Friday, April 8, 2011

Marxist 2-year-olds

Toward the end of George Bush's term people were more tired of hearing the liberals like Pelosi whining and complaining than they were tired of George Bush.  A lot of people assumed that if they just got rid of the Republicans then the liberals would shut up and be happy already.

They assumed wrong.

I have always contended that the progressives became so obnoxious a lot of people just wanted them to have power just to shut them up.  Like when your obnoxious 2-year-old wants ice cream and you say no and they go on to throw a tantrum and finally you just give it to them and say "HERE".

Well, we have found out what happens when you give your 2-year-old that ice cream.  Not only do they smear it all over the table, the floor, and on your favorite dress, they throw it at the walls, become abusive and demand to have more.  Not only do they want their ice cream, they start wanting everything else.  And if they don't get it they throw a fit.

Those of us in the 70s remember during the Cold War when the Soviet leaders would say they weren't doing something all the while the entire world knew they were.  Remember when Baghdad Bob said the US hadn't invaded Iraq all the while an Army tank was rolling down the street behind him?  This is what the Democratic party has become.

They are losing their battle.  People are rejecting the agenda they've rammed down our throats so now they are accusing the Republicans of "killing women", "starving senior citizens" and everything else nasty they can think of.  They are threatening to shut down the government and withhold pay from our brave men and women in the military because they think it's a smart political move and will make the GOP look bad.  When in reality they could have passed the budget last year and SHOULD have but didn't because they were afraid of losing the midterms.  Which they did anyway because Americans are sick of their agenda.

The increased rhetoric and hate coming from the left was predictable.  Marxists cause chaos.  That's what they do.  They are just like a 2-year-old who wants his own way or else.  And just like a 2-year-old we need to spank their behinds and put them to bed without any dinner.

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