Friday, April 15, 2011

The Liberal News Media Will Never Be Fair

Reading the headlines today I am amazed by a couple of things.  First and foremost, absolutely NONE of the liberal news media is talking about Libya.  It is as if that war has completely dropped off the planet.  Nobody mentions it.  It's as if it does not exist.  The alphabet news will not discuss topics that make the president look bad.  Period.

During the Gulf oil spill we got a little push back on the president but the day the oil well was capped (Obama claimed his enviromental czar designed the cap which is a LIE) the government claimed "All the oil is gone" and POOF.  There has been little discussion about it.

Can you imagine a conservative president doing that?  Can you imagine if George Bush had said "Poof...the Iraq war is over." and then suddenly the news media stopped talking about it?

The liberal news media works as one.  They operate on White House orders to manipulate and censor the news to cover for the liberals.  They refuse to question or talk negatively about him.  If they do they are coerced and bribed and cut off. They are intimidated. 

The entire purpose of a free press is to act as a watch dog for the people.  They are supposed to question the government.  They are a business like all other businesses so yes, they do have a level of sensation and drama to pull in viewers and money but they are in no way supposed to shill for a political party but that is what happens now. 

George Soros is a billionaire socialist from Europe who made his billions destroying other countries' economies.  He literally profits on other peoples' losses.  His crosshairs are on the US.  He has said so in books and interviews.  He mocks Americans openly for their naivenes and stupidity.  He has bought up most of the news media here in the US.  He has created hundreds of websites that target conservatives and slander people.  Yet, the American people largely have no idea who he is.  He meets with the president weekly.  He meets with socialist and Marxist communist groups regularly.  He funds their activities.  He does not try to hide what he is doing.  Yet our news media completely ignores him.

As much as the left likes to SABATOGE and attack Fox news, Fox is one news station against FOUR and that does not include the newspapers and local stations or Hollywood.  It is shameful that we have reached a point in this country when a political party has so much influence on the American people through manipulation of the news media and Hollywood. It is shameful that a billionaire socialist from Europe can influence our country the way he does yet goes unchallenged by our news media.

We have the internet and conservatives do use the internet well, but if we don't get people to SEE what we're saying then it doesn't matter.  This is why I use social media in a big way.  Even though most of the people I know are conservative and libertarian, I do have liberal friends and my friends have liberal friends.  If I can get ONE HEADLINE out there for them to see, to make them just curious enough to read, then I've gotten a message across.

I have people message me all the time saying "Wow...I never knew that".  Of course they didn't.  I have done my job if I can get one headline out there for them to see that they never knew about.

This next election will depend largely on how well WE get the message out. We have to be realistic and realize that things are not the same.  We cannot hope that suddenly the news media is going to wake up one day and be fair.  They are not going to be fair.  They are going to cover up, lie, and slander as much as they can to get the liberals elected again.   We must commit ourselves to fighting back.

One person can make a difference.  All of you must contribute.  Create a blog, get the message out...and tell people the truth.  Against all odds this is what we must do.  We might not be billionaires, but we do have a voice. Use it.

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