Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Global Warming Scam, PART II

So now our refrigerators have become public enemy #1.  Those evil ice makers.  The Democrats basically sit around all day and think to themselves...."What does everybody have or buy or use that we can tax?"  Ice makers.  How about sugar?  There's a big write up today in a popular PRAVDAVITE news source (which I will not promote the name of here) that tells us that sugar is TOXIC. 

Did you see the story yesterday about NY deeming dodge ball and tag dangerous?  See, they were setting it up so the youth camps and programs that entertain kids who "participate" in these dangerous games would have to pay a TAX to the state. 

It is all about taxing you.  This is the EXACT SAME THING as the global warming scam.  All the new regulations are taxes.  They invested heavily in "green products", "green companies" and are now taxing and regulating things that everybody uses, has or does so they can take money out of your pocket.  They will use images of little kids hurt and maimed.  They will use pictures of polar bears falling from air planes.  I don't know what they're going to do with ice cubes.  I guess next thing you know people will start choking to death on ice cubes or something.

Yesterday there was such a huge backlash to the new tax that they SAID they rescinded it but make no mistake.  That tax will be there.  One way or another the left will get your money.

The school lunches in Chicago.  Did you see the story that kids were being FORCED to buy school lunches?  They can't bring any food from home now.  Guess who gets a big kickback for that?  A Democratic donor in Chicago who supplies the food to the Chicago school system.

The Democrats are trying to create a political class that cannot be broken.  They want a one party system and they want all the power and they will tax you, scam you, and lie to your face to get there.  Be informed and KNOW what they are doing.

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