a cliff. So stay strong and determined.

We will scrape this scum off our shoes and be rid of it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obama is BRIBING the American People

Obama is BRIBING the American people. He is essentially threatening to cut off Social Security for senior citizens and the disabled if we don't pay more in taxes.

He is threatening us and he is trying to blame Republicans.

Obama has the power to determine which government services continue to receive money once the debt ceiling is reached. It is HIS CHOICE. OBAMA decides whether to cut spending or not.

It is NOT the Republicans who are the problem. REPUBLICANS are doing EXACTLY what the American people elected them to do.

This is not a fight between Obama and the Republicans. This is a fight between the AMERICAN PEOPLE and Obama.

In November 2012 Obama will find out who will win that fight. I hope he has his golf clubs ready.

Just a Thought

Obama has in the past boosted his standing in the polls by doing a 180 on certain things.

Just when you think he couldn't be any more horrible he suddenly caves in to Republicans and a popular issue and then the news media hails him as the second coming.  Over the Winter he boosted his poll numbers by caving in to Republicans on tax breaks. He gave in on a few other issues and for months and months he was a hero, remember?

If he suddenly gave in to Republicans now and gave them the reigns to the economy and the economy did indeed improve...just think what a hero he would be.

If the economy suddenly took a drastic turn and improved what would be the main issue on American's minds? I don't think it's possible at this point for that to happen. Obama's policies have so devastated things it would be impossible for it to turn around so quickly at this point. And I don't think our economy is being devastated because Obama is stupid. I think he is purposefully changing our country to enact socialist reforms.

But don't be surprised if he hand picks a few issues to cave into for that "hero" bounce. The MSM is quite practiced in their hero worship. Hollywood joins right into the fight as well.

But as huge as the economy is to people so is the morale of the country. As long as we're force fed lame shows by Hollywood that include slandering conservatives, zombie rabid brides, the Discovery channel trying to convince us we're all going to die in two years because oceans will swallow us whole....and government taking over our lives down to the grass blade in our yards....Americans are fed up with this socialist takeover going on. November was just the beginning.

Americans Aren't As Stupid As The Left Likes To Think

So the Republicans failed to fold after intimidation by the White House. They are in fact smarter than most people believed. At this point you have to realize that anything, and I mean, ANYTHING, Obama does is based on political consideration. He does not give a crap about the economy. He is doing everything in his power to destroy free enterprise and pass every regulation, every law, every piece of "social justice" communist legislation he can get away with. He cannot get anything through congress now so he is resorting to executive orders. He is getting his departments like the EPA to pass regulations bypassing congress.

But of course he has not successfully dismantled our constitution or our laws to the point where he has complete power. Congress CAN fight back and they are.

Most of us Conservatives predicted this moment. We have said all along that Obama's policies would tank the economy. We figured he banked away most of the stimulus billions in order to prop up the economy enough to get re-elected. Turns out they were too greedy and slurped up all the stimulus. They were too greedy and Americans weren't quite as stupid as they expected them to be.

Did Democrats really think that a center-right country would just roll over and become robots? Did they seriously think that Americans would stand still for the news media to manipulate and lie their way through a prolonged recession? Democrats can pretty much get away with anything when the economy is in good shape. Bill Clinton benefited from a Republican congress. He was intelligent enough to know that if he gave concessions to the Republicans and let their fiscal policies work HE would benefit from the economic boom and he did. Obama is not that smart. Obama thought he could power his way through and destroy the economy by enacting socialist policies against the will of the people. He actually thought he was so "loved" that he would get away with it. His people either convinced him he was invincible or he really is full of himself. Probably both. But with the economy going into another recession (did we actually recover?) he is really fooling himself if he thinks Americans are going to work two jobs and let the Democratic party destroy everything great about this country.

For the better part of the past year the Federal Reserve has printed money by the trillions to devalue the dollar. This was after Geithner and Bernake BOTH assured the American public they would NEVER, EVER do such a thing. The writing is on the wall. Americans ARE paying attention and they see what this president is all about.

Things are getting ugly. Conservatives are going to find themselves more and more under attack and we need to be prepared to fight back. Democrats aren't good sports when they lose. They just get meaner and uglier. They scream racism, lie, steal, and do whatever a 2-year-old would do when you take their ice cream cone away. It's time for conservatives to get ugly right back. It's time to grow a spine and shirk off the conservative reaction and fight back. It's hard for us to do but it must be done. We're not just fighting the Democratic party. We're fighting the progressive communists. We're fighting Hollywood. We're fighting the news media. We're fighting George Soros. We're fighting our enemies abroad who will support our political foes here in this country.

It's a big fight but we will win. There is a right and a wrong...and the side of good always wins.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mr. Potter is Throwing a Temper Tantrum

Poor Obama. BooHoo.  His trick didn't work and the Republicans weren't as stupid as he thought they were. He really thought that they would come to his office and fold up like accordians in fear at the sight of the Boy King and his threats. He has this Chicago Mafia deal down you know. Bribe, threaten, club them over the head. But no, the Republican leaders stood firm. They got elected last November in a landslide victory to do EXACTLY what they are doing right now.

How novel an idea. People we elected are actually doing what we elected them to do! No wonder Obama is all confused. His brain cannot wrap around that concept I am sure. I mean, he is so much smarter than the rest of us, right? He knows what we should eat, what we should drive, what our thermostats should be set at. He even knows that we don't have enough air in our tires! I mean...that's why our gas prices went up, right?

He had hoped Boehner would cave on some of the taxes so he could immediately hold a press conference and talk smack about how stupid the GOP is. Oh...My bad...He is doing that anyway. Every day it seems he does a press conference out of pure frustration because the GOP won't fall over dead already. He keeps pounding them on top of their heads and they just won't fall down, dammit! Don't they realize he is the boy king? He is just like God according to Newsweek. The GOP is supposed to grovel at his feet and bow to his power and strength.  HAHAHAHA.

Yep, he's looking pretty stupid at the moment. And geek wonder kid Geithner is not looking too hot, either. He talks of gloom and doom and all that other nonsense when he knows that if they just cut off Michelle's shopping budget we could probably save Greece in a day.

Stay strong GOP. Stay strong and do what we asked you to do. Every press conference Obama looks more and more desperate. He looks more partisan. He looks cranky and ineffective. He refuses to do ONE THING to help those who need jobs, need security, need food on their table. To him it is all about his power and re-election. He is so full of hate for this country and its people he can't make one compromise to do what is right. And every press conference shows his true colors.

Boehner is doing the right thing.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Deal With Obama is Like George Bailey Shaking Hands With Mr. Potter

I'm proud of Boehner. Today anyway. He walked off from the Obama con job and left him with the economy squarely on his plate.

Does the president truly think Republicans would be stupid enough to raise taxes $2 trillion to save his butt? The Republicans were elected in a LANDSLIDE victory last November specifically to prevent this from happening. Does Obama even know what the Tea Party is about? Does he have a clue what the original Boston Tea Party was about? I honestly do not think he does.

The immediate issue right now is whether or not we raise the debt ceiling. Bottom line: Our government has spent so much money we have none left. In order to pay our bills we have to get approval to raise our budget. The Pelosi Democrats failed to pass a budget in the first place. They were on such a huge spending binge they did not want the restrictions of a budget. So they just didn't do one. In other words, Sugar Daddy gave her the credit card without a limit and Nancy went to Macy's and had a party. John Boehner just grabbed the credit card and cut it up into pieces. Now he's telling Sugar Daddy that he can't use that credit card again until he pays off some of the debt.

But Sugar Daddy doesn't like that idea. Instead of paying off the debt he wants to make up a bunch of bullshit lies and is throwing a tantrum, stomping his feet, crying, and looking like an idiot because he can't have unlimited spending at his fingertips. Instead of living within a budget and cutting some of his expenses he wants to take OUR money and spend it. Boehner is holding firm and I am proud of him.

Obama is doing a con job right now. He wants to BS the American public and the GOP. If the GOP agreed to $2 trillion in tax increases it would be the con job of the century. Not only would Obama be able to throw the GOP under the bus he would have unlimited money to spend on his pet projects for unions and socializing this country. Conservatives would cannibalize their party. Any huge spending cuts he is offering are not real spending cuts. They would just do another shell game and pay ACORN and the unions just like they always do. Remember the last "spending cuts" he agreed to? Yeah....the $15 billion that turned out to be like $15 million?

Obama and the Democrats are not honest. The only thing Obama is interested in is tricking the GOP to benefit politically. The ONLY INTEREST he has right now is HIMSELF and not the country. He could care less if the little people are working two jobs to pay the bills. He only wants to get himself re-elected and play golf and let his greedy wife go on vacation and live like a Queen eating lobster. Why would he want to fix the economy after he has spent the last two years driving down the value of the dollar PURPOSEFULLY?

I am proud Boehner is not caving and I am proud he walked away. No deal with Obama is an honest deal. It is a con game. Shaking hands with Obama is like George Bailey shaking hands with Mr. Potter. It makes you feel dirty. Remember when George wiped off his hand? It's a deal with the devil.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kitchen Table Conversations

Looks like Boy King is having some unemployment issues....poor thing.

I am not a Romney fan but I have to say he was quick to the punch yesterday and right on target when he said Pfluffe should be fired. But then again...what do I care? If Boy King wants to go play golf and laugh off the unemployment numbers then hey, be my guest. And of course they never admit anything they say is wrong so he sends media boy Carney out to repeat that "No..Americans don't sit around the kitchen table and talk about unemployment".

Nope. We sit around the kitchen table and wonder which flavor of RAMEN NOODLES to eat for dinner. We sit around and wonder how we're going to afford a $300 gas bill that week. We sit around and hope we don't get terribly sick because our insurance rates are too high (if we are lucky enough to have insurance).

There's a lot of stuff we sit around our kitchen tables talking about and I guarantee you we're not admiring how well Boy King plays golf.

I say a story today that said "Dallas" is coming back on TV. I used to love that show. In fact, I was a young teen back in its hey day and was spending the summer in Dallas the season when JR got shot, remember that? It was huge news. They actually had news flashes during the day of the show arresting different members of the cast to throw people off. There was a heatwave that summer and I still have a t-shirt that says "I survived the Texas heatwave". Anyway, I was trying to come up with a theme for this new version of Dallas...."The Ewing family goes broke because Obama cuts off oil drilling in the entire state. They have to help save Texans from certain disaster because the WH is trying to destroy their state with taxes and federal regulations because the state votes Republican so they hook up with the Bush family and kick Obama's anti-American butt out of the country".

Seriously, do they even have oil drilling in Texas now? Back when Dallas first came out oil drilling was in its prime in Texas. Now look at it. JR is a lonely guy.

So if Obama and Friends want to sit around denying that Americans are worried about working two jobs just to pay the bills then they can go ahead and do that. Because we're working those jobs and every morning we get up and count the days until November, 2012, when we can vote this idiot out of office.

THAT is what we're sitting at the kitchen table talking about my friend.

Friday, July 8, 2011

If Government Says Be Afraid....Be Afraid of The Government.

Have you noticed the 500,000 commercials on TV of lawyer groups who are suing the pharmaceutical companies?  Sure seems like there has been an uptick of these commercials. What is the result of these pharmaceutical companies being sued left and right?  It's not just pharmaceutical companies it is also the medical device manufacturers. It's also doctors and nurses and hospitals.

What happens is we end up with higher health care costs. We get more government control. We get communism.

I've worked for hospitals and medical centers across this country who bend over backwards to help illegal immigrants get free health care. I've seen hospitals that have entire social worker staffs that do nothing but help illegal immigrants get relatives across the border illegally for free health care. We fly people from Puerto Rico regularly for free health care. I have no problem getting health care to people. The problem is we can't have millions and millions of people flooding across our borders for free health care and expect our hospitals to be able to sustain themselves. Ultimately it degrades the standard of care for everybody and it bankrupts our health care industry. Which is the GOAL of the Democratic party. If they can't convince people to have a COMMUNIST socialized medical system then they will just bankrupt the system we have and then we will have no choice. This is the mantra of the socialists in this country. If people don't agree with you just knock them over the head and do it anyway.

We also have had in place programs that allow foreigners free education to become doctors and nurses in this country. Have you noticed an uptick in foreign doctors? You'd be amazed. Do you think that foreign doctors who really don't like this country much would be interested in practicing medicine with the mindset that they are saving costs? Do you think charging Medicare for pregnancy tests for 80-year-old women is cost effective? Are we not suffering the lowest unemployment crisis we have had in decades? Why can't Americans get these same programs? Oh my bad....MINORITY GROUPS can get these programs. But the majority of the population CAN NOT. Does that make any sense to you at all?

There is a concerted effort by liberal groups in this country to implode the standard of our health care industry. Doctors have already seen the writing on the wall and most are retiring or finding new careers. If the Democrats have their way with our health care system in a few years you will be LUCKY to get an acute care visit much less afford the tests and procedures you need.

With pharmaceutical companies being sued left and right through greedy lawyers be prepared for your prescription costs to rise and be prepared to start seeing shortages in medicines. We are already having shortages of medicines and supplies but the news media is CENSORING that information or under reporting it. It is mind boggling to me that a hospital can run out of saline bags and the news media does a two paragraph story in the newspaper and NOTHING is said otherwise. This is happening in our country.

If you think McDonald's is the only company the Boy King hates think again. Eventually people are going to have to open their eyes are realize there is a very methodical and organized effort to drive free enterprise OUT. Whether it is McDonald's or the makers of blood pressure medicine it does not matter. One thing after another is becoming controlled by the federal government.

Keep your eyes opened and watch what they are doing. When you see "alarming news" on television be suspicious. When the government tells you there is something to fear it is usually the GOVERNMENT you should fear...not the organization they are trying to destroy. Just like Toyota having "run away cars" at the same time our government took over GM...BE SUSPICIOUS.

This is how communism works. If they can scare the public and take over industry then before long there is no free enterprise in this country.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Psychosis of The Anthony Family

Everybody is talking about the Casey Anthony trial so I suppose I should give my two cents.

I have to admit, when I was watching the trial the evidence the prosecution presented did not impress me much. And I'll even admit when I heard the defense closing argument there were things they said that I agreed with. I had problems with the duct tape. If you put duct tape on someone's face there is NO WAY in hell there would be no skin or tissue on it. And what about that creepy guy who found the body? He just really gave me the creeps. The police botched this case because they did not followup on a tip so they resorted to doing what politicians do...Assassinate their enemy thru the news media and hope for the best. Well, obviously that theory did not work out so well for them. As much as it hurts to watch this psychopath walk free at least we know that the system still works to a degree. The news media SHOULD NOT be used to destroy anybody...even if they deserve it.

This is one screwed up psychotic family. The mother, Cindy, was a whacko from the get go. You could just see her lying through her teeth and see it in her eyes. I remember watching Greta back when the story first started when Cindy Anthony blabbed all the time to her and back then my impression was that she was a pathological liar. Apparently, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

I think we can all name a person in our lives who fits in this category. But I don't think many of us know anyone that could kill a 2-year-old baby.

My impression?  I kind of go in the direction that Casey Anthony lived in such a bizarre, strange web of lies she just got to the point where she lost touch with reality. I think she got pissed out at her mother and out of spite was going to hide her daughter from her and something went wrong and Caylee died. So then she had to cover it up. I think she got sick pleasure in watching her parents suffer and still does.

We have not seen the end to this story. This family is psycho. I think Casey will implode in a world of people who are going to be determined to con her. She is not mentally equipped to deal with the onslaught that is about to be her life. The entire family will try to profit from all this which in turn will make the entire country despise them.

It's like the world of Charmed. You can't profit from personal gain or it backfires on you.

I don't know these people but I have seen people like them....and I keep far, far, far away. Life is complicated enough without a bunch of drama freaks. But taking it to the point of murdering an innocent child is a whole other level.

Somebody, some day is going to pay for killing that baby. The karma meter at that home is going to bottom out. The sad part is the news media is going to swim in its glory. Book deals, movies, etc. But Casey Anthony had better have a good plan of hiding herself for a year or two. In fact...The entire family better have a good plan to hide itself.

Caylee is in a safe place. We should all take comfort in knowing that. Maybe she won after all.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday USA!

Happy Birthday USA =)

Everybody enjoy this day the way Americans know how.  Barbecue some burgers, hot dogs and Brats and enjoy the freedoms we enjoy. Enjoy the progress we have made as a country. Enjoy the fact that it was all made possible because a few brave people in Britain got an American attitude and said "SCREW THIS" and took off in some boats across the ocean (without the benefit of or the Weather Channel) and built a country.

Imagine for a moment the dangers our Founding Fathers faced when they stood up to Britain and her King and said "ENOUGH!" Imagine that wonderful American attitude in Boston in 1773 when our ancestors threw the tea into the harbor and said "SCREW YOU".

We've made mistakes (the American Indians and slavery) but we separated ourselves from the rest of the world and we made good on those mistakes and changed our attitudes. We, like no other country in the world, built a country that welcomes ALL PEOPLE with open arms who share our dreams of a free world that is safe and civilized. We reject the ideals that go against those beliefs and we pray each night for guidance and strength to continue that fight.

We're American and we have every right to be proud of our country and to celebrate its greatness.

Happy barbecue to you all!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saving Our Republic--No Slums Allowed

A couple of topics I'd like to discuss today.

Time Magazine should just go ahead and rename itself "Communist Party Journalism 101". They have a story about some jerk who basically shreds our constitution to bits. I'm not giving you his name because I refuse to give the guy publicity. The cover story on Time is something along the basis of "Does it even matter?"

Yes, our constitution does matter. It's a two page document that has lasted over 200 years that our Founding Fathers wrote to protect us from jerks like the people who wrote that article. It also protects us from jerks like Obama who became constitutional lawyers SPECIFICALLY so he could dismantle our constitution and destroy our Republic. Unfortunately, it PROTECTED the rights of the jerks who run the news media who EXPLOIT it so they can convince the American public in coordination how stupid our constitution is.

Our Founding Fathers weren't stupid. They may have lived in a different time but they had the same problems. Humans will always be human whether their jealous of their neighbor's Ipod or roasting a pig in the front yard of their cave. Groups of people with power will always try to control the public. There will be good groups and there will be bad groups.

Now I'd be the first one to say that Republicans are not in the bad group but they are FAR from being good. They are just the lesser of two evils. Republicans want to preserve our Republic and they want to protect our constitution but they have a tendency to get manipulated by the left and go off course. I absolutely adored George Bush Jr. but he did do things that put us in jeopardy even though all his actions were done to protect us from Muslim extremists. Given the position he was in, and the danger that was evident to our country, I can look at this logically and be rational about it. I do not think his INTENT was to disrupt our freedoms.

The Democrats on the other hand are devious and plot and plan their actions from decades out. Al Gore was cooking up his global warming scam back in the early 90s. How do I know? Because my husband personally worked on the LANDSAT project at NASA in Greenbelt, Maryland when Al Gore STOLE THE SATELLITE. What was once a satellite program that was used by the defense department to spy on our enemies, ended up in the hands of a bunch of loopy scientists who joined with Al Gore to scam the American people in what is the biggest Ponzi scam ever created. I was there when it happened. The Clinton/Gore team laid off about 300,000 defense department workers and took the spoils for their own party. Al Gore cooked up this ponzi scam along with other global socialists to revise their "Save Earth" bull crap they pulled in the 70s.

If Americans had not been smart enough to NOT vote Al Gore in as president in 2000 God only knows what our country would be like now. I shudder to think.

But back to my original thoughts....The liberals are no longer liberals. Yes, there are "real" liberals in this country but they are either in denial about what has happened to their party or they just don't pay attention. Or they really are socialists.  There is a big difference. The Democratic party is a socialist organization.  There is no more vague question about it. Not only have they joined forces with the socialists globally they have decided to destroy our country as we know it.

No Republican, I do not care how stupid or greedy, would EVER want to purposely destroy our Republic. If they do...they are not really Republicans. Which is another trick that is happening now in politics. Liberals have planted fake Republicans (or Tea Party) candidates in a bid to takeover the party. I believe Huntsman is that person. Who the hell is this guy? He worked for Obama and wrote Obama love letters for heaven's sake. Suddenly, the news media loves him and he's running as a Republican for president? I guess the DNC really does think Americans are that stupid.

So spend this July 4th celebrating our country, our history, and our freedom and know that for now our constitution is safe. We have one year to convince the American people that if they elect Obama as president for a second term we can kiss it goodbye. Our country would not survive another term. He would without a single doubt dismantle everything we love about our country.

Okay, the second thing I wanted to mention that I noticed in the headlines is the race card. YES...I know how much you love when the Democrats exploit race. Isn't it fun?  Obama's old preacher is running around telling people that "Whites are liars". I know we've discussed this at length but in all seriousness, we have to keep our guard up and fight back against these racist statements. The left is stoking the black community to riot. You're seeing it all over the place lately. A friend tells me in Boston they did a story about how the newspaper wrote an article stating that the summer would be a "summer of violence" because the city can't raise taxes to create jobs for black youths so they would be out causing violence. The Democrats are stoking that racism card. But I think they are going to be sadly disappointed.

The left would love nothing more than to have the black community go up in flames to upset the American people. How could ANYBODY support a party that would advocate that? Think about that. They would DESTROY YOU to maintain power. You are disposable. They think you're stupid.

Sorry Democrats. This is not the same country as the 1960s. We have a very vibrant black middle class who looks at this and gets angry. They did not become successful to be dragged back into the ghetto you created to keep them in so you could exploit them for power. Our country did not work so hard to combat racism for the Democrats to divide everybody up into hate groups.

Young people today grew up among diverse populations, diverse neighborhoods, diverse schools with friends of all colors, races, religions, and disabilities and they got along just fine. They don't see color, race or religion. The crutches that the Democrats used to get government money don't exist anymore. But they are trying to bring them back. We have ONE YEAR to keep that from happening, folks. If Obama destroys the economy and is successful in putting us all in the ghetto again there is NO getting out.

Obama and Valerie Jarrett left their slums in Chicago and now they want to leave our country the same way. Together we can do it. We can educate people and knock their plans's going to be an ugly fight but we will get it done.

We're Americans damn it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Obama Will Go on a Permanent Vacation Soon

So Obama goes off on another vacation...Can you even keep count anymore?...two days after he talks smack about Republicans in Congress taking time off for the holiday. Typical.

It really is not that surprising is it? This guy could not be more out of touch with Americans than he is. Perhaps its the fault of his multiple PR consultants and staff who are out of touch. If so, I would like to thank them for their outstanding work helping the GOP win in 2012.  Without them it would be impossible to win. They are doing such an outstanding job making the Boy King look like an arrogant jerk it would be almost impossible to lose.

But lets not put anything past the RINO Republican party.  Look at John McCain.  When exactly did we start looking to John McCain's wisdom for ANYTHING?  Seriously....Do we really have to deal with this guy for five more years? I think we would have done better with the Tea Party guy myself.

Fox has some great shows over the weekend about America.  John Stossel has a show called "What's great about America?" and I really enjoyed it.  John Stossel is a Libertarian. The great thing I like about Fox is that contrary to what the MSM bleating sheep say, it is full of people with all kinds of political views. Conservatives, right, left, and moderate, Libertarian, Liberal, ...and everything in between. Anyway, this is a very nice show about how great a country we live in.

It's nice to celebrate how great our country is. There is no other country like it. The progressives hate it but don't they pretty much hate everything? Who gives a crap what they think. If they hate it so much they can leave.

Celebrate and enjoy the freedoms we have. Celebrate even the annoying stuff. Remember those in need and celebrate your prayers each night. 2012 is coming and everything will be just fine. Obama will be going on a permanent vacation after next November and he can golf and fantasize about Mao all he wants...Good riddance.

Happy Independence Day Weekend!