Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Liberals Stoking The Fires of Civil Unrest

I am seeing and hearing a lot of stories coming from the left talking about "civil unrest".  Of course, the communist groups have been begging for civil unrest for a couple of years now.  They remained convinced that the final clamp down on capitalism will happen when there is rioting and chaos and the government can take over once and for all.  Think WWII in Czechoslavakia.

So we have been watching the liberals with their RAACISM charges ever since Obama got elected.  This is to stoke violence.  They DELIBERATELY incite hatred in the black community.  Notice how BEFORE Obama there was hardly a whisper about race.  Suddenly, every topic that is critical of Obama is "racist".

Let's not forget the "We have to punish our enemies" speech to the Hispanic community.  Unemployment going sky high.  Food prices going sky high.  The country is becoming a mess.  You would logically assume a sitting president would not want to provoke violence or stir discontent.  But this is no logical presidency.  This is a guy who loves socialism.  This is a guy who has a chip on his shoulder about Britain.  This is a guy who hates capitalism. 

Weiner is not the only pathological liar in the Democratic party.  I just wonder how bad it is going to get.  How far will the DNC and the socialists have to push the American people to make anarchy take over the country?

I don't think Americans are as uninformed as the DNC would like.  I think we're smarter than they are.  I think we are headed for some ugly times but I think we will be able to throw the Democraps out before they throw the country over the cliff.

I think the only thing the Democraps will accomplish will be banishing their party from power again for DECADES.  They will officially replace the Jimmy Carter era for the WORST presidency ever.  They had it all and threw it away for some hate driven greedy policies.

They deserve Weiner.  He should be the poster boy of what the Democraps are all about.

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