Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bill Ayers and Weather Underground.

Remember in 2008 when the conservatives tried to link Obama to Bill Ayers?  OFA went all out to tell us that no, Obama didn't really know Bill Ayers.  He had just been over to his living room or something innocent like that.  He wasn't friends with him or have any associations.  They just happened to be on the same "community board" or something.

It turns out Bill Ayers wrote Obama's book "Dreams of My Father".  It also turns out Bill Ayers grew up in an affluent family in Chicago and his mother was good friends with Valerie Jarrett's mother.  They grew up together.  Valerie Jarrett is like Mafia Queen of the slums in Chicago and she is Obama's right hand.

In case you don't also know, Bill Ayers is a terrorist.  He tried to blow up the Pentagon back in the hey day of the Weather Underground.  In case you're not also familiar, the WU is also a group that operates in Europe trying to destabilize through riots and such.  Coincidentally, they were in Egypt protesting prior to the fall of their government.

That's just one or two mafia-like associations tied to Obama that the news media refuses to investigate.

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