Sunday, April 24, 2011

Transgender Woman Finally Speaks

I am so happy to see her up and talking.  It was a tragic event and one that should have never happened.  Ironically, the scum bag who taped the video and posted it online to boast of it probably helped her in the end.  She will no doubt be vindicated and he will hopefully be put in jail or fined heavily as participating in this hate crime.

This was a double hate crime.  It was racist and over sexual orientation.  I want to see the 18-year-old arrested so we can find out her name and have her mug shot plastered across the internet as the scum bag that she is.

Obviously, McDonald's as a company did not want anything like this to happen.  All restaurants tell you during a burglary not to fight with the attackers.  Give up whatever money they what they say for your own safety.  They would not encourage an employee to jump into a violent event.  But the men in that store could have EASILY stopped these scumbag girls.  Instead, they stood there laughing and then warned them to leave before the police came.  THEN the idiot who shot the video posted it online to brag about it.

What an idiot.  Bet he didn't bet on this attention, huh?

I know this area well and I know that violence happens on a daily basis there.  This is not an isolated incident. It is just one that got caught on film. Be careful out there.

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