Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sheeple

Given my Blog is about sheeple...I thought I'd start this day talking about it.

I have a "friend" on facebook who is the textbook example of a sheeple.  He calls the Tea Party fascists.  He basically hates the Republicans but will deny it.  He says the far right are racist and fascist although he can't give an example of it.  He says we're communists but he can't explain why.  He says he watches very little news but then sits and slanders and calls the conservatives nasty names all day but denies he is a parrot or an Obamabot.  Even though every word out of his mouth is just talking points from the progressive left.  You could basically match word for word everything he says with Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews or any of the other far-left thugs on the PRAVDA news and the amazing thing....When you tell him that he has no idea what you're talking about. He does not know what "progressive" is.

If I do get him to debate an issue (which is hard because he doesn't really even know what the issues are) he gets angry, deletes the posts, and then just calls me names and then accuses the right of slander.

So I thought to myself....What a PERFECT example of what sheeple are.

I am the first to admit I am a conservative.  Without a doubt.  But I have liberal leanings.  I am not uber-religious.  I have no issues with gay people.  In fact my son is gay.  But I will admit it has been a learning process.  I do not know any single conservative person who hates gay people because they are gay.  I do not know any conservatives who are openly racist.  We're all racist to a point obviously...but I do not know anyone openly, blatantly racist.  But my point is this:  I know more open minded people in the Tea Party and GOP than I EVER knew on the left.  The Democratic party has become so intolerant of anybody who dares think differently that you can't even have a conversation anymore.  They do not discuss the issues.  They can't.  They just shut down and become angry.  In the Tea Party I know conservatives, liberals, Libertarians, I know people with a million different backgrounds.

I have been doing politics for a very long time.  I've watched closely the back and forth since Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter.  In the past ten years there has been a very huge shift in the Democratic dynamic and that shift is towards "progressive ideals".  The liberals are no longer liberal...they are socialist.  The far-left has taken over the Democratic party.  The strange part is...regular liberals don't know what that means.

We have an uphill climb to educate people and we have to do it on a wide scale.  Unlike the progressives, we do not have to use baseball bats and shoot people.  We just have to educate them.  We have to help them get past the propaganda.  The progressives have done a very good job of taking over the alphabet news and liberals are set in their ways.  They like to sit and watch their one news program and think they are informed. So we have to get past the progressive murk and help these people out.

We have to counter the slander.  We have to call them out when they lie.  We have to push back when they try to put us in a box and label us.  The progressives like to intimidate because they know the conservatives will walk away.  We have to stop walking away.

The majority of sheeple are harmless....we have to remember that.  I do believe that most can be saved if we take the time to educate them.  We don't have to resort to the mafia tactics the left does.  We don't have to hate everybody.  We don't have to call people names.  We just have to chip away at the bubble....and hope they wake up.

UPDATE:  I am going to coin this group of people with a simple term:  PRAVDAVITES.  Pravdavites are sheeple who, like the Borg of Star Trek, assimilate into the collective for the "greater good".  Their main mission is to just repeat the far-left talking points that the mainstream media wants them to say.  They do not engage in rational conversation or debate.  They just repeat the talking points.  They don't want to actually be educated about relevant issues.  They only serve as low-level robots for the progressive left.

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