Monday, July 25, 2011

Our President, The Dictator

It is seriously getting disgusting.

The president of our country is more concerned with his prospects for winning re-election in 2012 than he is with fixing our economy. Democrats AND Republicans are currently dragging him kicking and screaming down a bipartisan road to get something done before the buffoon completely collapses the economy. World markets are looking at this guy and scratching their heads. What is his deal?

He is a SOCIALIST is what his deal is. Name ONE policy of this president that has worked in the past two years.

Go ahead. I'll go pour a cup of coffee while you Google and try to find one. You can't. There IS NO policy he has passed that has actually been beneficial to this country.

Let's name a few of his "achievements" shall we?

He immediately came into office with the mindset of exploiting the "recession" as much as he possibly could to strip the federal reserve of hundreds of billions of dollars. He justified this rape of our federal reserve by trying to scare the public. "If we don't spend $867 billion on this stimulus bill the recession will become a depression. Unemployment will rise above 8%." He  claimed the world would end if we didn't do it, remember?

So what happened? Nothing. The CBO and every other government agency has determined in audit after audit after audit that the stimulus bill DID NOT WORK. Obviously, unemployment is now almost 10% and headed up two years later. The "shovel ready jobs" was a joke and Obama HIMSELF has even joked about that. Everything he claimed would not happen happened...and NOTHING he claimed would happen HAS happened. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada.

So where did the $867 billion go? Mostly to overseas banks and the socialist unions.

Obamacare. This could take up an entire blog but I will keep it as short as possible. Eight years ago my job field was wide open. We had work as far as the eyes could see. Companies were doing so well they were increasing their benefits and offering really good health insurance programs for the first time because they were competing for the best workers and were trying entice people to join their companies.

Now? We lost our insurance a year ago. All the major companies have now dropped insurance completely along with all the benefits. We are now all being hired as "independent contractors" which means...basically..."You're on your own, buddy". The work force is so stretched thin because unemployment is so incredibly high the market has been SATURATED with people trying to find jobs. So the work is spread thin and now you have to have 2-3 jobs just to make a full time income.

This is increasingly the story for a lot of people these days. You can't get by on just one job now. You need to have two or three for any sense of security at all.

This is Obama's America. People need to wake up and smell the Socialist Coffee, folks. This guy has no intention whatsoever of fixing our economy. His only intention is to win the next election so he can continue to dismantle this country and stay in power.

This guy has put the word "ENTITLED" into its own category. He has become so delusional he is even toying with the thought of completely ignoring congress and bypassing it altogether to spend our money as he wishes and then just "take it up in court later".

This is what you call TREASON. This is what a DICTATOR does.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights was designed for THE PEOPLE. It is there to protect us from people just like Obama. He cannot bypass congress.. He cannot bypass the Senate. He cannot go against the will of the people to feed his pipe dream of dismantling this country no matter how many people he buys off at NBC news. He is delusional and so is the alphabet news media if they think they can do this and get away with it.

It ain't gonna happen, folks.

It has become THE PEOPLE against THE SOCIALISTS. And WE are going to win.

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