Friday, July 22, 2011

RIP NASA...Don't worry...We'll Get You Back

Boy King isn't doing so good right now, eh?

I watched yesterday as the Shuttle landed for the last time and  I was sad. NASA...A shining example of how government can achieve things. Not perfect, for sure. It had it's $800 hammers and all, but it employed some of our brightest and best. Most of the scientists and brainy people at NASA are from the military. So it is run a lot like the military. In the past few decades we've achieved remarkable things that once seemed completely impossible. It's because of the brilliance of our men and women in the military that made this possible.

But of course, the socialist left is out to destroy anything that actually makes our country great and NASA has been a target for a long time. Over the past decade the Pelosi era gutted NASA programs. They methodically gutted and cut funds to the plans and schedules that NASA had designed to carry on our space program and when Obama became president all he had to do was gut the program altogether. It's disgusting and makes me sick. The McCain's and Graham's and mushy wishy-washy "Compromise Republicans" did not fight for our space program...They just bent over and let the Democrats destroy it. George Bush was too busy trying to save us from the terrorists and was too optimistic that it would be saved. Nope.

Obama does not give a crap about the NASA achievements. When are people going to FINALLY realize that this jerk is going to destroy everything that is good about this country? It is hard to believe that this guy is doing all this stuff "accidentally". There is no bad judgment call here. It's not bad policy. It is a methodical, structured, planned destruction of everything good in this country. If you left the socialist left in charge another four years this country would be completely destroyed.

Don't even go there. That's a picture I don't want to even think about.

Kudos to Allen West for stepping up and talking smack when smack is due. It's time we fight back against these "women" of the Democratic party. Pelosi did enough damage. I'll be damned if we let Wasserman-Shultz do more. The Boxerman's and Miss Piggies have GOT to go. This is another reason I love Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. They take their lumps and keep on going. They love this country and refuse to let the bully women of the DNC ruin it.

As we watch Obama free fall keep in mind that the farther down they go the higher they climb when they do something good. We've got a long time between now and November 2012. Lots of things can happen. As dismal as it looks for the Boy King at the moment things can happen to turn things around. Especially when you've handed billions of dollars to scumbags like George Soros. Especially when you have socialist Europeans trying to DESTROY Fox news. Don't think there's no connection there. We've been predicting this for how many years now? The question is not whether or not the left will's a question of when. It's all about timing, my friends. The past few elections Democrats have organized and launched big events right before the election to sway the public. We need to get ahead of them and predict what they will do this time.

I don't think they would benefit from attacking Murdoch and Fox news...I think it would backfire in a major way. So we should keep our eyes open.

Stay cool....Keep your eyes open...and be wary of the socialist left.

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