Monday, December 19, 2011

Racism as a Political Intimidation Tool

For decades now the news media has had a policy that it does not disclose the race of a criminal or print his picture to reveal race. Liberals cried that it was RACCIST to do such a thing. It unfairly characterized and stereotyped people. It was wrong.

So why then suddenly are they publishing all these stories with pictures of minorities?

Well there's a simple answer to that. The entire strategy of the Dems this election is trying to intimidate and frame conservatives as racists. In fact...the more racist strife they can cause or make up the better. They truly believe they can win an election with this strategy.

If you go to read these "stories" they are publishing all over the place take the time to read the comment sections. Liberal trolls (who are very easily spotted) are pretending to be conservative and making racist comments. You can click on their profiles and investigate just a little to find out where their loyalties lie. The stupid trolls don't even bother to cover themselves. They just hope people are dumb enough to believe their post without looking. The smarter trolls make up FAKE profiles but they are still too stupid to leave their hippy lying friends off their friend's lists.

Yes folks, this is what the left does. It is prime example #1 of what Democrats are all about. Propaganda...and fooling the public. Everything that is WRONG in our country.

I can see NOVEMBER from my house!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I apologize to those faithful who read my blog and see my laziness as of the past month. Well, it's not "laziness". It's actually "WORKING". Two jobs...Christmas...Preparing to move...yada yada yada.

No excuses.

I am paying attention to the news and I am quite relieved, actually. I do think the world has finally woken up and realized what a COMPLETE FRAUD The Obama era has been. Yes, the Pelosi/Obama era is dead. Climate change was a fraud. The far left is a fraud. The news media is guilty of NEGLECT and selling out their country and should be ashamed of themselves. But people can't blame anybody but themselves. If you voted for these idiots you really have no excuse.

Herman Cain is guilty of only one thing. He actually ran for president. As usual, the news media and psycho people have to squash him dead because he doesn't have a billion dollars to buy his way out of it. Basically that is all it is. The people who make it to the top actually had enough money to buy their way out of all these slanderous smear campaigns. It happens to all of them. Only the people who know how to beat them all down win.

That's politics. And it is a shame because Herman Cain is a good guy. He is one of us. The same exact thing happened to Sarah Palin. If she had taken the leap the same exact thing would have happened to her. The libs would have bought enough people to smear her to kingdom doubt about it.

Isn't that ironic? You have to have your hands on all kinds of money to buy your way to the white house or the capital or senate. All these rich people in Hollywood and the news media and "celebrities" and political players who go to cocktail parties and trips to Europe at resorts and ex-vice presidents who live in huge mansions on the beach becoming billionaires making up fake science came up with a plan to create some kind of communist protest ....with homeless people and derelicts and the spoiled children of hippies who went to Harvard are all sitting out in tents pooping in the streets to protest "rich people"....When it's the "rich people" who put them out there in the first place.

Does anybody get that? Do you Bill Ayers sits in a tent and poops in the street? Do you think Michael Moore goes out and sleeps in the rain on a cold street? You think Susan Sarandan actually gave a crap in her Italian resort? It's a good thing NYC was on the way to her plush vacation, huh?

And how bout that Miley Cyrus, huh? Here is the QUEEN of slut teens who has done NOTHING but capitalize on capitalism to become rich out there doing what? She is doing a SONG in tribute to the hippies out there protesting EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS. Do you suppose she even knows why they are protesting? Well, I bet if she had a clue that it was HER LIFE they were protesting she wouldn't be but don't count on that many brain cells firing at the same time. That's not in her contract.

I'm actually happy about Newt lately. The closer we get to nomination time the less I like Romney. Romney is just a clone of McCain and I can't stand McCain. YESSSS...Newt has all kinds of baggage. They could dig up dirt on that guy for years to come but I would bet rocks that there is nobody out there they couldn't dig up dirt on. In fact...When they can't dig up dirt THEY JUST MAKE IT UP.

So what difference does it make, really? We already know the news media has been paid huge money to smear whoever the Republican nominee is. We EXPECT it.

But the great thing is....No matter how horrible they are at trying to smear the GOP...They will NEVER compare to Obama. What that fraud has done to our country....could never compare. Americans were tricked into electing somebody who hates this country as president. We can NEVER allow that to happen again.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Democrats....The Delusional Denial

Yes, it seems like every week the news media picks a new person for the GOP to like. This week it's Newt.

There is a logical reason for all of this, of course.

People like us who follow politics are rather disgusted with Boy King. He is a liar. He does not care SQUAT about this country. He and his wife look down their socialist noses at the people of this country and throw their arugula and Maine lobster in our faces most of the time. Boy King is no leader. He is a snake oil salesman. Obviously, I could sit here all day and list the things we hate about him (none of which have to do with the color of his skin which is another reason we hate the Democrats...because they continually label us racists when we are NOT). You get the point.

So at this point if the neighbor's cat pooped on the White House lawn and became popular with high ratings in the polls we would vote for the cat. That is how disgusted we are with the socialist left.

Newt is not a bad guy. He has his dirty laundry but who doesn't? It's not about who did the worst things. It's about WHICH SMEAR JOB is the most successful in the news media.

 The entire election is rigged that way. The news media will CHOOSE who they want to smear and who they don't. Right now they are convinced Romney will win the GOP nomination so they are all hunched over at their desks designing their hit job for next October. Democrats always have to have their "October Surprise" hit job that they think will bury the Republicans in the election. Because see, Democrats can't run on issues.

But they've run the country into the ground so badly at this point Americans are sick of them. They are too idiotic to figure out that in 2010 they were thrown to the curb for that very reason. All the special elections since....TED KENNEDY'S SENATE SEAT WENT REPUBLICAN for heaven's sake. They don't care what Americans think. They just care about power. And isn't that what it is all about?? Americans see that, now. They see who really loves the country and who doesn't. If they rely on reality TV to decide for them then shame on them!....But at a time when most people can't even afford to turn on their TV.....They get it.

Democrats are going to be trounced whether they get that or not.We don't care who beats them...we just want them gone. We want them to shut up and go away. Temper tantrums, anarchy, behaving badly is not going to get them elected. It's not going to intimidate people. It's not going to scare people. If anything all the bad behavior helps the GOP because it will drive more and more NORMAL people to the polls to vote these hippies out of office.

So it's not about who is most popular in the news media. It's about who is doing a better job of making Boy King look bad this week.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Election in November Will Only Be The Beginning

I'm seeing a lot of positive signs. Yes, there may be hope yet for our country.

There are a lot of "leaks" coming out about Obama and his past. There are a lot of stories about Solyndra and similar democratic donors receiving MILLIONS from his administration...and looks like Karma is finally catching up to the corrupt party of the left. Solyndra is just the tiny tip of the iceberg my friends. We will be finding out a lot in the next year for sure and the Dems are going to have a lot 'splaining to do.

Money and power corrupt people. With Obama...He was corrupt long before he got power. He was chosen for the position before he became president. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have NEVER been elected president had it not been for the corrupt handlers around him...and Pelosi and her far left ilk. George Soros and his buying the liberal media lock, stock, and barrel. It is sickening.

Getting the Dems out of power is only 1/4 of the battle. We have to purge how Washington does business. We have to purge the liberal media. We have to purge all the big money lobbyists who lurk on capital hill preying on our representatives. It's like the Mafia in Washington DC. Not to say it hasn't always been that way. This is hardly the first time in history that there has been corruption in Washington DC. There has ALWAYS been corruption in Washington, DC.

Which is the point.This is why our founding fathers were so brilliant. They KNEW this. They came from Britain and it is WHY they left. When they sat down and wrote our constitution they designed it to protect us from this corruption. The people (LIKE OBAMA) who want to change it want to change it because they despise everything this country stands for.

Obama's mother and grandparents hated our government. He was raised and groomed with a huge anti-American chip on his shoulder. The guy went to college and became a CONSTITUTION EXPERT so that he could change it and corrupt it. He has continuously lied about himself, his beliefs, his goals, his policies, and what it is he is trying to do. I truly believe in 20-30 years we will find out things about this president that will scare us half to death. He is the most dishonest politician in our life time.

The most disgusting thing to me is that we have allowed this corruption in the first place. Republicans are not innocent in this. The GOP of this decade rolled over and played dead and allowed this to happen. Or they were naive about the danger that was posed by the far left. George Bush had more pressing concerns, I know, namely Muslim terrorists trying to blow up entire cities. And while he was busy trying to keep us safe people like Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi undermined our government and put in place anti-American socialists who were just as damaging as the terrorists.

I have no doubt we will elect a Republican next November. But don't be naive in thinking that will solve our problems. It will take YEARS to reverse the horrendous damage inflicted on our country. It will take determination and focus to eradicate the roaches the left has infected us with. We cannot rely on the John McCain's and Lindsay Graham's to fix things. It was their complacency that got us into trouble in the first place. We have to change how Washington works...and that is going to take a lot of bold moves to unseat a lot of powerful people. It's going to take an unselfish person who is willing to take some tough punches to the gut.People like Sarah Palin and Hermain Cain are good beginnings. But of course the corruption in Washington will be out to destroy anybody threatening their pockets and power. Think of them as the first waves. It's going to take several waves crashing into the beach to erode it....but eventually it will happen.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Ugly Left ...PURGE TIME

We all knew as soon the ugly story came out on Politico it was a hit job. We just weren't sure if it was from the GOP or the liberal side. I pretty much figured it from the left because of the Chicago angle. Anne Coulter nails this one on the head.

Axelrod has run out of karma. He has done enough dirty dealing in his life time to doom him to misery for the rest of his life. So he has it coming to him....and it WILL happen. Karma works like that.

Trying to destroy people for political reasons has to rank up there as lower than whale dookie. Destroying people for power. At this point it is pretty obvious that politicians in general are mostly scum...whichever side they come from. As imperfect as our country is it is still the best country in the world with the best political system out there...unfortunately, the ugly progressive left seems determined to corrupt it as much as possible and are willing even to DESTROY it for their own power. Which makes no logical sense.

Remember the golden rule. The Dems always accuse the right of whatever it is they are doing. When they talk about the right destroying things it is THEY who are doing the destroying. When they talk about greedy bankers it is THEY who are greedy. Even their mentor George Soros admits openly and in several interviews and books that it is his ultimate goal to exploit capitalism to take from it and destroy it. THIS is what the ugly left is doing...and they do not care what it means. As long as they can line their pockets with money and destroy things in the process they do not care.

The progressive left must be PURGED from government. We used to worry about terrorists. Now we have to worry about our own government....Just remember the worst thing about this entire mess. WE ELECTED THEM.

We have the power to shut down the news media that feeds the propaganda. We have the power to ditch the politicians who are greedy and immoral. WE have the power. We have to do it. Educate eachother and reject those who fall for this crap. It's our children and grandchildren at stake here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Liberal Media Slander is Not New

Watching Herman Cain being targeted by the liberal media made me reflect on how predictable the liberal media is. At this point most Americans see it for what it is. The liberals don't just target GOP candidates or spokespeople anymore...They ATTACK AND DESTROY them. It has just become so blatantly obvious now we expect it. People refer to it as "Palinizing" but actually this has been going on for decades. Let us review for just a moment:

Back in the early 60s Richard Nixon did a debate with Jack Kennedy. It was a disaster for Nixon because he "looked" sweaty, whiny, angry and agitated. Jack Kennedy was young, handsome, neat, and cool. We know now how Kennedy was packaged by the news media as the "King of Liberals". The young, handsome president with the "perfect" wife, the "perfect" kids....but we know now the corruption that went on with that presidency, the nepotism, the cronyism, and it continued up until the day Ted Kennedy died. Obviously, the public caught on to this corrupted family because he was never, ever elected president. In the 70s it became obvious what a media sham they were. Today, there are no prominent Kennedy's and that is a credit to the American public. The truth always comes out eventually. Liberals have a tendency to "package" their leaders but then when they are no longer useful they are thrown into the trash like a used paper towel.

Of course, Nixon went on to win the presidency and look what happened to him. The liberal media created a HUGE, HUGE distraction with the Watergate debacle. If a person looks up the history of Watergate now having had no previous knowledge of it they are usually shocked at how stupid it was. Nixon never did anything wrong. All he did was hide when he knew something. The liberal media set him up and attacked him like rapid dogs and created a HUGE personal assassination attack on Nixon, his presidency, and his character. Nixon was a very good president and he had many great accomplishments. Well, of course, the liberals can't have that can they? For decades Nixon had a cloud over his head and that cloud was CREATED by the liberal media. They wanted to make sure that the only footnote in history about Nixon was Watergate...not his true achievements. Fortunately, Obama's presidency has been so blatantly corrupt that cloud has lifted and Nixon will get get his deserved respect.

The liberal media tried to assassinate Reagan and paint him as "a communist" and all manner of things in the 70s but Jimmy Carter and his progressive policies were so horrendous it did not work. Ronald Reagan was a great conservative. He had such strength and authority and leadership the liberals couldn't touch him. But oh, they tried and they tried very, very hard. He was dogged constantly. The news media tried their best to paint him as "senile" and they even attacked Nancy as some "psychic-seeking weirdo" but it never stuck. Reagan is to this day regarded as THE conservative president of recent history.He loved this country...and he made US love our country. He did not put up with liberal BS and knew how to put them in their place.

When I think of "Palinize" I think of Dan Quayle. He was, in my opinion, the first victim of true liberal mud slinging. Dan Quayle did so many wonderful things for this country. He was head of NASA projects and did so much for our space program. As a congressman he passed a bunch of legislation that gave us the booming economy that we enjoyed for decades. He sponsored student loans for trade schools...something he never got credit for. In fact, the liberal media wanted to make sure they DESTROYED him. They tried to paint him as stupid when that was far from the truth. The liberal media became a slander machine and remains so to this day.

The liberal media went through a period where they actually TRIED to be partial. There were incidents of slander toward Gary Hart, Dukkakis, and even Bill Clinton to an extent. But by the time 2000 came around that partial slander policy obviously flew out the window. About the time George Soros and his billions walked into the picture. Once socialists took over the reigns of the Democratic Party. Socialism, communists, and people like George Soros bought the liberal media lock, stock, and barrel.

This is the most corrupt I've ever seen government be, although I'm sure in our history there were plenty of other times it was corrupt (flashback to the Kennedy era). We will get through this because we're Americans and the truth will come out. Our Christian morals will prevail. As overwhelming as the liberal media tries to make the fight...we will see through the ILLUSION they are creating and call them out for their thuggery.

Herman Cain is an example of this.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Goodbye Ugly Left

So the new thing now is for the 20-something socialist hippies to troll the internet telling people how great socialism is. Class warfare. They don't want to work. They are "entitled" to live in their mommy's basement and troll the internet all day telling people what slaves they are to "rich people".

Of course, if they actually had to work for a living they probably wouldn't be doing such things.

I'm noticing a lot of this going on on the internet. Trolls. Remember them? We had to put up with the George Soros paid liberal trolls the last election. They worked in tandem with the news media. CNN was very good at altering its posts and comments to reflect a liberal majority. The main objective was to make conservatives feel outnumbered and discouraged. If you are pretty sure you're going to lose you just give up. Which is what we did.

Now you see conservatives fighting back. We became educated about the liberal trolls and now we shoot them down when we see them. They're like roaches...that never go away. You can't cure them because they are so nasty no pesticide will kill them but at least we know now what they are and we can take great joy in squashing them under our heel when we see them.

Lots of pretend UK Socialist trolls are roaming the internet. They're not really from the UK. Oh, if you haven't seen them yet you will. They comment here and there pretending how GREAT socialism is. This is the George Soros brand of roach. They get paid like $20 an hour to do what they do. It's pretty pathetic really. Socialists are like that.

We are embarking on an UGLY season. But if we grow some thick skin and realize that we have to put up with the UGLY we'll get to the election and be just find. Lucky for us we already know their strategy. They have become so predictable in their hit jobs we are becoming un-shocked and un-phased by their tactics.

They've become so desperate they think that defecating on the side walk will send us running in horror to our bedrooms and keep us from voting.

They've become so desperate they think that demonizing capitalism will scare us away. They think that fake accusations of racism will make us give up.

They've become so desperate they think that turning our backs on our allies and making Israel vulnerable will make us run for security to their NANNY STATE laws. We will become so horrified by drug dealers we will give up our guns so THEY can protect us....

Yes...The UGLY leftist progressives have lost their minds. And we will capitalize on all of it. WHY?

Because we have common sense. We see through their ugly propaganda. We don't believe the liberal media anymore. We don't buy the Hollywood propaganda...and we know what makes this country great...and NOTHING great about the USA includes SOCIALISM.

The Pelosi Progressive Era is OVAH.....Rejoice...364 days.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Let's TEBOW the Media

I'm a huge Denver fan. Why am I a Denver fan? Mainly because I grew up watching John Elway play football. From the last game he played in college...which is historic by the the day he won his second Super Bowl I was the happiest football fan ever.

John Elway had an incredibly exciting football career. He broke records that are today still unbroken. There are actual plays named after him. When he won his first Super Bowl against the Brett Favre and the Packers it was like all of us won the Super Bowl. I can honestly say it was one of the happiest moments of my life and I will remember it forever.

Now, why would that be? How could somebody I don't even know winning a game of football be that special? Well, anyone who watched John Elway knows the answer to that question. There couldn't be a John Elway today. The media has become too slanderous. Even then, they dogged him and were almost successful at squashing him. Which is why it was that much more special when he won the Super Bowl.

John Elway didn't play a perfect game every time. Hell, he lost the Super Bowl three times and some of those games were total blow outs. But we all knew he had it in him and we all knew he would do it. I remember watching the Redskins game and even though he was getting pummeled John Elway had a smile on his face and loved playing football. And we loved him for it.

The news media today is not that patient. They have to attack, squash and kill everything.When did we give this power to the news media? Why are we letting them decide who our heros are? Who decided THEY know more than we do? It's one thing if these creeps think they are in the "know" about people and decide who they will attack, who they will let off the hook, and who they will support or not support...It's another when it so greatly shapes our culture.

I don't care if Tebow loses big a season or two. I want the media to give him the time he needs to grow. Truth be told, I liked Kyle Orton!! But no, the news media is going to dog this guy to his dying breath because he is RELIGIOUS and CONSERVATIVE and they hate him. John Elway is a Republican I might add. Of course, back when he played football nobody talked about politics in football. Nobody talked about politics much at all. You watched football because you loved football.

Now we have this kami kazi news media who decides who they will "kill" and who they will not. How do we change that? Why are we letting them decide? It's time to figure this out, folks. I want more John Elways in life and lot less news media decisions. These creeps don't know a thing and they should not be shaping the way our kids think or how we view people. They should be giving us the information we WANT TO HEAR not giving us information that is NOT TRUE and to THEIR political advantage.

This is why it's so important to have both sides represented. We have a CHOICE. When given a CHOICE the Dems lose...and they know it. That's why they are trying to take it away from us.

Let's TEBOW the news media and figure it out.

Cain...The far-left's worst nightmare.

So as we gaze upon the media-slander fest going on right now against Cain....We are not the least bit shocked or surprised.

I'm actually surprised it took them this long. What a threat Cain is to the Democratic party. He is a strong, black conservative. Their eyeballs are rolling around the back of their heads they are so perplexed. Their entire race-baiting strategy is destroyed when the black conservatives knock them flat on their backs. I mean...They've been buying the black vote for DECADES. They've spent enormous time and money rewriting history. They DESERVE the black vote, right?


Of course, there's always a reason this happens. I'm sure if you dig deep today you'll find a small headline somewhere the WH does not want the media to focus on. Something is being hidden. That's the way this mafia WH works. Perhaps it's the lame remark Obama made about Pelosi becoming speaker again in 2013. I don't know about you but I had to hold back the waves of nausea when I heard THAT one.

I hope some brilliant and creative conservative can go back in time and collect a "best of" collection of "horrifying moments of Nancy Pelosi's time as speaker". There were so many...but well worth the trip down memory lane.

We will NOT forget how helpless and frustrated we felt when the Dems had total control. It was like watching your loved ones being tortured and you were powerless to stop it. They were rude...mean spirited....and ugly. U-G-L-Y. Reid and Pelosi said things and did things that true leaders don't do. They did what dictators do. They completely ignored the people. No matter how unpopular something was if it forwarded their cause of socialism they shoved it down our throats and then laughed in our faces that we could not stop it. They lied through their teeth over and over. They were insulting. Nancy Pelosi saying "You don't need to know how the fridge light open the door and it just does" makes my skin crawl even now.

And how could we forget the gavel? The deliberate race-baiting and race card accusations. Getting members of the black caucus to LIE and try to provoke an act of racism (that NEVER HAPPENED) by walking thru the Tea Party crowd who had every right to be there to state their displeasure at Obamacare.

She called Tea Party grandmothers "racist mobs". When people began protesting loudly at town hall meetings...which they had never in their lives done but felt SOO FRUSTRATED by the Dems who WOULD NOT LISTEN they felt compelled to. According to Nancy we're supposed to sit quietly like good like peasants and let them destroy our country. When the Dems want to protest something it's patriotic. When the GOP protests they are suddenly "racist mobs".

No, Barry, we're not forgetting the nightmare that was Nancy Pelosi. And we haven't forgotten Reid either. Fortunately, for our country, these two old geezers will not be around much longer so our future is safe. But I can guarantee you this...She won't be speaker again....EVER.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Karma is a Powerful Thing

Sorry for the inconsistent posts. It's the season when I work extra for Christmas money...Priorities are priorities ya know.

Anyway, I'm very pleased to see the "glory" of OWS finally whimpering out. The dirty hippie wannabes defecating in the streets of NYC are, after all, wearing thin on the public. Who would have thought? Good paid help is so hard to find these days, huh? I actually put this in the category of good or bad karma. This movement is so full of bad karma it ooozes. No pun intended.

Jason Mattera, my hero, is getting grief from Joe Biden's office. Seems the whiny VP doesn't like the fact that he got ambushed. He didn't have time to give a polished, talking point answer that was cleared by his PR consultants. He had to actually answer to false claims he made. The truth is murder, rape, crime in general is way down much to the chagrin of Democrats. See, socialists can't cause mischief unless their is chaos and anarchy. This is why they attack our culture and religion so much. Americans in general are a happy bunch. We like our holidays and we like our traditions. As bad as the economy is Americans find a way. We help each other out. There's always going to be a base level of crime no matter what we do. Statistically, that's just the way it is. But for the most part 99% of our population is doing just fine. Democrats are trying their best to ruin things enough to cause chaos and strife. They're trying to inject racial division. They're trying to drum up riots at these protests. The liberal hippies of the 60s and 70s have sent their hippie children out into the streets and look at them. They're dirty. They're rude. They're spoiled. They're whining about the $5,000 Mac lap tops being stolen.

Is this REALLY all the Dems got?

Winter is coming. It will be fun to watch these idiots taking a poop when it's 15 degrees and snowing. The rest of us will be warm and cozy in front of the fire opening Christmas presents. Cheers hippies. I hope that statue of Mao keeps you warm.

There's really not a lot else going on, is there? I still find the whole Gadaffi situation disturbing. I think Obama is opening a bunch of can of worms. He's methodically deposing the moderate Arab leaders which is going to put into power radical Islamic governments. That should be interesting, huh? Seems eerily familiar to the time when Jimmy Carter was in power and didn't have a clue what the hell he was doing. This president seriously has no clue what he is doing. He's got a huge chip on his shoulder about ideals he grew up with from afar so he is trying to tick off his list of priorities. He hates Britain. He hates the US. He buys into the European "The US is the root of all problems". He thinks if he knocks us down a few pegs the rest of the world that hates us will naively leave us alone. He's got some creepy obsession thing going with his drones. He acts like he's got his own personal hit squad.

As I said before...Karma is a powerful thing. Obama has a LOT of karma and it's not the good kind.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hollyweird Needs to Get a Life

First, let me say that my viewing habits on TV are limited. Although I have a TV no less than 3 feet from my desk and it's on pretty much the entire day, I am very picky about what I watch.

I do not watch ANY show on the alphabet channels. Period. The only exception to that would be NFL football games and that's only because I HAVE to. If it's not a particularly interesting game I won't watch it. I have completely stopped watching ESPN and will not watch ESPN even if it were the only channel that played football games.

There is no reason whatsoever for politics and sports to be interconnected yet the liberal bias of sportscasters has gotten unacceptable. So if you're a sportscaster and you make known that you're liberal....I will NOT watch you, your show, or any game you announce. Period.

Tragically, the NFL has allowed itself to be pistol whipped by liberals and has gotten dragged into the whiny, political, ugly world of politics and I find this disgusting. I love watching football, so hopefully it will not get so bad I stop watching. But if they DO decide to continue their liberal leanings my football fan days will come to an end. Football has always been fun. We're all Americans and we all love football. There are no colors or race in football. Some of my favorite heroes are football players. These are mentors to our young people. They do good things for people...and when they are jerks or do something bad the NFL punishes them and holds them responsible for their actions. Unless of course you're Michael Vick and Obama endorses your behavior which is what I mean....I'm DONE with the liberal leanings of football.

The NFL would stand to lose a MAJORITY of their money if they jump in the pool with liberals. Just saying.

The same goes with Hollywood. I don't know about you but I'm noticing lately the absolute GARBAGE that TV is cranking out lately. Let's see....It started with the Discovery/TLC world. First they tried to brainwash us with their global warming LIES. Show after show of completely biased, fabricated NONSENSE 95% of which can be disputed in the science world.

I do not want some stupid person in Hollywood with a liberal sick mind deciding what I want to watch on TV. I do not need to watch cartoons or fake graphics of dinosaurs eating each other in some "pretend" show. How weird is that? How can these people think they know absolutely, positively, what dinosaurs did 100 million years ago? They don't. They are guessing. But they keep doing these shows claiming absolute science when in reality there is no such thing.

I do not want to watch red neck women acting like total idiots getting married. It demeans marriage. Anybody with brains know these people are acting this way on purpose to get paid. It makes fun of marriage. Yet, we have all these shows mocking marriage on TV. They are disgusting. Thank GOD for David Tuttera.

I do not want to watch any reality show. PERIOD. I do not care how rich celebrities live. The only "reality" show I watch is Gene Simmons and that's because I like Gene Simmons and he's not a liberal zombie. I'm actually surprised they let him do this show because he's very outspoken recently.....

One show that particularly irks me is this "Downsized" show. First of all, this is a family in California. It's a big family and it show cases how "tough" life is for these people...who live in huge houses...with new cars....and drink Starbucks coffee and have expensive Iphones....and designer clothes....and computers...and shall I go on? Don't whine to me about how tough life is because you can't buy your Starbucks coffee three times a day. You live in California. You voted for the bozos in your state who have ruined it. YOU voted for the people who let illegals take over and drive the state into bankruptcy. YOU don't stand up and confront the racist larazza people who are the most racist people since the Black Panthers. Don't whine to me on TV about rough your life is when YOU are the ones who would rather save a minnow than employ 60,000 farmers.I have no sympathy for ANYBODY in California. Period.

So right now my viewing pleasure is basically cooking shows on the Food channel and House Hunters. I particularly like House Hunters International because it shows how you can go to Sweden and buy a house that has 300 square feet for $800,000. That's pretty much the story in Europe. If you want to see what standard of living we have in the US watch that show. You can go to France and live in a closet for $750,000 or come here and buy an entire house with a YARD with 1300 square feet for less than $100,000. It's right there on the show.

I enjoy the cooking shows but they're beginning to get a little ridiculous. "Extreme Chef" is stupid. I guess they are getting bored with themselves because they keep trying to come up with wild ways to cook.

I do NOT like the rich, snobby chef shows, though. Bravo has gotten bad about this. Who are these rich, snobby chefs? Why do they have to come off so jerkish? Of course, Anthony Bourdain is amongst the worst of them. He actually thinks he's all that. Again, we get in with the rich, snob, liberal GARBAGE that infests Hollywood. These people actually took government subsidies to fund a train ride in wine country in California and I can bet you some snobby, California chefs had a hand in it. So the California snobs can keep it. I'm not watching your shows. They made the mistake of having Nancy Pelosi on one of their shows...that was the end of my watching that show.

Hollywood has an agenda. They're trying to dumb down the public. They want to change our culture. They have taxed themselves out of business in California...nobody wants to do a movie there because of it. So they put these idiotic shows on TV A) to showcase what hicks Americans are B) to showcase their liberal agenda. It's all over the place. From Bob Barker whale boats to shows that promote polygamy to their deliberate "robe malfunctions" to Hollywood's cursing and profane behavior.

Americans aren't buying into it, though. I have an entire library of DVDs folks. I don't have to watch their garbage and won't. Pay attention....Know what you're watching...and use the power of the finger. Don't give these people their ratings. Don't buy their products. Don't get sucked into watching their fake reality shows. Know who they are and what they stand for. It is OUR choice what to watch. Not theirs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy 2012

So, how's that protest going for you?

The president spent yesterday campaigning, bashing the GOP. Is that really anything new? Hasn't he pretty much done that for three years? Think about it. The only thing this guy has done is ram his agenda down our throat and then call us a bunch of whiners and complainers and then lied about the GOP.

That's not what leadership is. That's a dictatorship.

A leader leads. He/She listens to the people he is supposed to be leading. He makes you feel safe, secure, happy that you are doing good, that the rough times will get better, that all the world is safe.

Honestly, when was the last time you felt anything like that with this president? If you're like me you're holding your breath hoping all our worst enemies think it's some kind of trap so they won't take advantage of it.

I can remember watching when Jimmy Carter was president.It was about this bad. Believe it or not it was the first time Americans had been threatened by radial Islam. The freaks in Iran looked very scary. I remember watching the mobs of thugs thinking "This isn't the last time we're going to hear from these people". It also made no sense to me whatsoever why they hated us so much. It STILL makes no sense, actually. They have just been brainwashed into believing we're evil. I would equate it to prejudice. Most people do not realize that in Islamic countries most people go to religious school. They are not taught an education unless they travel overseas and if they do they usually are given dire warnings about things.The people who stay put are just brainwashed to hate us....they're brainwashed about their religion....brainwashed to hate other religions. So much so even the people who doubt keep quiet for fear of being killed themselves. We've been putting up with this nonsense since Jimmy Carter. It has not gotten has gotten worse, obviously, as evidenced by 9/11.

I'm not sure why Obama has kept up with the war on terror. Obviously, he is privy to information most of us are not so it must be pretty darn bad if he is worried about it. He's done everything in his power to destroy our economy and take all the money he can get his greedy hands on. I suppose he thinks the Islamic freaks threaten his "King of the World" dream. That's all I can figure. He can't be king if they're trying to blow him up all the time. He certainly doesn't give a crap about the rest of us. Have you ever seen a president like that?

Can you even believe we elected him?? All I know is, this guy is headed for the trash heap of history and 2012 can't get here fast enough. And there is hell to pay in the next year. Every ugly socialist and communist is going to be whining and crying and trying to intimidate us. It's time to be good parents, folks. You don't let your spoiled brat children ruin the house. You have to discipline them sooner or later or they grow up to be ungrateful jerks. Time to deal with the ungrateful jerks no matter how obnoxious they are.What Obama and the Dems are doing are desperation. They don't want the brats to turn on THEM so they are feigning support. They also have paid lip service to all the far-left socialist groups that have put these people up to this stupid behavior. Code Pink visits the WH on a regular basis. During George Bush's term CP used to run ads on terrorist websites offering a reward to anyone who would kidnap our president. Yeah. You didn't hear about that, did you? They also went to Egypt and helped organize the "uprising". Yeah. Didn't hear about that either, did you? They were the same group that used to camp out at George Bush's ranch in Texas....all eight of them.

Yep, it's time that we, as parents, be the grown ups and realize that if we allow these socialist and communist groups to proliferate they will grow out of control. We have the freedom in this country to think and have whatever stupid opinion you want. You do NOT, however, have the right to destroy the country or disrupt it on a constant basis. If you're eating in a restaurant and your child is have to get up and take them outside.If you don''re a jerk. This is the same thing going on with the far left. Al Gore and his nonsense in 2000 started this crap. Do we clamp down on people who have a right to protest? No, and nor should we.

Do we take away their piggy bank? Yes....we do. Just like the freaks at Westboro Church who harass and act like assholes...The far left does not have the right to destroy this country. They cannot use their rights as a means to destroy us.They can't destroy our country by attacking companies with environmental laws. They can't destroy companies by threatening to boycott or harass them.They can't pilfer our country for money to keep doing the evil things they are doing. It is time protect our country against these thugs.

Occupy 2012.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So the White House and its political advisers contact the far-left unions and socialist groups that helped get Boy King elected and met with the news media spokespersons. There's too much negative stuff being said about the president and the economy. Not to mention, Solyndra and Fast and Furious are getting much too difficult to ignore. Even though the media has done a very good job of not reporting the FF and Solyndra scandals, now that the GOP has ample evidence and the means to subpoena Holder and company, it's just too hard to censor.

So this is what we are going to do. We had tried earlier to get the Occupy Wall Street protests started but they fizzled. There's just not enough's not big enough. So the unions and the George Soros groups need to hire some people. Get a few thousand people out there, and a handful of cities get a few small groups out to protest and blow this thing way up! Just like when the Cindy Sheehan Code Pink folks protested at Bush's ranch. Remember that? There were only 8 people there but watching the news night after night you would have thought it was massive...with thousands of people. So this is the same thing. Put a few thousand people in it a "global uprising". Put it as the headline story and tell people there are huge protests all around the world (you like thousands of countries) and make it sound like it's a massive protest.

This will get the economic bad news off the headlines and distract people from the Solyndra and Fast and Furious scandals. That's the important thing. Just like during the 2008 election we controlled the message. That was our most successful achievement, right? Anne Duncan explained it beautifully. We wouldn't let the news media pick which news stories to cover...we steered the message. WE determined what they would talk about. That way we can keep them off the negative stuff and keep them talking about what WE want to talk about.

If we get everybody distracted from the economy, how terrible it is doing, the unemployment rate, all the policies that have failed...that's how we can succeed. See, it doesn't matter if the OWS people are rowdy and do stupid things. In fact...the more the better. It keeps them in the headlines. Hell, if you throw in a Nazi endorsement that's got to be good for at least a week, right?

So let's go with this plan. I think we can distract the public long enough for the unemployment talk and the Solyndra and Fast and Furious scandals to blow over and give Boy King time to get out and bash the GOP over the jobs bill. I mean, we don't really want to create jobs. We're just using the title as a campaign slogan. I mean, hell, the jobs bill has never been about creating jobs. HA HA. It's just the title of it. It is really amazing how stupid Americans are. You can tell them anything and they believe it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Day Fighting The Marxist President We Elected

So how important is Fast and Furious and Solyndra? Well let me give you a clue...99%.

All the noise about these protests...which are at best a few thousand people....has the backing of the news media of course. Would we expect anything less? When did you ever believe anything the news media says? Exactly.

The Democrats have become so desperate at this point they actually believe their only hope to winning the next election is to create some grand worldwide chaos. Like this is going to win over the country.

I have a news flash for the Democrats. If they think they can create some kind of disaster that will allow them to prevent the next election....They're going to find out real quick what it like when 200,000 million people get into their cars and drive to Washington, DC. In fact, I'm willing to bet the military would be more than happy to fly the Obama's and the rest of the Democratic stooges into exile for us.

A few corrupt news organizations and a socialist, Marxist president does not have the power to take our country away from us. But the constitution does. The people do. We do. And we will.

It's actually quite funny. These leftover hippies from the 60s and 70s, who probably smoked one or two joints way too many, have been sitting around ruminating about their utter failure since then. They've sat around brooding, figuring out how they can actually do what it was they were trying to do then.

If they had been patient and smart they probably could have pulled it off. The Global Warming scam was a nice touch but thanks to the Russians it fell flat on its face. What possessed the socialists to decide that taking a dump on the American flag at some Marxist protests would win the hearts of Americans is beyond me.

In fact, they had to pay these scumbags to go to these protests. Look at them. So take a wild guess how many of them will be there when it snows and is 20 degrees outside?? Perhaps Obama plans on busing in trailers for them.

So lets get back to the original thought. Solyndra and Fast and Furious are two separate scandals that will most likely see people going to prison. Eric Holder especially....and if Obama is extremely lucky he won't be impeached. All this noise they are trying to create to get the news media to focus on instead of SOLYNDRA and Fast and Furious is not going to work.

The president of this country and his attorney general GAVE ASSAULT WEAPONS to drug cartels in Mexico and then LIED TO THE CONGRESS about it. They gave them these assault weapons for what purpose? To set up some kind of SCAM for their gun control legislation.

Not that the liberals think they have to follow the law or constitution or anything.

Now they think they can drum up some kind of "socialist revolution" to take over the country.

This is called "Desperation 101" folks. We've been warning you that the next election cycle would get ugly. Well here's your ugly. A president of our country is actually backing a SOCIALIST REVOLUTION to stay in power because he can't defend his actions in his first term. The people reject his policies and he resorts to a "socialist revolution" to stay in power. He and his far left socialist buddies (with George Soros's money) think they can pay a bunch of GOONS to scare the public and drum up violence to disrupt the next election.

I've got a news flash for them. IT WILL NOT WORK.

Thank you, Democrats, for showing your hand at this Poker game. The world can finally know with 100% certainty what this president and what the Democratic party is all about. It's about destroying our country. It's about destroying capitalism. It's about taking our culture and throwing it in the dumpster and trying to make us into something we are not.

Good try....and I hope you enjoy your exile.

It took 12 years after Jimmy Carter for people to trust the Democrats enough to elect them to power. It will take DECADES next time. But don't be fooled. They won't go away even after we throw them out of power. They will be there...doing their best with the money they stole from the "stimulus" disrupt this country. It is our job to make sure we track these people down and root them out. The GOP will have to clean house and find every last tentacle of this disease the Democrats have given our country.

Freedom should never be taken for granted. This is the lesson we have learned.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Good Thing About the Socialist Protests on Wall Street

Remember three years ago? Remember how whenever anyone in the GOP even uttered the word "socialism" the left screamed "conspiracy theory". We were "extremists" for saying such a thing. They scoffed at us. "Ridiculous" they'd say. The liberal media would even joke about it...

They don't joke about it any more. They've been too busy trying to convince lazy people who don't want to work how "great" socialism is. The left is too busy trying to tell people "You'll never have the American dream because capitalism is GREEDY and EVIL and the only people who get the American dream are rich and evil and don't want to share their money with you."

So we've gone from "Well, that's just RIDICULOUS...The conservatives are hysterical. They are EXTREMISTS. There's no socialism threat here. They're saying that because they are RACIST." to...."Socialism isn't bad. It's not "really"'s just FAIR. Rich people shouldn't have so much money."

Make no mistake about it. Obama and his socialist buddies have played their hand at Poker. There's no more question about it. They can't squawk about "extremists" or "conspiracies" or anything else they want to label it. This is a bonafide socialist NUDGE and the left is not even attempting to disguise it.

Everything they are doing now is designed to nudge the country toward socialism. They know their time is up. They know the country is against them. They know their chances of winning a second term i.e. changing the country are over. Now it's all out class warfare. Their only hope is to trick us.

I believe the Wall Street protests are a calculation. The left never does anything unless it is a calculated move. They're like chess players. As stupid as these protests look to most Americans to the left it's just a warm up to the big events they have planned. They still can't get the protests they want because too many people are happy. The economy, as bad as it is, is not bad enough yet. But trust me, Boy King is working on it. You can be rest assured he is hard at work regulating away trying to dismantle the stable country that we love.

Time will tell how horrible it will really get. But I do know one thing. Americans are not European. Americans are smarter than the left thinks we are. If the left thinks that an entire generation of Baby Boomers who spent their entire lives educated about the evils of communism is going to let this country hand over its freedom they've miscalculated in a major way.

Never in my life time did I imagine that we'd be at this point in history. It has been a wake up call to say the least. But the good thing about all of this...The left is so desperate it had to show its hand in this Poker game. We all know now what they stand for. We know now that our leader is not leading us to a prosperous America. He is leading us toward socialism. He has scores to settle and he's using our country to settle it. He is not honest nor truthful. He is a snake oil salesman. And he can't have our country.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Herman Cain...Poetic Justice

When you hear the phrase "global movement" you know for sure this is a socialist push.

So what would it look like if it becomes inevitable that Obama will be a one-term president? You're seeing it folks. Socialism in all its glory.

The Soros/Van Jones communist push that wants to make this a "global movement" is really just a giant push for communism. They have been planning this for months. The Arab Spring was their warm up. If you think all these weird things going on the past few years were just coincidence think again. This is an old fashioned socialist push. I do not for one minute believe this was just all by chance. This has been the plan all along. Boy King has been weakening our country and the socialists behind him are doing the dirty work.

Glenn Beck has all kinds of information to back up these claims. Every single thing he has reported has happened. Name one thing he has predicted that has not can't. Because what he says is true.

Will it be successful? I don't think so. Americans are not European. We're a lot more educated and a lot more spoiled. We're not about to hand our country over to a bunch of communist goons who want to destroy our country. But of course, there will be hell to pay for how much we've allowed them to pilfer the country. It's going to take extremely good leadership on the conservative side to shed ourselves from these fleas but we can do it. We have the smarts to fix will just take determination and effort to keep the politicians on task.

The limp, soggy, compromise crowd of John McCain have GOT to go. If there is anybody I blame most for all this nonsense it's the John McCain Compromise crowd. They just rolled over and played dead the past ten years and allowed socialists to seize control of way too many things and to this day they have no freaking clue what happened.

Words of wisdom to Romney. Either you get it or you don't. If you fail to recognize the threat of the socialist push you will find yourself NOT electable. Americans want to see authority and they want a candidate that is strong enough to clean house.

But we have to be careful not to buy into the propaganda that the left wing media is trying to undercut Romney with. The left knows EXACTLY what to say to the public to turn people against Romney. They know his weaknesses. Don't fall for their crap. For this reason it gets tricky.

Right now Herman Cain is the wild card. The left doesn't know what to do with him. He was not in their equation of calculation. They can't attack him too much because they have built their entire strategy around "The GOP is RACIST" meme. Herman Cain completely destroys that strategy. I see great things for Herman Cain....and I see black conservatives playing a MAJOR role in the GOP regaining power.

It's kind of like poetic justice, isn't it?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Because the News Media Says Something Doesn't Mean It Is True

We've always know the news media was dishonest...this is nothing new. Before Fox news most of us were forced to watch the alphabet news and swallow the biased garbage with a grain of salt. They didn't use to be as biased as they are now. Or at least not so blatantly biased. They have ALWAYS had a liberal leaning but that came with the territory. Now, they don't even try to disguise their disdain for conservatives and coordinate their attacks openly.

Let's take Herman Cain as an example. He's the latest star for the GOP that is gaining in popularity. So what does the liberal news media do? What they always do. They coordinate their attacks. We will start hearing and seeing headlines about a bunch of stupid things that will negatively impact people's opinion. This is what they do. They try to slander and trash the right at every turn.

But Americans are growing wise to this. Ever since Dan Quayle was so brutally treated back in the days of Bush Sr. the liberal news media has enjoyed this tactic. Sarah Palin is another example. It never ends. They will continue to do this because they are determined to opinionate the public to turn the country into a group of mindless people who naively believe every piece of dribble that slobbers from their mouths.

Just because they say something...doesn't mean it's true. In fact, most of the time it is not. Diane Sawyer and her "1000 or more countries" is a good example. It's time for the alphabet liberal mob squad to move on. We're a country with endless sources of news. Conservatives have finally taken hold on the internet and pass along information easily. This of course alarms the left. They also hate talk radio. No liberal can successfully keep a talk radio show a float because the country never likes them. Oprah has even gotten so desperate she had to create her own network to keep her liberal voice alive. Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh...KINGS of talk shows. Their ratings blow out any and all the left can muster.

We're still a free country....for now. Trust me, without any doubt I suspect the left will try to disrupt and manipulate the free flow of information in the next 12 months as much as they possibly can. But the fear is already there. Americans FEAR this president and the socialist agenda he represents. At no time in my life have I seen an overwhelming majority of the people truly "believe" that socialism is a real threat. They do recognize it and they are against it.

Shutting down conservative news, radio, TV, or internet will drive Americans in historic numbers to the polls to eliminate this president from power. There is NOTHING that the GOP could do to more encourage the American people to vote than what the left is already doing.

The only thing we have to worry about is Obama trying to disrupt the voting process. This is a real threat going around in conservative circles. That somehow the left will create anarchy and create enough violence that a suspension of the election will occur. The left keeps playing with this in stories (Jessee Jackson Jr., and that Joker look-alike in NC) and we all know the golden rule of the Democrats....Whatever they accuse the right of doing THEY are the ones doing it.

If that were to happen trust me, there would be a march on DC the likes of George Washington would be proud of. The vacuum of people descending on the White House would scare the living daylights out of DC. If the far left wants to be nasty and ugly and continue trying to divide people that is one thing. But eliminating our right to vote is a whole different ball game. If they even contemplate over. The DNC would officially be destroyed.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anti-American Socialists---Shameful and Disgusting

So the socialists are getting their protests. Thanks to the uneducated voter and the money of the labor unions, our "green jobs czar" Van Jones, and other assorted communist groups who have worked painstakingly for the past year to organize them.

Naturally, the liberal news media is helping to cheer them along. Diane Sawyer even claiming that "over 1000 countries are participating". Never mind that there are ONLY 195 COUNTRIES worldwide. Facts don't get in the way of Liberal propaganda it seems. Or perhaps she took the same history class Obama did when he learned about "our 58 states".

It's sad and disappointing. I remember how shameful the 1970s protests were. They were anti-American then and are the same now. Look on Yahoo and other liberal social sites and you see the same hippy-loving themes. These are not spontaneous nor are they new. It's the same exact socialist groups that hate our country who are USING and EXPLOITING our children and minority groups. They were shameful then and are shameful now. We swore it would NEVER happen again...yet here they are.

If they hate our country so much why don't they just leave? It would sure make us all a lot happier wouldn't it?

Now we see Holder distracting the news media with his "sudden announcement" of catching some Iranian terrorist plot. Coincidentally, on the same day that he is being served a subpoena for his involvement in Fast and Furious. What a COINCIDENCE! Amazing isn't it? He gets busted selling thousands of weapons to drug cartels when Americans and Mexicans get killed...but he comes up with some grand news conference to distract people from it.

I have never in my life seen a more dishonest time in government. We are truly at a point in history when we must cleanse the filth from Washington. It's not about left and right now. It's about criminal activity and anti-American sentiment. Our enemies have power and we have to take our country back. These are socialists dismantling our country. They are pounding private business into the ground. They are lying to people. They are intimidating the news media. They are spreading propaganda and evoking class warfare to turn us against each other. And it's only the beginning. We have 13 long months to go, folks.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Delusional World of Socialists in The DNC

Awwwww. Poor communists.

They just can't get a rowdy communist protest going to save their lives, can they? While CNN and the liberal news media drools over their communist protest Americans look on in disgust.

Most people interviewed have no idea what they are protesting about. This has become more about stupid people who have a gripe and nothing better to do.

I find it amusing that these protesters are all wandering about wearing their designer clothes tweeting on their Iphones drinking Starbucks coffee complaining about banks.Most of them have jobs. The protesters in Washington, DC are actually complaining about Obama! But of course you won't see Brian Williams saying that.

See, Liberals who think like this stick to the same script. They don't want to see the reality of the situation. They only see and hear what is good for the liberals. They don't look at facts. Facts to liberals are pesky, annoying things.

But MOST people do. Most people will go to Drudge. They will go to Hotair. They will go to both liberal and conservative websites and see what the truth is. The MAJORITY of Americans see it for what it is. Not for what the liberal news media has packaged it as.

No longer do we depend on the liberal news media to package our news for us. We've learned that they don't tell us the truth. We've learned that we can find out all sorts of things if we look around. This is the reality of today. The socialists don't get that. Socialists depend on stupid people.

The sheeple. The unhappy, aggravated, entitled annoying person who wants to blame somebody. You know...the people JUST LIKE OBAMA. You know how he whines and complains and boo-hoos because he can't get away with anything? They're just like that.

Did you see the photos on Drudge that showed Obama showing a book about himself to a class of kids? Doesn't that look sad? Can he be more in love with himself?? I think he really believes that the DNC chose him to be "the one" because they thought he was great or something. They didn't choose him because he was great. They chose him because they wanted to EXPLOIT him to win. They had an agenda. They thought they could win the majority and that the American people were so scared of a racial backlash they could use it as a tool to stay in the majority. They've been using the race card ever since he was elected.

But see, socialists aren't very bright. For socialist movements to work you need a population of totally stupid people. Americans aren't totally stupid. We might have our quirks but we're not total idiots. And we like our toys.

Hollywood is working on it, though, aren't they?? Have you noticed the GARBAGE they are trying to shove down our throats on TV lately?? Are you as sick as I am of the BULLS*** shows that they are putting on TV? I'm finding my DVR is working over time lately. The only thing I watch on TV are cooking shows and House Hunters. And Charmed re-runs. That's it. The rest is CRAP. A bunch of redneck, idiotic, garbage. This is what Hollywood wants us to watch. Liberal Hollywood. Lucky for us we can TIVO, DVR, and DVD what we want to watch and tell Hollywood where to stick it.

Remember, folks. The dumber we are the better chance the socialists have. We have a long road to climb to get to November 2012. Obama is in a sticky position now. In order to get the American people to the deprived dumb level he needs to sweep a socialist movement through the country successfully the worse he has to destroy our economy. But the more he destroys the economy the less likely it is he can win an election.

Seriously, does he honestly believe he can win?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Do You Get It Yet?

The socialists are mobilizing across the country to provoke protests. Violence is usually a preferred method in socialist upheavals. So getting dumb, idiotic, brainless people to protest and cause violence is their answer.

They are also shutting down meat packaging plants, dairy farms, chicken farms and the like. See, it's hard to provoke a socialist revolution when people are fat and happy. This has actually been going on for quite a few years now. All the sad commercials of "tortured puppies and kittens" where they want your money is a SCAM by vegan groups. They use the donated money to legally fight the meat and dairy farms.

Boy King and his socialist buddies have been putting this all together for years. Don't think it just popped out of nowhere. These are the same useful idiots from the 60s and 70s. They were socialists then and they are socialists now. Luckily for all of us, Boy King has become so completely blatant in his obvious anti-capitalism stance he can't hide behind it any more. All the regulations he passes, all the tax burdens, the nonsense that spews from his mouth.....75% of the people see EXACTLY what he is doing.

The other 25% wander around aimlessly drooling because they don't have the brains to think for themselves. In an interview today on Fox the reporter asked a protester "So if you are successful in removing capitalism what do you intend to replace it with?" The kid got that deer in the headlights look. He had no idea.

Another useful idiot claimed that if a CEO offered her a job today she would refuse to take it. So let me get this straight...YOU don't want to work for the "capitalist CEO" so you think you can just sit at home and do nothing and the rest of us are going to pay taxes so you can lay around like a slug and be righteous?

I don't think so.

Fat, happy people don't riot. So what do socialists do? They target the food industry. They target the industries that MAKE our food. They attack the farmers who grow our food. They attack the gas prices of the trucks that deliver our food. They attack the companies that give us jobs so we run out of money.

Get the picture yet?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's 1979 and Time for Carter to Go

Some days it's hard to figure out which lie the Democrats are using to talk about. There are so many.

I am reminded today of Jimmy Carter. If feels like it did back in 1979 when Carter was president and we were all in a state of "malaise". The economy sucked. The hostages were being humiliated. Carter was president and there wasn't a damn thing we could do about it. He goes on TV and gives a depressing speech lecturing us that all our problems were OUR FAULT. Sound familiar? He told us he was cutting back on our energy because we were using too much of it. He told us we had to suffer. He told us we were just going to have to live with it and that our good days were behind us....and we told him to hit the road.

Immediately after Carter got thrown to the curb our economy got better. The Iranians backed down and released the hostages because they knew Reagan was coming. Reagan did all the right things. He did what was right for the country but most importantly he made us love our country again.

The Democrats don't love our country. They think it is wrong and needs to be changed. They hate the constitution because it obstructs them from doing all the socialist agenda items on their checklist. Our founding fathers wrote the constitution SPECIFICALLY to protect us from bozos like them.

I don't see a Ronald Reagan running for president in 2012. Mitt Romney talks a good game but his track record proves otherwise. He is just another McCain. He says what conservatives want to hear so he can get elected but then he compromises and plays the same political games that the Dems do. Lindsay Graham does that as well. Don't even get me started on McCain. If that guy had gotten elected we would probably be sitting in the same exact position we are now. It's hard to tell if he is really even Republican or not.

My opinion is that all the Republicans who have been in leadership roles in the 2000s are all guilty of allowing the Pelosi era gain power. They got caught up in the Dem's games and played along instead of sticking with the program. I loved George Bush because I believe he truly did the right things for the right reasons but his "taking the high road" with the Dems gave them too much power and it is one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in now. So for me the next Republican leader has to be smarter and has to be cunning enough to out maneuver the far-left who has no love for our country whatsoever.

The left wants to kill Santa Claus. They want to kill the Easter Bunny. They want to destroy our culture and take our country into the wrong direction. They hate religion and it shows. The left has been taken over by socialists and I want them all purged from positions of power. I used to think it was healthy to have both sides and now I no longer believe that.

I hope Chris Christie runs. He's not the perfect Republican but he's smart. He's cunning. He could wipe the floor with Obama in a debate and frankly I would pay money to see that. He wouldn't be the perfect candidate but who would be? Romney really is Obama-Lite. Perry is too weak on Immigration and I suspect that is because he wants to court the Hispanic vote...which is ridiculous.

I love Sarah Palin but as of late I have my doubts. I do trust her and I love how she zings the left and zings the RINOs but stringing us along all this time has worn thin on me. Is she cunning enough to out maneuver the left? I don't know. As much as I love her anti-Washington circle-ness I don't know if she has enough experience to out maneuver the socialists who are entrenching themselves in Washington. She does not have a lot of time to turn around the slander that the left has smeared her with and she would have to do that in order to get elected. Tick tock. Tick tock.

We have a lot of work to do. We're getting closer but we're not quite there yet.

The one thing I'm certain of is that Boy King has got to go. He is the biggest liar I've seen in my life time and the biggest scam artist we've had as leader. The news media is responsible for covering up his record and for giving him a pass. If we've learned anything from this past 4 years it is that we can't trust Hollywood or the news media. That's the only positive thing we can take from this experience.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


More and more people are opening their eyes and realizing the socialist infection that the Pelosi era spread throughout Washington. Take Elizabeth Warren for example. Nobody gets rich by themselves.

They believe that all money belongs to everyone. This is socialist ideology 101. It does not take rocket science to figure this out.

Go to Cuba and see the standard of living we could all enjoy if we naively and stupidly think this way. Do you honestly think YOU are going to the lifestyle that Elizabeth Warren is living right now? Afraid not.

No...The socialists who are desperately hoping that Americans are as stupid and naive as they believe they are have NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of living like the rest of us peasants. See, they will be too busy vacationing in the Bahamas to worry about us little people. THEY will be the ruling class, you see. THEY will be the dictators who set up all the rules for us...They KNOW BETTER.

Why these people got such a grip in Washington is beyond me...and it makes me hate Karl Rove even more. It makes me angry that Republicans in the past decade have turned a blind eye to it and have allowed it to get this far. It makes me angry that EVEN TO THIS DAY Republicans are afraid to say the "socialist" word for fear of being called "an extremist".

HELL YEAH! I'm an extremist. And I have some extreme news for you! You can bet your bottom dollar I am not going to let these socialists take over my country. And whatever Republican wants to bury his head in the dirt and deny the fact that these far-left socialist idiots are ruining my country...can find his butt in the street unemployed the next election.

The time for guessing is OVER. These socialists have an agenda and they are willing to sacrifice this entire country for it. They're not just going to hand over an election without a fight. They are going to play every dirty game, tell every ugly lie, and do whatever illegal, mafia-like, George Soros-loving trick in the book to buy their way to power so we can all live in some dirt shack somewhere with dial up while they go vacation in St. Lucas. Forget it! It is not going to happen.

The next election is not about whether Obama is too stupid to fix the economy. He has no intention of fixing the economy. We said it BEFORE he was elected and we say it now...He is doing this ON PURPOSE. He has done everything in his power to devalue our currency. He has put as many people as he possibly can on government assistance on PURPOSE. He is letting illegal immigrants flow across the border and sign up for welfare ON PURPOSE. The socialists want a ruling class...and the DUMBER WE ARE the more successful they will be.

We're smarter than this. And it's not over. We are going to win this fight and we are going to purge Washington of these socialist Mao-loving idiots whether they like it or not. And the GOP had better get with the program or they're going to get kicked out, too.

And if Mooochelle wants to wonder why we do so much to celebrate our flag...She can wonder all she wants somewhere else. The sooner we get back to loving our country again the better. This is OUR country and not theirs. If they don't like it they can leave.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Democrats and Hollywood...Both Headed for the Trash heap.

The demise of the Democratic Party. It's becoming apparent quick that Boy King is going to end up being a worse version of Carter...and there was a time that really seemed impossible. We all swore back in the day that it would never happen again but yet, here we are. It only takes one new generation that does not remember the misery that a far-left administration can inflict to cause such a calamity. A good team to run a campaign to scam the people and there you have it. Throw in a greedy news media who would rather stoke controversy and head lines than what is good for the country and you've got yourself a miserable country filled with unemployed people and a screwed up foreign policy.

Let's start with Europe. We only need to look across the Atlantic to see what our future holds if we don't start making some changes NOW. Yes, that means stop listening to idiotic "celebrities" who for some reason find themselves enamored by Europe. For years now they have bleated their love of Europe. Now keep in mind that these people are multi-millionaires who live a life style that none of us ever will. They could live anywhere on the planet in luxury so it doesn't matter where they go...but they're too stupid to realize that. No, they judge the quality of their lives based on who they are hanging out with, which headline they've been able to get the their paid consultants to get them on...and wouldn't know what a "real" person was if it ran into them on the street. And by the way...they'd pay them off if they did run into them in the street so they wouldn't get sued.

Listening to these privileged movie stars is not going to do a thing for our economy. Get over it. Face it, America. You've been watching too many reality shows on TV. In case you haven't noticed the selection of shows we have now to watch on TV it is downright embarrassing. I can't figure out WHY Hollywood thinks we are interested in these idiotic shows. Maybe it's why they show the commercials every 2.3 seconds with annoying repetition. It's almost comical if you think about it. You can watch the food channels which, let's see, some guy running around trying to stuff his face with 250 hot dogs and pork fat, or cooking competitions that dwell on how much butter you can finish your gravy off with but yet here we are being lectured by MOOOOchelle that we're all fat and need permission to eat french fries.

What happened to the actual INTERESTING educational shows that had no political background? Remember those? Was there ever a time that TLC, Discover, or National Geographic wasn't trying to brainwash us? I guess not. Now it seems that is all they do. Frankly, I don't like it and I don't watch it. And I have no interest in watching a bunch of shows that mock marriage or religion. I don't want to be brainwashed to believe that religion is evil. I don't want to be brainwashed to believe the liberal garbage they are trying to convince me of. Thirty years ago weathermen had sticky felt stick-on clouds that fell off maps instead of satellites. Don't tell me you have enough "research" to know that we are destroying the world. Don't tell me you know everything about dinosaurs. I have no interest in watching some animated fight between animals that don't exist and animals that you REALLY have no freaking clue about.

Hollywood has become so pathetic ....Seriously, what was the last good movie have you seen come out of California lately? You haven't seen one...why? Because the state is so regulated and controlled and taxed nobody wants to do a movie there any more. There is no freedom of creation. There is no freedom of thought. If you go to Hollywood you better damn well be a brainwashed robot who bleats liberal nonsense or else. Which is COMPLETELY opposite of the population. When did this happen?

When an actress sits up on the Emmy's and accuses the Tea Party of being racist when she has NO CLUE what the hell the Tea Party even's a sad day in our country. Hollywood their $2000 shoes telling US we're racist. A president who is doing his level best to destroy our economy and start trouble between classes of people. A socialist left that KNOWS that happy, employed, fed people don't riot or cause trouble. A political party that is so desperate to stay in power and have ABSOLUTE power that they would manipulate our way of life and start riots between us. What kind of sick people have we allowed to become our leaders? Why do we watch the shows that these elitist Hollywood people produce?

If they love Europe so much they can go live there. In the mean time, I'm watching my DVDs. I have no desire to watch Hollywood and its inflated egos and liberal brainwashing. If Matt Damon wants to bleat his nonsense he can do so without my money.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New York is "Too Jewish" For Democrats????

Well, I think the coverage of Obama's "Attack Watch" site has gone over well, don't you think? =) I enjoyed the political misfits video...hysterical. And if you are following their Twitter account it can provide you with endless enjoyment. Hours and hours...

I love Americans. You just can't get enough American sarcasm in my opinion.

Chuck Schumer came out yesterday and said that NY-9 was "too Jewish" for the Democrats to win.


Are we now is some sort of alternate reality? Did we fall through the worm hole? What the hell kind of statement is that? Pigs are flying, folks.

It's important to note that the Boy King goons are all pointing the finger at conservatives and saying it's our fault. We lie so much (they say) it "misinforms people". Boy King has "never" said or done anything to Israel...He "loves" Israel.....Uh huh.

That trick may work with his brain-dead anti-military crowd but it's NOT going to work with the Jewish voters. Actions speak louder than words my friend. Israel is on the brink of disaster on all borders and if anything bad happens Boy King is going to be answering for it. Plain and simple. Conservatives have NOTHING to do with any of the events going on in the Middle East. Besides Israel, Iraq is the only democracy out there. If Boy King wants to leave it cut and dry and let Iran take it over then we will pay the consequences.

As usual...We always pay the consequence once Democrats leave office, don't we?

At this point if the Democrats are not seriously considering getting Hillary to run against Obama then they are total fools. They have few options left. Boy King's team is getting increasingly desperate. The question is going to be whether they go for broke and implode or do they do the wise thing and get Hillary to run?

They MIGHT have a chance if Hillary ran but even that is in question at this point. They have done so much damage to the country I can't imagine even that working.

We should all be concerned about Boy King's childish ways. I doubt he will go away quietly in the night humiliated. His ego is so huge I don't see him doing that. I see something worse...and ugly. As happy as I am about the country waking up and FINALLY realizing what a crook he is...I am equally worried about our enemies. And I worry what he will do on his way out the door.

We have a bumpy year a head of us.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Communism and Its Many Ways

I see with great amusement the White House has decided to create it's own attack website. So liberal goons can "report" all the "smear attacks" against Boy King. If anybody says anything negative about BK they can get put on some kind of "list".

This is like creating some kind of hit list.

So, what exactly happens when websites get on this "list"? Are the socialist left Marxist communist GOONS going to come after us? Will we be targeted? Will our computers get hacked? Will the FBI break down my door and take my computer? What the hell kind of crazy crap is this?

What kind of leader of a country does this sort of thing? Oh, I dunno, how about Hugo Chavez? Castro? Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao.  OPPRESSIVE COMMUNIST REGIMES THAT IS WHO.

Can you imagine for just ONE SECOND how the left would have reacted if George Bush had done this?

Not only should people be outraged, they should be embarrassed that during a time when this guy is giving speech after speech attacking conservatives he is concentrating his energy into some website that is supposed to punish those who speak ill of HIM.

It's all about HIM isn't it?? If this doesn't show his true character then I do not know what does. It's something a 7th grader would do when a bunch of kids at school are giving him a hard time.

It also reveals the desperation the Democrats are feeling right now. If the country were doing good, if their policies were working, if nobody knew the truth behind all the crooked, shady, unconstitutional deals going on they wouldn't need to do this.

I remain convinced that this WH will target our freedom of speech between now and the next election. They will either disrupt how conservatives communicate or they will disrupt the election itself. OR...they will try to commit massive fraud. We have to remain vigilant and stay on course. Expose the Democrats for their dirty deals and do NOT be intimidated. Do NOT be discouraged. Do NOT let these bullies scare you.

They are desperate and they know it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Throwing Boy King Under The Bus, or Not?

I was moved by all the 9/11 memories yesterday. Of course, most of us remember the moments it happened and always will. It wasn't just a day or an event. It was period of time. The paranoia that followed...the Anthrax scares afterwards that nobody seems to ever, ever mention. I wonder why nobody mentions that? Did they ever really solve that? I heard at some point a guy at Fort Dietrich was responsible but I do not think it was definitively solved.

I suppose it's something the news media does not want to focus on because it might give people ideas. I remember the 70s "Tylenol scare" was a huge, huge event and it was made worse by copy-cats. The reason why food items are wrapped in safety devices today is because of the Tylenol scare in the 70s. Let's face it, we live in a world now of sick individuals who desire their 15 minutes of fame.

To me the memories of 9/11 coincide with the fear we faced afterwards and a feeling of being vulnerable. Anything can happen. It's not impossible that something as tragic as 9/11 could happen. The world is full of people who are jealous of our country, its democracy, our high quality of life, our standards, our laws, and our strength. Instead of being inspired to make their country as great they harbor resentment.

One of my favorite Bruce Lee quotes was something he said in the early 70s about the Vietnam war. Somebody asked him what he thought of it. He said "when people are no longer oppressed they are at peace". That is such a true statement. Content people do not create wars. As evil as the middle east appears to be sometimes it's easy to forget that they mostly live in squalid conditions under oppressive regimes who pound religious "rules" down their throats. Some people say it's none of our business. If they want to cut each other's heads off or kill their daughters for wearing eyeliner who are we to say they can't? Well, that's fine and dandy unless they decide to COME HERE and insist we live like they do. When they plan a grand operation of say hijacking airliners and killing 3000 people then YES, it's our business.

There are a lot of things going on in the world right now that the news media is censoring because of their liberal bias. Israel being attacked by Egyptians is one of them. The liberal media were cheerleaders for the Egyptian uprising. Even the CEO of Google was guilty of provoking that "revolution". For two years the far-left groups had been over there stoking the fire. Now we have great danger in the Middle East brewing against Israel and the news media turns a blind eye. Liberal groups naively think that if we just "sacrifice" Israel the Muslims will be satisfied. They don't get it. Not only will that NOT work it will make it WORSE. The US would become target #1. But of course you can't tell the left anything.

It's becoming very apparent that Boy King is headed for a major fall next year so it will be interesting to see what the Democratic party will do. Will they throw him under the bus and go for another candidate? Or will they self implode and try to divide the country with RAAACISM rhetoric? I would bet my life on two things: If they can stoke enough anger from the black community through false charges of racism, slander, and discontent they will go with Obama. That's a tall order, though. It's insulting to the black community for the Democrats to think they can exploit them that way....but it's their calling card. The second thing, if they can manipulate another "crisis" that scares the public.

I believe the Democrats will do a combination of both. Do not kid yourself into thinking Boy King will go away quietly in the night. His ego is much too big for that. If he gets thrown under the bus watch for him to grab some kind of "leadership" position for the black community and/or minorities. Never mind that he has DONE NOTHING for any of them. But he's too young just to retire to Hawaii playing golf. He has a lifestyle to feed now.He sees himself as some kind of "world savior". Pathetic but true.

It will be interesting to watch the next several months and the next year. We have a long way to go until 2012 and the Democrats know the light at the end of their tunnel is getting closer. They've got to make a decision on what to do. They usually self-destruct at times like this and they drag down the country with them. If they are greedy enough to hand over power to the likes of George Soros you can be rest assured they have no qualms about destroying our country on the way out and will take whatever money they can get their greedy hands on. It's like a lice infestation that's hard to get rid of. We'll be picking the nits for years.

What tragedy will they cook up for us? What kind of crisis do they plan to create? Just how far will they go to maintain power? Those are the questions that worry me most.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Hurricane Irene/Swine Flu/Terrorist Attack Distractions Keep on Coming.

So, interesting how immediately following Boy King's speech Thursday night we suddenly had a "credible threat" for a terrorist attack.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but every year since 9/11 we have always feared another attack on the anniversary and given this is the 10th anniversary it would be common sense that we'd be extra concerned. I keep seeing story after convuluted story about this "credible threat".

So, boy and girls, we have another "Hurricane Irene Swine Flu Crisis" to distract us from Boy King's terrible "re-election jobs plan that is really just a campaign speech" speech.

Reporters say the WH spammed their email with over 50 emails after the speech. Distraction.

Add in some "credible threat" and there you go. A news media that has a bunch of distractions to keep them from dissecting this so-called "jobs plan". It really is not a jobs plan. It's a political maneuver.

As much as Boy King said "pass this bill" he doesn't even have it on paper yet. It has not been scored so it cannot be seriously considered. Ironic, isn't it, that congress can no longer just pass legislation left and right and spend us into oblivion like when Pelosi was Queen. Congress can actually READ THE BILL. Which is why Boy King is sqawking so much. Nobody is licking his toes anymore. Poor guy.

So does it provide any comfort whatsoever to know that Boy King and his PR consultants are using the tragedy of 9/11 to distract us from his lousy speech? Are we surprised at all?

Stay tuned. I am sure as soon as the next issue starts to reflect on the president negatively they will come up with another distraction to throw off the news media. It's like clock work folks.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blame the GOP....Blah..Blah..and BLAH.

So is everybody ready for the Boy King's Republican bashing tonight? That's pretty much what I predict the speech will be about.

1. He wants MORE billions of dollars to put us further in debt with the same failed policies.
2. It's all the Republican's fault. He "inherited" the economic mess (even though he has TRIPLED the debt) and it's the Congress (even though they were elected just last November specifically to stop the Dems from purging the treasury and spending us into oblivion) fault.Remember...reality and fact doesn't matter to Democrats. As long as they can get people to repeat their lies over and over they think it becomes reality.

Never mind common sense. Republicans only control congress and even then they can't do anything if Boy King vetoes all their bills. The Senate will not even bring their bills up for discussion.

The golden rule, kids. Democrats always blame the Republicans for whatever it is they are doing.

Remember the old days when the old Soviet Union used to do the same thing? This is a communist calling card. The communists would say "What missiles in Cuba? There's no missiles in Cuba". The Dems are doing the same thing.

Celebrities sitting in a hair salon in Britain getting their pedicures are talking about how uneducated Middle Americans are. How pathetic can you possibly get? Does Hollywood truly believe they are relevant these days? Have you noticed how the American movie scene these days is for the most part DEAD? When was the last time you enjoyed a good American movie? That's because they are all too busy drinking at their cocktail parties swapping political strategies. These elitist socialists have no clue and they have a lot of nerve trying to propagandize our children with their socialist ideology. We're SICK and TIRED of it.

I don't want to watch your elitist bulls*** on TV or at the movie theater. I don't want to know what political opinions you have. I don't want you brainwashing my kids. And if you don't stop it you're going to find out in a hurry that it's hard to get pedicures in foreign countries when you HAVE NO INCOME. The more these warped robots help to ruin our economy the less money THEY will make. But of course...Math is hard for celebrities.

I recommend we all watch football tonight. Thank God we still have the NFL. At least ...for now. I'm sure the liberals are doing their best to figure out a way to purge it,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waking Up and Taking Our Country Back

So now there's a video game where leftist thugs can go to "shoot down" Tea Partiers and people like Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly, and other popular conservatives. Given that the socialist left just about fell over itself after the Tucson shooting to label conservatives as violent I find this ironic.

Double standards. The left leaning liberal media is full of them. I could sit here all day long and list the examples but in all seriousness I don't have to. It has become so glaringly obvious to all. It's almost comical.

We have the Congressional Black Caucus all but calling on black communities to riot and the liberal media says nothing. The union boss calls on its members to "take out" tea party members while INTRODUCING the president....crickets. The good cop, bad cop routine is not going to cut it anymore. We've seen the true colors of the left now.

The economy is in such sad shape and it's become painfully obvious to everyone whose fault it is in all seriousness this is the only direction the left can take. The socialists know it. People are finally realizing that the intent by this administration was never to "fix" anything. The intent of this administration was to "fundamentally change" the country. We've been reporting all the speeches by the far left since day #1. Everything they've said they would do they are doing. There is no miscalculation here. Boy King has no intention of changing his policies because his policies are doing EXACTLY what he wanted them to do.

You do not see a revolving door of economists trying to correct anything. You see the Boy King going on vacation after vacation ignoring the situation. You see him plundering the treasury for all his socialist pet projects. He is not going to suddenly have an epiphany and realize all the things he's doing are hurting our capitalist economy. That was his intention from the beginning.

The liberal media is going to ignore what they can get away with. Our only concern at this point should be how far this administration will go to shut down the conservative voice. Eighty percent of the people do not rely on the alphabet news for their information now. Most people realize NBC is just a propaganda machine for the socialist left. Most people get their information from the internet. We have a web of news sources we pull from and everybody shares that information. If that communication link is severed then we will see true dissent in this country.

Americans will not tolerate being censored. They will not tolerate any disruption of the election process. If the Democrats had any grand illusion of taking control of this country by force they are sadly mistaken. They have infected our country but we have not died in the process. We are Americans...We will lick our wounds and continue to purge the disease from our system until it's gone.

If anything can be taken away from this entire debacle....We are now a lot wiser. In the past decade we have learned that not only do we have enemies far away that want to do us harm.....We have enemies right here that want to as well. We have realized how special and great this country is...and how easy it is for those who are jealous or sick to try to destroy it. It's worth fighting for. They can't have it.