Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Does Al Gore Want Population Control for Illegal Aliens or Just The Conservatives?

Al Gore is out there talking about how we have to control the world's population to save the planet.  We should have fewer children, he says.

Does this apply to the illegal aliens or just to conservatives?

The UN agenda 21 is a dangerous, dangerous thing.  These socialist freaks are trying to depopulate the planet.  Do you want ANY of these people to be in charge of pharmaceutical companies?  Obama's Czar Holdren already has written papers on depopulating the planet to save earth with an idea of putting sterilizing chemicals in drinking water.  Did the alphabet news report this?  Of course not.

Let's discuss this just a bit.  How would you feel if somebody like, I don't know, a Muslim terrorist, decided that all the people who are not Muslim had to die.  Hey!  Guess what?!  They HAVE decided that.  But just for kicks lets pretend they infiltrate the pharmaceutical companies through years and years of planning and placing people in the right places.  Lets say they recruit scientists schooled in chemical and biological warfare.

Lets pretend that far-left socialist freaks start teaming up with radical Islamic terrorists, like say in EGYPT.  Guess what?!  They already have.

Do you see where I am going here?  Far left socialist FREAKS and Islamic terrorists are ALREADY in cahoots with one another.  All the violence and uprisings in the Middle East are a direct result of this collaboration.

But Bev, why would they want to release some kind of super virus or dangerous chemical to depopulate the earth?  Wouldn't they be in danger of getting killed themselves?

Go to any website and read the objectives of these freaks.  They don't CARE if they themselves are killed.  To them it is the "greater good" that matters.  "By any means necessary" means if they get killed in the process then it doesn't matter.  Look at the idiots in the Batman boat chasing the Japanese fishermen around.

We are headed down a very dangerous road my friends when it comes to people like Al Gore.  He should be considered an enemy of this country.  So should Cynthia McKinney.  So should 3/4 of Obama's cabinet.  These people are way off the scale of loony tunes.  They are in their own little world.  It's like going back to the sci-fi movies of the 80s and 90s when Jeff Goldblum used to warn us of the government taking over the world with robots.  It's coming to life before our very eyes.  Except all the celebrities who feared the government and its over-reach have been taken over and brainwashed into believing all the things that they used to warn us about. 

Liberals are so brainwashed by party loyalty they would jump off a cliff rather than go against their beloved socialist friends.  This is a big difference between the liberals and conservatives.  When the GOP acts stupid we tell them they are stupid and vote them out.  Liberals have some how abandoned this.  The more stupid their party gets the more loyal they get.  In fact...Liberals aren't even liberals any more.  They are Marxists and don't even know it.

This is ever more reason why we have to get these people out of government.  In 2012 the election will be historic for more than one reason.  Not only will the liberals lose power, they will be banished.  We have to reach into every aspect of this country and eradicate the socialist and Marxist tentacles that have become the progressive left.  We cannot afford these people controlling the world population.  When people like Al Gore start talking about population control it is time to get a grip.

These are dangerous, dangerous ideals and our very existence depends on getting rid of it.

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