Monday, April 11, 2011

Poor, Poor President Obama.

The other day in the midst of the budget debacle a story appeared out of NOWHERE about Obama and his family "perhaps" going on a "long planned family vacation" to Williamsburg and I immediately called it out as a plant story.

There was no long-planned family vacation to Williamsburg.  This was a plant story because Obama needed to show the American public what a "concerned" president he was by canceling it and how much "sacrifice" he makes.  And so it was "canceled" at the last minute as I predicted.  So last night this story comes out..

I know you are all wiping the tears from your eyes....and it's hard to focus since it is such a horrible, horrible thing.  Poor President Obama.  He can't even walk outside.  When he goes on trips overseas to stay in castles and 5-star hotels and palaces and stuff it must really be rough.  All that caviar and what with having to tell the chefs what to cook every night, I just don't know how he can stand it.

And he has the added inconvenience of the weather interrupting his golf games!  I mean...the NERVE of those thunderstorms.  Here he is making all these sacrifices for US and the thunderstorms just think they can roll in whenever they want and interrupt his golf game.

And the pressure of all the Broadway shows, the cocktail parties on Wednesday nights, the personal trainer flying in three times a week from Chicago!  It's all he can do just to eat his arugula salads for lunch each day.

So I guess you get my point.  This story was designed to elicit SYMPATHY for poor Obama and his family who are working hard for us and can't even take a walk.  This story is to counter the criticism.  Plain and simple.

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