Thursday, April 28, 2011

Donald Trump is Fun But He is No President

Yesterday was fun, but as Michelle Malkin so wisely says, now it's time to get serious.

Donald Trump is not going to be president of this country.  As fun as he is to watch beating up on Obama he is not presidential material.  If you look at his history and past business dealings it is the complete opposite of the Tea Party principals.  I's fun to watch him bring Obama down a notch or two but in the scheme of things it would be devastating to have him hijack the primary or ruin the election.  If he became the GOP candidate Obama would win.  If he became an Independent and ran as a third candidate the GOP would lose.  That is a sobering thought.

So who do we have out there running?  I love Sarah Palin.  She is my favorite candidate (if she runs) and nobody can make me more inspired.  She is not a Washington insider.  I would trust her most as President.  But can she win?  All the polls say no.  I'm not so sure I believe those polls, especially the left-leaning ones.  HotAir routinely has polls and Sarah always wins them.  We are not even sure Sarah will run.  One advantage is that the news media has attacked her so much thus far there's not much else they can throw at her, although you know they will attack in force, unrelenting, and ugly.  I am not looking forward to that no matter who it is. If Sarah does not run or ends up losing the primary I would almost be certain to see her as VP candidate again or higher office.  A future GOP run administration would most certainly have to include her.

Chris Christie would certainly have my vote.  He is a very strong leader and would be strong like Donald Trump in putting Obama in his place. He has the strength to do it. He's quick with a retort and would wipe Obama on the floor in a debate. THAT would be great to watch.  People are angry...they are truly angry at this president and frustrated that the news media is still kissing his feet. Somebody who would put Obama in his place and tell him a thing or two would certainly do well.  Sarah has that same ability.  Have you noticed that pattern?

Mitt Romney is so not worth it.  I can't imagine him being the Republican pick.  It would be a travesty.  It won't work and not only would he lose he would lose big.  I would have to force myself to vote for him.  Mitt Romney is in my book the same as John McCain and given John McCain's insane behavior lately do you seriously want to even go that route? 

Speaking of which...lately I've actually been glad John McCain lost.  What a TOTAL loser this guy is.  Not to mention his ditzy daughter.  If he had won I don't think there would be a difference between him and what Obama has done.  And to think we all supported him winning his senate seat back.  What a dork.  Let's not make that mistake again.  He needs to GO the way of Lindsay Graham.  The compromise crowd needs to pack it up and leave.

Huckabee.  He has so many issues I don't know where to begin.  The only reason he is popular is because people watch his show and like him. I have seen interviews of him that were pretty "out there".  He has a tendency to say stupid things and the news media would eat him alive for it. He's another candidate I would be disappointed seeing run.  He would be "Mr. Compromise" which is the LAST thing we need.

We need a GOP administration to go in and take back our government.  To HELL with compromise.  We need somebody to go in and wipe out the progressive movement.  We need the socialism that the Dems have instilled in our country completely obliterated.  To get that accomplished we have to have an administration who ACTUALLY RECOGNIZES that has happened.  The Pelosi era needs to be completely corrected.  The hippies need to be banished....forever.  Huckabee would do that?  No he would not.

Our field so far is pretty thin.  We need a strong leader to come forth in the GOP to take the lead and start the serious process of beating back the Obama administration.  We still have time.  It is worth the while to be patient, to let Obama get beat up right now.  People are disgusted with the rising gas prices.  People are disgusted with the rising price of food.  There is no fun money left.  Obama is taking the brunt of that.  So being patient and letting Obama take the shots is worth the wait. 

Let's have faith that a strong GOP leader will present him/herself and for now be patient.  Just enjoy watching Obama flounder.

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