Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Boy King's Future

Here's a crazy thought:  What if all this racism talk is setting up Obama's future endeavors?

If it becomes completely apparent that a collapsing economy is going to ruin Obama's chances of winning the next election will the puppet masters of the Democratic party throw him under the bus?  Is it conceivable that if that happens Obama would come out swinging, calling the country AND the Democrats racist?  Wouldn't that set him up as some kind of adored, martyred god of the black community?

Is Obama so arrogant he'd see himself as some kind of new MLK?

I think there is an official strategy by the DNC to use race as a political strategy.  Even Bill Clinton said that when it was used against he and Hillary both.  They wanted Obama to be untouchable.  They wanted the guilt vote.  A few years ago people bristled at the racism charge.  Now....not so much. 

People get sick of being called racist.  There are very few full blown racists that are not shunned by society.  As a whole these people are outcasts and the large majority of Americans know it.  Ignorance is not racism.  The news media likes to play "gotcha" with race and set people up and point fingers but the majority of the population is over it. That strategy is not going to work this time.

Any Republican candidate who shakes in fear of the RAACISM charge needs to pack it up and go home.  They belong to the John McCain, Lindsay Graham crowd and their days are numbered. 

Al Sharpton is the biggest racist I have seen.  He makes a living being an ass.  He exploits the black community.  He is akin to an ambulance chasing lawyer.  He should make one of those commercials on know the ones where the lawyers list all the horrible conditions a drug can give you and then begs you to call because they will help you get rich by suing the drug maker.  He should make commercials and beg people to call him so he can get rich on their false racism charges.  That's all he does.  He is pathetic.

I can see Obama and his ego going in this direction.  If it becomes apparent he can't fix the economy or it gets so bad people start truly chanting to get him thrown out you can bet your life the Boy King is not going to go away quietly in the night.  He is going to have a second coming of MLK moment, call the country racist, do as much damage as he possibly can and become some kind of martyr for the black community.

Just think about it.  They adore him.  He lives for that stuff.  He wants people to grovel at his feet and pamper him and tell him how he makes a tingle go up their leg.  He's not going to sit around for two years getting beat up by the American people.  He pretty much hates us.  We are an annoyance.

Mark my words on this.

A Sure Sign The Fairy Dust is Wearing Off

Yep.  Obama and his team of idiots think they can use the same playbook as 2008 and win the election.  Obama's ego has grown in size.  He thinks he is all so powerful that he can go to San Francisco and tell the leftist of them all to stuff if and get away with it.  Is he really this arrogant?  Why, yes he is.

See, if there is one thing I know about leftist thugs....They are unpredictable and pretty much hate everybody. Obama, as my Mom liked to say, has "gotten too big for his britches".

The Obama thugs bragged after the 2008 election that they were able to win largely because they controlled the news media.  Anne "I love Mao" Dunn sat in interview after interview talking about how easy it was to do.  That was all they did...controlled the message.  Of course we don't know exactly how much money was stuffed into pockets but it's a pretty good guess that the liberal left oozed all over itself the last election and the money laundering was immense.  George Soros is still pumping his money into the left but even HE is growing tired of the Boy King's ego.

We have been seeing some push back from the news media this time.  We've seen open mics getting reported.  CBC didn't reveal the actual audio of Obama calling Americans slugs but they at least reported it.  In the WH' s attempt to cover the story they prolonged it.  In Obama's attempt to cover up the protesters in SF they prolonged the story.  They turned it from a story about some idiot liberal protesters into Nazi Obama.

This WH is becoming pretty creepy and the American people are fed up with it.  You can pretty much get away with anything as president if the public is overall happy.  Guess what?  We ain't happy.  Gas prices are sky high and this jerk doesn't get it.  Food prices are going up and this guy is still eating lobster. Salaries are going down and the cost of living is going up.  This does not make for happy summer barbecues.

We have a long time between now and the next election.  Obama is already trying to raise money to win power.  We have to prevent him from gaining power another four years.  It would be the destruction of life as we know it.  Time to throw the fairy dust away and put up the fake unicorns.  This is war.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Beautiful Royal Wedding to Enjoy

It was a beautiful Royal wedding and I loved watching it.  I remember watching Princess Diana and Prince Charles get married and how neat it was.  Of course, we always thought Charles was a dork but Princess Diana was loved by everyone.  It's wonderful to see how great Prince William and Prince Harry have turned out....and their mother is a great part of it.  She broke through the murk of the Royal stuffiness and made sure they had good character.

The Obama Mafia apparently banned a print reporter from covering Obama's events because they had the AUDACITY to take photos of some Obama protesters.  Typical.  Freedom of the Press is alive and well in this administration, eh?  There is freedom as long as you kiss the Boy King's feet and stay in line.  Of course we all heard about it so when they do these things it just makes them look bad.

The knee-capping is not going over as well as it did the first two years.  In fact, the past month or so I've been rather surprised at the push back the Boy King is getting. I don't believe he will get a pass this time as much as 2008.  I think his ego has grown and that will get under his skin and he won't be as composed.  We are already seeing cracks.  Trump really got over on him and THAT was a hoot to watch.  And don't think the birth certificate issue has gone away.  The fake document Obama produced just created more controversy.  I guess they think people are stupid or they thought the news media would roll over and tow the line....whatever they thought it was wrong.  Any 5-year-old can look at that document and know it's doctored.

Meanwhile, we're watching the economy crash, the dollar crash, coffee costs $5 a can, meat prices are ridiculous...and quite frankly I'm sick of it.  I can spend $100 at the grocery store and still eat Ramen noodles four times a week.  Just a few years ago I could catch a great sale on New York Strip steaks and stock up my freezer and those days are OVER.  It is no longer practical to even indulge once in a while.

But enough of that...I wanna watch Prince William, Prince Harry....and the future of the Royal monarchy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Donald Trump is Fun But He is No President

Yesterday was fun, but as Michelle Malkin so wisely says, now it's time to get serious.

Donald Trump is not going to be president of this country.  As fun as he is to watch beating up on Obama he is not presidential material.  If you look at his history and past business dealings it is the complete opposite of the Tea Party principals.  I's fun to watch him bring Obama down a notch or two but in the scheme of things it would be devastating to have him hijack the primary or ruin the election.  If he became the GOP candidate Obama would win.  If he became an Independent and ran as a third candidate the GOP would lose.  That is a sobering thought.

So who do we have out there running?  I love Sarah Palin.  She is my favorite candidate (if she runs) and nobody can make me more inspired.  She is not a Washington insider.  I would trust her most as President.  But can she win?  All the polls say no.  I'm not so sure I believe those polls, especially the left-leaning ones.  HotAir routinely has polls and Sarah always wins them.  We are not even sure Sarah will run.  One advantage is that the news media has attacked her so much thus far there's not much else they can throw at her, although you know they will attack in force, unrelenting, and ugly.  I am not looking forward to that no matter who it is. If Sarah does not run or ends up losing the primary I would almost be certain to see her as VP candidate again or higher office.  A future GOP run administration would most certainly have to include her.

Chris Christie would certainly have my vote.  He is a very strong leader and would be strong like Donald Trump in putting Obama in his place. He has the strength to do it. He's quick with a retort and would wipe Obama on the floor in a debate. THAT would be great to watch.  People are angry...they are truly angry at this president and frustrated that the news media is still kissing his feet. Somebody who would put Obama in his place and tell him a thing or two would certainly do well.  Sarah has that same ability.  Have you noticed that pattern?

Mitt Romney is so not worth it.  I can't imagine him being the Republican pick.  It would be a travesty.  It won't work and not only would he lose he would lose big.  I would have to force myself to vote for him.  Mitt Romney is in my book the same as John McCain and given John McCain's insane behavior lately do you seriously want to even go that route? 

Speaking of which...lately I've actually been glad John McCain lost.  What a TOTAL loser this guy is.  Not to mention his ditzy daughter.  If he had won I don't think there would be a difference between him and what Obama has done.  And to think we all supported him winning his senate seat back.  What a dork.  Let's not make that mistake again.  He needs to GO the way of Lindsay Graham.  The compromise crowd needs to pack it up and leave.

Huckabee.  He has so many issues I don't know where to begin.  The only reason he is popular is because people watch his show and like him. I have seen interviews of him that were pretty "out there".  He has a tendency to say stupid things and the news media would eat him alive for it. He's another candidate I would be disappointed seeing run.  He would be "Mr. Compromise" which is the LAST thing we need.

We need a GOP administration to go in and take back our government.  To HELL with compromise.  We need somebody to go in and wipe out the progressive movement.  We need the socialism that the Dems have instilled in our country completely obliterated.  To get that accomplished we have to have an administration who ACTUALLY RECOGNIZES that has happened.  The Pelosi era needs to be completely corrected.  The hippies need to be banished....forever.  Huckabee would do that?  No he would not.

Our field so far is pretty thin.  We need a strong leader to come forth in the GOP to take the lead and start the serious process of beating back the Obama administration.  We still have time.  It is worth the while to be patient, to let Obama get beat up right now.  People are disgusted with the rising gas prices.  People are disgusted with the rising price of food.  There is no fun money left.  Obama is taking the brunt of that.  So being patient and letting Obama take the shots is worth the wait. 

Let's have faith that a strong GOP leader will present him/herself and for now be patient.  Just enjoy watching Obama flounder.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Donald Trump 1; Obama 0

Donald Trump is brilliant.

Not only did he prod the President of the United States to PROVE he was born in the country...he made him show his birth certificate.  Something the news media completely refused to do, as they should have, as watch dogs.  Donald Trump demanded it and in under a month Obama was forced to do it. 

Now The Donald is demanding his college transcripts.  It's brilliant.

It's The Donald Versus The One...Take One.

Pop the popcorn's gonna get fun.

UPDATE QUESTION:  Do you think Hillary is off somewhere with a big grin on her face?  I'm sure Bill is.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Obama the Marxist Communist

The news that Obama's family were Marxist communist is not new.  It was decided during the 2008 election by the liberal media to ignore it.  People who said such things were "conspiracy theorists" they said.  We were "nuts".  But given the's even worse than we thought it was.

I find it remarkable that my entire life we have done nothing but fight communism and we were able to defeat the Soviet Union.  And then a bunch of radical hippies from the 60s took over our government.

At some point we decided Marxism was not a threat anymore.  We believed it was defeated with the fall of the Soviet Union.  But this is proof that communism, socialism, Marxism lives in an ideology that the Democratic party has decided to define itself with.  They are to the point now where they no longer even try to hide it.

We have children in colleges across this country who believe communism is good.  How did we allow this to happen?  Why did we allow this to happen?

If we are going to save our country we are going to have to punch the left back with everything we've got.  If it takes Donald be it.  We have to fight for our country, fight for our kids...and get rid of these scum bags for good.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How Bad Does it Have to Get?

I think people do realize that something bad is about to happen...They are just hoping for the best.  I would like to hope that people truly aren't this stupid but I am afraid they are.  There are more people willing to turn away and deny things are going to be bad.  They want to be optimistic.  But that puts us all in danger and the news media is COMPLICIT in this crime.

I will never in my life trust the news media.  The news media are liars.  They are there to make a buck...not to protect us or act as a watch dog.  They are in business to make money.  The politicians have them in their pocket.  The billionaires have them in their pocket and in some cases like George Soros...He OWNS the news media.

How some old, communist, geezer like George Soros can come across the globe after destroying other countries...and made his BILLIONS destroying them....and then be welcomed by Hollywood and the news media is just beyond my comprehension.  Money really can buy anything.

Would you sell out your country for money?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Transgender Woman Finally Speaks

I am so happy to see her up and talking.  It was a tragic event and one that should have never happened.  Ironically, the scum bag who taped the video and posted it online to boast of it probably helped her in the end.  She will no doubt be vindicated and he will hopefully be put in jail or fined heavily as participating in this hate crime.

This was a double hate crime.  It was racist and over sexual orientation.  I want to see the 18-year-old arrested so we can find out her name and have her mug shot plastered across the internet as the scum bag that she is.

Obviously, McDonald's as a company did not want anything like this to happen.  All restaurants tell you during a burglary not to fight with the attackers.  Give up whatever money they what they say for your own safety.  They would not encourage an employee to jump into a violent event.  But the men in that store could have EASILY stopped these scumbag girls.  Instead, they stood there laughing and then warned them to leave before the police came.  THEN the idiot who shot the video posted it online to brag about it.

What an idiot.  Bet he didn't bet on this attention, huh?

I know this area well and I know that violence happens on a daily basis there.  This is not an isolated incident. It is just one that got caught on film. Be careful out there.

Donald Trump is Useful in Many Ways

This was a great post by ACE of SPADES.  My main interest or "take" from that post is what he said about the candidates hitting Obama hard.  Trump is popular right now because he is hitting hard at Obama.  But the truth is, all the candidates are hitting Obama hard but we don't see it.  The news media does not report it.  But Donald Trump has the celebrity, the money and recognition to get the message through.  Which is why he is so popular right now.  This is important to know.  A lot of people talk smack about the GOP and the candidates not being tough enough.  How tough can you be when the news media won't report what you say or do?

If the liberal media wants to give people the impression that the GOP is not tough then that is the impression they will create.  Paul Ryan could set a wax dummy of Obama on fire at the Capital building and the news media would completely ignore him.

This is how useful Donald Trump has become.  His ego alone can punch through the news media and get through to people.  He is larger than life and has the experience and balls to do it.

Sarah Palin is the same way.  The news media openly declared that they would stop talking about her purposely because their continuous attacks actually made Sarah stronger.  There is so much anti-Obama feeling out there that the people who go after him the most are the ones becoming the most popular.  But the news media is trying its best to cover that up.  You keep seeing stories about how "likable" he is.  That's garbage.  People are pissed off.  People are spending all their money on food and gas and they see the Middle East going up in flames and what does Obama do? He plays golf.  He goes to California and Chicago to campaign.

Which is another thing.  Haven't you noticed Obama is actually campaigning to win over his own base??  When he goes to Chicago and California he isn't exactly going after independent voters.  He is going to his home boys.  The kooks in California who bankrupted themselves and now expect the rest of us to bail them out.  The idiots who turned the water off to save a minnow and put 40,000 people out of work and destroyed fruits and vegetables that actually brought money to their state.

There is a lot of suspicion of Donald Trump right now in the GOP ranks.  Some people think he is helping Obama.  Some think there is some conspiracy between he and George Soros.  The truth is, Trump is helping us.  He gets through the media bias.  He gets through their iron curtain.  They cannot ignore him.  If they tried he would eat them for lunch.  A lot of people will try to bring him down with rumors and what not...but I say he's good for the GOP. If anything else he can teach the other GOP people how to punch their way through.

Another thing I like about Trump are his kids.  He raised very smart, intelligent, classy kids.  They are completely absorbed and dedicate their lives to running charities across the country.  His kids are beautiful. You don't see them running around like spoiled brats, drunk, drugged up, acting like fools.  You see them doing good things.  You practically hear nothing about them.  In fact...Isn't that the MO of all the news media these days?  Attack the kids?  Nobody can lay a finger on Trump's kids.  So the proof is in the pudding.  If he was a lousy guy with lousy character his kids would show it and instead...they are model citizens.

So don't go talking smack about Donald Trump.  He's very useful to the GOP.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nudging Socialism

I have to admit the socialists talk a good game.  We should take care of everybody, everywhere, all the time.  Nobody should want anything.  We should all sacrifice so the people among us who are the poorest and neediest have something instead of nothing.  We should brainwash children into believing that it is the government's responsibility.

Except that it is not.  Nor should it be.

When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights they made sure that our enemies could not exploit them. There are snake oil salesmen all over the world and they have always been there.  Our founding fathers were not naive.  They knew that people would try to re-write the Constitution and change our government and they put safety measures in place so that would not happen.

It's why the socialist/liberal/Marxist groups hate it so much.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are incredible short documents that declare we, the people, govern ourselves.  Government cannot interfere in our lives.  These two documents that our wise fathers wrote were written SPECIFICALLY to protect us from any government that tried to intrude in our lives.

From light bulbs, to green cars, to electric cars, to taxing kids playing dodge ball, to taxing catfish, to putting tracking devices into our phones the government under the power of this White House and the Democratic party are completely trying to obliterate our Constitution. Like the snake oil salesmen that they are, they are taking any warm and fuzzy cause they can wrap their oily, greedy, sticky hands on to control you and take your freedom and money away.

They will use any crisis to expand government control.

Food borne illness at a grocery store? No problem...The government will "save you" by controlling the food supply.

Runaway car that suddenly gets out of control for no reason?  No problem.  The government owned GM cars will save us from those capitalist Toyota criminals.

Congresswoman shot by crazy psycho guy that nobody apparently knew was a psycho killer guy?  No problem.  The government will just take our guns away so we can't protect ourselves but hey, just become a drug dealer in Mexico because the ATF might just have a deal on guns for you.

Every time there is a hurricane they will bawl like babies that it's the coal plants.  No problem.  They will tax oxygen and take care of that for you.

Cap and Trade is actually a ponzi scam that SELLS PUFFS OF AIR to third world countries.  Do you get that?  According to this brilliant scam, we're only allowed so many puffs of air.  If we have too many puffs then we have to pay a penalty because we're taking puffs of air away from little kids in Africa and that just is not fair, you know?  Kids...I can't even make this stuff up.  This is what cap and trade is based on.

So as the government protects us from our ice makers, dodge ball, and the killer catfish just remember when you pay $300. in gas to get to work tomorrow who brought you this wonderful socialist nudging that is going on.  Educate your children so they know that it is NOT the government's responsibility to control our lives.  WE are responsible for OURSELVES.

Transgender Woman Beaten in Attack Still Goes Unreported

As I reported yesterday, the beating of a woman in Baltimore still goes unreported by the news media.  It was a brutal attack.  It turns out the woman was transgender which makes this story even more tragic.

The jerk who made and posted the video bragged on his Facebook post "this was a man dressed up as a woman" as if to justify the beating.  The employees standing there laughing, refusing to help should all be charged with hate crimes.

I know this area well.  It is extremely racist and dangerous to live in that area and it's the reason I moved my kids away from it.  It does not surprise me in the least that this happened.  The woman who fell victim to this event should get a very good lawyer and sue every single person identified in that video. And the old lady who came to her rescue, who most probably saved her life by refusing to let those animals drag her by the hair into the parking lot, should be rewarded by the city and held up as an example of bravery.

These type of things should NOT be censored by the news media.  These are the things that need to be exposed. It is a horrendous example of some of the worst areas of our country and it is allowed to go unchallenged because people are afraid to be "racist".  This was racist...and it was a hate crime.  And if not for the internet no one would know about it.

And might I just add:  If this had been a black transgender beaten up by white girls there would be a 24 hour news loop about it on all the liberal news outlets and they would be blaming the Tea Party for it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Racial Attack Goes Unreported by MSM

This was a racial attack in Baltimore, MD.  I know this area well.  In fact, I used to have to walk my son from the bus 20 feet to our front door on a daily basis because if I didn't he would get beat up by the black kids on the bus.  They would exit the bus and beat him up and the bus driver would sit there and do nothing.

When my third son was 3 weeks old the front door to our home was shattered and bent to the point where the police could not open it.  Why?  Because when a black child chased my son INTO OUR HOUSE with a stick trying to beat him because he was white I had the nerve to yell at him.  In my own house.

We had our tires slashed.  We were threatened.  We packed up our belongings and left our house and moved to Tennessee because there was so much black on white racism in the DC/Baltimore area we refused to allow our children to be exposed to it.  We did not want our children to grow up hating black people because of the VIOLENCE they were being subjected to.

Turns out we were right.  This video I am sure is not rare in this area.  We were experiencing this 15 years ago.

The sad part of this video is that we know the hood rats will never be prosecuted.  The employees at the McDonald's will not be held responsible.  The police will do nothing.  Obama will do nothing.  The MSM will do nothing.

If this had been a black person being beaten by white girls it would be running on an open loop on the MSM with the liberal media talking about racist Americans for weeks.  Am I right?

UPDATE:  There are some rumors that this was a man dressed as a woman and that is why they beat her up.  That rumor was started by the JERK who took the video and bragged about it on his Facebook page and YouTube.  Clearly, all throughout the video the attackers are heard calling her a "white bitch" and "she" throughout.  The police identify the victim as a 22-year-old woman.

Happy Good Friday

To all my Christian friends, Happy Good Friday =)  If you're not a Christian then enjoy the day anyway.  But today is the day we call Good Friday and people have always wondered...why on earth do we call it Good Friday when it represents the day Jesus was crucified?  It does seem kinda odd.

But of course we know that the reason it is Good Friday is because Jesus died so we could be forgiven for our sins.  Imagine the courage that took.  Imagine the character and strength of sacrificing oneself for all the people who basically were a bunch of schmucks doing bad things all the time.

Have you ever tried to read the Bible from front to back?  I have.  I never get very far. But I do know most of the important stories.  We each have our own level of religious conviction.  I believe the Bible is a story.  I do not take it word for word literally but as a story written.  The people who roamed the earth 2000 years ago were a lot different from us.  It would be impossible to know exactly how they thought or how they lived.  Sure, we have archeology and all that stuff.  But they find new stuff daily and things change consistently enough for me to think that we will never TRULY know what it was like back then.

But I have faith that this book would not have survived during human times unless it had meaning.  There are religions in all kinds of cultures and basically most religions all say the same things.  Be kind to your neighbor.  Do good things and good things will be returned to you.  Have faith that good will conquer evil.

I am wishing good will and happiness to all of you and good karma all around!

Socialists Continue To Destroy The Dollar and We Pay No Attention

These are stories I am interested in today.  The first, is about George Soros and his "Global World Economy" that he is openly planning and implementing that will in effect DESTROY THE US DOLLAR yet amazingly NOT ONE news network in this country is talking about it.  That would be because George Soros, the European billionaire who has made his billions by destroying other countries and has a track record (he is banned from Greece) has BOUGHT OFF OUR NEWS MEDIA.  He owns most of the news outlets.  Media Matters is his creation.

So it would appear that the American people either A) Don't care, B) Are too busy to notice, or C) Are not interested.

They will become interested when the dollar collapses and they are eating SPAM with lentils three times a day. 

Obama can just casually campaign in Nevada and say "Oh we're investigating and trying to figure out why oil prices are so high and we're going to prosecute those evil people".  He is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES and he doesn't know why gas prices are so high?  So when they tell him that HIS POLICIES are the reason that the economy sucks and that George Soros is behind our dollar's decline and that his billionaire buddies at the Federal Reserve are manipulating Wall Street and helping with all this do you think he will run out and arrest them?  Of course not.

They've been talking about all of this.  You can go to You Tube and find video after video of George Soros talking about "his plan".  You can find socialist and communist group rallies talking about it.  Van Jones has an entire page of videos discussing using "Green Jobs" as the catalyst to destroying our dollar. 

Yet we muddle along as if nothing is happening.  American Idol is coming on.  Why bother? 

As long as Obama and the George Soros manipulators keep prices bearable then nobody will do anything.  We are not going to pay attention until it makes our lives unbearable.  When that happens...please make sure you send your thank you cards to the mainstream media.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Birth Certificate Issue

I admit I have not been too interested in this issue. It's hard to know if it was started deliberately by the left to make the Tea Party look like a bunch of conspiracy theorists or if it got started by people who truly hated Obama.  Some speculate that Hillary Clinton's people started this rumor way back when during the primary as a means to undermine Obama.  Where ever it came from it has stuck.

Personally, I feel that Hillary would have exposed Obama back then to get the nomination if she had information that truly indicated Obama was not a natural born citizen.  But I admit now that there are some pretty sneaky things going on.

Why would Obama spend millions and millions of dollars to cover up his birth, college transcripts, etc.?  What part of his past is he covering up and why?  How come the lamestream media did not question any of this at all?

My own opinion is that Obama's parents and grandparents wanted him to be able to suckle the US government for any money or benefits they could get their hands on.  There are great benefits to being a US citizen. I also think most of his Ivy league education was bought and paid for by these same benefits. Perhaps he applied as a foreign student illegally to get his Harvard education.  What is the big deal about showing these papers?  It does not take rocket science to figure out Obama's mother hated the US government.  She was a hippy.  She married a guy from Kenya and a guy from Indonesia.  She took Russian.  She was defending the old Soviet Union back in the 60s.  That's not much of a jump to assume she wasn't exactly in love with the US.  Bilking the government to educate your kids would have been logical.
This issue is not going to go away.  We are way past any benefit to Obama in keeping this stuff secret if indeed there is nothing to hide.  If there is nothing he wants covered up it would be in his best interest to release the information.  Half the country thinks he was born overseas.  They also believe he milked the government to get his education.  That's not good for him or his re-election campaign.  But he STILL refuses to release that information.

THAT is why it is such an important topic.  What if it turns out he really is not legally eligible to be president?  What happens then?  Do you think there are some people in the DNC that are wondering this very question? Do you think they have a back up plan in case the information finally comes out?

Until then I am not worried about the Tea Party or conservatives appearing to be "conspiracy nuts".  I think most people are questioning why Obama won't release the information and be done with it.  That helps us not him. So the saga continues.

Is Facebook Really Just Young People?

I know a lot of people on Facebook and pretty much all day every day I keep in touch with a lot of folks.  Most of my "friends" are family, real life friends, and then I have my political friends.  It's pretty evenly split. Most are my age which is 48.  Across the spectrum I do see a lot of young people who play around on Facebook but I see more adults who are exchanging information.  Maybe it's because I am very politically active but I'm guessing that most people who are like me and are politically active in one way or another use Facebook or Twitter to learn information.

We have blogs that we visit and websites.  When we see news we find interesting we post it for everybody to see.  It's quite useful this way.  I am sure on the "other side" the liberals are doing the same thing.  The great thing about that is there are a lot of people who are not politically active who are in the middle and they get to see both sides.  So even though I most definitely lean right I do try to post information that I know the "middle ground" will finding interesting.  I get many messages from moderate friends who say I am pretty fair and reasonable. They thank me for posting stuff they otherwise have not seen because the liberal media does not report the news. They censor and manipulate it.

I do not see the young people on Facebook very interested in politics.  The most I see from the 20 something crowd is when the liberals do something stupid like...attack ice makers.  They are much more interested in the alien body found in Russia, music, Harry Potter, and dirty jokes.  I just don't see many of them on there cheerleading for Obama. 

So basically what happens is that Hollywood follows the lie campaign and repeats Media Matter garbage that isn't true.  They watch Saturday Night Live and Jon Stewart.  But to be honest, not a lot of these young people vote.  A lot of them are unemployed and not happy about it.  They also like to cruise around from place to place and they are finding their cruising abilities are greatly hampered by the $5. gallon gas. They find a lot of their favorite junk food reduced in size and higher in price.  They are not too happy.

The GOP candidates are just kind of playing around at the moment so Obama is out there looking stupid basically.  We are seeing the liberal media DESPERATE to get the GOP to reveal its candidates because if they just had a GOP candidate to beat up on then maybe people wouldn't be so focused on how lousy Obama is and how his policies are destroying all the fun in this country. That fun is in short supply. Jobs are getting tighter and stingier.  Paychecks are going down with prices going up. We hear stories constantly about "greedy corporate millionaires" but hey, a decent job with a decent paycheck is not going to just appear out of nowhere.  Some rich person has to create that job. If we beat them all up we're really up a creek don't you think?
Whenever the news and things in general start to turn on Obama the liberal media will usually create a distraction.  Right now Obama is out there all by himself looking pretty damaged so let's count down until they do it.  What do you think it will be? Do you think the media/Hollywood/far left will try to create some kind of frame up this next election?  I'd bet my life on it.  Meanwhile, I will make sure my friends on Facebook know it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wall Street is Being Manipulated

Almost every conservative I know is convinced that a month before the 2008 election when Wall Street crashed it was because of some liberal manipulation.  Wasn't that a huge coincidence?  I don't believe for one second it happened just by chance.  It happened because some big time billionaires in the liberal party manipulated the market so they could get Obama elected.  It was the Dan Rather hit piece just in Wall Street.

They are doing it again but this time they are pumping money into the market to prop it up.  Yesterday when S&P announced its warning about the US and its debt problems the market started to fall and then "suddenly" it rallied and shot back up.  What a coincidence!  Also amazing is how it keeps going up every single time the price of oil spikes.

The Federal Reserve (and George Soros would most definitely have his spooky dude fingers involved) are probably manipulating the market to prop it up. They know the consequence if the economy crashes and burns.  All they need to do is keep it from falling off the cliff until another Democrat gets elected.

But there isn't much else they can do.  People can blindly believe the LIES this administration is blatantly telling the American people and continue paying higher food and gas prices, but why they would I don't know.  What is going to happen when these billionaires propping up the Feds realize Obama can't win?  Are they going to jump ship and say to hell with it?  I guess we'll find out.

Global Warming Scam, PART II

So now our refrigerators have become public enemy #1.  Those evil ice makers.  The Democrats basically sit around all day and think to themselves...."What does everybody have or buy or use that we can tax?"  Ice makers.  How about sugar?  There's a big write up today in a popular PRAVDAVITE news source (which I will not promote the name of here) that tells us that sugar is TOXIC. 

Did you see the story yesterday about NY deeming dodge ball and tag dangerous?  See, they were setting it up so the youth camps and programs that entertain kids who "participate" in these dangerous games would have to pay a TAX to the state. 

It is all about taxing you.  This is the EXACT SAME THING as the global warming scam.  All the new regulations are taxes.  They invested heavily in "green products", "green companies" and are now taxing and regulating things that everybody uses, has or does so they can take money out of your pocket.  They will use images of little kids hurt and maimed.  They will use pictures of polar bears falling from air planes.  I don't know what they're going to do with ice cubes.  I guess next thing you know people will start choking to death on ice cubes or something.

Yesterday there was such a huge backlash to the new tax that they SAID they rescinded it but make no mistake.  That tax will be there.  One way or another the left will get your money.

The school lunches in Chicago.  Did you see the story that kids were being FORCED to buy school lunches?  They can't bring any food from home now.  Guess who gets a big kickback for that?  A Democratic donor in Chicago who supplies the food to the Chicago school system.

The Democrats are trying to create a political class that cannot be broken.  They want a one party system and they want all the power and they will tax you, scam you, and lie to your face to get there.  Be informed and KNOW what they are doing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Wise Words of Fred Thompson

Don't let the news media control your thinking.  They are trying to prod the right into jumping out so they can cut them off at the knees.  Don't fall for it.

Obama's "Cool" Will Come off As Arrogant And Angry

I like this video for a specific reason.  During the 2008 election Obama was able to control his temper.  He was "Mr. Cool".  He controlled the news media and the news media let him control them.  He was always smiling, pleasant and constrained.  His teleprompter did the talking.  The MSM was going to do all it could to get this guy elected.

This time around the news media, as liberally biased as it is, will not be so easily controlled.  Obama is so used to being in charge of all the things around him he does not have the patience to put up with people who question him. He will not like to be challenged.  He will not like it when people do not grovel at his feet and part the seas for him to pass.  He expects to be treated like the king he thinks he is.  If there is one thing we all know for sure, Obama despises the news media and up to this point they have for the most part loved him back. Hence the past few weeks we have seen several instances where Democrats have been "exposed" in off the record open mic situations.  That is not by mistake.  That's people in the media leaking stuff that up until now they refused to leak. 

Obama has become so brazen in his lies that he has doubled down on the "make up lies" strategy.  He recently claimed his environmental Czar Chu actually designed the cap that went on top of the pipe that was leaking oil in the Gulf which is a bold faced lie.  Why he said that is anybody's guess. It's a stupid lie, really.  Did he say it to justify his czar?  Or did he just want some cheap applause from the audience?  His insecurities were showing.  It reveals the fatal flaw that Obama has regarding his perception of himself.  He was so "beloved" in the primary and election and the first two years of his presidency he actually believes his own press. He just makes stuff up and doesn't think anything he says will be questioned because he is Mr. Important.

Obama was never a great senator.  He did nothing for the area of Chicago that he represented.  It was the slums of Chicago full of crime and poor people.  It still is full of crime and full of poor people.  When was the last time you heard ANYTHING about his accomplishments?  He wrote two books about himself. That is it.

What kind of person writes an autobiography about themselves before they've even accomplished anything? He was full of himself before he was even president.  And it turns out he didn't even WRITE the books!  Bill Ayers wrote "Dreams of My Father" .  You remember him...He was the guy that Obama denied he even knew, despite the fact that Valerie Jarrett, his trusted right arm, grew up with Bill Ayers. His second book was based on Jeremiah Wright, the bigot, racist black theologen that Obama also threw under the bus when he was a candidate, and a ghost writer wrote it as well.

Obama apparently was "The Chosen One" by the far-left socialist progressives and was put on the pedestal to gain power for the Democratic party.  But to Obama it's all about HIM.  You look at this video and he is defensive and argumentative and has no patience for anyone questioning him. He looks testy and angry.

Do you see anything that even resembles a "bipartisan spirit" in this video?  He was asked to comment about a state that is largely Republican and he immediately goes on the defensive and states it won't stay that way.  What he's really saying is "Once we buy off all the Hispanic votes and convince them how racist the conservatives are it will flip over to Democrat".  Yeah, good luck with that.  The Liberals think that is a great strategy and I would like to remind you that when the mad scientist built Frankenstein he also had the same intention.  That "nifty" underhanded political strategy of today will become our nightmare headache of tomorrow.

I predict Obama will face a much more hostile press this time around.  The more people are paying at the grocery store and gas pump the less popular this president will become.  The Republicans have very successfully put themselves on top of the "This economy needs to be fixed" debate.  Obama blew it off and made it a partisan issue.  He is actually attacking the Republicans for trying to fix it.  You can argue all day long over the amounts, whether Boehner caved or not, this, that and the other but the FACT is in the bigger picture the Republicans firmly put themselves on the record as being the ones who are SERIOUS about fixing the economy.  Obama put himself in the stupid category.  The more people challenge and question him the more angry he will become.  And that spells success for the conservatives.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Obama's Third World Vision for The US

Obama is out there stating to everyone that the Republicans are trying to turn the US into a third world country.  Of course, you know the golden rule about the Democrats.  Whatever they are accusing the right of doing there are the ones doing it.  It's an absolute guarantee.  So for him to say that just confirms things.

A year ago Tim Geithner stood before congress and said there was "absolutely no way" we would "EVER" monetize our debt.  That means print money.  We are now printing billions and billions of dollars.  What does this mean?  It means the value of the dollar is going down.  It's the primary cause of inflation.  In case you haven't noticed when you go to the grocery store $60 doesn't go much past the soap and toilet paper aisle.  Inflation is just getting started.  They are predicting hyperinflation soon. With the price of oil going up we are also seeing the price of gas going sky high.  It wasn't long ago I remember filling up my car on $20 of gas and it lasted all week.  I can put $20 gas in my car now and it seems like I am stopping for more gas every other day.  I don't know how people commute long distance to work these days.  Most people are putting all their extra money in their gas tanks.  For some reason the liberal media doesn't talk about this much.  Well, I guess we know the reason.  There is a liberal president in office, that's why.

We've all been talking about inflation, rising gas prices, unemployment for three years now.  Obama would like to blame everything on Bush but the truth is three years ago when Bush left office we only had $468 billion in debt.  That was outrageous then and we hated Bush for it.  Obama spent twice that amount on his first stimulus bill.  He spent three times that on his "Obamacare" scam.  In fact, he is spending almost $2 trillion a YEAR on his budget and when we tried to cut just 0.6% of that budget the Democrats howled like wild dogs that the Republicans were trying to kill our grandmothers.  I could sit here all day telling you horror stories about what is going on with Obamacare and trust me, grandma won't like it.

Michelle Obama likes to run around calling us all fat and obese.  Which is ironic given her pant size, isn't it?  They go on shopping trips, buy designer clothes, eat ribs, cheeseburgers and ice cream and then call Americans fat.  Our kids are being forced to eat "healthy" lunches at school (who wants to guess which "green" companies get the kickback for that program....trace that money back to the Democratic party).  They present the image to the world of arrogant and fat Americans overseas, meanwhile, with the value of the dollar falling a lot of countries are barely getting enough food to feed their families.  In fact, a lot of the riots recently in the third world are being caused because of food shortages.  Yet, here is Michelle Obama, huge butt and all going on shopping trips, taking lavish luxury vacations every couple of weeks, eating ribs and cheeseburgers, telling the world how fat we are.  What kind of image building is that?  What is the purpose of telling hungry people in third world countries that Americans are fat and obese?  That is not an image that we want these countries to have of us.

Our elitist news media is not going to tell people this.  Half the news anchors on the liberal news are former political hacks for the left.  They eat with a silver spoon, make millions of dollars and enjoy access to the White House because they "do their job" and spew talking points for the left.  Get out there and make sure you tell everyone you know about these things.  Consider mainstream media the enemy because believe me they are not about to tell people the truth about this president or the goals of the Marxist left.  They've been bought and paid for.  They have been shielded from the effects of this third world economy the Democrats are building.  They sit high on their perches immune from it all.

We're not going to change things by staying silent. We don't want to turn into this third world country Obama is dreaming about.  We don't want to end up begging for food from this jerk just to stay alive.  We need to start dreaming about bigger and better things and we are not going to get those dreams with this Marxist egomaniac in office.  When he says the US is going to turn into a third world country he is RIGHT.  That is EXACTLY what he is trying to do to us.  The elitist news media that the Democrats have installed will only shill for the left.  We can't expect any fairness or truth.  They will only try to control the narrative.

As Obama marches forward trying to regulate the internet to control our message and voices even more it is important that we stop him.  We still have time to change the direction.  We still have time to stop the radical sixties hippies from collapsing our economy.  They are not invincible. We can and should fight for our country and stop Obama from getting a second term.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


CAPITULATION:  To give in.  Cease to resist.  Surrender.

Sarah Palin used this word yesterday in her Tea Party speech.  She used it to describe what the GOP did with the budget battle.  There are a lot of people on the fence about when it is okay to hate the GOP or not so I wanted to talk about this.

My first instinct when the GOP does something is to defend them because I know it does not matter what they do the left is going to attack them and try to cut their heads off.  Our problem is, when we stand up and complain about the GOP we are just adding to the far-left hate train.  So how do we get the GOP to be tougher and meaner and fight harder without appearing to add more mud to the fight?

We use our voices.  Email our GOP leaders emails of support when they stand up to the left.  Facebook messages to them and tell them to be tough.  Tell them when we want more fight in the game.  Tell them when we don't like what they are doing.  Call their office and leave them messages.

The difference is we don't have to sound like a thug like the left does.  We don't have to send death threats or threaten to kill their grandmothers.  We don't have to call them all sorts of names.  We have to make sure they KNOW we have their back.

Conservatives are conservative.  It is against our nature to be mean.  We do not have to be mean or turn into a Rent-A-Mob to get our point across.

When you are sitting in Washington it's an entirely different world.  I've lived in DC and I know the feeling.  Our GOP leaders are surrounded by the enemy.  They need our support.  We have to be LOUD and CLEAR what it is we want from them.  This entire debacle in Washington started when the GOP caved and gave the Piglosi Democrats all power in Washington.  If we want to take it back we have to learn to be mean and we have to teach our leaders how to be mean.  But we don't have to turn into thugs to do it.

Obama Can't Buy This Election

This is a wonderful article.  Obama and the Democrats are very busy trying to create the illusion that they will win the election because they have the most money.  They are invincible.  You can't win.  You can't beat them.  They are the Mafia and have the biggest bats.

It's not true.  I've been watching across the aisle and I'm seeing a lot of people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Have you noticed that?  Every time you turn around Obama is doing something else annoying.  He has even become annoying to the people on the left.  He has lost touch with reality and has lost touch with the people of this country.  He mocks us.  Laughs at us.  He does not listen to what we want.  Now you might think that as a conservative that of course I'd feel that way.  But increasingly, I am seeing it more and more from people in the middle and the left.

Obama can prance around golfing and shopping and loving himself all day long.  People have to put gas in their cars and go to the grocery story.  When you go to the grocery store and spend $100 on NOTHING it's not fun.  Obama wants to raise our taxes and make it worse. 

That billion dollars is supposed to convince us that we love spending $100 on nothing and eating Ramen noodles six nights a week.  Guess what?  We don't.  I can live with eating Ramen noodles maybe three times a week comfortably.  I went to the local convenience store the other day to buy a bag of Cheetos and when I got to the counter the clerk asked me "Is this the little bag or the big bag?"  You can't tell the difference anymore.  People are not happy and no matter how much Obama money launders his $860 billion stimulus money it is not going to convince us that his "new world order" is fun.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Allahpundit has a live stream up for Sarah Palin's speech in Wisconsin.  WATCH!  Nothing lifts your spirits more than a good old fashioned Tea Party.

UPDATE:  That was a great Tea Party rally and as usual Sarah tore it up.

But here is another great example of how the media manipulates us.  I didn't even know there was going to be a rally.  Then suddenly as I'm browsing the internet I see a headline that union supporters were surrounding the Tea Party supporters in Madison and "attacking" them preceding Sarah's speech.  So naturally I went over to the live steam to see what was going on.

Yes, the union thugs were there but there were no incidents that I saw.  They tried to disrupt the rally but didn't accomplish anything.  If anything it rallied the Tea Party even more.

But I guarantee you a LOT of people jumped on board and watched that rally because they wanted to see if there was going to be a fight or disruption. The people who cried wolf accomplished what they wanted...They got a bigger audience for the Tea Party.

Since I LOVE the Tea Party, obviously, I am not upset by this.'s another example of our media using emotion to get people to react for their benefit.

Bill Ayers and Weather Underground.

Remember in 2008 when the conservatives tried to link Obama to Bill Ayers?  OFA went all out to tell us that no, Obama didn't really know Bill Ayers.  He had just been over to his living room or something innocent like that.  He wasn't friends with him or have any associations.  They just happened to be on the same "community board" or something.

It turns out Bill Ayers wrote Obama's book "Dreams of My Father".  It also turns out Bill Ayers grew up in an affluent family in Chicago and his mother was good friends with Valerie Jarrett's mother.  They grew up together.  Valerie Jarrett is like Mafia Queen of the slums in Chicago and she is Obama's right hand.

In case you don't also know, Bill Ayers is a terrorist.  He tried to blow up the Pentagon back in the hey day of the Weather Underground.  In case you're not also familiar, the WU is also a group that operates in Europe trying to destabilize through riots and such.  Coincidentally, they were in Egypt protesting prior to the fall of their government.

That's just one or two mafia-like associations tied to Obama that the news media refuses to investigate.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Careful What You're Reading

The tactics the left will use to re-elect Obama will be ruthless.  Expect constant attacks on the right.  Obama can't run on a platform of attacking Washington this time because he IS Washington.  So the strategy will be to demonize the right.  The right better not fall for their schemes, either.

They are also trying to throw a wedge between Trump and the GOP.  USA reported that the new GOP Chairman told Trump to shut up over the birther issue and that is not true.  I'm also seeing stories popping up trying to link Trump and George Soros together....NOT true.

The left will stop at nothing.  They will tell every lie they can get away with.  No matter how sensational the story...verify...verify...verify.

Trump also made a good point today.  So let's say the Republicans get in there and make all these cuts and the economy gets better.  So then what?  We're walking a fine line aren't we?  We fix the economy and guess who gets elected?  Obama sure won't give credit to the GOP.  But if the economy falls apart he will waste no time at all blaming congress.  If the economy falls apart Obama will pay the price...but not if he is successful in blaming the GOP.

We have to pick our battles wisely.

Obama is NOT invincible.

This is an AWESOME article.  A lot of people feel defeated and think Obama can't be beaten in 2012.  They think that the communists/socialist have "Taken over" and it is so far from the truth.  November should have reassured everyone of that but it did not.

That is Obama and the Democrats' strategy.  To convince you that he cannot be beaten.  Trust me...He CAN and WILL be defeated.  Not since Jimmy Carter has a president been so feared.  The left will try to convince you that a billion dollars is what it takes to buy the presidency.

Well the Democrats can go broke all they want to.  They are not going to win.

The Liberal News Media Will Never Be Fair

Reading the headlines today I am amazed by a couple of things.  First and foremost, absolutely NONE of the liberal news media is talking about Libya.  It is as if that war has completely dropped off the planet.  Nobody mentions it.  It's as if it does not exist.  The alphabet news will not discuss topics that make the president look bad.  Period.

During the Gulf oil spill we got a little push back on the president but the day the oil well was capped (Obama claimed his enviromental czar designed the cap which is a LIE) the government claimed "All the oil is gone" and POOF.  There has been little discussion about it.

Can you imagine a conservative president doing that?  Can you imagine if George Bush had said "Poof...the Iraq war is over." and then suddenly the news media stopped talking about it?

The liberal news media works as one.  They operate on White House orders to manipulate and censor the news to cover for the liberals.  They refuse to question or talk negatively about him.  If they do they are coerced and bribed and cut off. They are intimidated. 

The entire purpose of a free press is to act as a watch dog for the people.  They are supposed to question the government.  They are a business like all other businesses so yes, they do have a level of sensation and drama to pull in viewers and money but they are in no way supposed to shill for a political party but that is what happens now. 

George Soros is a billionaire socialist from Europe who made his billions destroying other countries' economies.  He literally profits on other peoples' losses.  His crosshairs are on the US.  He has said so in books and interviews.  He mocks Americans openly for their naivenes and stupidity.  He has bought up most of the news media here in the US.  He has created hundreds of websites that target conservatives and slander people.  Yet, the American people largely have no idea who he is.  He meets with the president weekly.  He meets with socialist and Marxist communist groups regularly.  He funds their activities.  He does not try to hide what he is doing.  Yet our news media completely ignores him.

As much as the left likes to SABATOGE and attack Fox news, Fox is one news station against FOUR and that does not include the newspapers and local stations or Hollywood.  It is shameful that we have reached a point in this country when a political party has so much influence on the American people through manipulation of the news media and Hollywood. It is shameful that a billionaire socialist from Europe can influence our country the way he does yet goes unchallenged by our news media.

We have the internet and conservatives do use the internet well, but if we don't get people to SEE what we're saying then it doesn't matter.  This is why I use social media in a big way.  Even though most of the people I know are conservative and libertarian, I do have liberal friends and my friends have liberal friends.  If I can get ONE HEADLINE out there for them to see, to make them just curious enough to read, then I've gotten a message across.

I have people message me all the time saying "Wow...I never knew that".  Of course they didn't.  I have done my job if I can get one headline out there for them to see that they never knew about.

This next election will depend largely on how well WE get the message out. We have to be realistic and realize that things are not the same.  We cannot hope that suddenly the news media is going to wake up one day and be fair.  They are not going to be fair.  They are going to cover up, lie, and slander as much as they can to get the liberals elected again.   We must commit ourselves to fighting back.

One person can make a difference.  All of you must contribute.  Create a blog, get the message out...and tell people the truth.  Against all odds this is what we must do.  We might not be billionaires, but we do have a voice. Use it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Clinton and Reagan

In the 1980s Ronald Reagan swept into his presidency and enacted great changes by working with the largely Democratic congress to propel us into great prosperity.  The country was in total malaise when he came to power.  The Carter years had drained us all.  Just like we are being drained right now.  We were exhausted and tired of it by 1980.

Ronald Reagan brought Democrats and Republicans together.  He brought the country together.  We all knew we had to buckle down and work hard and things would get better and he was right.  We behaved ourselves and did the right things and it got better.

Bill Clinton was able to fix our economy again in the 1990s by coming together with a Republican congress to fix our problems.  He heard the people when they said no to the radical left agenda and he did what he had to do to get the country back on track.  He put his ego aside, he put the party aside, and he did the right things.

Both Reagan and Clinton did what was best for the country.  Not what was best for their party.  Reagan was a fierce conservative.  Clinton was a fierce liberal.  But when push came to shove they moved us in the right direction on common ground. There was a time and place for partisan politics with both but not when it came down to the foundation of our country.  Our children and their futures were the most important thing.

We know that Obama is not doing things for the good of the country.  We don't know exactly for sure what he is doing, actually.  He could be a Marxist socialist or just an egomaniac.  Probably a little of both. Never in our history have we had such a partisan president.  Never in my life time have I seen people completely convinced with their heart and soul that Obama is trying to destroy our country.

Name any other time when people have thought that.  You can't.  With the exception of the overblown and over-hyped hatred of George Bush.  At some point between Clinton and Bush the progressives took over our politics and injected all this hate between us.

You can Google and find videos of people who hated George Bush who were saying the EXACT SAME THINGS about Obama now.  If you took the names Obama and Bush out you wouldn't be able to tell who they were talking about.

There is another force at work here.  It's not the liberals and conservatives.  It's the progressives.  We have to remind people that in our recent history we had two presidents who were able to bring the country together and get things done for the good of the people.  Bringing us together will get things done.  Hating each other will not.

The Liar-In-Chief

Our president is a liar.  He is not only just your regular, run of the mill political liar, he is dishonest to the point of being Mafia like. It seems to be the thing he enjoys....Fooling people.  Have you noticed that Obama is happiest when he is campaigning? He hates actually leading or doing things important.  He is happiest when he is giving speeches that are full of lies and fool people.  What kind of character trait is that?

Is he just a snake oil salesman?  Or does he truly believe that the socialist/Marxist policies he is trying to force on us are for the "greater good"?  Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in an episode of Charmed.  You know, the one when Leo wanted to become an Avatar but he had to convince the charmed ones that being an Avatar was "good".  We would live in a fantasy world of Unicorns and evil would be defeated.  No one would be sad or upset.  We would all get along and live happily ever after.

Do you honestly think that even if we gave the progressives every single thing they want they'd just cheer and be happy?  I promise you...they would just cannibalize themselves and it would get worse.

These people are greedy snake oil salesmen who want to get rich on our destruction.  They will use your grandmother, sick kids, polar bears and any other victim they can create, exploit, or think of to get you to believe their socialist agenda.

There is no magic fairy dust.  Nobody is going to give you a free ride. They are lying through their teeth and you are going to end up WORSE than what we started with.  Obama ENJOYS this game.  He gets a rise out of telling you lies and it feeds his sick ego that people believe what he says.  He probably can't believe he can get away with it.

Last night he had no alternative plan to fix our debt or budget problems.  He just attacked Paul Ryan (and had invited him to attend so he could look him in the eye when he lied through his teeth) and fed Americans a big pile of CRAP that meant nothing and he enjoyed it. It is a disgrace to this country.

For decades we will talk about when Americans were fooled.  We should use this time in history as a lesson to future generations. You work hard, pay your bills and don't trust politicians, Hollywood or the news media. None are your friends.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama And His Partisan Speech

A budget plan?  That was not a speech about a budget plan or anything logical to fix our country.  It was recycled campaign speeches pandering to his low-information voter base.  It was so boring even BIDEN fell asleep.

This is what we're left with for leadership in this country.  A president who is more concerned about his own ego than he is about the country. He has a chip on his shoulder ten miles wide and it shows.  How far do the American people put up with it?  How bad does the economy have to get before people demand he and the news media do something?  The entire alphabet PRAVDA news panders to the government. 

Obama is creating a dependent class of bums that depend on the government and the Democrats want to be the RULING CLASS.  Do you want to be a bum living in a shack with no hope?  Or do you want to get off your butt and shake some sense into people?

We are way better than this.  We cannot let this idiot change our country.

Getting People To Pay Attention

A lot of talk about the budget battle.  In the long run it comes down to this:  Most people will listen to 5 seconds of the discussion then change the subject.  They don't care.  They care when they have to put gas in their car.  They care when they buy groceries.  They care when they pay their bills and there is nothing left over.  But as far as listening to news pundits talk about BLAH-BLAH-BLAH on the TV?  Nope. 

Yes, there are the dedicated political hawks like us who DO care and go from one website after another looking for stories and information and basically gossip.  But we're not the majority.  Strangely enough, we are the minority.  I know that's amazing to think of...but it's true.  For a lot of people Jon Stewart and the like is their main source or "gauge" of politics.

If a politician gets busted doing something really bad then people pay attention for about 3 hours.  So like if a guy gets caught with a prostitute then poof, they're gone.  But it's getting to the point now where that doesn't even matter.  Look at Eliot Spitzer.  He has his own TALK SHOW on CNN.  How disgusting is that?  We know they're all crooks but seriously, when did that become okay?  Of course with Hollywood shoving Jerry Springer like entertaining down our throats all the time why be surprised?  We have mothers who have infertility treatment in order to have 50 kids so they can get their own reality show, exploit their children and use them as a means to gain fame, fortune, and material things. These kids will grow up just as warped as their mothers.  Reality shows are so popular on TV and why? Because we like watching people who have weirdness in their lives or who act badly.

Not to say there aren't people out there who are decent and have good shows.  There are a few.  But when you flip through the TV guide these days and see shows called "Eating Crocodile Frenzy" and "Killer Hogs" I mean seriously.  And these are the animal shows!!  How about the guy with like ten wives?  Awwww, he just wants to get laid every night...give the guy a break.  Never mind that the women are totally pathetic and have set back progress for women and decent family life 50 years.  How about the old 80s hair band rock stars who have a show about picking which slutty, skanky woman to have sex with?  There's quality television for our children for sure.  I could sit here all day describing disgusting show after disgusting show. And then we scratch our heads and wonder why we have warped values?

Religion is actually making a comeback in the country but Hollywood and the news does not want you to know that.  They attack religion at every turn and would rather tell you corruption stories about the Catholic church.  They have an agenda.  What used to be a form of entertainment somehow got hijacked by the politicians.  They spend millions of dollars trying to change your mind about things.  They want to rewrite history and present a "different side of things".  In fact, they've worked their way into our childrens' schools and are teaching this garbage to our children.  What about shows that teach people the progress we've made with racism?  What about shows showing the struggles of the gay community?  How about teaching kids that we're all different and that differences are good?  There is a lot of progress we've made in both of those areas and the country is BEGGING for positive stories like this but Hollywood refuses to give it to them.  They will do a complete documentary telling you how racist we are and how intolerant we are but they won't show the positive side or the progress we've made. It doesn't make them money and it does not further their agenda.  They would rather we all hate eachother and become divided.

We are a great country.  There is no place like the United States.  We are a very young country, and we have achieved great things.  We are who we are because people decided to leave the corruption of Britain and begin a new way of thinking.  Well those corrupt people have made their way into this country.  They are trying to change us and corrupt us and take away the things that make us unique and strong.  People like George Soros don't give a flip about us.  He is just trying to destroy us and profit from it. 

Our challenge is this:  We have to remind people who we are and why we're great.  We have to make sure people know the issues.  We can't rely on Hollywood and we cannot rely on the news people.  We have to point to the gas prices and the food prices and our pay checks and say "HEY!  This isn't right".  Then we need to point and Washington, DC and get people to realize that the politicians are the problem.  Fix Washington and we fix our country.  Turn off your TV and stop watching the agenda that Hollywood wants you to watch.  Educate yourselves...listen to all sides and decide for yourself what is most important to you and your family.  Because if we don't get people to pay attention....We could lose it all.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Big Picture

I have been enjoying, like everyone else, watching Donald Trump beat up on Obama.  It's great.  If anybody could get away with's him.  He has the celebrity, the connections, and the nerve to hit Obama for things that most regular politicians can't get away with.  The media doesn't quite know what to do with him.  He has the money and the influence to get out there and at least bring up things that the media tries all day long to ignore.

Which is going to be our biggest problem this election.  The news media will do its best to control the narrative.  Remember the last election?  Obama bragged afterwards that its main strategy was to control the conversation, control the news media.  With CBS and WaPo receiving slush money from Obamacare OPENLY you can imagine that it will be an up hill battle to get the GOP message out this time.  We are sadly outnumbered.

I spend a good part of my day reading the headlines on all sides.  Then I separate the stories that I find suspicious.  DNC talking points are easy to identify.  I can also identify military/Pentagon propaganda as well.  Russia does a very good job of influencing news items from afar believe it or not...a lot of the conspiracy stories and such originate from overseas.  But my main goal is to identify what it is the WH is trying to manipulate.  There are days I think this WH is actually scrambling just to control Obama himself...which I find startling.

The left wants the GOP to look like it's fighting amongst itself.  They want us to look divided.  The RINO versus Tea Party narrative.  If they can get us to argue and fight over stupid things that seriously don't mean SQUAT in the long run then we're not talking about the price of gas skyrocketing or that salaries are going down instead of up with the cost of food going out the roof.  We're not talking about the RAACISM stories the left and it's Al Sharpton ilk are accusing 85% of the population of. 

I can say from my own experience that while people are marginally curious about budget stuff...The majority are not going to be interested in people arguing over $38 billion versus $40 billion.  They are not going to give a hoot if this candidate said "this" about blah-blah-blah and "that" about blah-blah-blah.  Now, don't get me wrong....I know a lot of people who will sit all day long and talk numbers and get technical and know the numbers like you wouldn't believe.  BUT....The majority of people truly don't give a crap.  They just know that when they have to fill their tank up it costs a hell of a lot of money and it sucks and they don't care who is fighting with who....JUST FIX IT.

We need to stay focused on talking about what concerns Americans most.  We have to keep the conversation on fixing the economy.  But getting bogged down in blame game stories amongst stupid topics is not going to get that message out.  We are not going to fix the economy until we GET OBAMA OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.  Plain and simple...that's the deal. 

We have to focus on winning the White House.  What conversation can we have to get that done? That is what we need to talk about. Fighting and whining and squabbling over cups of water in an ocean of problems will not get it done. We have to talk about the bigger picture.  People are having a hard time, the economy sucks and it's Obama's fault. Period.

UPDATE:  So these are some items that I am excited about in the budget deal:  Anything about Obamacare we can get rid of the better.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Poor, Poor President Obama.

The other day in the midst of the budget debacle a story appeared out of NOWHERE about Obama and his family "perhaps" going on a "long planned family vacation" to Williamsburg and I immediately called it out as a plant story.

There was no long-planned family vacation to Williamsburg.  This was a plant story because Obama needed to show the American public what a "concerned" president he was by canceling it and how much "sacrifice" he makes.  And so it was "canceled" at the last minute as I predicted.  So last night this story comes out..

I know you are all wiping the tears from your eyes....and it's hard to focus since it is such a horrible, horrible thing.  Poor President Obama.  He can't even walk outside.  When he goes on trips overseas to stay in castles and 5-star hotels and palaces and stuff it must really be rough.  All that caviar and what with having to tell the chefs what to cook every night, I just don't know how he can stand it.

And he has the added inconvenience of the weather interrupting his golf games!  I mean...the NERVE of those thunderstorms.  Here he is making all these sacrifices for US and the thunderstorms just think they can roll in whenever they want and interrupt his golf game.

And the pressure of all the Broadway shows, the cocktail parties on Wednesday nights, the personal trainer flying in three times a week from Chicago!  It's all he can do just to eat his arugula salads for lunch each day.

So I guess you get my point.  This story was designed to elicit SYMPATHY for poor Obama and his family who are working hard for us and can't even take a walk.  This story is to counter the criticism.  Plain and simple.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Samantha Powers And The Hippy People

The hippies of the 60s and 70s have grown up and are now running our government.  I cannot express to you how horrifying this is.  These people have written books on the need to reduce the world's population so that the planet will survive, okay?  They are C-R-A-Z-Y. 

Obama's mother was a hippy.  In fact, think about her known background.  She married a guy from Kenya that she met taking Russian classes.  How many people do you know in the early 60s would take Russian?  Remember the Cold War? That would have been a little out of the box don't you think?  She married a guy in Kenya and then married a guy in Indonesia....Obama's mother was neck deep in weirdo hippy activity.

I find it incredibly annoying that Obama can be tied to weird, crazy, radical people CONSTANTLY yet he apparently is so wonderful he believes none of their radical views.  Who does the news media really think they are fooling?  Obama believes all this radical stuff and just lies and denies it.  The direction he is taking this country is CONSISTENT with the radical views of all these people.

Bill Ayers wrote his autobiography and he is a TERRORIST for heaven's sake.

What part of denial does the news media not get?

Forget The Budget "Who Won" Fight. We ALL Lose If We Do Not Fix Our Economy

This is seriously the funniest thing I've read all weekend.  I did not read it yesterday because of the title and I was feeling optimistic and thought it was negative.  Then I read it and laughed my head off. has moved!!!  I can't get to it yet and I'm EXCITED and can't wait to see it.  Hopefully, it will be up and running and all of us can get back in the groove quickly.  Hillbuzz is my second home.  I love these people.  We're from all walks of life and get along.  We have our occasional fights but hey...that's life.

There's a lot of discussion about whether or not Boehner did great or whether he failed or who won and all that nonsense.  This is a big media frenzy question.  I felt the need yesterday to defend Boehner because in this day and age attacks seem to be the norm.  I EXPECT the left to attack the right whenever they open their mouths so I am in a defensive posture. Unfortunately, that allows the left to frame the narrative.  They know conservatives are defensive.

As the above eloquent article states...This country is headed for a cliff.  It is the fault of both parties.  It is a situation that has been happening for decades and nobody in government has had the balls to fix it.  The Democrats are pretending it does not exist and are spending us into oblivion and they are trying to stop the GOP from addressing the problem.

This $38 billion budget cut is not even a week's worth of spending.  It means NOTHING.  It's like a glass of water out of a lake. So in that perspective no, it is not a success. But what is successful is that the GOP has BROUGHT UP THE CONVERSATION. If we can for at least one weekend in time get the message out to the American people that if we do not fix this economic problem we are going to all be living in the dump.

We CANNOT keep walking along like nothing is happening. So to hell with the conversation about who won the budget battle.  WE ALL LOSE if we do not fix this problem.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Yellers

It has become apparent who the ugly yelling people are these past few days.  You know who I am talking about.  People on the left AND people on the right who yell and stomp their feet and make fools of themselves.

I have actually seen people on the right DEMAND that the GOP shut down the government and anything short of that is failure and a cave-in.

I have seen people on the left cry because they were afraid the GOP were trying to kill women and seniors.

Both extremes are ridiculous.  Most of us are sitting in the middle shaking our heads at both of them.

This budget fight was a good time to observe this yelling phenomena.  You can identify the trouble makers.

In the wise words of Bruce Lee...."You cannot fight hate with more hate.  You fight hate with peace."  And he is right.  It saddens me to see people on ANY side so full of hate and ill-will.  We are never going to fix this country beating each other up and fighting.  Our best strategy is to identify and isolate the trouble makers and then come together in the middle and RESPECTFULLY come up with solutions.

The left yearns for hate.  They THRIVE on it.  Nothing would make them happier than for some Tea Party folks to snap and do something stupid.  We would never hear the end of it. We're smarter than that, though.  We can step back and watch the yellers and haters act stupid...and learn from their mistakes.

Speaker Boehner did an EXCELLENT job fighting for us and we should be elated and thrilled that we have the upper hand in the next battle.  Pick your battles my friends.  Don't live on the news media frenzy.  All you're doing is feeding the news media the attention they want.  Having temper tantrums like the leftist thugs is not going to win over anybody.  It just brings you down to their level.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Marxist 2-year-olds

Toward the end of George Bush's term people were more tired of hearing the liberals like Pelosi whining and complaining than they were tired of George Bush.  A lot of people assumed that if they just got rid of the Republicans then the liberals would shut up and be happy already.

They assumed wrong.

I have always contended that the progressives became so obnoxious a lot of people just wanted them to have power just to shut them up.  Like when your obnoxious 2-year-old wants ice cream and you say no and they go on to throw a tantrum and finally you just give it to them and say "HERE".

Well, we have found out what happens when you give your 2-year-old that ice cream.  Not only do they smear it all over the table, the floor, and on your favorite dress, they throw it at the walls, become abusive and demand to have more.  Not only do they want their ice cream, they start wanting everything else.  And if they don't get it they throw a fit.

Those of us in the 70s remember during the Cold War when the Soviet leaders would say they weren't doing something all the while the entire world knew they were.  Remember when Baghdad Bob said the US hadn't invaded Iraq all the while an Army tank was rolling down the street behind him?  This is what the Democratic party has become.

They are losing their battle.  People are rejecting the agenda they've rammed down our throats so now they are accusing the Republicans of "killing women", "starving senior citizens" and everything else nasty they can think of.  They are threatening to shut down the government and withhold pay from our brave men and women in the military because they think it's a smart political move and will make the GOP look bad.  When in reality they could have passed the budget last year and SHOULD have but didn't because they were afraid of losing the midterms.  Which they did anyway because Americans are sick of their agenda.

The increased rhetoric and hate coming from the left was predictable.  Marxists cause chaos.  That's what they do.  They are just like a 2-year-old who wants his own way or else.  And just like a 2-year-old we need to spank their behinds and put them to bed without any dinner.

The Art of Deception

Apparently, Obama is just making stories up and feeling confident about it.

I read this and thought about it.  Surely he knows that this would be fact checked and proven to be a lie.  What makes him so confident?  Nobody questions him.  Why should he care if he tells the truth?  It is not about's about appearances.  Obama lives for the moment.  At that moment he wanted some love so he made up a warm and fuzzy story for the applause and got it.  It's becoming apparent that this president of ours lives "for the moment" quite often.

He's got another "family vacation" set for the weekend.  Despite the threat of a government shutdown he is pretty confident that the American people will blame the GOP and not him.  So he's going for some "rest and relaxation" in Williamsburg.  A curious destination to say the least.  I am actually surprised he even wants to go there.
But back to the story....Here's a story that he just made up out of thin air for some warm and fuzzy applause that was surely going to be proven a lie but he said it anyway.  That shows character issues in my view.

A flawed character is able to sit in front of a camera and lie to people. Yes, we all pretty much agree that politicians are for the most part swindlers.  They all lie.  But this guy is taking it to a new level.  He actually BELIEVES his lies.  And why is that?  The MSM covers up for him.  He is confident that the Pravdavites will cover for him and help him out.  He has a cheerleader section.

We've reached a new time in history.  Most people do not just watch one news channel at dinner and are done with it.  Even the low information voters see or hear several different news sources.  Most people like the ying and yang...they want to hear both sides and decide for themselves.

A small minority of people on each side believes their side is right, the other is wrong, and there is no in between.  A bigger group has a side but is open to hearing differing opinions.  If their side does something stupid they will admit it.  This is the biggest group.  But Obama is so caught up in the wonderfulness of himself he doesn't realize that.  He thinks he is so "special" he can lie openly and nobody will question him. He doesn't bother with details.  He has people who deal with that.

My biggest concern isn't that Obama told a lie.  I'm more concerned with character and integrity.  He is pretty smug and arrogant up there...telling lies and slandering half the country and even worse, going on vacation and golf trips with a great big F-U on his face.  There's a chip on his shoulder and I don't like it.

He has a townhall and mocks people with multiple children, tells a guy that if he doesn't like the price of gas he should buy a different car.....and laughs at informed voters who ask intelligent questions.

THAT takes some arrogance.  He is becoming so comfortable being arrogant...he does not even care that he looks like a jackass.  I guess that is to our advantage.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The American People Understand Simple Math

According to the Democrats Republicans are about to kill puppies.  They are drowning kittens.  They are grabbing goldfish and throwing them in the yard and then dumping the water.  They are putting poison in the bird feeders.

Is this really what they're doing?  Of course not.  So what really is going on here?  The Republicans are trying to cut a tiny, tiny fraction of the DEFICIT SPENDING.  If you ask people "What is the deficit?" most people do not know the correct answer.  The deficit is the spending above what our budget is.  So in other words, the government is spending more money than it has budgeted itself for and has to get permission to continue getting money to pay its bills.

Nancy Pelosi and her gang of Mafia friends did not want to set up a budget for this year because the Blue Dog Democrats didn't want to look bad and get blamed for anything before the midterm elections.  Naturally, they got wiped out and thrown to the curb anyway.  But Pelosi was irresponsible and basically kicked the can down the road.  She had bigger fish to fry.  She was fighting for her job.  So what the government has been doing is going to the Federal Reserve on a few week basis and asking for an allowance because they've run out of money.

Kinda like when you were a teenager and you spent all your allowance on fast food but then realized you have no gas to drive to school.  You had to go crawling to your Dad to ask for extra money to get gas.

So let's imagine this for a minute.  Nancy had an allowance set up but she spent all her money and had to go ask "Dad" for more money.  She made up various excuses each time she had to ask for more money but basically Dad never said anything and just kept handing out the $20's.  Eventually, Dad married someone new who one day said..."Wait a minute.  Why do you keep asking for money? We set up an allowance for you that is reasonable and fair yet you keep running out of money".  Nancy stomps the floor and demands she get more.  "It's not enough!"

So Dad keeps handing out the extra money.  One day the new step mother says "That's it.  If you can't live within your budget then you're going to have to suffer the consequences" and cuts her off.  Nancy falls on the floor, thrashing around, breaking things, screaming.  "I have to have money!"  I can't go to school without gas for my car".  "I can't eat lunch".  "I can't get my hair done or buy clothes!"  "I need shoes and we're going to the movies this weekend and I need popcorn and soda".

At first Dad felt guilty.  He hated seeing Nancy so upset and deprived.  But then he realized something.  If he TAUGHT Nancy to budget her money well and not to spend it so much CRAP that she does not need he would be teaching her a valuable lesson.  If she could learn to spend her money wisely and to only buy the things she REALLY needs then she could actually SAVE money.

If you SAVE money then you can get better things in time, and in times of emergency you have a safety net.

In this version of my story Nancy hurls herself off a bridge rather than listen to the wisdom of her Dad so all ends well.  Dad and his new wife fix the family budget, build a beautiful home and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, that's not what is happening.  The Democrats want to spend the country into debt deliberately because they have this nifty idea that a "global monetary system" is going to save the day.

It is actually a scam to create a ruling class.  They are printing money and driving our country off a cliff and the Republicans have the balls to stop them.  So they are telling everybody horror stories to scare people.  They want to spread lies and disinformation hoping the Republicans will take a political hit.

I don't think that will happen this time.  People realize that you have to live within your budget or eventually the bill collector comes.  Don't spend more than you have.  It's that simple.  That is not a concept above the intelligence of most people.  Of course there is that 12% of hard core Dems who will never understand this concept but they're a lost cause anyway.  But most of us know basic math.

Tell everyone you know the truth.  We can't rely on the news media.  WE have to tell people.  Don't feel intimidated.  Spread the truth.

Nancy is not getting any more allowance.

More Daily Observations:

More corruption within the Democratic circles.  I could sit here and list them all day long...and just might.

So Obama decides to cut off our troops and shut down the government so he can grandstand and blame the GOP.  Obama and Democrats never wanted a bipartisan deal.  They want to set the GOP up and blame them for everything when it is the DEMOCRATS who failed to pass a budget last year in the first place.

This president is probably not the wisest crayon in the box is he?