Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Birth Certificate Issue

I admit I have not been too interested in this issue. It's hard to know if it was started deliberately by the left to make the Tea Party look like a bunch of conspiracy theorists or if it got started by people who truly hated Obama.  Some speculate that Hillary Clinton's people started this rumor way back when during the primary as a means to undermine Obama.  Where ever it came from it has stuck.

Personally, I feel that Hillary would have exposed Obama back then to get the nomination if she had information that truly indicated Obama was not a natural born citizen.  But I admit now that there are some pretty sneaky things going on.

Why would Obama spend millions and millions of dollars to cover up his birth, college transcripts, etc.?  What part of his past is he covering up and why?  How come the lamestream media did not question any of this at all?

My own opinion is that Obama's parents and grandparents wanted him to be able to suckle the US government for any money or benefits they could get their hands on.  There are great benefits to being a US citizen. I also think most of his Ivy league education was bought and paid for by these same benefits. Perhaps he applied as a foreign student illegally to get his Harvard education.  What is the big deal about showing these papers?  It does not take rocket science to figure out Obama's mother hated the US government.  She was a hippy.  She married a guy from Kenya and a guy from Indonesia.  She took Russian.  She was defending the old Soviet Union back in the 60s.  That's not much of a jump to assume she wasn't exactly in love with the US.  Bilking the government to educate your kids would have been logical.
This issue is not going to go away.  We are way past any benefit to Obama in keeping this stuff secret if indeed there is nothing to hide.  If there is nothing he wants covered up it would be in his best interest to release the information.  Half the country thinks he was born overseas.  They also believe he milked the government to get his education.  That's not good for him or his re-election campaign.  But he STILL refuses to release that information.

THAT is why it is such an important topic.  What if it turns out he really is not legally eligible to be president?  What happens then?  Do you think there are some people in the DNC that are wondering this very question? Do you think they have a back up plan in case the information finally comes out?

Until then I am not worried about the Tea Party or conservatives appearing to be "conspiracy nuts".  I think most people are questioning why Obama won't release the information and be done with it.  That helps us not him. So the saga continues.

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