Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is Facebook Really Just Young People?

I know a lot of people on Facebook and pretty much all day every day I keep in touch with a lot of folks.  Most of my "friends" are family, real life friends, and then I have my political friends.  It's pretty evenly split. Most are my age which is 48.  Across the spectrum I do see a lot of young people who play around on Facebook but I see more adults who are exchanging information.  Maybe it's because I am very politically active but I'm guessing that most people who are like me and are politically active in one way or another use Facebook or Twitter to learn information.

We have blogs that we visit and websites.  When we see news we find interesting we post it for everybody to see.  It's quite useful this way.  I am sure on the "other side" the liberals are doing the same thing.  The great thing about that is there are a lot of people who are not politically active who are in the middle and they get to see both sides.  So even though I most definitely lean right I do try to post information that I know the "middle ground" will finding interesting.  I get many messages from moderate friends who say I am pretty fair and reasonable. They thank me for posting stuff they otherwise have not seen because the liberal media does not report the news. They censor and manipulate it.

I do not see the young people on Facebook very interested in politics.  The most I see from the 20 something crowd is when the liberals do something stupid like...attack ice makers.  They are much more interested in the alien body found in Russia, music, Harry Potter, and dirty jokes.  I just don't see many of them on there cheerleading for Obama. 

So basically what happens is that Hollywood follows the lie campaign and repeats Media Matter garbage that isn't true.  They watch Saturday Night Live and Jon Stewart.  But to be honest, not a lot of these young people vote.  A lot of them are unemployed and not happy about it.  They also like to cruise around from place to place and they are finding their cruising abilities are greatly hampered by the $5. gallon gas. They find a lot of their favorite junk food reduced in size and higher in price.  They are not too happy.

The GOP candidates are just kind of playing around at the moment so Obama is out there looking stupid basically.  We are seeing the liberal media DESPERATE to get the GOP to reveal its candidates because if they just had a GOP candidate to beat up on then maybe people wouldn't be so focused on how lousy Obama is and how his policies are destroying all the fun in this country. That fun is in short supply. Jobs are getting tighter and stingier.  Paychecks are going down with prices going up. We hear stories constantly about "greedy corporate millionaires" but hey, a decent job with a decent paycheck is not going to just appear out of nowhere.  Some rich person has to create that job. If we beat them all up we're really up a creek don't you think?
Whenever the news and things in general start to turn on Obama the liberal media will usually create a distraction.  Right now Obama is out there all by himself looking pretty damaged so let's count down until they do it.  What do you think it will be? Do you think the media/Hollywood/far left will try to create some kind of frame up this next election?  I'd bet my life on it.  Meanwhile, I will make sure my friends on Facebook know it.

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