Sunday, April 17, 2011


CAPITULATION:  To give in.  Cease to resist.  Surrender.

Sarah Palin used this word yesterday in her Tea Party speech.  She used it to describe what the GOP did with the budget battle.  There are a lot of people on the fence about when it is okay to hate the GOP or not so I wanted to talk about this.

My first instinct when the GOP does something is to defend them because I know it does not matter what they do the left is going to attack them and try to cut their heads off.  Our problem is, when we stand up and complain about the GOP we are just adding to the far-left hate train.  So how do we get the GOP to be tougher and meaner and fight harder without appearing to add more mud to the fight?

We use our voices.  Email our GOP leaders emails of support when they stand up to the left.  Facebook messages to them and tell them to be tough.  Tell them when we want more fight in the game.  Tell them when we don't like what they are doing.  Call their office and leave them messages.

The difference is we don't have to sound like a thug like the left does.  We don't have to send death threats or threaten to kill their grandmothers.  We don't have to call them all sorts of names.  We have to make sure they KNOW we have their back.

Conservatives are conservative.  It is against our nature to be mean.  We do not have to be mean or turn into a Rent-A-Mob to get our point across.

When you are sitting in Washington it's an entirely different world.  I've lived in DC and I know the feeling.  Our GOP leaders are surrounded by the enemy.  They need our support.  We have to be LOUD and CLEAR what it is we want from them.  This entire debacle in Washington started when the GOP caved and gave the Piglosi Democrats all power in Washington.  If we want to take it back we have to learn to be mean and we have to teach our leaders how to be mean.  But we don't have to turn into thugs to do it.

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