Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cap and Trade The Most Corrupt Scam in Our Life Times.

I keep seeing stories here and there about the gloom and doom of our economy yet the MSM says nothing.  So I guess when we start paying so much for gas we can't afford to go to work we'll wake up from our fog and pay attention.  When we go to the grocery store and all we find is peanut butter and empty shelves we might pay attention.  What will it take?

The MSM is busy featuring stories about Katie Couric's elitist new spread in "the Hamptons".  It must be nice.  Here she is growing herbs in her garden a five minute walk from the beach and she goes on television lecturing us how to eat, what to wear, how to behave and telling us what racist Americans we all are.  I wonder how many servants she has cleaning up that place and cooking her dinner and doing laundry?

Do you think Katie cleans her own toilets?  Do you think she actually washes dishes?  She is in a protected elitist bubble that won't suffer the consequences of the legislation that her liberal buddies are ramming down our throats.  She sits on TV every night telling Americans what they should eat and how they should behave yet she does not live by those same rules.  She is protected because she is part of the propaganda package.  She was paid $14 million dollars to tank the ratings at CBS and was forced out and here we see a beautiful story describing her lavish rewards for it.  What's wrong with this picture?

The Agriculture Department has rewarded contracts and big bucks to companies to start developing ways to implement the cap and trade system of selling puffs of air.  If this is allowed to go unchecked it will be the biggest scam in our history.  How many politicians will buy into it hoping to profit?  Who will have the balls to go up against it and resist the corruption?

The entire liberal party has bought into this cap and trade scam.  If it goes down so do their fortunes.  Do you think it will be easy to kill it?  Don't bet your life on it.  It will take some serious, serious work to kill this scam.  Pelosi is not about to throw her fortune out the window.  A lot of corrupt groups of people are banking on this scam to propel them into global dominance.  A lot of people from overseas have invested in it, too.  Don't think George Soros has his hands clean from it.  He probably invested more than anybody.

We have GOT to kill this program.  Cap and trade must die.  We cannot allow the socialist left to destroy our economy by implementing these scams.  One program after another, every single policy that this administration has implemented has done nothing but take our economy closer to destruction.  You have to be an idiot not to realize this.  We can ignore it all we want...but it will only take longer to recover.

Those of us who remember the Jimmy Carter years know how long it will take to recover from these socialist onslaughts.  We remember the early 80s and the sacrifices we had to make to get things back on track.  It took 12 years before people had the nerve to elect another Democrat and even then Clinton had to play by conservative rules to keep his presidency.  It took a generation that did not know Jimmy Carter to get another Democrat elected who was as radical and socialist as Carter.  Now we will pay the price.

We are the generation of scams and viruses.  Time to clean things up.

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