Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our 100 Years of Time

So the left wet itself yesterday because Sarah Palin's emails while governor of Alaska were released.  As Rush said, they were on a search and destroy mission.  As of last night all they found to complain about was that she said "sheesh" in an email and that she expressed happiness at being named VP on John McCain's ticket.  That's hardly earth shattering news.  Yet, the left almost burst an aneurysm covering it.

Never mind there's a perverted 46-year-old freakazoid sending messages to a 17-year-old girl.  Not only is that gross it is creepy.  Even creepier is that this freak is still in office.  The Democrats truly think they can weather through this.  Well, at least he does, anyway.  Every time the man speaks from this time out it will be the first thing that pops into people's heads.  Of course, this is great news for the GOP.  Weiner will become the poster boy for everything freaky about the Democratic party.  Nothing he say will eclipse his bad behavior.  As time for the election in 2012 nears he will be a rallying cry for conservatives everywhere.  Vote these freaks out of power...take our country back.  If they want to keep their collection of failures it gives a boost to the GOP.  First Nancy Pelosi and now Weiner.  The Clintons should especially be upset by all of this.  Weiner and Bill have some things in common now.  Just when Bill had shook the Lewinski monkey off his back Weiner came along and threw it right back on.

I was shocked (but not surprised) to learn that the WH had signed a document basically throwing Israel under the bus (again).  They want to hand over Jerusalem to the Palestinians.  Basically, the WH wants all the ancient Jewish and Christian sites in Israel handed over to the Muslims.  Does anyone want to take a wild guess what would happen to these ancient biblical sites if this happens?  Would someone like to explain to me in simple terms what exactly Obama has done to improve relations in the Middle East between the Muslims and the Jewish people?  Is his strategy of capitulation to the Muslims the only strategy he has?  It's hard to believe that there are people who believe this is effective.  Well, I guess it is not hard to believe if you realize that these people are the ones who only get their news from the MSM.  The WH could tell them anything and they'd believe it.

We have Iran building missile bases in Hugo Chavez' backyard.  We have the Middle East on the verge of eruption.  Has anyone noticed North Korea is being unusually quiet at the moment?  How much money do you want to bet that the Boy King is spoon-feeding them something under the radar to keep them quiet?  I'd guess there's food and luxuries being snuck in to keep that guy fat and happy and off Obama's back.  When was the last time we heard so little news coming from North Korea?

It's frightening to me that this president is in charge of our country.  Our capitalist system is slowly being dismantled and he is going around the world creating problems that will take generations for us to fix.  As our news media ignores it we are force fed nonsense while he does his Mafia dealings under the table.  I hope our allies realize that this guy is NOT going to get re-elected.  As much as our enemies hate us they need us.  If this country failed so would a lot of other places.  In particular, a lot of poor third world countries that rely on us for food and assistance.  Even China would be hard pressed to succeed if we collapsed. 

As the population grows around the world the world gets smaller.  As technology connects us the more desperate the power-greedy will get to control it.  I think we are on the brink of times when some powerful few will want to rule everybody.  There are powerful people who will sacrifice millions of lives to have that power.  There's no telling what the future will bring but I have the feeling it will be challenging.

If you look at the world you have to realize that there is only 100 years or so that we really have influence on.  We can't change the past and we can't predict the future.  If you look at how much the world has changed in the past 100 years it really is mind boggling.  We need to get back to enjoying life and protecting our future.  What will future generations be like?  Look at your families and look to the young people in them.  Will their 100 years be a lot better than ours?

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