Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wall Street is Being Manipulated

Almost every conservative I know is convinced that a month before the 2008 election when Wall Street crashed it was because of some liberal manipulation.  Wasn't that a huge coincidence?  I don't believe for one second it happened just by chance.  It happened because some big time billionaires in the liberal party manipulated the market so they could get Obama elected.  It was the Dan Rather hit piece just in Wall Street.

They are doing it again but this time they are pumping money into the market to prop it up.  Yesterday when S&P announced its warning about the US and its debt problems the market started to fall and then "suddenly" it rallied and shot back up.  What a coincidence!  Also amazing is how it keeps going up every single time the price of oil spikes.

The Federal Reserve (and George Soros would most definitely have his spooky dude fingers involved) are probably manipulating the market to prop it up. They know the consequence if the economy crashes and burns.  All they need to do is keep it from falling off the cliff until another Democrat gets elected.

But there isn't much else they can do.  People can blindly believe the LIES this administration is blatantly telling the American people and continue paying higher food and gas prices, but why they would I don't know.  What is going to happen when these billionaires propping up the Feds realize Obama can't win?  Are they going to jump ship and say to hell with it?  I guess we'll find out.

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