Friday, April 15, 2011

Careful What You're Reading

The tactics the left will use to re-elect Obama will be ruthless.  Expect constant attacks on the right.  Obama can't run on a platform of attacking Washington this time because he IS Washington.  So the strategy will be to demonize the right.  The right better not fall for their schemes, either.

They are also trying to throw a wedge between Trump and the GOP.  USA reported that the new GOP Chairman told Trump to shut up over the birther issue and that is not true.  I'm also seeing stories popping up trying to link Trump and George Soros together....NOT true.

The left will stop at nothing.  They will tell every lie they can get away with.  No matter how sensational the story...verify...verify...verify.

Trump also made a good point today.  So let's say the Republicans get in there and make all these cuts and the economy gets better.  So then what?  We're walking a fine line aren't we?  We fix the economy and guess who gets elected?  Obama sure won't give credit to the GOP.  But if the economy falls apart he will waste no time at all blaming congress.  If the economy falls apart Obama will pay the price...but not if he is successful in blaming the GOP.

We have to pick our battles wisely.

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