Thursday, July 28, 2011

There are NO HUNGRY CHILDREN...Just Corrupt Government

Notice all the commercials and stories lately about "starving children" in the US? Here it is in a nutshell folks:

The Democrats are destroying the economy and creating a DEPENDENT CLASS. No jobs equals a lot of poor people who are dependent on the government. The Democrats are EXPANDING the government to take care of all the people it MADE POOR by destroying our economy.

What does this do? It puts money in THEIR HANDS and gives them POWER.

That is DEMOCRAT STRATEGY 101. Divide the country into groups. Create chaos. Create poverty. Expand the government. Destroy jobs. Create a DEPENDENT CLASS of people who will depend on these bone heads for food and you have power forever.

This is what these SOCIALISTS want our country to be all about.

I am SICK AND TIRED of seeing these commercials on TV. Food Channel has one now. A commercial about "poor kids" who have no healthy food. Every kid in that commercial is chubby. Even the lady hosting the commercial is chubby. Yet, they go after McDonald's.

They shut down vegetable and fruit farms in California in the name of a minnow.

They take corn away to create fuel at the same time as shutting down oil production. Gas prices go up. Food prices go up. Jobs are destroyed. But guess what? They have a lot of unemployed, hungry people so what do they want to do?? Raise taxes to pay for it.

Environmentalists are suing and going after dairy farms, meat processing plants, farms.....WHY? I thought we had hungry people, eh?

See all the commercials lately going after the pharmaceutical companies?? How long before the government tries to take over that, too?

Democrats have a strategy and believe me it has NOTHING to do with freedom and prosperity. It has everything to do with POLITICAL SHOWS on TV about the debt ceiling to distract you from what is REALLY happening in this country.

2012 can't get here fast enough. Socialists and Democrats are determined to destroy this country and we have to be equally determined to stop them.

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