Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chris Christie Would Be Our Knight on Shining Armor

As I look through the headlines this morning I am immediately drawn to Chris Christie.  I have been getting emails from his "campaign" people lately which raised my suspicions.  Now he's putting out ad campaigns hitting Obama.  He says over and over that he is not running for president but I'm not so convinced.

Without a doubt, if this guy ran against Obama it would be a historic election.  He would drag the Democrats across the coals in an election campaign that would grip the entire nation.  This guy is smart, quick, and cunning.  He has out-conned the Democrats at every turn.  His short record in New Jersey speaks for itself.  If he jumped into the race against Obama it would energize the conservatives like we have NEVER seen.  So everyone keep their fingers crossed.

Watching a debate between Obama and Chris Christie would be the most watched debate in history.  There's no contest.  Christie would wipe the floor with him.  It would make Jimmy Carter look popular.  I am sure that the Obama campaign people fear this like no other candidate...and that makes me smile.

Write letters and send emails to the Christie campaign.  Support him and let him know how you would love to see this happen.  As of now Christie is denying he is going to run but he HAS to do that.  If he announced now he would be paralyzed in New Jersey and it would be impossible for him to accomplish anything in his state.  So if he is just saying no when he really plans to run it would make sense.  Don't give up!!!

Mooochelle was on ABC talking about how "helpful" the news media has been to them.  Of course we already know that the alphabet news channels are in the tank for the Democratic party.  It has been that way for decades but now they don't even try to hide their bias.  If you watch the alphabet news for your information you are just being fed propaganda.  It's liberal brainwashing.  Whenever I come across people who talk politics I always ask them what news sources they listen to.  If they say the alphabet news I immediately tell them "You are not informed".  So who are you supposed to trust?  NOBODY.

I read all the headlines across the board.  I can pick out the Democrat talking points very easily by seeing what the alphabet news people run stories on.  I go to  I go to (Allahpundit is my favorite source.  Nobody knows who he is but he is very well connected.  How do I know? Because he predicts things and reports things before the mainstream media reports it and he is almost ALWAYS right).  Basically, on the side bar of my blog are all the major sites I hit every day minus the liberal ones.  Why do I read the liberal ones?  Because I know what the enemy is up to that way. 

You have to know what their strategy is and what it is they are hiding.  Democrats are very predictable in one way.  Whatever they accuse the right of doing...they are the ones doing it.  They are also very good at repeating lies over and over and over.  It can be the most unbelievable lie on earth and it does not matter.  They will just continue to repeat it over and over and eventually people just take it for truth.  That is the strategy they used to destroy George Bush.  To this day it infuriates me that Karl Rove and company let that slide during President Bush's time.  They should have hit back hard on all those lies and they didn't.  This is why they keep using the RAACIST card all the time.  They want to slander conservatives as racists.  It's not true but that doesn't matter to them.

This is going to be one of the most ugly campaigns in history and we need to prepare for it.  The Democrats are stoking the flames of violence for this election.  They are trying to provoke the minority groups and unions into committing acts of violence to scare the public.  They are also working on setting up the conservatives for some fake scandal.  Trust me...It is going to happen.  The past three elections the Democrats have tried to pull some stunt right before the voters vote.  We had the Gore/Bush "voter fraud" nonsense.  We had Dan Rather and his ilk trying to set up George Bush in 2004.  We had the Wall Street "collapse" which was without a DOUBT set up by George Soros and his socialist mafia to benefit the Democrats.  Have no doubt in your mind this will happen again in 2012.  We have to prepare for it and we have to deal with it and we have to make sure the American people EXPECT it.  Then we can point to it and say "There it is. The Democrats are LOSING so they are doing THIS to stay in power."

Ronald Reagan's words need to permeate this country.  "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"  That's really all we have to say.  We have to get Chris Christie on board and we need to keep on top of the socialist mafia trying to destroy this country.  Obama has made this election easy because all his policies have made things WORSE.  All we need is a clear leader on the conservative side who can duel with the Democrats and win.  We can do it.

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