Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gene Simmons' Mother

I have to say....I want everyone to watch Gene Simmons latest story on his show Family Jewels.

He goes to Amsterdam and sees the house of Anne Frank...where she hid before her family was captured by the Nazi's and sent to a concentration camp and died.

Gene Simmons very eloquently explains how his mother suffered these same horrors during WWII and how much he loves his mother.  He also describes his early life in Israel and when they came to the United States.

He also implores us....NEVER forget what history teaches us.

It is a very, VERY moving episode and the entire country should watch it.  If you have not seen it go online and watch it.  Have your children watch it.

If we do not learn from history....We are doomed to repeat it.

Fans of his mother have a Facebook page called The Flora Army.  It is in honor of his mother.  Please join and spread the word.

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