Friday, January 6, 2012

Pieces of a Puzzle

Whenever "breaking news" comes out most people react the way the news media wants them to react. And this is unfortunate.

There are so many different groups who influence the news media. People need to sit back and remember that headlines are almost 100% manipulated. The government manipulates it. The political parties manipulate it. The news media ITSELF manipulates it. Not to mention our enemies.

Never belive the headlines. Rather, read the headlines and put them on your board to put the puzzles together.

Right now we have the "Boy King is going to destroy the country" puzzle. We have all manner of headlines telling us how sneaky and underhanded he is. How he is destroying the constitution. How he is going to detain Americans and take away their freedoms and rights. Our DOJ and he will unsurp the next election and become dictators...etc., etc., etc.

This could be a lot of noise coming from the right to gin up support for the RNC. They ARE trying to raise money. The best way to raise money is to upset people.

This could be a lot of noise from the left, too. Nothing thrills the left more than to give the socialists the impression that Boy King is this unstoppable, force and they will win no matter what. That gives them POWER.

Either scenario puts money into the pockets of both parties. Which is what all this is.

We are still a country of laws. We have a constitution firmly in place. We have the power as a people to vote these goons out of office. If Boy King and his paid mafia even TRIED to disrupt the next election they would very quickly find 50% of the country marching on Pennsylvania Avenue to remove him. And trust me, the military would be happy to provide the helicopters to fly him into exile.

WE are the majority. WE elected congress to stop the Democrats from imposing their will on us. If Boy King wants to continue his bully behavior he should just start packing his suitcases now because this is NOT how you win a re-election. We should be used to this. He has been doing this since his first hour in office.

Boy King has two choices: A) Lie his way to November and stop trashing the country and he MIGHT win. B) Realize that he will not win no matter what and do as much damage as possible before he is thrown out on his ear.

It's his choice. No matter how many thug-like things he does before November ALL THINGS can be reversed and fixed. THAT will be our biggest challenge.

Remember, there are progressives on the left and right. We have to hold their feet to the fire to make them reverse this nonsense once we get the scum out of the pond.

I do not worry about dictatorships and lawlessness and all that stuff. I believe in our country. I do NOT believe the headlines. Headlines are just that....manipulated news to get your attention and take your money.

Read between the lines and remember it's a puzzle.

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