Monday, August 8, 2011

Democrats Casting Blame Instead of Taking Responsibility

It is pretty remarkable that Democrats are throwing out a distraction headline, blaming the Tea Party, for their out of control spending which resulted in the US downgrade.

Let's look at the facts. The Democrats have tripled our deficit. The Tea Party was born out of fears of the American people that the US government was spending too much, accruing too much debt, and was intruding in our lives. The reason the GOP won in 2010 is because Americans wanted fiscal control. They are tired of the Democrats running amok. Democrats did not even DO a budget for two years they've been so busy spending, spending, spending out of control.

The GOP brought this out of control spending to the HEADLINES by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. They took the Democrats' credit card away. No more sugar daddy government to pay for their pet projects.
 It was an ugly fight and they still refuse to make serious cuts in spending to address the economy seriously. In fact, they've called conservatives hostage takers and terrorists because they refused to allow the Democrats to spend us into complete economic collapse.

So the USA loses his credit rating because the DEMOCRATS refuse to INITIATE A PLAN.

To this DAY they have no plan. The GOP has passed FOUR PLANS that the Democrats have all shot down. They think raising taxes on small business is the answer, i.e. they want MORE MONEY TO SPEND.

Obama has not spoken about the downgrade. His campaign people are too busy blaming the Tea Party which is really delusional if you know the facts. He will, however, make two campaign fundraiser speeches today.

Here is a fun factoid fact the Lamestream Media might want to know. The majority of the people in this country are right-leaning. Conservatives far out number Democrats. The only reason Obama won the last election was because conservatives didn't vote. They were unimpressed with McCain (go figure!).

Guess what? What's the best way to get conservatives to vote? PISS THEM OFF! So Axelwad ...You keep blaming those terrorist, rabid mob, Nazi Tea Party people, okay??? We appreciate your help...HeeHee.

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