Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lawlessness and Chaos From The HATE GROUPS

The Democrats are setting up some nastiness and we conservatives need to be prepared for it.  Can we prevent it?  No.  But we can expect it and know it is coming and inform people we know.

Obama has been very busy dividing the country into hate groups.  The socialists have been rallying their people for two years.  They are begging people to riot and demonstrate and cause chaos.  Every single day you hear about "roving mobs" of teenagers attacking people in public places.  Why is this happening?  Obviously, they are learning about it, planning it, and discussing it.  These aren't spontaneous.  These punks are coming together on Facebook and then meeting up.

The left will try to blame unemployment and poverty and all that other boo-hoo nonsense on it.  Racism of course.  Excuse me, but if you have an internet hooked cell phone and a computer with Facebook...You're doing pretty good in today's society.

Now they have illegal immigrants rioting at conservative offices demanding amnesty.

It's obvious that the Democrats KNOW their gig is up.  The American people are not going to put up with this nonsense.  But even when we kick Obama and his Mafia to the curb you can bet your bottom dollar (and trust me if Obama has his way your dollar will be WAY at the bottom) that these HATE GROUPS will spring into action.

You know all that community organizing Obama is so good at?  That's code for SOCIALIST groups.  These groups are being funded and organized as we speak to combat the next Republican administration and it is going to get ugly.

Gone are the days we actually worried about enemies abroad.  We have our OWN enemies right here in our own country.  Obama has opened our borders and is funding anybody and everybody to keep his precious power.  But trust me, that is already done.  They know they are history.  Don't expect him to ride off into the sunset peacefully.  This guy is going to take everybody down with him.

We have to prepare for what is coming.  This administration is trying with all its might to break this country as it is.  Imagine how bad it will get when he realizes he is toast.  We need to fight for our right to bear arms and we need to prepare ourselves for the violence to come.  It's going to get ugly.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gene Simmons' Mother

I have to say....I want everyone to watch Gene Simmons latest story on his show Family Jewels.

He goes to Amsterdam and sees the house of Anne Frank...where she hid before her family was captured by the Nazi's and sent to a concentration camp and died.

Gene Simmons very eloquently explains how his mother suffered these same horrors during WWII and how much he loves his mother.  He also describes his early life in Israel and when they came to the United States.

He also implores us....NEVER forget what history teaches us.

It is a very, VERY moving episode and the entire country should watch it.  If you have not seen it go online and watch it.  Have your children watch it.

If we do not learn from history....We are doomed to repeat it.

Fans of his mother have a Facebook page called The Flora Army.  It is in honor of his mother.  Please join and spread the word.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hate and Division...Welcome to The New Democratic Party

A lot of people are focused on the election in 2012.  I have no doubt in my mind that Obama will lose in 2012.  The news media censors his real popularity.  The majority of Americans are tuned in enough to know that this guy is destroying our country.  They do not agree with his policies.  All you have to do is look at your current situation to realize we're headed for dark times if we do not get the greedy, power hungry Democrats out of power.  They are like a fungus growing out of control...

What we should really be worried about is the next Republican presidency.  Anybody who thinks that the Democrats are going to get kicked to the curb, pick themselves and wave the white flag is naive and mistaken.  Remember 2000?  Al Gore boo-hooed for ....well, he is STILL whining about losing in 2000.  After 9/11 the Democrats were actually more concerned with plotting their comeback than they were the security of our country.  Do not forget how easily they destroyed the person leading our country who was dealing with all the terrorism.  While George Bush juggled Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, Russia and all the other boogieman out in the world the Pelosi mafia plotted their media LIE campaign to destroy him.  They attacked the intelligence community, the security firms dealing with the terrorists, the VP, all the people who were trying to keep us safe. 

It's a pretty sad time in history when a political party would actually HELP foreign terrorists attack our own country but you can bet your bottom dollar that is what is happening.  Code Pink, Weather Underground...all these far-left socialist groups are working WITH terrorists to destroy our freedom and the DNC is right along in bed with them.  It is disgusting.

So take your mind off the 2012 for a moment and look into the future.  Look at the border situation.  Obama has essentially opened our borders and the flood gates.  We have illegal aliens pouring into this country.  He is ignoring federal law and has passed by executive order any detention or deportation of illegal aliens, even THOSE COMMITTING CRIMES.  What could possibly be the motivation for this?  I read a story in the LA Times today a story about the school systems in LA reducing the standards of education to accommodate the illegal alien population.  I saw this happening with my own eyes in Nashville of all places.  The education system cannot keep up with the fast-changing population.

We have "roaming gangs of teenagers" all over the country mob attacking businesses.  Yet the Justice Department has loosened any law enforcement procedures that would be helpful in dealing with this situation.  The Democrats have been screaming RACISM now for two years.  They are setting the stage for future riots.

We have socialist groups all over You Tube calling on mob attacks.  They want chaos.  They want riots.  They want disorder.  The more scared the public the more justified government is to clamp down on the public.  When you have gangs roaming the streets terrifying the public you have terrified citizens calling for the government to do something.  We have the news media and Democrats running around slandering the conservatives on a daily basis calling them RACIST and evil.

Now move forward.  When Republicans take back our government and begin to change things, reign in the border, reign in the lawlessness, you have gangs of illegal aliens and unemployed youths who are going to rise up and do bad things.  This is the strategy that the Democratic party is banking on. 

This president is provoking racial violence.  Never in my life time have I seen the public more divided.  You can certainly go back in history and see darker times, during the cold war, during the race riots of the 1960s...but in the span of two years we have gone from a country that was doing pretty darn good and getting along pretty well to a country with roving gangs and illegal aliens and other groups who hate this country and everything it stands for.

I don't think the Democrats have a prayer in the next election.  But don't think they are going to roll over and play dead once they get kicked out of power.  All the groups of division that they have created in the past two years are going to rise up to cause chaos to keep their sugar daddy in power.  Republicans would be very smart to concentrate on this strategy and counter the division that is being created.  Republicans need to make a concerted effort to reach out and educate these groups so they do not become the "enemy". 

Democrats EXPLOIT people.  We have to keep that from happening.  We cannot allow the Democrats to slander and label conservatives as the enemy to these minority groups.  They are essentially labeling us "the man" of the 1960s.  Instead of them hating the government...they are going to blame the GOP.  We would be very smart to counter this hate and slander.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chris Christie Would Be Our Knight on Shining Armor

As I look through the headlines this morning I am immediately drawn to Chris Christie.  I have been getting emails from his "campaign" people lately which raised my suspicions.  Now he's putting out ad campaigns hitting Obama.  He says over and over that he is not running for president but I'm not so convinced.

Without a doubt, if this guy ran against Obama it would be a historic election.  He would drag the Democrats across the coals in an election campaign that would grip the entire nation.  This guy is smart, quick, and cunning.  He has out-conned the Democrats at every turn.  His short record in New Jersey speaks for itself.  If he jumped into the race against Obama it would energize the conservatives like we have NEVER seen.  So everyone keep their fingers crossed.

Watching a debate between Obama and Chris Christie would be the most watched debate in history.  There's no contest.  Christie would wipe the floor with him.  It would make Jimmy Carter look popular.  I am sure that the Obama campaign people fear this like no other candidate...and that makes me smile.

Write letters and send emails to the Christie campaign.  Support him and let him know how you would love to see this happen.  As of now Christie is denying he is going to run but he HAS to do that.  If he announced now he would be paralyzed in New Jersey and it would be impossible for him to accomplish anything in his state.  So if he is just saying no when he really plans to run it would make sense.  Don't give up!!!

Mooochelle was on ABC talking about how "helpful" the news media has been to them.  Of course we already know that the alphabet news channels are in the tank for the Democratic party.  It has been that way for decades but now they don't even try to hide their bias.  If you watch the alphabet news for your information you are just being fed propaganda.  It's liberal brainwashing.  Whenever I come across people who talk politics I always ask them what news sources they listen to.  If they say the alphabet news I immediately tell them "You are not informed".  So who are you supposed to trust?  NOBODY.

I read all the headlines across the board.  I can pick out the Democrat talking points very easily by seeing what the alphabet news people run stories on.  I go to  I go to (Allahpundit is my favorite source.  Nobody knows who he is but he is very well connected.  How do I know? Because he predicts things and reports things before the mainstream media reports it and he is almost ALWAYS right).  Basically, on the side bar of my blog are all the major sites I hit every day minus the liberal ones.  Why do I read the liberal ones?  Because I know what the enemy is up to that way. 

You have to know what their strategy is and what it is they are hiding.  Democrats are very predictable in one way.  Whatever they accuse the right of doing...they are the ones doing it.  They are also very good at repeating lies over and over and over.  It can be the most unbelievable lie on earth and it does not matter.  They will just continue to repeat it over and over and eventually people just take it for truth.  That is the strategy they used to destroy George Bush.  To this day it infuriates me that Karl Rove and company let that slide during President Bush's time.  They should have hit back hard on all those lies and they didn't.  This is why they keep using the RAACIST card all the time.  They want to slander conservatives as racists.  It's not true but that doesn't matter to them.

This is going to be one of the most ugly campaigns in history and we need to prepare for it.  The Democrats are stoking the flames of violence for this election.  They are trying to provoke the minority groups and unions into committing acts of violence to scare the public.  They are also working on setting up the conservatives for some fake scandal.  Trust me...It is going to happen.  The past three elections the Democrats have tried to pull some stunt right before the voters vote.  We had the Gore/Bush "voter fraud" nonsense.  We had Dan Rather and his ilk trying to set up George Bush in 2004.  We had the Wall Street "collapse" which was without a DOUBT set up by George Soros and his socialist mafia to benefit the Democrats.  Have no doubt in your mind this will happen again in 2012.  We have to prepare for it and we have to deal with it and we have to make sure the American people EXPECT it.  Then we can point to it and say "There it is. The Democrats are LOSING so they are doing THIS to stay in power."

Ronald Reagan's words need to permeate this country.  "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"  That's really all we have to say.  We have to get Chris Christie on board and we need to keep on top of the socialist mafia trying to destroy this country.  Obama has made this election easy because all his policies have made things WORSE.  All we need is a clear leader on the conservative side who can duel with the Democrats and win.  We can do it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Get Angry People

Today I am angry.  There are a lot of things to be angry about.  Technically, it's never a good thing to be angry.  You can catch more bees with honey as they say.  Being angry is never the solution to a problem they say. If we're positive we'll get more results....they say.


It's time to get angry and it's time we take back our country.

At the beginning of the 2000s we somehow just handed over our country to Pelosi and her ilk of thugs.  We had scandal after scandal with GOP leaders and they rolled over and handed our government to these thieves.

As much as I supported and loved George Bush I have to say its the biggest mistake of his time in office.  He took the high ground and ignored the strategy on the left.  He had faith that the American people would see through their garbage and unfortunately he miscalculated.  The left did everything in their power to take advantage of common sense.  Pelosi and her group of thieves took the country and George Soros and his mafia became entrenched.

It is going to take a LOT of elbow grease to dismantle this skeleton of communism but we have GOT to get angry and do it.  If we sit back and hope for the best it is not going to work.

A kid can't even run a lemonade stand without being fined for it. 

Ronald McDonald has become a criminal.  The left is trying its best to ruin the McDonald's empire for no reason other than it is a very powerful private enterprise and it honors capitalism at its best.  For that reason the left is trying everything in its power to destroy it.

NASA is being used by the left to institute its cap and trade ponzi scam that will destroy this country to the core.  This is a scam.  Global warming is GARBAGE.  Yet Al Gore and the progressives have been using NASA resources since the early 1990s to help initiate it.  NASA has been defunded down to the bones except for the global warming projects.  Communists have taken over this organization that once was a shining example of scientific integrity.  Now it is a scam.  They are ending space exploration.  The shuttle is being grounded.  We now have planes flying over US cities monitoring "pollution".  Every person in this country should be infuriated.  We have physicists and scientists working on

The entire MSM is bought and paid for by the liberals.  They censor news.  They target and attack conservatives in coordination.  They spread propaganda for the liberal party.  They slander and spread rumors to attack free enterprise.  They lie to the American people.  Most of us grew up in the era when the Soviet Union did this and know what it was like.  We are now living in a time when our own news media is doing the EXACT SAME THING against us.  The only watch dog we have against this propaganda is the internet.  Fox news even has its hands tied because the George Soros machine is going after it with full guns.

How can a billionaire who made his fortune COLLAPSING European countries be so active in this country?  The man has made it his life's ambition to destroy the US yet here he is in the US doing business.  Why is that allowed to happen?  Who is going after HIM?  I do not see ONE POLITICIAN threatening to go after George Soros. and Media Matters are completely dedicated to shutting down all conservative forms of media.  How is that freedom of speech?  This man wants to DESTROY THE US yet nobody seems to give a crap. 

Why aren't we getting angry?  Where is the anger?  When an airline can ban people of Jewish faith from flying on their planes and the news media DOES NOTHING where is the anger?  How do Jewish people just continue to support Obama blindly when Israel is being threatened with its very existence?
Food prices are going up.  Gas prices are going up.  Energy prices are going up.  This president lies every time he opens his mouth.  He plays golf and campaigns...that's about it.  We're all hanging on by a thread watching the economy collapse and people just don't seem to get it.

We need to get angry and we need to make sure the media hears us. has been created for conservatives to share and organize information.  It will not be long before the liberals start taking control of the internet.  People need to plan now for the future.  Before the election next year when it becomes obvious to the progressive left that their time in power is history there will be some Hail Mary passes.  We have to prepare for it.  Be ready.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Does Al Gore Want Population Control for Illegal Aliens or Just The Conservatives?

Al Gore is out there talking about how we have to control the world's population to save the planet.  We should have fewer children, he says.

Does this apply to the illegal aliens or just to conservatives?

The UN agenda 21 is a dangerous, dangerous thing.  These socialist freaks are trying to depopulate the planet.  Do you want ANY of these people to be in charge of pharmaceutical companies?  Obama's Czar Holdren already has written papers on depopulating the planet to save earth with an idea of putting sterilizing chemicals in drinking water.  Did the alphabet news report this?  Of course not.

Let's discuss this just a bit.  How would you feel if somebody like, I don't know, a Muslim terrorist, decided that all the people who are not Muslim had to die.  Hey!  Guess what?!  They HAVE decided that.  But just for kicks lets pretend they infiltrate the pharmaceutical companies through years and years of planning and placing people in the right places.  Lets say they recruit scientists schooled in chemical and biological warfare.

Lets pretend that far-left socialist freaks start teaming up with radical Islamic terrorists, like say in EGYPT.  Guess what?!  They already have.

Do you see where I am going here?  Far left socialist FREAKS and Islamic terrorists are ALREADY in cahoots with one another.  All the violence and uprisings in the Middle East are a direct result of this collaboration.

But Bev, why would they want to release some kind of super virus or dangerous chemical to depopulate the earth?  Wouldn't they be in danger of getting killed themselves?

Go to any website and read the objectives of these freaks.  They don't CARE if they themselves are killed.  To them it is the "greater good" that matters.  "By any means necessary" means if they get killed in the process then it doesn't matter.  Look at the idiots in the Batman boat chasing the Japanese fishermen around.

We are headed down a very dangerous road my friends when it comes to people like Al Gore.  He should be considered an enemy of this country.  So should Cynthia McKinney.  So should 3/4 of Obama's cabinet.  These people are way off the scale of loony tunes.  They are in their own little world.  It's like going back to the sci-fi movies of the 80s and 90s when Jeff Goldblum used to warn us of the government taking over the world with robots.  It's coming to life before our very eyes.  Except all the celebrities who feared the government and its over-reach have been taken over and brainwashed into believing all the things that they used to warn us about. 

Liberals are so brainwashed by party loyalty they would jump off a cliff rather than go against their beloved socialist friends.  This is a big difference between the liberals and conservatives.  When the GOP acts stupid we tell them they are stupid and vote them out.  Liberals have some how abandoned this.  The more stupid their party gets the more loyal they get.  In fact...Liberals aren't even liberals any more.  They are Marxists and don't even know it.

This is ever more reason why we have to get these people out of government.  In 2012 the election will be historic for more than one reason.  Not only will the liberals lose power, they will be banished.  We have to reach into every aspect of this country and eradicate the socialist and Marxist tentacles that have become the progressive left.  We cannot afford these people controlling the world population.  When people like Al Gore start talking about population control it is time to get a grip.

These are dangerous, dangerous ideals and our very existence depends on getting rid of it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Sarah Palin Video EVAH.....

A video that shows the media's bias toward Sarah Palin in all its glory.

Democrats Being Desperate and Hollywood Chefs Being Stupid

Another day, another slog through liberal nonsense.  I hope you've noticed the same thing I have.  The liberals are starting to get desperate.  They suddenly realize that under Obama's policies our economy completely sucks.  No Bill Clinton miracle this time.  That's because they never gave credit to the Republican congress that FORCED Bill Clinton to adopt most of his policies.  Obama had Pelosi.  Now Pelosi is filthy rich...62% more rich....and Obama has nothing to show for it except a shiny new set of golf clubs..

Not a good image for re-election.

The great wall of liberal hope and change is beginning to crumble.  More people are unemployed.  Those who do have jobs are getting less hours thus making less money and our bills are going up.  Our food prices are going up.  Gas prices are more than doubled since George Bush.  It's even getting to the point when you expect to get a fine or ticket for going to eat at McDonald's.  You CERTAINLY can't run a lemonade stand.  Heaven forbid.

Speaking of which, NBC decided TWICE to eliminate the "Under God" portion of the pledge of allegiance at the US Open broadcast and Americans were infuriated.  So much so that NBC actually apologized.

It must have been some seriously huge reaction to get NBC to react like that.  I can promise you they know that 99% of the things they do ticks people off but they usually just ignore it.  To get them to apologize it must have been really ugly.  That makes me feel good.  That tells me people are getting sick of this liberal onslaught.  Well, honestly, I think people have been getting sick of it for a long time....Now they are going to do something about it.

It takes a lot to force conservatives to react.  We are by nature conservative.  We are used to the liberals bashing, slandering, and basically walking over us.  But there's a tipping point.  Looking at these uber left hippy leftists in Hollywood like Alyssa Milano who do nothing, and I mean NOTHING, but spend their days slandering conservatives and spreading lies and misinformation.  It would be easy to just blow it off as unimportant but IT IS IMPORTANT.  These idiots need to stop preaching to us their philosophy of "life".  I don't agree with it.  Hollywood has no business dictating to US how we should live.  They live in a bubble of make believe.  They live in California for one thing which is the most bankrupt state in the country FOR A REASON.  Because they have corrupt legislatures who give tax breaks and money to GRAPE FARMERS so they can all pass free fancy wine bottles around to each other on some stupid train that runs through grape country and giggle at how clever and refined they are.  Chefs on TV who are getting rich because they know how to lick the toes of politicians and get money who DO NOTHING but bleat propaganda from the liberal party truly do not attract me to watch them on TV.  It's becoming more and more this way on shows I used to like but now it's just getting downright STUPID.

Food Network in the past couple of years has completely run itself aground doing this.  They started a show called "Next Food Network Star" and the first season the FANS got to choose the winner.  Well they didn't like that result.  They wanted to be politically correct.  What do the "little people" know anyway?  In 2008 when Obama was running they chose this black guy....who was probably a really great guy....but to me the only reason they chose him was because he was black.  The entire show had a liberal tilt to it.  I predicted in the very beginning he would win and I was right.  Ever since the seasons have been more about what the politically correct ethnic theme of the WH is.  They are running commercials about "Starving US Children".  Excuse me???  I thought our kids were all obese, fat and lazy?  Which is it?  Are we starving or fat?  I guess it depends on what they are trying to pander to the WH about that day.  This year they have this bully Middle Eastern woman that they love.  She is just plain ugly and mean but the FN LOVES her.  She is an "empowered Middle Eastern woman".  They are swooning with delight.  Even though you go to the website and see that all the fans absolutely HATE her because she is so hateful.  That doesn't matter.  They have a theme, dammit.  They have to pander to the White House.


I have no desire to watch these cooking shows if all it is is a bunch of elitist liberals pandering to the White House.  Don't tell me what to eat.  Don't tell me your social themes.  If you're going to have a competition be fair and stop trying to be "socially correct".  Don't tell me kids "across the US are starving" and then in the same damn breath take their chocolate milk away from school and tell me they are fat, lazy and obese.  Since when are chefs supposed to be Hollywood stars who bleat Liberal nonsense??? 

Most important of all.....How on earth can they have a show on "the best barbecue" and feature three southern barbecue legends and guess who won the barbecue contest???  Some hippy guy from New York City who COOKED THE BEST TOFU.

Is that hysterical?  Please...give me a break people.  Go back to cooking and get the hell out of politics.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shannon Doherty is The BOMB.

This is a post about nothing in particular but I just found out something that makes everything in my life make sense.

I love Charmed.  I'm a big huge fan.  I especially love the early episodes with Shannon Doherty.  I love her.  She is a wonderful actress and without her the entire Charmed series would have failed miserably.  I knew there were rumors about her and Alyssa Milano fighting but nothing came out to really point out WHY they had not gotten along.

Now I think I know.

Shannon Doherty is a Republican.  Alyssa Milano is one of those brainwashed tree hugger freaks who in my opinion uses her celebrity to promote NONSENSE liberal causes.  Have you seen her lately trying to get people to donate their money for "starving children"?  Tell me, all your life have you not seen these scam commercials that beg for money?  Don't you think by now they could have taught these people how to grow food?  Could that commercial be any more fake?  Celebrities do these things to make themselves look good in their little circle of liberal buddies and they have no idea how stupid they look.

Here's a clue:  If any celebrity goes on TV and begs you to send money with fake crocodile tears in their eyes TURN OFF THE TV.  It's a huge scam.  The "tortured dogs and cats" that they are trying to get you to donate money to ....That is a scam as well.  The money you send does NOT go to help innocent dogs and cats.  It goes to FREAK LIBERAL VEGAN GROUPS in California who use that money to sue dairy farms, chicken farms, and meat processing plants around the country to DRIVE THEM OUT OF BUSINESS.

That's right.  These freak liberal celebrities have nothing better to do with their lives then sit around having cocktail parties in their $10 million dollar mansions comparing which hippy cause they got involved with.  It makes my SKIN CRAWL.

What also makes my skin crawl is the fact that Shannon Doherty probably got bullied off of the Charmed series by FREAK LIBERAL Alyssa Milano because she was a REPUBLICAN.  Liberals love to claim the mantra of tolerance only they don't tolerate anyone that doesn't tow the liberal line AT ALL.  This is the big reason why Hollywood is collapsing in a pile of dust.  Name one decent movie that has come out of the place lately.  You can't.  They are too busy with their LIBERAL idiot causes.  They would rather brain wash the American public with their socialist causes then actually ACT or create movies we want to watch.  They try to ram down our throats movies we don't want to see and when the movie fails they boo-hoo and wonder why.

So now we need to rethink some things regarding Hollywood.  The next time you start hearing horror stories about your favorite celebrity you need to immediately look up and see if they are a Republican.  Chances are they ARE.  The liberals are such bullies and INTOLERANT that they have to slander anyone with views that are different from their own.  I don't know about YOU but I am SICK OF IT.

Shannon Doherty should have been given top billing and she should have been given a place on the last show to commemorate its ending.  Without her it would have never become as popular as it was.  Shame on Alyssa Milano for trashing her and bullying her off the show!!  Karma WILL catch up to her.  We all have a right to our own beliefs and opinions.  Bullying people into your beliefs is WRONG.  Trying to destroy someone's career because of political beliefs is even worse.  That's Stalinistic.  That's what COMMUNIST countries do.  It's time to stop this behavior.  We need to boycott these celebrities and take away their bread and butter.  I refuse to watch movies if the celebrities in them are outspoken politically.  They will not get one cent of my money and I will convince others to do the same.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Iran-Contra Was NOTHING Compared to Fast and Furious

I remember the Iran-Contra days well.  Oliver North became quite famous for taking the sword for Reagan.  To this day he is a hero in the Marine Corps.  He did his job.  He did what was right for the country.  The liberals couldn't STAND him and they still can't.  He is the epitome of what they despise.  MOST Americans loved Ronald Reagan and they loved Oliver North for his loyalty.  The liberals tried, tried and tried to bring Reagan down over the Iran-Contra "scandal" and it never worked.

Richard Nixon is another shining example of a person the liberals vilified to no end.  Over what?  He lied to the news media.  In the 70s an entire summer was lost to us kids who were stuck inside on hot summer days with nothing entertaining to watch on TV because all that was on TV on all three stations (yes, we only had three stations) WATERGATE all day and night.  It was horrendous.  Even as a kid I remember how stupid it was.  When you compare Watergate to the crimes the liberals commit it seems ridiculous.  Nixon was brilliant.  His foreign policy is to this day historic.  He brought us closer to China.  He was a very smart man who did GREAT things for this country.  But if the liberals had had their way he would have been an absolute failure.  They do this with a lot of Republican presidents.  At least Reagan and Nixon have records to back their brilliance up.

What does Carter have to show for his miserable time in office?  The Iran hostage crisis and the energy crisis.  Carter is historic for his failed presidency.  Obama is walking down that same road to the peanut farm.

The Democrats bit off more than they can chew with this latest gig.  A couple of years ago the O-bots were out in force stirring up trouble with Arizona and the immigration situation.  As usual they were sucking up to the President in Mexico and allowed him to come into OUR country to BLAME us for the drug problems and the illegal alien problems and everything else they could think of.  The liberals were whining about how the guns in Mexico were all from the US.  This was actually proven to be NOT TRUE.  Most of the guns used in crimes in Mexico are Russian made.  But of course the liberals have an agenda.  They want to take guns away from us.  So they came up with a really BRILLIANT plan to funnel guns to the Mexican drug lords.  It does not take more than a third grade education to figure this one out.....

They had planned on "confiscating" these guns at some point, either by targeting some border gangs or working with the Mexican government, so they could hold them up and say "SEE!!  We told you that the Mexican gangs are getting their guns in the US" thereby changing public opinion on the subject or by using it as a means to get Congress to pass more strict gun laws.  Unfortunately for THEM their plan fell apart.  First, they didn't expect ATF agents and border agents to turn on them and spill the beans.  Second, they arrogantly believed that they would keep the majority in Congress last November.

Remember, if Republicans had not taken back the majority last November we wouldn't even be having this conversation.  We'd be sitting here talking about how horrible it is that drug lords can get hold of US guns so easily.  You see, Liberals can't wrap their heads around border agents and ATF agents actually having a say in the matter.  I mean, these are the people dealing with the criminals on an every day basis.  Liberals don't listen to the people who are actually doing the dirty work.  They just expect their robots to perform without question.

So Holder was caught with his hands in the cookie jar.  This is HUGE news and it should be the headline all across the country but of course it's not.  The liberally biased news media wouldn't DREAM of reporting anything that would put this administration in a negative light.  So I applaud Issa for going after them.

Issa needs to stay with this and fight until the end.  Exposing this administration for its dirty political tricks should remain the priority.  The more corrupt they look the better off we are.  Americans don't like corrupt politicians.  Regardless of what the news media tells us, Americans want justice and they want legal justice.  The more illegal activities we can expose the better.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

ATMS Are The Enemy

The left is making some huge, huge mistakes recently....uncharacteristically.  Is it that they have become so bloated in their own self-adoration they can't see through the haze or have they just become cannibals and see the cliff in front of them?  I'm not sure.  It's hard to believe they are doing it on purpose.

The left is so deceptive and sneaky it makes you paranoid.  You think that it is some kind of plot to throw us off or something.  Obama blaming ATMS for job loss?  What kind of weird crap is that?  That sounds very similar to his "If you'd just put air in your tires gas prices would go down" claim, doesn't it?  Is the guy so out of touch he doesn't realize how weird that sounds or do you think he really believes it?

It wouldn't be the first time he was in some kind of funky time warp.  Remember his obsession with Salt II treaties with Russia?  That was something that was real popular back in the early 80s.  Like he had some kind of list he kept of all the things that bothered him when he was young...things that his mother talked about.  That was very bizarre, too.  It goes along with his obsession of "colonial Britain".

Seriously, I do not think we're dealing with a full deck here.  It makes you wonder if the DNC is falling apart.  They can't control the Boy King so they are either just giving up or hurling hail Mary passes.  What's with Debbie Downer stating yesterday that the Democrats "owned" the economy??  Is she really that delusional or is she that out of touch?  Obviously, she doesn't put gas in her hybrid Toyota or buy groceries.

We predicted all of this of course.  Back in the beginning of this administration all the conservatives pointed straight to the Jimmy Carter era as an example of what would happen with the liberal policies and we were right.  The Democrats cannot control the outcome of their policies.  It's like some nightmare we keep reliving because we allow them to continue to drag us back into this black hole of doom.  It's not that we don't KNOW what will happen.  It's that we forget that after a generation or two people are too young to remember and they get brainwashed into believing their false agenda.  We didn't have any strong candidates last election cycle so we just gave up fighting.  It was hard to stand up for McCain. 

I mean seriously, look at McCain.  I can't imagine he'd be any better than Obama.  Look at his loopy daughter.  Can you imagine what damage that would have done to the Republican party?  It's almost a good thing the Boy King was elected.  He will wipe out the liberal rule for at least a decade or more.

We should all send a thank you card to Wiener.  He did a lot of damage to the Democrats image.  He will forever be a poster boy for the fall of the Democratic party.  Here was a guy that was a loud mouth Pitt bull who beat up on the GOP on Fox all the time...and he turned out to be a geek pervert that the Democrats themselves are disgusted with.  The curtain came back and there he was...for all the world to see.  Just like Obama.  When Netanyahu schooled Obama a few weeks ago it was the same thing.  The curtain came back and there was Obama....looking stupid.  He actually thought the American people would stand with him and condemn Israel.  What a putz.

And lets discuss the gun-running situation for a moment.  Didn't the Democrats just a year ago talk about how guns in the US were making their way to Mexico?  They were using it as a platform for gun control.  So what happens?  We uncover a PROGRAM by the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION that funnels guns PURPOSELY to drug cartels in Mexico that ended up killing hundreds of people.  I personally think that this was a PR Propaganda scheme that failed.  Somebody totally dropped the ball on this in the DNC.  They were going to use this as a platform for their gun control legislation and it somehow jumped out the window.  Perhaps they didn't expect the ATF agents to spill the beans?  Or perhaps they did not expect the GOP to take over congress last November and EXPOSE the illegal activity going on?  Either way it is difficult for the Boy King to use this as a propaganda campaign against guns when THEY were the ones giving the guns to the drug runners.  Heads will roll over that one.

We need to keep the pressure on this administration.  Keep the pressure on the media.  Find ways NOW to organize and get news to other conservative groups.  The more we expose these people the more ways they will find to shut down the way we organize and get information to each other.  Don't think they won't try.  Facebook is organizing now to shut down conservative groups....We have to prepare ourselves. 

As many mistakes as the left is making...they will become more and more desperate the more they realize the gig is up.  This administration is tanking like a concrete balloon. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Republicans Have To Stand Together

We all know for a fact that we are up against the wall when it comes to the liberal news media.  Fox news is the only news channel that does not censor the news and even they bend to pressure from the WH and liberal left.  Hollywood has established itself as a propaganda arm of the leftist progressives.  The socialist, anti-American left has done a very good job of taking over the media from TV programs, movies, news anchors, art, education....They've infiltrated and spread their propaganda far and wide.  They continue to dig in we are seeing law after law being passed to control us.  Kids can't even drink chocolate milk at some schools.  When celebrity chefs take over our school system lunches the alarms should be going off.

I continue to say that we should be building a fence to shut off California from the rest of the country instead of Mexico.  The rich and priviliged few think they know how the rest of Americans should live and they continue to lecture us and demand we live THEIR way.  They try to change our thinking and censor our history.  These people are living on another planet...Why should we be listening to them?

For this reason we have to stand together.  There is a side that says we should concentrate on attacking those Republicans who do not stand tough.  They call the GOP names and attack them and I do not agree with this strategy.  I've been a Republican all my life.  One of the things I like about being a Republican is that I can have different opinions and ideas and not be put in a box.  My core beliefs are the same as everyone else's but I don't get threatened by fellow conservatives if I have different views.  I find conservatives much more tolerant and accepting than the liberals.  The liberal party is so stuck on stupid they can't even express an idea or opinion without physical violence from the other side.  The socialist/communist tactics of the left have no place in the Republican party.

Everyone is worried that the MSM will somehow convince us that Romney will be the best candidate.  You know what?  I don't happen to like Romney much but I'm sure not going to go out and vilify him.  We have the entire Hollywood culture and MSM against us.  We have the comedians and actors against us.  If we don't stick together we will be divided.  United we stand, divided we fall.

We don't have to hate people we disagree with.  We don't have to spread ugly rumors and lies and be nasty.  We need to fight for our Christian rights.  We need to stand up for integrity.  We need to be positive and uplifting.  All the things the liberals are NOT.

Ronald Reagan won because he brought us together and gave us hope and pride.  He didn't win because he convinced us what a freak Carter was.  We already knew what a freak Carter was.  He won because he showed us the way to having a better life....and it worked.  The same can be done now with the Boy King.  The American people already know his policies are a failure.  We just have to show people the Republicans can turn things around and make things good again.

Ronald Reagan said it best...."Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

Monday, June 13, 2011

GOP Debate Was More About Standing Up Against the Biased Liberal CNN Host

I loved the GOP debate tonight for one major reason.  All the Republicans stood together and defended the Tea Party.  Pawlenty even defended Sarah Palin.

The debate tonight was not a debate between Republicans.  It was the Republicans standing together against the liberal CNN hosts who were asking stupid bipartisan questions.

It's obvious that the liberal strategy will be to drive wedges between the Republicans.  The more they can divide the conservative vote the better.  It didn't happen tonight.  All the candidates stood there and came together in a civilized manner and focused on bashing Obama like they should have.  They all have different ideas but their message was concise:  It is Obama who needs to go.

Michelle Bachmann made impressive remarks.  I was very impressed with her.  John King tried many times to make her stumble but she stood her ground and made clear what she stood for. 

Herman Cain did a very good job of defending himself as well.  The CNN host tried several times to trip him up and even at one point tried to put words in his mouth but Cain stood up for himself and called him out.

Newt even had some great zingers about immigration.  All in all all the candidates did well and I was happy to see it.  They were all good conservatives.  They stood up against the liberal bias and refrained from acting like butt holes.  Liberals would be hard pressed to find a "violent" candidate in that debate.  I saw an intelligent group of candidates who all were firm in the conservative principals, who had different ideas and opinions but with respect and admiration for each other.

CNN looked like jerks.  Just the way it should be.

Romney is NOT the Answer

And the saga continues.  The Democrat's favorite attack dog has finally come back to bite them in the butt.  It turns out Wiener is more concerned with his own ego than the good of the party.  Shocking isn't it?  Pop the popcorn and enjoy the show.

But that's not all that is going on in the world and we shouldn't be distracted too much by it.  It's funny to watch but lets keep things in perspective.

The US intercepted missiles being transported from North Korea to Burma.  This is not good news.  As our president concentrates on his golf game and re-election campaign we have real enemies in the world taking advantage of the distractions.  This is not new.  It seems to happen a lot when the liberals are in charge of government.

The liberal media is busy trying to convince everyone that Romney is "the" guy.  Of course we know better.  Romney is just another McCain.  I don't know about you but I'm pretty tired of these blue state Republicans trying to run Washington.  Scott Brown did not turn out to be the Tea Party favorite we hoped he'd be.  He is doing everything to keep himself in office and to accomplish that he has to do what his blue-state constituents want him to do....much to the distress of the rest of us.

The days of "compromise" are over.  The liberals took this country kicking and screaming far, far too left and it is time to drag it back to where it belongs.  Romney is not going to do that.  He will be a nightmare for the Republican party.  From Romney care to his recent statements on "global warming" this guy is NOT the person we need in office to fix our country.  He is the liberal media's lap dog.  Consider him the fake Tea Party candidate.  Most of the conservatives I know realize this.  It is the un-connected headline readers that we have to inform.  So inform them.

Our economy continues to sputter to a stop.  I don't know about you but going to the grocery store with $100 sure isn't what it used to be.  Even with shopping for the cheaper stuff after you get the main staples of a household like cleaning products and toilet paper you're left with Ramen noodles and cheap cuts of meat for dinner.  That is, if you didn't fill the tank before you went to Kroger.  Now comes news that by 2014 we will be spending 60% more on our electricity bills.  This is not good news.

As people pinch and stretch and sweat their way through the summer the left is stoking the idea of "violence" all in the media.  The liberals use this strategy a lot.  They start sending out "code words" to put ideas into people's heads.  I've seen it all over the place.  "Civil discontent".  You see stories about gangs attacking people.  "Mobs" attacking people in hospitals.  This is wishful thinking for the socialists.  They would love nothing more than to have an increase in violence.  It gives them more reason to pass laws to control people.  It is communism 101.  Scare the public.  If the public is afraid they ask for the government to help.

Is this the desperate strategy of the left?  Do they finally realize their days are numbered?  Would they stoop so low to provoke violence as a means to enforce a police state or martial law?  Yes they would.  Obama and his socialist buddies would most DEFINITELY resort to such tactics if they felt it was their only hope to remain in power.  Wiener is not the only one with selfish goals.

But I have faith in the American public.  I remember the 70s well and the Jimmy Carter years.  When Ronald Reagan stepped up and told us to believe in our country, to invest in our future, and to love our freedom the American people put their faith in him.  This will happen again.  The liberals have no sense of patriotism for their country.  They are too introverted in their own freak agenda.

Future generations will have much worse to worry about than terrorism.  They will have biological and chemical warfare to contend with.  If our government is not aware of this and working on solutions then they're more ignorant than I thought.  Biological warfare will be the terrorism of the future.  With environmental groups threatening to depopulate the planet we'd better start worrying about it now rather than later.  This is a topic most people are afraid to discuss.  The question is not if but when.  While our president plays golf and the Dems squabble over Wiener and his nonsense...we have real problems and those problems are not getting any attention.

We need a leader who can step out of the Washington DC box and see the future.  The elitist media and Washington cocktail party crowd is not going to do a thing to help solve problems.  They are going to play their games and swap money around and continue to live in luxury while the rest of the country goes to hell.  We can pay attention and elect leaders and hold them responsible for their actions, or we can be stupid and support people like Wiener.  He is the poster boy for everything that is wrong in Washington DC.  Romney is not much better.  He is just a Ken doll dressed up and ready to play the same game. He will capitulate and compromise and say whatever he has to say to get elected.  He will continue the same crap that we all hate.  The game they play in Washington does nothing to help this country.  It just keeps the same schmucks in power that put the same programs in place.  A revolving door of money and power that never stops.  We have to find a leader that is not in that circle.  We have to find somebody who loves this country who will fight to get rid of that game.  The lobbyists, the money, the power....We have to fight to get rid of it.  Romney is not the answer.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wiener, Weather, And Predicting The Unpredictable.

Not much going on in the world of news.  The liberal dogs can't find their prey with Sarah Palin's emails and it annoys them.  They had really hoped to find some dirt to get Wiener off the headlines.  Her emails have actually made her look good so watch for this story to fly out the window in a hurry.

Wiener the media whore keeps on and on.  It's the gift that keeps on giving to the GOP.  Now he wants "treatment" for being an online pervert.  Of course, we all know that's not possible.  The great thing about this is that we all know there is probably a LOT more dirt to wash out of this dirty blanket.  Given that he just got married a year ago his behavior BEFORE he was married was probably worse.  There is no doubt going to be skank after skank coming out trying to claim their prize.  The most remarkable thing about this is that he was so easy to find on the internet.  Most of these creeps know how to surf around incognito but no, he is such an egomaniac he had to brag to people who he was.  He liked that power.  He felt invincible.  He thought that he could get away with it.  Whether he had convinced himself that he'd never get caught or was just stupid I don't know.  The Democrats realize what a huge risk this is and know he has to go.  But this guy is so desperate he is going to cling to power whatever way he can.  If I were a Democrat I'd be worried.  This creep would throw his own mother under a bus to stay in power.  Anybody who has had dealings with this guy should be watching their back right now.  Wiener is going to bribe whoever he has to and they would be smart to realize that.  I think they do.  I guess we'll find out what kind of power he really had.  I suspect not much.  He stabbed a lot of backs on his way to Congress and he burned a lot of bridges.  Eventually that behavior lands you on the curb. 

But in the mean time we conservatives can enjoy watching karma coming back to bite the Dems in the ass.  All the anchors on Fox who have had to deal with Wiener's smart aleck nonsense and lies in interviews should be enjoying this right now.

Climate change.  The liberals are convinced that we've been having all these tornadoes because of global warming.  This is such a simple thing.  It really does not take rocket science to figure it out.  We have a growing population of people.  We have more and more folks with cellphone cameras.  It's not that we have more tornadoes and bad weather.  We just have more people being affected and we have more ways of catching it on video.

Fifty years ago we had just as many tornadoes.  The tornadoes would grind their way across the countryside and people did not see it.  I remember with fondness the weather men on TV when I was a kid.  They stood on camera in front of a map of the United States.  They had those little felt stick on clouds and rain drops.  A cute little sun with a smiley face on it.  Every now and then they'd be talking and the sun or a cloud would fall off, remember?  The cold fronts had lines with triangles on it (blue) and the warm fronts were half circles (red).  Most of the time their predictions were wrong.   Maybe it would rain...or not.  People had a pretty good idea that in the Spring it would storm and rain and in the Winter it would snow.  I'd say snow was the hardest to predict and was the most unreliable.  It still is TO THIS DAY.  Tornadoes were a risk in the South and from the time I was little I've always been afraid of them.

Remember how scary tornado warnings were?  That monotone, male radio voice with the scratchy CB radio sound.  They could have been telling us aliens were invading the planet.  They basically named off counties and as a kid I had no idea what counties were much less WHERE they were.  But I remember how terrifying it was.  I had an uncle who lived in Arkansas and every time it stormed he ran his family to the storm cellar in the back yard.  It was a little concrete vault that was halfway in the ground.  I remember being more afraid of the spiders in that cellar.  To this day I have nightmares about tornadoes and they look just like the videos we're seeing on TV.

It's not that there are more of them.  They are no more severe than they were 100 years ago.  We just have more people and we have more ways of catching them on video. 

And just think, if you had been the Captain of a ship back 50 years ago when you went out to sea you had no idea what weather was out there.  The legends of the fishermen are well founded.  They became weathermen of their own kind.  They knew how to read the clouds and how to smell the air.  If they didn't they usually became fish food.  Can you imagine going off to sea in a boat without knowing whether there were storms?  Imagine how our fore fathers wandered out to sea and ended up in hurricanes.  No wonder it was so terrifying.  Your families never knew if you would come back. Now we have pinpoint weather radar, satellites and what not.  We can pretty much predict anything.  So when something horrible happens we're surprised? 

If you build a house near the ocean and you don't expect a hurricane every now and then you're just dumb.  If you build your house in the plains of Kansas and then are shocked when a tornado blows through you're dumb, too.  Are people in California really shocked when there is an earthquake? With the exception of Japan and the recent events there, people should not be shocked by these events.  They should be prepared.  And for that matter, if you live near a volcano you should expect lava to flow through your living room.  It's not a matter of's a matter of when.

Just like we should expect to see Wiener get roasted in the following weeks if he does not swallow his ego and let it go.  His past WILL come back to haunt's just a matter of when.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our 100 Years of Time

So the left wet itself yesterday because Sarah Palin's emails while governor of Alaska were released.  As Rush said, they were on a search and destroy mission.  As of last night all they found to complain about was that she said "sheesh" in an email and that she expressed happiness at being named VP on John McCain's ticket.  That's hardly earth shattering news.  Yet, the left almost burst an aneurysm covering it.

Never mind there's a perverted 46-year-old freakazoid sending messages to a 17-year-old girl.  Not only is that gross it is creepy.  Even creepier is that this freak is still in office.  The Democrats truly think they can weather through this.  Well, at least he does, anyway.  Every time the man speaks from this time out it will be the first thing that pops into people's heads.  Of course, this is great news for the GOP.  Weiner will become the poster boy for everything freaky about the Democratic party.  Nothing he say will eclipse his bad behavior.  As time for the election in 2012 nears he will be a rallying cry for conservatives everywhere.  Vote these freaks out of power...take our country back.  If they want to keep their collection of failures it gives a boost to the GOP.  First Nancy Pelosi and now Weiner.  The Clintons should especially be upset by all of this.  Weiner and Bill have some things in common now.  Just when Bill had shook the Lewinski monkey off his back Weiner came along and threw it right back on.

I was shocked (but not surprised) to learn that the WH had signed a document basically throwing Israel under the bus (again).  They want to hand over Jerusalem to the Palestinians.  Basically, the WH wants all the ancient Jewish and Christian sites in Israel handed over to the Muslims.  Does anyone want to take a wild guess what would happen to these ancient biblical sites if this happens?  Would someone like to explain to me in simple terms what exactly Obama has done to improve relations in the Middle East between the Muslims and the Jewish people?  Is his strategy of capitulation to the Muslims the only strategy he has?  It's hard to believe that there are people who believe this is effective.  Well, I guess it is not hard to believe if you realize that these people are the ones who only get their news from the MSM.  The WH could tell them anything and they'd believe it.

We have Iran building missile bases in Hugo Chavez' backyard.  We have the Middle East on the verge of eruption.  Has anyone noticed North Korea is being unusually quiet at the moment?  How much money do you want to bet that the Boy King is spoon-feeding them something under the radar to keep them quiet?  I'd guess there's food and luxuries being snuck in to keep that guy fat and happy and off Obama's back.  When was the last time we heard so little news coming from North Korea?

It's frightening to me that this president is in charge of our country.  Our capitalist system is slowly being dismantled and he is going around the world creating problems that will take generations for us to fix.  As our news media ignores it we are force fed nonsense while he does his Mafia dealings under the table.  I hope our allies realize that this guy is NOT going to get re-elected.  As much as our enemies hate us they need us.  If this country failed so would a lot of other places.  In particular, a lot of poor third world countries that rely on us for food and assistance.  Even China would be hard pressed to succeed if we collapsed. 

As the population grows around the world the world gets smaller.  As technology connects us the more desperate the power-greedy will get to control it.  I think we are on the brink of times when some powerful few will want to rule everybody.  There are powerful people who will sacrifice millions of lives to have that power.  There's no telling what the future will bring but I have the feeling it will be challenging.

If you look at the world you have to realize that there is only 100 years or so that we really have influence on.  We can't change the past and we can't predict the future.  If you look at how much the world has changed in the past 100 years it really is mind boggling.  We need to get back to enjoying life and protecting our future.  What will future generations be like?  Look at your families and look to the young people in them.  Will their 100 years be a lot better than ours?

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Left Can't Drag Us Down

As much as the people I know are passionate that this president must be voted out of office, there is a major sense of fear that it won't happen.  This is good and this is bad.

The MSM will do everything in its power to convince the public that Obama is unbeatable.  They will tell us that overwhelmingly he is liked.  They will lie through their teeth and tell you whatever they think they need to say to convince people to stay home.  Don't bother won't change anything.

Even if the Boy King became the most unpopular person on the planet earth....They would adopt some collaborative talking point telling us that no matter what we do he is going to be re-elected.  That discourages voters.  If you feel the cause is lost you shrug your shoulders and move on.  If you think the fight is unwinable then you give up.

If the MSM were truthful to the public the Boy King would not be president right now.  If you look at his record of lies and see how horrible the economy is and how it has been his policies that has done it you see no reason whatsoever to defend him.  You are left scratching your head wondering how it could get this bad without the MSM even talking about it.  Or you're left wondering whether it really IS this bad because the MSM is not talking about it.

Which sadly, is going to be the very thing that kicks these idiots to the curb.  If the economy crashes, energy prices skyrocket, unemployment skyrockets, and inflation goes up not only will the Boy King get booted from office, the news media who censored the warnings will be retiring to their Hampton mansions.

What exactly has he done to improve foreign policy?  What exactly are we doing in Libya?  Now we're in Yemen.  Pakistan still hates us.  Iran is still building Nuclear weapons.  Syria is in a state of chaos.  Egypt is falling into radical Muslim influence.  He threw Israel under the bus.  He keeps dissing Britain.  He seems to be buddies with Hugo Chavez for some bizarre reason who is helping Iran build a missile base which the MSM is censoring.  He bends over for Russia and refuses to defend our missile defense programs.  Who knows what kind of relationship we have with China.

Who could call this success?

Who can't look at this situation and think "Gee what a GREAT President he is"???

How can the news media be justified in its reporting?  It does not inform the American people.  It DECEIVES the American people.

So we look at the above--and trust me I could have gone on for hours--and we wonder if the mountain is too high to climb.  Have no fear, my friends.  People are not this stupid.

Americans see right through this and know the deal.  The MSM may succeed in fooling some of the people but the majority are informed.  Remember during the run-up to the November elections the MSM did not tell people what a huge landslide it would be.  Hell, even after the election they slanted the results to make it "not so bad for the Democrats".  But the people know.  Just like the folks in Wisconsin who voted in the Republicans to fight the unions.  Just like the folks who threw out big time Democrats all over the country.  Just like the folks who voted out Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.  If that was not symbolic I don't know what is.

We just have to keep informing people.  Inform them even if they don't want to hear it.  Make sure the people around you know what the truth is.  Remind them of the Reagan vision.  Remind them of the malaise of Jimmy Carter and his radical left policies.  Americans want better than this.  They don't want to watch ugly brides throwing crap at each other.  They don't want polygamy rammed down their throats.  They don't want all the hate all the time.  We have a better future ahead of us as long as we don't let the left drag us down.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cap and Trade The Most Corrupt Scam in Our Life Times.

I keep seeing stories here and there about the gloom and doom of our economy yet the MSM says nothing.  So I guess when we start paying so much for gas we can't afford to go to work we'll wake up from our fog and pay attention.  When we go to the grocery store and all we find is peanut butter and empty shelves we might pay attention.  What will it take?

The MSM is busy featuring stories about Katie Couric's elitist new spread in "the Hamptons".  It must be nice.  Here she is growing herbs in her garden a five minute walk from the beach and she goes on television lecturing us how to eat, what to wear, how to behave and telling us what racist Americans we all are.  I wonder how many servants she has cleaning up that place and cooking her dinner and doing laundry?

Do you think Katie cleans her own toilets?  Do you think she actually washes dishes?  She is in a protected elitist bubble that won't suffer the consequences of the legislation that her liberal buddies are ramming down our throats.  She sits on TV every night telling Americans what they should eat and how they should behave yet she does not live by those same rules.  She is protected because she is part of the propaganda package.  She was paid $14 million dollars to tank the ratings at CBS and was forced out and here we see a beautiful story describing her lavish rewards for it.  What's wrong with this picture?

The Agriculture Department has rewarded contracts and big bucks to companies to start developing ways to implement the cap and trade system of selling puffs of air.  If this is allowed to go unchecked it will be the biggest scam in our history.  How many politicians will buy into it hoping to profit?  Who will have the balls to go up against it and resist the corruption?

The entire liberal party has bought into this cap and trade scam.  If it goes down so do their fortunes.  Do you think it will be easy to kill it?  Don't bet your life on it.  It will take some serious, serious work to kill this scam.  Pelosi is not about to throw her fortune out the window.  A lot of corrupt groups of people are banking on this scam to propel them into global dominance.  A lot of people from overseas have invested in it, too.  Don't think George Soros has his hands clean from it.  He probably invested more than anybody.

We have GOT to kill this program.  Cap and trade must die.  We cannot allow the socialist left to destroy our economy by implementing these scams.  One program after another, every single policy that this administration has implemented has done nothing but take our economy closer to destruction.  You have to be an idiot not to realize this.  We can ignore it all we want...but it will only take longer to recover.

Those of us who remember the Jimmy Carter years know how long it will take to recover from these socialist onslaughts.  We remember the early 80s and the sacrifices we had to make to get things back on track.  It took 12 years before people had the nerve to elect another Democrat and even then Clinton had to play by conservative rules to keep his presidency.  It took a generation that did not know Jimmy Carter to get another Democrat elected who was as radical and socialist as Carter.  Now we will pay the price.

We are the generation of scams and viruses.  Time to clean things up.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Democratic Hate Train To Nowhere

Have you noticed that for the last week or so the Democrats keep talking about "civil discontent"?  If you didn't keep up on a regular basis with the communist groups you'd think this type of story was of benefit to the GOP.  You'd think...Gee, that doesn't sound good for Obama at all.  But look between the lines.

These kind of headlines are a rallying cry for all the groups the Dems are exploiting.  All the "punish our enemies" speeches.  All the speeches about racism.  The black community gets angry when it sees story after story after story about racism. 

The communist groups around the world have been trying to stoke discontent for years.  They talk about it constantly.  All the progressives in the Democratic party use the same language.  Most Americans don't follow these groups or know what they are saying but people like you and me pay attention and recognize it.  They are BANKING on the MSM ignoring them so they can continue with their propaganda and remain under the radar.

The majority of Americans are tired of the hate coming from the MSM, Hollywood, and the Democratic party.  You turn on your TV these days and what do you see?  Crocodiles eating people.  My daughter was commenting the other day on how the Animal Planet has gotten so disgusting.  It's not about cute and fun facts about animals any more.  It's about "Crocodile feeding frenzies", animals being killed.  Far-left freaks trying to save whales by illegally going after Japanese fishermen and misinforming the public.  The far-left Vegan groups run commercials with cute little dogs and cats all beat up and sick looking.  They want you to donate money to "save these kittens" when in reality your money goes to sue the Dairy farms and meat processing places trying to run them out of business.  They constantly push the global warming CRAP that is based on junk science.  It is a means to expand government and take control and has nothing to do with the environment.  It is probably the biggest scam of our life time.

Hollywood targets family life and religion.  Want a show about a man with five wives?  Want a show with a bunch of redneck women cursing and acting like fools getting married?  Want a show about some elitist snobs in Hollywood who decorate celebrity houses?  I was watching that show yesterday with my daughter.  These elitist Hollywood designers who won't take a project for less than a million bucks.  Basically, the Hollywood star calls them up and says "You have 3 days to fix up an apartment" so these people go out and find a house or apartment and decorate it for millions of dollars so when the star comes to town they just walk in the front door and their house is done.

This is the same star who goes on TV and lectures you on what to drive, what to eat, and what you should buy and wear and then proceeds to tell you what a racist homophobe you are.  Is this the moral compass you want in your life?  Really?

In perspective, a hundred years ago most people in the US did not even have electricity.  You woke up at dawn and went out and worked in the fields.  You grew what you ate.  If it was a bad weather year you got by on what you could.  There was no TV, no cable, no refrigerator, no water bottles, no bathroom, no computer, no cell phones, no nothing.  Each day was a struggle to survive.  You went to church and you were grateful to be alive.  You had kids at home and if you lost half of them you were lucky.  There were no ambulances or acute care centers and no antibiotics for that matter.  People lived to the ripe age of 35 and it showed.

The left wants to paint this picture in people's heads about white Americans and how racist they were a hundred years ago.  Most people didn't even know a black person.  If they did they were probably just as poor as they were.  The Dems want to re-write history and present history in a different light than it really was.  They don't like it when people tell the truth.  They want Americans to believe their fictional interpretation.

Hollywood is make believe.  Hollywood is not interested in the truth.  They've been taken over by a bunch of political liars who have an agenda.  The same elitist snobs that live in the multi-millionaire homes that are decorated by millionaire designers who tell you what to drive, what to eat, how to dress, and how to act.  They hate your religion and they hate your family values.

The keyword is hate.  There is a lot of hate going around these days.

Republicans need to embrace the words of Ronald Reagan.  He had a vision and faith.  America was great and he was going to make you realize that we are strong and good and can become bigger and better.  We do not have to embrace the hate that the left wants to impose on us.  We do not have to watch redneck women beating people up in wedding dresses.  That is not who we are.  We do not have to watch dogs and cats being butchered.  We are better than that.  We do not have to accept and tolerate men who are so sex-crazed and selfish they think they can have as many wives as they want and demean women.  Women are better than that.

If the Democrats want that dream world they can take it somewhere else.  We're not going to let them ruin our country and take away our freedom.  They can take their hate and stuff it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Liberals Stoking The Fires of Civil Unrest

I am seeing and hearing a lot of stories coming from the left talking about "civil unrest".  Of course, the communist groups have been begging for civil unrest for a couple of years now.  They remained convinced that the final clamp down on capitalism will happen when there is rioting and chaos and the government can take over once and for all.  Think WWII in Czechoslavakia.

So we have been watching the liberals with their RAACISM charges ever since Obama got elected.  This is to stoke violence.  They DELIBERATELY incite hatred in the black community.  Notice how BEFORE Obama there was hardly a whisper about race.  Suddenly, every topic that is critical of Obama is "racist".

Let's not forget the "We have to punish our enemies" speech to the Hispanic community.  Unemployment going sky high.  Food prices going sky high.  The country is becoming a mess.  You would logically assume a sitting president would not want to provoke violence or stir discontent.  But this is no logical presidency.  This is a guy who loves socialism.  This is a guy who has a chip on his shoulder about Britain.  This is a guy who hates capitalism. 

Weiner is not the only pathological liar in the Democratic party.  I just wonder how bad it is going to get.  How far will the DNC and the socialists have to push the American people to make anarchy take over the country?

I don't think Americans are as uninformed as the DNC would like.  I think we're smarter than they are.  I think we are headed for some ugly times but I think we will be able to throw the Democraps out before they throw the country over the cliff.

I think the only thing the Democraps will accomplish will be banishing their party from power again for DECADES.  They will officially replace the Jimmy Carter era for the WORST presidency ever.  They had it all and threw it away for some hate driven greedy policies.

They deserve Weiner.  He should be the poster boy of what the Democraps are all about.

No Sympathy For Perverted Weiners

So in the 70s Ted Kennedy gets drunk and drives his car off a bridge and his secretary drowned.  He swam off to rescue himself and then tried to cover it up.  That was his long remembered legacy.  He was not forced from office because of it, obviously, because he was a Kennedy.  That logic still escapes me but for now we will go with it.  If you compare killing a secretary to what Weiner did then there really is no comparison.

This was the observation on which I agree fully with.  But in truth, when I read the messages and see the pictures of Weiner and know what he's creepy.  I used to chat a lot back in the day when Compuserve had free chat rooms.  I had a "chat room" that was a favorite of mine.  This was back when the internet was just getting really popular in 2000 or so.  I had gotten my first computer and thought it was like opening a whole new world.  It was exciting! I could chat with people who were all over the world!  I found a really nice chat room of people mostly my age and we came together every day to talk recipes, life, TV, and even flirt.  They taught me the ropes about the internet.  This chat room I was a part of was luckily sane people, mostly women.  It was open for anyone to pop into and chat, though and every day we chased off the "the trolls" and perverts and undesirables.  There were rules in our chat room.  You had to behave yourself.  If you didn't fit into the "nice" chat room category you were quickly hounded to leave.  We gave everyone a fair shot at joining our little group but it became obvious quickly who would be allowed to stay and who would not.  The perverts were immediately recognized.

We knew immediately who they were.  We envisioned some fat, ugly, 60-year-old bald man sitting in his underwear doing things you truly did not want to visualize.  Some would pop in and say something lewd and when we told them to get lost they usually did.  There were the teenager trolls who just popped around saying curse words.  There were the young 20 somethings who were just looking for a cheap thrill who you knew had issues but they kept to their own perverted world.  There were the older men looking for young girls.  And we got so good at recognizing these weirdos we could even pick out the FBI people posing as "young, innocent victims" lurking about trying to find the perverts.

So while reading the messages that Weiner boy swapped back and forth online I immediately know which one he was.  It's gross.  It exposes who he is and everybody who has spent any time in any chat room online knows who he is.  He will never be able to shirk this off his image.  He is the guy online that decent people chased away because he was just some horny pervert looking for a thrill.  This is who a congressman who represents people in this country is.

If the Democrats think that having an online pervert is an asset to their party then they are sadly mistaken.  Wiener is no Kennedy.  Just look at him.  He looks like a Weiner, doesn't he?  He is a bully, geek-looking pencil neck who got popular because he is good at arguing.  The Democrats only loved him when he was useful and now that he is exposed as that creepy 46-year-old man online who talks dirty with young girls trust me...He is no longer a useful idiot to the Democratic party.

Weiner has brought "Ewwww" back.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Healthcare Industry Corruption

I've worked in the health care industry for about 23 years.  I can't tell you how upset I am over the Obamacare situation.  Our health care industry has been in a state of decline for several years now and with this takeover by the socialists it is speeding toward disaster at record levels.  Medicare and Medicaid have so much corruption the government can't control it yet their solution is to just make it worse.  They are making profit from it rather than fix it.

For about the past ten years our government has been subsidizing foreign students to come to the US to train as doctors.  When I started doing medical transcription a third of our doctors nationwide were foreign.  It is now 3/4 foreign.  I see things and hear things that make my skin crawl.  Now this is going to be a conversation that needs to take place even though I am certain some people will see this as a "foreign-phobe" paranoia but this is based on my own personal observation.

Foreign people are from different cultures.  Unless you live under a rock you have to know that our country is above and beyond when it comes to women's rights.  Women are treated differently overseas.  I can't tell you how many doctors I've seen who do not give the same standard of care to women that they do to men.  I have also seen these foreign doctors do test after expensive test on people that were unnecessary.  Do you honestly think these people give a crap about the cost of health care rising?  They do not.  Is it necessary to do pregnancy tests on 80-year-old women?  It happens every single day.  Elderly people are especially vulnerable because they usually are suffering from dementia and don't have a clue what is being done to them. These doctors take advantage of them.  They take advantage and then lead them off to hospice without a second thought.  There are times I feel like quitting this profession so I don't have to hear it...but I do hear it every single day and it sickens me.

The average patient over age 50 in the hospital has a medication list of 15 drugs and higher.  I can't count how many patients I see who are having medical problems because of side effects from medication.  I can't count how many expensive tests are routinely done on these patients to prove it.  Let's put it this way....these people are on so many medications the doctors treating these patients can't keep the lists straight.  There are procedures now in hospitals who have had to develop entire programs to just keep up with a patient's medications.  A patient doesn't just see one doctor.  They see multiple doctors.  And all of them prescribe their own list of drugs.  So now they have people in hospitals whose only job it is to keep track of all the drugs that a patient is taking because it is impossible for one doctor to keep track of it.

Are you telling me that Pharma has enough money to spare that they can spend $150 million on campaigning for government run health care but we have hospitals in this country running out of SALINE BAGS??  Popular every day drugs are running in short supply across the country??  Do you have ANY idea how much money these drug companies are making?  It would boggle your mind.  They have absolutely NO EXCUSE to run out of drugs. Pharma is corrupt...and could be an entirely different topic.

Where there is money there is corruption.  In this case the FDA keeps us safe from companies that would otherwise rip us off on levels that are unimaginable if they did not enforce drug rules.  We have enough corruption as it is with the "supplement" field and the "We can cure everything" group of scammers.  Trust me, we have the same problem with Pharma programs as well.  And it all starts with corrupt physicians.

If I fell ill I would not accept a foreign born doctor.  Not because I am racist but because of what I have seen.  We are hiring doctors who are very low on the totem pole.  We are hiring physicians who hate this country and basically want the training they can get to go home and be rich but don't give a rat's ass about Americans or their health.  They do not care if hospitals are hurting financially.  They do not care if people cannot afford medicine.  They do not care if women suffer.  Given the percentage of foreign doctors now saturating our health care system I'm even prepared to believe that many of these doctors would be in a position to do great harm if they had the opportunity to do so.

At the risk of paranoia, but only a few short years ago we were talking about how biochemical warfare was not a matter of if but when...and our government is allowing record numbers of foreign students into this country yearly to provide health care.  I welcome you to go to your nearest hospital (Google it) and check out the physician faculty list.  You will be quite shocked to find that more than 2/3 of the physicians nearest you are foreign.

I want somebody to do a study about this.  I want to know when this started happening and how it started happening.  I want to know what the thinking was to encourage it to happen.  There is something not right about all of it. 

Unfortunately, where there is money there is corruption.  Whenever you have the government involved you can bet your life the corruption is there.  But we should not have to trust our very lives to these people.  We need to find out how this got started, why it got started, and what the intention is.  There is something very disturbing going on and nobody is talking about it.

When you get baffled about WHY the Democrats use the race card to intimidate people...stop and ask yourself why.  What are they doing it for?  What are they hiding?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yep...Work is a Bummer, eh?

Sorry faithful friends.  I've been bogged down at work and I'm having to work from a different computer so I've not posted for a few days =)

Have no fear.  I will post again bright and early tomorrow morning.  I have lots of thoughts about current events from Sarah Palin's bus tour to WEINERGATE and how ridiculous this idiot is.  A guy named WEINER tweeting his WEINER to a GIRL.  Not only is it disgusting...HE is disgusting.  What 21-year-old girl would be attracted to this geek?  Seriously.

So thank you for your patience and I shall see you tomorrow friends!