Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene is the Liberal Media's Space Alien Distraction

Remember a week ago when the liberals were saying they needed a "space alien invasion" to distract the public from all the negative Boy King press? Well the space alien is called Irene it turns out.

I lived in Maryland back in the 80s and 90s and can tell you this EXACT same scenario happened while we were there and it was absolutely no big deal. And neither will this. I actually just heard a dope on the Weather Channel say "Never in my life time did I imagine I would be talking about a hurricane hitting New York City". Uh huh. Well you STILL won't be talking about it, buddy, cuz it ain't happening.

They've known this for days but of course they milked it for all it was worth because the weather channel is a huge Boy King toe licker. They get money for promoting the fake global warming's not a far cry to help out during a time of bad press to distract the public.

Just watch...In a couple of days they will start talking about "the huge jobs boost" the hurricane created, putting people to work rebuilding.

As usual, the liberal media and its fake reality strikes again. You just can't believe anything folks. When you watch the news these days you should immediately ask yourself "Why are they saying this?" There is ALWAYS somebody exploiting a situation for personal gain. Just like Katrina was used to bash George Bush....This hurricane "Space alien invasion" will be exploited by the liberal media to pump up the Boy King.

Just watch.

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