Friday, July 8, 2011

If Government Says Be Afraid....Be Afraid of The Government.

Have you noticed the 500,000 commercials on TV of lawyer groups who are suing the pharmaceutical companies?  Sure seems like there has been an uptick of these commercials. What is the result of these pharmaceutical companies being sued left and right?  It's not just pharmaceutical companies it is also the medical device manufacturers. It's also doctors and nurses and hospitals.

What happens is we end up with higher health care costs. We get more government control. We get communism.

I've worked for hospitals and medical centers across this country who bend over backwards to help illegal immigrants get free health care. I've seen hospitals that have entire social worker staffs that do nothing but help illegal immigrants get relatives across the border illegally for free health care. We fly people from Puerto Rico regularly for free health care. I have no problem getting health care to people. The problem is we can't have millions and millions of people flooding across our borders for free health care and expect our hospitals to be able to sustain themselves. Ultimately it degrades the standard of care for everybody and it bankrupts our health care industry. Which is the GOAL of the Democratic party. If they can't convince people to have a COMMUNIST socialized medical system then they will just bankrupt the system we have and then we will have no choice. This is the mantra of the socialists in this country. If people don't agree with you just knock them over the head and do it anyway.

We also have had in place programs that allow foreigners free education to become doctors and nurses in this country. Have you noticed an uptick in foreign doctors? You'd be amazed. Do you think that foreign doctors who really don't like this country much would be interested in practicing medicine with the mindset that they are saving costs? Do you think charging Medicare for pregnancy tests for 80-year-old women is cost effective? Are we not suffering the lowest unemployment crisis we have had in decades? Why can't Americans get these same programs? Oh my bad....MINORITY GROUPS can get these programs. But the majority of the population CAN NOT. Does that make any sense to you at all?

There is a concerted effort by liberal groups in this country to implode the standard of our health care industry. Doctors have already seen the writing on the wall and most are retiring or finding new careers. If the Democrats have their way with our health care system in a few years you will be LUCKY to get an acute care visit much less afford the tests and procedures you need.

With pharmaceutical companies being sued left and right through greedy lawyers be prepared for your prescription costs to rise and be prepared to start seeing shortages in medicines. We are already having shortages of medicines and supplies but the news media is CENSORING that information or under reporting it. It is mind boggling to me that a hospital can run out of saline bags and the news media does a two paragraph story in the newspaper and NOTHING is said otherwise. This is happening in our country.

If you think McDonald's is the only company the Boy King hates think again. Eventually people are going to have to open their eyes are realize there is a very methodical and organized effort to drive free enterprise OUT. Whether it is McDonald's or the makers of blood pressure medicine it does not matter. One thing after another is becoming controlled by the federal government.

Keep your eyes opened and watch what they are doing. When you see "alarming news" on television be suspicious. When the government tells you there is something to fear it is usually the GOVERNMENT you should fear...not the organization they are trying to destroy. Just like Toyota having "run away cars" at the same time our government took over GM...BE SUSPICIOUS.

This is how communism works. If they can scare the public and take over industry then before long there is no free enterprise in this country.

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