Monday, July 18, 2011

Obama and His Never-Ending Self Adoration

A lot of people got some much needed relief this weekend escaping into the world of Harry Potter. Don't you wish you had a wand or a book of spells that would banish the progressives into the forbidden forest? Or perhaps we could put the DeathEaters ...I mean Askaban prison and sick the Dementors on them.

Ahhh...It's fun to dream.

The saga continues. Democrats will use scare tactics and distractions all week so you won't be reminded that the Democrats, under sockeye salmon face Nancy Pelosi, did not bother to set or live by a budget the past two years and instead spent trillions of dollars we don't have to put our children, our grandchildren, and perhaps even our great grandchildren in terrible shape. No matter how many times you repeat that people don't seem to grasp it. We are in for DECADES of malaise because these idiots expanded government and printed money and devalued our dollar so they could feed their social justice pet projects and retire in luxury.

Picture that. Obama and his kids will be living in the lap of luxury in Hawaii playing golf and living on the taxpayer dime long into the future and our kids will most likely be living in our basements. It makes my skin crawl and it makes me angry. Obama gets on TV and lies straight through his teeth like this is all some grand game of Poker. It's a game to him. He has a huge ego to feed. Somebody told this fool that he didn't stink because he certainly thinks he is all that.

And he is not. But you know, let him think that. His inner circle obviously doesn't enlighten him as to the true public perception. He watches NBC, listens to Valerie Jarrett, and has his toe lickers at his beck and call telling him how wonderful and loved he is. He gets more and more disconnected from the public and that is great for us. Even liberals have a hard time justifying his behavior. He has become so self-inflated it's really unbelievable sometimes.

We are just barely getting started, folks. The war against Fox and conservative freedom of speech is starting to heat up. The election season gets closer and closer. We are still struggling to see a clear frontrunner for the Republican party...and trust me, it's going to get ugly.

So enjoy your Harry Potter. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Stock up. Plan ahead. Be prepared.

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