Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CBC and Its Violent Racist Rhetoric

It is an insult to the black community. These racists who cling to their violent rhetoric expect the black community to rise up like some mob and attack the Tea Party. These racists think that they can give some speeches bashing the Tea Party that the black middle class is going to rally to their socialist movement and cause chaos.

The black middle class has no desire to turn back time and be dragged into class warfare. These racists have forgotten a very important thing. We have grown as a nation since the 1960s. We are not a segregated country. We all live together intermixed. My kids grew up in very diverse schools. They didn't separate into different races. They all played Nintendo the same. Thanks to Welfare reform in the 90s most of the Democrat-built ghettos are gone. Before the 2008 election the Liberals wouldn't dare even utter the word race. They had the likes of Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton hidden away, afraid that if their socialist rhetoric grew too loud it would discourage people from voting for the Boy King. We saw all these warm and fuzzy commercials with racial harmony....Boy King gave warm and fuzzy speeches.

How times have changed. In an act of desperation the Boy King knows he can't run on his record. The economy gets worse by the day so of course he can't campaign on the success of his policies. His attacks on capitalism are effecting too many people. You can't hide a skunk. It don't work.

So what does the socialist left do to distract people from the socialist onslaught? They decide class warfare is the answer. They think if they can rally some mobs of racists to scare and intimidate people it will help them win in 2012. If will, most certainly, have the opposite effect. Americans want no part to this rhetoric or this class warfare business. The Democrats have basically come up with some racist rhetoric to hook people who don't look at the facts. "Tax the rich" is a popular lie.

The Democrats are really banking on the low information voter this election. The less informed the better chance they have. This is why you see the liberal media censoring the news and going after conservative sites. This is why they hate Fox news. This is why they hate the Tea Party. The dumber people are the better chance they have to maintain power.

It is insulting to the black community. It is insulting to ALL OF US. People are more intelligent than the liberals think they are. If the Democrats want to build a socialist ghetto then they can go live in it themselves.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Swine Flu

I saw about 30 seconds of CNN last night. They were basically sucking the Boy King's toes talking about how GREAT his response was to the non-Hurricane disaster. As if he himself had parted the waters and made the hurricane go away. It was predictably nauseating.

Watching the Weather Channel over the weekend I was struck by the anchors' facial expressions when they showed live shots of their "reporters" standing on the beach while behind them people surfed, walked the beaches, and kids played in the sand building sand castles. It was hilarious actually. You could see the storm weakening but for some reason the very scientific people who are supposedly experts at this didn't. I really was put off by the over-hype of this storm.

What it amounted to was a distraction from all the negative Obama press. Of course, we already know that the weather channel is in cahoots with the Al Gore crowd. He funneled money to NOAA as far back as the 90s and I know that for a FACT to hype his "global warming" garbage.

It's quite scary to think how close these far-left socialists got to scamming the world with this nonsense. If they had had their way we'd all be living in wood shacks without electricity. But don't forget that the EPA marches on. Environmentalists have infected our society through the courts and through regulation and it will take a strong antiseptic to clean this infection out. It is unfortunately what happens when you don't keep your eye on the ball and allow the progressives free reign. Ignoring the extremist left does not get rid of the extremist left. It just gives them cover to commit their crimes. As hard as it is to fight these freaks we have to do it. Conservatives don't like confrontation. This is what got us in the mess we're in now.

They are like school yard bullies. Al Gore and his ilk are out there claiming that global warming opponents are racists...which is absolutely ridiculous. What the hell does the weather have to do with racism? Are Republicans making it rain and storm in the black community on purpose? ManPig has lost his mind again. Someone needs to throw that guy some senile dementia medicine.

But the saddest part of all is that it proves that liberals will exploit any and ALL situations to get our money. They will over-hype a storm to spend more money. They will disrupt our lives to score political points. They will use whoever and whatever situation they can to stay in power. They will cheat, lie and steal. They will intimidate the news media and spread propaganda with no moral line they won't cross.

When we do have an emergency in the future people will not take it seriously and lives will be lost because of it. These are the consequences we will suffer because one political party believes it is superior and has the right to do evil things to stay in power for the so called "greater good". In other words, all the warnings that our founding fathers told us about....are coming to light now. The socialist left must be put in check.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene is the Liberal Media's Space Alien Distraction

Remember a week ago when the liberals were saying they needed a "space alien invasion" to distract the public from all the negative Boy King press? Well the space alien is called Irene it turns out.

I lived in Maryland back in the 80s and 90s and can tell you this EXACT same scenario happened while we were there and it was absolutely no big deal. And neither will this. I actually just heard a dope on the Weather Channel say "Never in my life time did I imagine I would be talking about a hurricane hitting New York City". Uh huh. Well you STILL won't be talking about it, buddy, cuz it ain't happening.

They've known this for days but of course they milked it for all it was worth because the weather channel is a huge Boy King toe licker. They get money for promoting the fake global warming's not a far cry to help out during a time of bad press to distract the public.

Just watch...In a couple of days they will start talking about "the huge jobs boost" the hurricane created, putting people to work rebuilding.

As usual, the liberal media and its fake reality strikes again. You just can't believe anything folks. When you watch the news these days you should immediately ask yourself "Why are they saying this?" There is ALWAYS somebody exploiting a situation for personal gain. Just like Katrina was used to bash George Bush....This hurricane "Space alien invasion" will be exploited by the liberal media to pump up the Boy King.

Just watch.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Keep Your Eyes Open

With the approaching hurricane keep your eyes open. The Boy King and his Chicago Mafia always sneak things through whenever the country is distracted by something. Like...Gibson Guitars in Tennessee was raided by the feds because of apparently "imported wood from endangered forests".

Give me a Freaking break! So now if you're a musician you have to prove your guitar isn't from some exotic endangered forest? The government has completely lost control of itself. Keep in mind that Gibson is in Tennessee. Tennessee is fiercely RED. Just as Texas and Arizona have found out, Boy King does not like the red states. Remember the floods in Nashville? They didn't even ACKNOWLEDGE them.

This only underscores the Republican philosophy that I hold dearest to my heart. WE CANNOT FIX THE GOVERNMENT. Our only hope is to REDUCE the size of government. Less government means less corruption. We will NEVER eliminate the corruption but we CAN reduce the size.

These people, right and left, are not going to do what is right. If we want to preserve our country we have to do it one county, one town at a time.

Keep your eyes open and see what happens as the country follows the hurricane. I guarantee you the Boy King and his mafia are sneaking things through as fast as they can think of them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Our founding fathers were pretty smart. In fact, they were a lot smarter than we surely give credit for.

Some people might think they lived in a different time and therefore the constitution is outdated and needs to be "revised" or "modernized". That is a huge mistake and I'll tell you why.

Mankind has had the same problems since the beginning of...well, mankind. We may have different problems and situations but it all comes from the same weaknesses and evil. People think politics has gotten worse over the years. I challenge you to look up what politics was like back in the day of Abraham Lincoln and tell me it was better and less hateful. It was cut throat and dog-eat-dog and in most cases WORSE. We didn't have TV, cable, cell phones. Heck, we didn't even have regular telephones. We didn't even have ELECTRICITY for heaven's sake. A newspaper was usually local. News from afar was months and months old. People would hear events literally by word of mouth. Imagine an event that happened in DC and then was relayed over a period of months down South or West (and remember we did not have 50 states back then).Rumors were rampant. We burned "witches" for heaven sakes.

So if you're naive enough to think that politics has gotten WORSE I challenge you to look up the facts. Our founding fathers were intelligent and wise. They sat down and explored intellectually what our weaknesses were as men and drew up a document to protect us all from them. They knew what the future could bring. Those who oppose our constitution are failing to realize this. They arrogantly believe that we are smarter and wiser and we're not. If they fail to realize this then they are NOT our friend but our enemy. They KNOW how well this document protects us.

Boy King actually studied the constitution and became a constitutional lawyer. The scary thing is he became a constitutional lawyer not because he wanted to preserve our constitution. He wanted to learn how to CHANGE it. Boy King was raised in a Marxist family who hated the constitution and they hated the constitution because they KNEW how much it did protect us. What better way to destroy it than to learn everything about it? His history is out there for the world to see. His family, his mother, his grandparents, his upbringing, his college associations...It's all out there. Look it up yourself. But the liberal media CENSORED that information during the last election.

We cannot rely on the news media to decide who our leaders are. We should not trust any of them. Actions speak louder than words. This should be the mantra of the American people. The actions of the news media explain a lot of things. The actions of George Soros explain a lot of things. The actions of this president and his administration explain a lot of things. His entire staff of Czars and cabinet members...their actions say it all.

Our founding fathers sacrificed their lives every single day to create a document that has gone unchallenged for over 200 years. It is our responsibility to preserve it and protect it from those who want to destroy it. It is a sad day in our country when we have to actually protect it from the very person we elected as our leader. Luckily, the very constitution he is trying to destroy is giving us the right to protect us from HIM.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Low Information Voters, Too Bad, You're Out Numbered.

So apparently, the twelve people that watch MSNBC told Obama that the reason his approval ratings are so low is because of the GOP Congress.

Never mind that the GOP was elected to control congress in November 2010 in HISTORIC NUMBERS because people were so disgusted and fed up with Nancy Pelosi and friends ramming radical liberal agenda down our throats (HELLO Obamacare).

Never mind that the GOP has only been there for 6 months versus the SIX YEARS that Nancy Pelosi and her radical far-left LOONY bats.

Never mind that the DEMOCRATS who had control of congress for the past six years FAILED to pass a budget at all but instead ran up our country's debt to historic levels that will take GENERATIONS to pay down. In fact...expect your grandchildren to still be cursing under their breath at the irresponsibility of the Pelosi era. It will take that long to pay it off. Pelosi will be GONE by then. She will be a distant nightmare that we will cringe about.

No...Obama is counting on the low information voter. You know who that is. The people who don't use facts as a guide. They just believe everything NBC and MSNBC says. They look to Andrea Mitchell for wisdom. Isn't that scary? They really have no clue what's going on. They just know that their favorite liberal celebrity makes fun of the GOP so they do too. They just laugh at the jokes on SNL and believe they're true. They hear what Obama says on a news clip as their walking past the living room on their way to the bar to have a drink with their friends and then repeat what he says without finding out about it. They're the same people who give money to the ASPCA VEGAN PEOPLE who do the commercials about cute little kittens and puppies all beaten up but in reality they use the money the numb suckers donate to SUE DAIRY farms and meat processing plants to disrupt our food supply and make things more expensive. Yep...the same people. Oh, and don't forget the same people who actually think that the icebergs are still melting and we're all going to drown and the polar bears are all gone. Yep...They believe all that stuff AND they believe Obama.

Or even worse...They don't care if he's a liar. They just want money. Or they just like that he's black. Or they think they will get something out of it if they support him. Or they don't care...period.

Luckily, for the majority we DO care. And we will find out the facts...and we will tell others the truth...and we will be informed and we don't rely on just the news media for our information...and we WILL vote in 2012.

And it won't be for Obama.

Remember kids...ACTIONS speak louder than words. Don't pay attention to what he SAYS... Pay attention to what he DOES. It's that simple.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rick Perry? Thank God He's Not Mitt Romney.

A lot of buzz about Rick Perry.

I can't say I'm jumping up and down with joy about Rick Perry but I will say this: "Thank God it's not Mitt Romney". I have no ill will toward Romney but he is just not going to cut the bread for me this go around. I've got Romney and McCain wrapped around together in my head and there's no separating the two. And McCain and his daughter make my stomach turn. So he is NOT my idea of the "new Reagan".

Rick Perry will have to prove his toughness to me. Republicans can't blink. They can't back down. They can't compromise. They've got to be Bruce Lee and win this fight. No soggy mayonnaise sandwiches. The left is going to play dirty this election.

We've got black gangs roaming around beating up white people and I'd be interested to know who is coordinating this. There is "somebody" who is instigating these events. Is it a black leader with a huge chip on his shoulder? Or is it even more sinister? I don't think it's a huge plot or anything...and I don't think it's coordinated. But then again, there are people like Van Jones who don't look innocent do they?

Honestly, this is stuff I used to have to deal with in Maryland back in the 80s and early 90s. This was par for the course living up there. It was not the least bit unusual. So this just might be the news media juicing up stories for the benefit of ....well I have no idea who benefits that. The liberals are gunning to paint conservatives as "RACISTS" but I think that strategy will backfire in a MAJOR way so if they truly want to go down that road then it just makes them look bad.

There is a culture of old black leaders who make a living running around stoking racial division but we've moved beyond that as a country. We have a very vibrant black middle class in this country who has no desire whatsoever to be dragged back into that game. If the far-left has plans to destroy the black middle class backwards they've got a huge fight on their hands. Young people today don't play that game. We will always have gangs. We will always have race problems. But the majority want no part of it.

Our challenge will be calling the news media out on it. The liberal media will try to create an illusion of racial strife. I am a lot more worried about the news media sensationalizing these events than I worry about getting attacked by some "mob" somewhere. If you don't want to get mugged then don't put yourself in that situation.

And another thought...If the liberal media tries to paint fear across the country with these gang attacks they will have an even harder battle trying to take our guns away. Again, they always shoot themselves in the foot with these issues.

This election is going to get dirty and ugly. There is no doubt about it. The worse Obama gets in the polls the uglier it will get. Liberals don't lose gracefully. Republicans have to grow a spine and get tough.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The American Dream is Going to Survive

So here is the Boy King's strategy now: Blame everything on the Republicans.

Is this surprising, really? Nope. What else can he do? He certainly can't use any of his policies as an example of success can he? Nothing he does improves our economy. It does the exact opposite. This is not because he's an idiot and doesn't know how to fix things. It's because he has put into place all across government far-left progressive socialists who are systematically and methodically destroying capitalism.

He is all about division. He exploits race to divide us. He treats the black community like their stupid. They are a pawn he can manipulate at will. The Democrats bark their racist rhetoric at minority groups hoping to work them up and use them to do their dirty work. They really think that if they dangle government money in front of their noses that all these groups will rise up and fight their fight for them.

Some will. But the majority WILL NOT.

People do not live in third world countries and dream about coming to the United States so they can live under another socialist hell hole. They don't dream about coming here so they can get taken care of by the government. People dream of coming to the U.S. for FREEDOM. They dream of coming here so they can do whatever they want to do. The sky is the limit. They can dream big and work hard and get it. We all live by the same rules. Laws are there to protect us, not control us. And we are all taking care of each other.

The Democrats have no concept of this. They just want power. There is a circle of billionares (George Soros any one?) and powerful politicians who want to take the power and wealth for themselves and make the rest of us third class citizens. It is sick and disgusting. And it is not going to work.

We did not come over here on the Mayflower because somebody promised us social security and government housing. We came over here to escape intrusive and overpowering government. We came here to build a country from the ground up that could not control our lives. We have done a really good job of doing that. We've always had enemies to fight but 95% of the time we have learned from our mistakes and have built a standard of living unmatched in the world. Unfortunately, the same freedoms and liberty we enjoy so do our enemies. People of the far left have the freedom to try to manipulate, conquer, destroy, lie, steal, cheat, and do all the UGLY things these people live to do.

It is up to us to be smart enough to recognize and counter their attempts at taking our freedoms away. And we will. Sometimes Americans get lazy and forget...but we always wake up and smell the socialist coffee eventually. There will always be groups who get out of hand...but the majority reject them. We learn to better ourselves and we always correct our paths when we wander too far off course. The news media and Hollywood may try to manipulate and brainwash us...but in the end we turn off the TV and go to work.

This is OUR country, not THEIRS. If there is one thing Americans are good's at rejecting those who mean us harm and throwing it back in their faces.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The WH Exploits Our Military

I grew up around the military. My ex-husband was in the military. My best friend is in the military. In fact most of the people I know are in the military. I have a lot of ties with the military. I can tell you all the people I know in the military are infuriated at this moment over the SEAL helicopter being shot down.

Not one person believes it was an "accident". All believe it was an intelligence leak by some liberal stooge from the WH administration. There have actually been several incidents involving the SEALs that have been suspicious in their eyes. The SEAL I know and his buddies point all the way back to when the SEALs were court marshaled back in the beginning of the Boy King's reign. Remember that? The terrorist claimed the SEAL "gave him a bloody lip" and our SEALs were threatened with not only prison...but an end to their career.

You don't have to go far back in time to remember all the incidents that involve Boy King and manipulation of the military. All this "War President" smoke screen going on is just that. A smoke screen. He is no friend to our military and our military people will be more than happy to list all the things that have taken a turn for the worse because liberals have infested our military with their cockroach tentacles.

But we have some of the smartest people in our country protecting our military. The liberals never last long at the top. They self implode and collapse eventually every time. Our military is deep, deep in tradition. That will never change. The majority will always be faithful.

The Boy King may have the keys to the car but I can assure you the SEALs are on top of the situation. They are well informed, well trained, and well equipped. They know who did this. They know how to handle this...and they will. And you will never hear about it.

All the exploitation that is going on by this White House using the SEALs as some kind of campaign prop has got to end. Obama releasing a WH photo of his appearance at Dover was disgusting. The families requested NO PHOTOS but Boy King is DETERMINED to exploit whoever and whatever is necessary to stay in power. It is shameful and disrespectful. It really shows how disgusting this WH is and the people around him.

Sony recently funded a huge fundraiser for Obama and guess what? They've announced they are doing a movie about the SEAL raid and it will be released right before the election. HOW CONVENIENT. As good as Hurt Locker was the military had lots of issues with the movie producer/director during the making of that film. They clashed with the liberals on several fronts. If they think they can waltz into the world of SEALs with their same liberal arrogance and sabotage their elite group I have news for them...It ain't gonna happen. Does Hollywood and the liberal elite SERIOUSLY think our elite military is going to swing open the door and let them in?

Trust in our military. They are way above, way more powerful, and way more important that Boy King and his stooges. Presidents come and go...Our military stays forever faithful.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chaos Means Communism

The headlines these days aren't looking very cheerful are they?

The Boy King is out partying with the Muslims celebrating Ramadan while the markets collapse, the economy collapses, Britain erupts in race riots, our Navy SEALs get blown out of the sky (and if you think it was just a coincidence that THE helicopter carrying THE very same SEALs who got Bin Ladin was shot down then I have an ocean front property in Arizona to sell you), not to mention all the other crazy things that are happening that are too numerous to list. It's a Communist Wonderland. Even down to the "sun flare scare" that NASA is throwing into the soup mix.

Nothing thrills communists more than chaos. The more the merrier. A scared public looks to government for protection. At least this is what they are hoping.

If you have any doubt in your mind the reaction that the communist left will have to Republicans gaining back control then here's your answer. If you think once Americans kick the thugs to the curb they will all go back to smoking joints in San Francisco I have news for you. They won't.

They will hack every computer. They will stoke every riot. They will start any and all trouble they can muster. They will conjure up any crisis they can exploit. They will stomp their feet. They will organize every union thug they can pay off. They will dig deep into the pockets of the slush money they've been stashing with all the Boy King money they've been given to make life miserable for each and every one of us to make us cry UNCLE and seek peace.

Peace you say? Well, of course the communist left will promise peace to us just like Boy King did in 2008. Remember those days? Remember when Newsweek likened him to GOD? They promised us all that the unicorns and butterflies and rainbows will be so overwhelmingly heavenly. This is their hook.

But we see their version of heaven and trust me...there are NO RAINBOWS in it.

Americans are not stupid. They are waking up and seeing the truth. Wisconsin spoke loud and clear just like the elections last year. They see what the communist left is doing to our country and they do not like it.

As you read the headlines in the weeks and months ahead remember the golden rule: Chaos means communism. They are going to make our lives as difficult as possible the more obvious it becomes that they are losing power and influence. They will not give up without an ugly fight. We have not even begun to see the ugliness that is coming our way. They have no intention of walking off into the sunset. Be wary of any and ALL headlines you read...the manipulation and disinformation will be great.

Communists justify their mayhem in their heads and they rationalize their rage. But we will win this battle.

Good always conquers evil. We just have to stay calm and read between the lines and stay true to our morals and values. Stay strong my friends.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Democrats Casting Blame Instead of Taking Responsibility

It is pretty remarkable that Democrats are throwing out a distraction headline, blaming the Tea Party, for their out of control spending which resulted in the US downgrade.

Let's look at the facts. The Democrats have tripled our deficit. The Tea Party was born out of fears of the American people that the US government was spending too much, accruing too much debt, and was intruding in our lives. The reason the GOP won in 2010 is because Americans wanted fiscal control. They are tired of the Democrats running amok. Democrats did not even DO a budget for two years they've been so busy spending, spending, spending out of control.

The GOP brought this out of control spending to the HEADLINES by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. They took the Democrats' credit card away. No more sugar daddy government to pay for their pet projects.
 It was an ugly fight and they still refuse to make serious cuts in spending to address the economy seriously. In fact, they've called conservatives hostage takers and terrorists because they refused to allow the Democrats to spend us into complete economic collapse.

So the USA loses his credit rating because the DEMOCRATS refuse to INITIATE A PLAN.

To this DAY they have no plan. The GOP has passed FOUR PLANS that the Democrats have all shot down. They think raising taxes on small business is the answer, i.e. they want MORE MONEY TO SPEND.

Obama has not spoken about the downgrade. His campaign people are too busy blaming the Tea Party which is really delusional if you know the facts. He will, however, make two campaign fundraiser speeches today.

Here is a fun factoid fact the Lamestream Media might want to know. The majority of the people in this country are right-leaning. Conservatives far out number Democrats. The only reason Obama won the last election was because conservatives didn't vote. They were unimpressed with McCain (go figure!).

Guess what? What's the best way to get conservatives to vote? PISS THEM OFF! So Axelwad ...You keep blaming those terrorist, rabid mob, Nazi Tea Party people, okay??? We appreciate your help...HeeHee.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Obama is the Downgrade President

Obama will now be known for one thing and one thing only: The Downgrade President.

Instead of embracing his "message" that he erroneously used to get elected, he has dragged our country kicking and screaming toward socialist policies that we cannot afford with an agenda that he lied about having in the first place. Instead of addressing problems he goes on vacation. Instead of taking seriously the problems we face he acts indifferent.

There is no compromise, bipartisanship, or good for the country going on here. He has instead embraced class warfare, racism, and violent rhetoric to slander those who are calling him out for the socialist that he is.

Obama wants to downgrade our country and Americans want no part of it.

He will be beaten in historic numbers in 2012....IF he lasts that long. Do not be surprised as more and more people expose his mafia like plans (Project gun runner now becoming a cocaine runner ring a bell?) and a challenge to impeach this president starts to get louder and louder.

He is spiteful and arrogant. He will lie through his teeth and with a straight face directly to us and the news media does his bidding through intimidation and threat. We need the news media to wake up and do their job. No more covering up for this administration. They are either devoted Americans or socialist toe lickers. If they would sell out our country and our freedoms just to get access to this administration they should not be in the business.

This is OUR country we're talking about. We can either settle to live in a downgraded country or we can kick this agenda to the curb and replace our leaders with people who believe in and love this country. Obama does NOT love this country. If you do not get that ....You need to.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Obama is the Food Stamp President

A record 45 million people are on food stamps in this country. This is Obama's vision for our country?

Every economic policy and regulation he has passed has exacerbated joblessness in this country. He is stifling the energy programs. He is stifling small business. He passed 609 regulations LAST MONTH ALONE that strangle small business. He still advocates raising taxes.

He is a socialist and people need to wake up and smell the socialist coffee.

He has backed, supported, and directed the THUGS at SEIU and other unions to go out and commit violence and intimidate and brow-beat Tea Party supporters. We told the Hispanic community to "be prepared to fight your enemies". He and his race-baiting black caucus SOCIALISTS are constantly stoking racism in the black community. Which minority group has been hurt the most by his policies? Go ask the black community in Chicago that STILL LIVE IN THE SLUMS that he and Valerie Jarrett were in charge of.

He is stoking class warfare. He is stoking racial violence. And he turns and points his fingers and lies through his teeth about the GOP and the Tea Party.

This is the most dishonest president of our time and the most dangerous. Socialists in charge of OUR country. 2012 cannot get here fast enough.

Be prepared for an ugly fight. Stay vigilant and spread the truth. We will get there.

With world markets in turmoil and people hurting in this country he has the NERVE to through a huge birthday bash at the White House with his buddies and celebrity friends...rubbing it in our face.

Pathetic and disgusting. We will remember in November.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obama And His Class Warfare Strategy

So our Campaigner-in-Chief has now come up with the brilliant strategy of blaming the Republican Congress that has been in Washington for six months on the failed economic policies of his own. This is what you call...Targeting the low-information voter.

Low information voters don't really keep up with what's going on in Washington. They rely on David Letterman or Conan or they read headlines and otherwise have no clue what is really going on. When the President blames "rich people" they think that there are all these snobs sitting at a cocktail party sipping on wine. They fail to realize that it is Obama sipping the wine and throwing the cocktail party. In reality, Obama and the Democrats want to heavily tax COMPANIES that provide jobs in this country. Which is one of the contributing factors of our economic problems right now. Any company with a gross worth of $250,000 is paying 50% or more of their income in taxes.

Obama loves the sound bite "Everybody should pay their fair share". That's just what it is...a sound bite. It sounds good to the low information voter. It actually is an insult when you think about it. Obama is pretty much revealing what he thinks of people. He thinks we're all too stupid to realize what he is doing. But if you have a small business and are barely scraping by it's not a welcome statement. In REALITY more people don't pay any taxes at ALL. Half the country gets a refund check from the IRS every year instead of paying any taxes. So if Obama really MEANT what he said then EVERYBODY would pay taxes, right? Well, he is hoping you don't realize that fact. He wants you to support his "tax the rich" rhetoric but if he gets the tax hikes he's gunning for the middle class will be paying an arm and leg in taxes to fund his socialist pet projects.

Which pet projects do you ask? How about in the state of Pennsylvania all welfare recipients now receive FREE CELL PHONES in addition to their welfare benefits. In PA they believe cell phones are a CIVIL RIGHT. Everybody in PA who uses a cell phone is now paying a fee every month to the state to help give welfare recipients free cell phones. I don't know about you but I find that outrageous.How is that fair to everyone who works and pays for their own phone? It is not fair. They can take that welfare check and go by a flat screen TV and now they can chat away on a free cell phone.

In the 90s we were fortunate enough to get rid a bunch of the welfare BURDEN and it forced people to go to work. Obama is bringing the welfare culture back. When he wages his class warfare he is telling every lazy person who has a chip on his/her shoulder to leech off the government (because they deserve it) and hate the people who do have money (even though they worked hard for it). His message also tells people who ARE working hard and scraping by to give up. Why should they work so hard if they can stay home and get money and free entitlements from the government??

Obama and the Democrats are trying to create a DEPENDENT CLASS of low information voters who will be a burden on society and contribute NOTHING but the Dems hope these people will keep voting them back into power.

This is not what our country is about and this strategy will backfire. Americans want it all and they want it all on their own terms. They don't like the government telling them what to do. The lazy class who wants to lay around and do nothing who have a huge chip on their shoulder are going to have to find a new sugar daddy. People who struggled to get ahead are not going to give it all away so the progressive left can create a socialist base.

This is not what we're about in this country. The Democrats will fail. Obama will fail. He can try to blame the newly elected GOP all day long but the truth is Americans elected them last November SPECIFICALLY to stop Obama from this strategy. Obama fails to realize this and it is to our advantage. He refuses to acknowledge that Americans, more than ever before, were drawn to the debt-ceiling debate because they are SICK AND TIRED of the government ruining our country. No matter how much Obama ignores it or the news media tries to spin it....We're watching and paying attention to the FACTS.

The Republican revolution has begun.