Monday, December 19, 2011

Racism as a Political Intimidation Tool

For decades now the news media has had a policy that it does not disclose the race of a criminal or print his picture to reveal race. Liberals cried that it was RACCIST to do such a thing. It unfairly characterized and stereotyped people. It was wrong.

So why then suddenly are they publishing all these stories with pictures of minorities?

Well there's a simple answer to that. The entire strategy of the Dems this election is trying to intimidate and frame conservatives as racists. In fact...the more racist strife they can cause or make up the better. They truly believe they can win an election with this strategy.

If you go to read these "stories" they are publishing all over the place take the time to read the comment sections. Liberal trolls (who are very easily spotted) are pretending to be conservative and making racist comments. You can click on their profiles and investigate just a little to find out where their loyalties lie. The stupid trolls don't even bother to cover themselves. They just hope people are dumb enough to believe their post without looking. The smarter trolls make up FAKE profiles but they are still too stupid to leave their hippy lying friends off their friend's lists.

Yes folks, this is what the left does. It is prime example #1 of what Democrats are all about. Propaganda...and fooling the public. Everything that is WRONG in our country.

I can see NOVEMBER from my house!!!

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