Monday, June 13, 2011

GOP Debate Was More About Standing Up Against the Biased Liberal CNN Host

I loved the GOP debate tonight for one major reason.  All the Republicans stood together and defended the Tea Party.  Pawlenty even defended Sarah Palin.

The debate tonight was not a debate between Republicans.  It was the Republicans standing together against the liberal CNN hosts who were asking stupid bipartisan questions.

It's obvious that the liberal strategy will be to drive wedges between the Republicans.  The more they can divide the conservative vote the better.  It didn't happen tonight.  All the candidates stood there and came together in a civilized manner and focused on bashing Obama like they should have.  They all have different ideas but their message was concise:  It is Obama who needs to go.

Michelle Bachmann made impressive remarks.  I was very impressed with her.  John King tried many times to make her stumble but she stood her ground and made clear what she stood for. 

Herman Cain did a very good job of defending himself as well.  The CNN host tried several times to trip him up and even at one point tried to put words in his mouth but Cain stood up for himself and called him out.

Newt even had some great zingers about immigration.  All in all all the candidates did well and I was happy to see it.  They were all good conservatives.  They stood up against the liberal bias and refrained from acting like butt holes.  Liberals would be hard pressed to find a "violent" candidate in that debate.  I saw an intelligent group of candidates who all were firm in the conservative principals, who had different ideas and opinions but with respect and admiration for each other.

CNN looked like jerks.  Just the way it should be.

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