Friday, April 22, 2011

Socialists Continue To Destroy The Dollar and We Pay No Attention

These are stories I am interested in today.  The first, is about George Soros and his "Global World Economy" that he is openly planning and implementing that will in effect DESTROY THE US DOLLAR yet amazingly NOT ONE news network in this country is talking about it.  That would be because George Soros, the European billionaire who has made his billions by destroying other countries and has a track record (he is banned from Greece) has BOUGHT OFF OUR NEWS MEDIA.  He owns most of the news outlets.  Media Matters is his creation.

So it would appear that the American people either A) Don't care, B) Are too busy to notice, or C) Are not interested.

They will become interested when the dollar collapses and they are eating SPAM with lentils three times a day. 

Obama can just casually campaign in Nevada and say "Oh we're investigating and trying to figure out why oil prices are so high and we're going to prosecute those evil people".  He is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES and he doesn't know why gas prices are so high?  So when they tell him that HIS POLICIES are the reason that the economy sucks and that George Soros is behind our dollar's decline and that his billionaire buddies at the Federal Reserve are manipulating Wall Street and helping with all this do you think he will run out and arrest them?  Of course not.

They've been talking about all of this.  You can go to You Tube and find video after video of George Soros talking about "his plan".  You can find socialist and communist group rallies talking about it.  Van Jones has an entire page of videos discussing using "Green Jobs" as the catalyst to destroying our dollar. 

Yet we muddle along as if nothing is happening.  American Idol is coming on.  Why bother? 

As long as Obama and the George Soros manipulators keep prices bearable then nobody will do anything.  We are not going to pay attention until it makes our lives unbearable.  When that happens...please make sure you send your thank you cards to the mainstream media.

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