Friday, April 8, 2011

The Art of Deception

Apparently, Obama is just making stories up and feeling confident about it.

I read this and thought about it.  Surely he knows that this would be fact checked and proven to be a lie.  What makes him so confident?  Nobody questions him.  Why should he care if he tells the truth?  It is not about's about appearances.  Obama lives for the moment.  At that moment he wanted some love so he made up a warm and fuzzy story for the applause and got it.  It's becoming apparent that this president of ours lives "for the moment" quite often.

He's got another "family vacation" set for the weekend.  Despite the threat of a government shutdown he is pretty confident that the American people will blame the GOP and not him.  So he's going for some "rest and relaxation" in Williamsburg.  A curious destination to say the least.  I am actually surprised he even wants to go there.
But back to the story....Here's a story that he just made up out of thin air for some warm and fuzzy applause that was surely going to be proven a lie but he said it anyway.  That shows character issues in my view.

A flawed character is able to sit in front of a camera and lie to people. Yes, we all pretty much agree that politicians are for the most part swindlers.  They all lie.  But this guy is taking it to a new level.  He actually BELIEVES his lies.  And why is that?  The MSM covers up for him.  He is confident that the Pravdavites will cover for him and help him out.  He has a cheerleader section.

We've reached a new time in history.  Most people do not just watch one news channel at dinner and are done with it.  Even the low information voters see or hear several different news sources.  Most people like the ying and yang...they want to hear both sides and decide for themselves.

A small minority of people on each side believes their side is right, the other is wrong, and there is no in between.  A bigger group has a side but is open to hearing differing opinions.  If their side does something stupid they will admit it.  This is the biggest group.  But Obama is so caught up in the wonderfulness of himself he doesn't realize that.  He thinks he is so "special" he can lie openly and nobody will question him. He doesn't bother with details.  He has people who deal with that.

My biggest concern isn't that Obama told a lie.  I'm more concerned with character and integrity.  He is pretty smug and arrogant up there...telling lies and slandering half the country and even worse, going on vacation and golf trips with a great big F-U on his face.  There's a chip on his shoulder and I don't like it.

He has a townhall and mocks people with multiple children, tells a guy that if he doesn't like the price of gas he should buy a different car.....and laughs at informed voters who ask intelligent questions.

THAT takes some arrogance.  He is becoming so comfortable being arrogant...he does not even care that he looks like a jackass.  I guess that is to our advantage.

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