Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shannon Doherty is The BOMB.

This is a post about nothing in particular but I just found out something that makes everything in my life make sense.

I love Charmed.  I'm a big huge fan.  I especially love the early episodes with Shannon Doherty.  I love her.  She is a wonderful actress and without her the entire Charmed series would have failed miserably.  I knew there were rumors about her and Alyssa Milano fighting but nothing came out to really point out WHY they had not gotten along.

Now I think I know.

Shannon Doherty is a Republican.  Alyssa Milano is one of those brainwashed tree hugger freaks who in my opinion uses her celebrity to promote NONSENSE liberal causes.  Have you seen her lately trying to get people to donate their money for "starving children"?  Tell me, all your life have you not seen these scam commercials that beg for money?  Don't you think by now they could have taught these people how to grow food?  Could that commercial be any more fake?  Celebrities do these things to make themselves look good in their little circle of liberal buddies and they have no idea how stupid they look.

Here's a clue:  If any celebrity goes on TV and begs you to send money with fake crocodile tears in their eyes TURN OFF THE TV.  It's a huge scam.  The "tortured dogs and cats" that they are trying to get you to donate money to ....That is a scam as well.  The money you send does NOT go to help innocent dogs and cats.  It goes to FREAK LIBERAL VEGAN GROUPS in California who use that money to sue dairy farms, chicken farms, and meat processing plants around the country to DRIVE THEM OUT OF BUSINESS.

That's right.  These freak liberal celebrities have nothing better to do with their lives then sit around having cocktail parties in their $10 million dollar mansions comparing which hippy cause they got involved with.  It makes my SKIN CRAWL.

What also makes my skin crawl is the fact that Shannon Doherty probably got bullied off of the Charmed series by FREAK LIBERAL Alyssa Milano because she was a REPUBLICAN.  Liberals love to claim the mantra of tolerance only they don't tolerate anyone that doesn't tow the liberal line AT ALL.  This is the big reason why Hollywood is collapsing in a pile of dust.  Name one decent movie that has come out of the place lately.  You can't.  They are too busy with their LIBERAL idiot causes.  They would rather brain wash the American public with their socialist causes then actually ACT or create movies we want to watch.  They try to ram down our throats movies we don't want to see and when the movie fails they boo-hoo and wonder why.

So now we need to rethink some things regarding Hollywood.  The next time you start hearing horror stories about your favorite celebrity you need to immediately look up and see if they are a Republican.  Chances are they ARE.  The liberals are such bullies and INTOLERANT that they have to slander anyone with views that are different from their own.  I don't know about YOU but I am SICK OF IT.

Shannon Doherty should have been given top billing and she should have been given a place on the last show to commemorate its ending.  Without her it would have never become as popular as it was.  Shame on Alyssa Milano for trashing her and bullying her off the show!!  Karma WILL catch up to her.  We all have a right to our own beliefs and opinions.  Bullying people into your beliefs is WRONG.  Trying to destroy someone's career because of political beliefs is even worse.  That's Stalinistic.  That's what COMMUNIST countries do.  It's time to stop this behavior.  We need to boycott these celebrities and take away their bread and butter.  I refuse to watch movies if the celebrities in them are outspoken politically.  They will not get one cent of my money and I will convince others to do the same.

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