Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's 1979 and Time for Carter to Go

Some days it's hard to figure out which lie the Democrats are using to talk about. There are so many.

I am reminded today of Jimmy Carter. If feels like it did back in 1979 when Carter was president and we were all in a state of "malaise". The economy sucked. The hostages were being humiliated. Carter was president and there wasn't a damn thing we could do about it. He goes on TV and gives a depressing speech lecturing us that all our problems were OUR FAULT. Sound familiar? He told us he was cutting back on our energy because we were using too much of it. He told us we had to suffer. He told us we were just going to have to live with it and that our good days were behind us....and we told him to hit the road.

Immediately after Carter got thrown to the curb our economy got better. The Iranians backed down and released the hostages because they knew Reagan was coming. Reagan did all the right things. He did what was right for the country but most importantly he made us love our country again.

The Democrats don't love our country. They think it is wrong and needs to be changed. They hate the constitution because it obstructs them from doing all the socialist agenda items on their checklist. Our founding fathers wrote the constitution SPECIFICALLY to protect us from bozos like them.

I don't see a Ronald Reagan running for president in 2012. Mitt Romney talks a good game but his track record proves otherwise. He is just another McCain. He says what conservatives want to hear so he can get elected but then he compromises and plays the same political games that the Dems do. Lindsay Graham does that as well. Don't even get me started on McCain. If that guy had gotten elected we would probably be sitting in the same exact position we are now. It's hard to tell if he is really even Republican or not.

My opinion is that all the Republicans who have been in leadership roles in the 2000s are all guilty of allowing the Pelosi era gain power. They got caught up in the Dem's games and played along instead of sticking with the program. I loved George Bush because I believe he truly did the right things for the right reasons but his "taking the high road" with the Dems gave them too much power and it is one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in now. So for me the next Republican leader has to be smarter and has to be cunning enough to out maneuver the far-left who has no love for our country whatsoever.

The left wants to kill Santa Claus. They want to kill the Easter Bunny. They want to destroy our culture and take our country into the wrong direction. They hate religion and it shows. The left has been taken over by socialists and I want them all purged from positions of power. I used to think it was healthy to have both sides and now I no longer believe that.

I hope Chris Christie runs. He's not the perfect Republican but he's smart. He's cunning. He could wipe the floor with Obama in a debate and frankly I would pay money to see that. He wouldn't be the perfect candidate but who would be? Romney really is Obama-Lite. Perry is too weak on Immigration and I suspect that is because he wants to court the Hispanic vote...which is ridiculous.

I love Sarah Palin but as of late I have my doubts. I do trust her and I love how she zings the left and zings the RINOs but stringing us along all this time has worn thin on me. Is she cunning enough to out maneuver the left? I don't know. As much as I love her anti-Washington circle-ness I don't know if she has enough experience to out maneuver the socialists who are entrenching themselves in Washington. She does not have a lot of time to turn around the slander that the left has smeared her with and she would have to do that in order to get elected. Tick tock. Tick tock.

We have a lot of work to do. We're getting closer but we're not quite there yet.

The one thing I'm certain of is that Boy King has got to go. He is the biggest liar I've seen in my life time and the biggest scam artist we've had as leader. The news media is responsible for covering up his record and for giving him a pass. If we've learned anything from this past 4 years it is that we can't trust Hollywood or the news media. That's the only positive thing we can take from this experience.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


More and more people are opening their eyes and realizing the socialist infection that the Pelosi era spread throughout Washington. Take Elizabeth Warren for example. Nobody gets rich by themselves.

They believe that all money belongs to everyone. This is socialist ideology 101. It does not take rocket science to figure this out.

Go to Cuba and see the standard of living we could all enjoy if we naively and stupidly think this way. Do you honestly think YOU are going to the lifestyle that Elizabeth Warren is living right now? Afraid not.

No...The socialists who are desperately hoping that Americans are as stupid and naive as they believe they are have NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of living like the rest of us peasants. See, they will be too busy vacationing in the Bahamas to worry about us little people. THEY will be the ruling class, you see. THEY will be the dictators who set up all the rules for us...They KNOW BETTER.

Why these people got such a grip in Washington is beyond me...and it makes me hate Karl Rove even more. It makes me angry that Republicans in the past decade have turned a blind eye to it and have allowed it to get this far. It makes me angry that EVEN TO THIS DAY Republicans are afraid to say the "socialist" word for fear of being called "an extremist".

HELL YEAH! I'm an extremist. And I have some extreme news for you! You can bet your bottom dollar I am not going to let these socialists take over my country. And whatever Republican wants to bury his head in the dirt and deny the fact that these far-left socialist idiots are ruining my country...can find his butt in the street unemployed the next election.

The time for guessing is OVER. These socialists have an agenda and they are willing to sacrifice this entire country for it. They're not just going to hand over an election without a fight. They are going to play every dirty game, tell every ugly lie, and do whatever illegal, mafia-like, George Soros-loving trick in the book to buy their way to power so we can all live in some dirt shack somewhere with dial up while they go vacation in St. Lucas. Forget it! It is not going to happen.

The next election is not about whether Obama is too stupid to fix the economy. He has no intention of fixing the economy. We said it BEFORE he was elected and we say it now...He is doing this ON PURPOSE. He has done everything in his power to devalue our currency. He has put as many people as he possibly can on government assistance on PURPOSE. He is letting illegal immigrants flow across the border and sign up for welfare ON PURPOSE. The socialists want a ruling class...and the DUMBER WE ARE the more successful they will be.

We're smarter than this. And it's not over. We are going to win this fight and we are going to purge Washington of these socialist Mao-loving idiots whether they like it or not. And the GOP had better get with the program or they're going to get kicked out, too.

And if Mooochelle wants to wonder why we do so much to celebrate our flag...She can wonder all she wants somewhere else. The sooner we get back to loving our country again the better. This is OUR country and not theirs. If they don't like it they can leave.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Democrats and Hollywood...Both Headed for the Trash heap.

The demise of the Democratic Party. It's becoming apparent quick that Boy King is going to end up being a worse version of Carter...and there was a time that really seemed impossible. We all swore back in the day that it would never happen again but yet, here we are. It only takes one new generation that does not remember the misery that a far-left administration can inflict to cause such a calamity. A good team to run a campaign to scam the people and there you have it. Throw in a greedy news media who would rather stoke controversy and head lines than what is good for the country and you've got yourself a miserable country filled with unemployed people and a screwed up foreign policy.

Let's start with Europe. We only need to look across the Atlantic to see what our future holds if we don't start making some changes NOW. Yes, that means stop listening to idiotic "celebrities" who for some reason find themselves enamored by Europe. For years now they have bleated their love of Europe. Now keep in mind that these people are multi-millionaires who live a life style that none of us ever will. They could live anywhere on the planet in luxury so it doesn't matter where they go...but they're too stupid to realize that. No, they judge the quality of their lives based on who they are hanging out with, which headline they've been able to get the their paid consultants to get them on...and wouldn't know what a "real" person was if it ran into them on the street. And by the way...they'd pay them off if they did run into them in the street so they wouldn't get sued.

Listening to these privileged movie stars is not going to do a thing for our economy. Get over it. Face it, America. You've been watching too many reality shows on TV. In case you haven't noticed the selection of shows we have now to watch on TV it is downright embarrassing. I can't figure out WHY Hollywood thinks we are interested in these idiotic shows. Maybe it's why they show the commercials every 2.3 seconds with annoying repetition. It's almost comical if you think about it. You can watch the food channels which, let's see, some guy running around trying to stuff his face with 250 hot dogs and pork fat, or cooking competitions that dwell on how much butter you can finish your gravy off with but yet here we are being lectured by MOOOOchelle that we're all fat and need permission to eat french fries.

What happened to the actual INTERESTING educational shows that had no political background? Remember those? Was there ever a time that TLC, Discover, or National Geographic wasn't trying to brainwash us? I guess not. Now it seems that is all they do. Frankly, I don't like it and I don't watch it. And I have no interest in watching a bunch of shows that mock marriage or religion. I don't want to be brainwashed to believe that religion is evil. I don't want to be brainwashed to believe the liberal garbage they are trying to convince me of. Thirty years ago weathermen had sticky felt stick-on clouds that fell off maps instead of satellites. Don't tell me you have enough "research" to know that we are destroying the world. Don't tell me you know everything about dinosaurs. I have no interest in watching some animated fight between animals that don't exist and animals that you REALLY have no freaking clue about.

Hollywood has become so pathetic ....Seriously, what was the last good movie have you seen come out of California lately? You haven't seen one...why? Because the state is so regulated and controlled and taxed nobody wants to do a movie there any more. There is no freedom of creation. There is no freedom of thought. If you go to Hollywood you better damn well be a brainwashed robot who bleats liberal nonsense or else. Which is COMPLETELY opposite of the population. When did this happen?

When an actress sits up on the Emmy's and accuses the Tea Party of being racist when she has NO CLUE what the hell the Tea Party even's a sad day in our country. Hollywood their $2000 shoes telling US we're racist. A president who is doing his level best to destroy our economy and start trouble between classes of people. A socialist left that KNOWS that happy, employed, fed people don't riot or cause trouble. A political party that is so desperate to stay in power and have ABSOLUTE power that they would manipulate our way of life and start riots between us. What kind of sick people have we allowed to become our leaders? Why do we watch the shows that these elitist Hollywood people produce?

If they love Europe so much they can go live there. In the mean time, I'm watching my DVDs. I have no desire to watch Hollywood and its inflated egos and liberal brainwashing. If Matt Damon wants to bleat his nonsense he can do so without my money.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New York is "Too Jewish" For Democrats????

Well, I think the coverage of Obama's "Attack Watch" site has gone over well, don't you think? =) I enjoyed the political misfits video...hysterical. And if you are following their Twitter account it can provide you with endless enjoyment. Hours and hours...

I love Americans. You just can't get enough American sarcasm in my opinion.

Chuck Schumer came out yesterday and said that NY-9 was "too Jewish" for the Democrats to win.


Are we now is some sort of alternate reality? Did we fall through the worm hole? What the hell kind of statement is that? Pigs are flying, folks.

It's important to note that the Boy King goons are all pointing the finger at conservatives and saying it's our fault. We lie so much (they say) it "misinforms people". Boy King has "never" said or done anything to Israel...He "loves" Israel.....Uh huh.

That trick may work with his brain-dead anti-military crowd but it's NOT going to work with the Jewish voters. Actions speak louder than words my friend. Israel is on the brink of disaster on all borders and if anything bad happens Boy King is going to be answering for it. Plain and simple. Conservatives have NOTHING to do with any of the events going on in the Middle East. Besides Israel, Iraq is the only democracy out there. If Boy King wants to leave it cut and dry and let Iran take it over then we will pay the consequences.

As usual...We always pay the consequence once Democrats leave office, don't we?

At this point if the Democrats are not seriously considering getting Hillary to run against Obama then they are total fools. They have few options left. Boy King's team is getting increasingly desperate. The question is going to be whether they go for broke and implode or do they do the wise thing and get Hillary to run?

They MIGHT have a chance if Hillary ran but even that is in question at this point. They have done so much damage to the country I can't imagine even that working.

We should all be concerned about Boy King's childish ways. I doubt he will go away quietly in the night humiliated. His ego is so huge I don't see him doing that. I see something worse...and ugly. As happy as I am about the country waking up and FINALLY realizing what a crook he is...I am equally worried about our enemies. And I worry what he will do on his way out the door.

We have a bumpy year a head of us.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Communism and Its Many Ways

I see with great amusement the White House has decided to create it's own attack website. So liberal goons can "report" all the "smear attacks" against Boy King. If anybody says anything negative about BK they can get put on some kind of "list".

This is like creating some kind of hit list.

So, what exactly happens when websites get on this "list"? Are the socialist left Marxist communist GOONS going to come after us? Will we be targeted? Will our computers get hacked? Will the FBI break down my door and take my computer? What the hell kind of crazy crap is this?

What kind of leader of a country does this sort of thing? Oh, I dunno, how about Hugo Chavez? Castro? Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao.  OPPRESSIVE COMMUNIST REGIMES THAT IS WHO.

Can you imagine for just ONE SECOND how the left would have reacted if George Bush had done this?

Not only should people be outraged, they should be embarrassed that during a time when this guy is giving speech after speech attacking conservatives he is concentrating his energy into some website that is supposed to punish those who speak ill of HIM.

It's all about HIM isn't it?? If this doesn't show his true character then I do not know what does. It's something a 7th grader would do when a bunch of kids at school are giving him a hard time.

It also reveals the desperation the Democrats are feeling right now. If the country were doing good, if their policies were working, if nobody knew the truth behind all the crooked, shady, unconstitutional deals going on they wouldn't need to do this.

I remain convinced that this WH will target our freedom of speech between now and the next election. They will either disrupt how conservatives communicate or they will disrupt the election itself. OR...they will try to commit massive fraud. We have to remain vigilant and stay on course. Expose the Democrats for their dirty deals and do NOT be intimidated. Do NOT be discouraged. Do NOT let these bullies scare you.

They are desperate and they know it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Throwing Boy King Under The Bus, or Not?

I was moved by all the 9/11 memories yesterday. Of course, most of us remember the moments it happened and always will. It wasn't just a day or an event. It was period of time. The paranoia that followed...the Anthrax scares afterwards that nobody seems to ever, ever mention. I wonder why nobody mentions that? Did they ever really solve that? I heard at some point a guy at Fort Dietrich was responsible but I do not think it was definitively solved.

I suppose it's something the news media does not want to focus on because it might give people ideas. I remember the 70s "Tylenol scare" was a huge, huge event and it was made worse by copy-cats. The reason why food items are wrapped in safety devices today is because of the Tylenol scare in the 70s. Let's face it, we live in a world now of sick individuals who desire their 15 minutes of fame.

To me the memories of 9/11 coincide with the fear we faced afterwards and a feeling of being vulnerable. Anything can happen. It's not impossible that something as tragic as 9/11 could happen. The world is full of people who are jealous of our country, its democracy, our high quality of life, our standards, our laws, and our strength. Instead of being inspired to make their country as great they harbor resentment.

One of my favorite Bruce Lee quotes was something he said in the early 70s about the Vietnam war. Somebody asked him what he thought of it. He said "when people are no longer oppressed they are at peace". That is such a true statement. Content people do not create wars. As evil as the middle east appears to be sometimes it's easy to forget that they mostly live in squalid conditions under oppressive regimes who pound religious "rules" down their throats. Some people say it's none of our business. If they want to cut each other's heads off or kill their daughters for wearing eyeliner who are we to say they can't? Well, that's fine and dandy unless they decide to COME HERE and insist we live like they do. When they plan a grand operation of say hijacking airliners and killing 3000 people then YES, it's our business.

There are a lot of things going on in the world right now that the news media is censoring because of their liberal bias. Israel being attacked by Egyptians is one of them. The liberal media were cheerleaders for the Egyptian uprising. Even the CEO of Google was guilty of provoking that "revolution". For two years the far-left groups had been over there stoking the fire. Now we have great danger in the Middle East brewing against Israel and the news media turns a blind eye. Liberal groups naively think that if we just "sacrifice" Israel the Muslims will be satisfied. They don't get it. Not only will that NOT work it will make it WORSE. The US would become target #1. But of course you can't tell the left anything.

It's becoming very apparent that Boy King is headed for a major fall next year so it will be interesting to see what the Democratic party will do. Will they throw him under the bus and go for another candidate? Or will they self implode and try to divide the country with RAAACISM rhetoric? I would bet my life on two things: If they can stoke enough anger from the black community through false charges of racism, slander, and discontent they will go with Obama. That's a tall order, though. It's insulting to the black community for the Democrats to think they can exploit them that way....but it's their calling card. The second thing, if they can manipulate another "crisis" that scares the public.

I believe the Democrats will do a combination of both. Do not kid yourself into thinking Boy King will go away quietly in the night. His ego is much too big for that. If he gets thrown under the bus watch for him to grab some kind of "leadership" position for the black community and/or minorities. Never mind that he has DONE NOTHING for any of them. But he's too young just to retire to Hawaii playing golf. He has a lifestyle to feed now.He sees himself as some kind of "world savior". Pathetic but true.

It will be interesting to watch the next several months and the next year. We have a long way to go until 2012 and the Democrats know the light at the end of their tunnel is getting closer. They've got to make a decision on what to do. They usually self-destruct at times like this and they drag down the country with them. If they are greedy enough to hand over power to the likes of George Soros you can be rest assured they have no qualms about destroying our country on the way out and will take whatever money they can get their greedy hands on. It's like a lice infestation that's hard to get rid of. We'll be picking the nits for years.

What tragedy will they cook up for us? What kind of crisis do they plan to create? Just how far will they go to maintain power? Those are the questions that worry me most.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Hurricane Irene/Swine Flu/Terrorist Attack Distractions Keep on Coming.

So, interesting how immediately following Boy King's speech Thursday night we suddenly had a "credible threat" for a terrorist attack.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but every year since 9/11 we have always feared another attack on the anniversary and given this is the 10th anniversary it would be common sense that we'd be extra concerned. I keep seeing story after convuluted story about this "credible threat".

So, boy and girls, we have another "Hurricane Irene Swine Flu Crisis" to distract us from Boy King's terrible "re-election jobs plan that is really just a campaign speech" speech.

Reporters say the WH spammed their email with over 50 emails after the speech. Distraction.

Add in some "credible threat" and there you go. A news media that has a bunch of distractions to keep them from dissecting this so-called "jobs plan". It really is not a jobs plan. It's a political maneuver.

As much as Boy King said "pass this bill" he doesn't even have it on paper yet. It has not been scored so it cannot be seriously considered. Ironic, isn't it, that congress can no longer just pass legislation left and right and spend us into oblivion like when Pelosi was Queen. Congress can actually READ THE BILL. Which is why Boy King is sqawking so much. Nobody is licking his toes anymore. Poor guy.

So does it provide any comfort whatsoever to know that Boy King and his PR consultants are using the tragedy of 9/11 to distract us from his lousy speech? Are we surprised at all?

Stay tuned. I am sure as soon as the next issue starts to reflect on the president negatively they will come up with another distraction to throw off the news media. It's like clock work folks.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blame the GOP....Blah..Blah..and BLAH.

So is everybody ready for the Boy King's Republican bashing tonight? That's pretty much what I predict the speech will be about.

1. He wants MORE billions of dollars to put us further in debt with the same failed policies.
2. It's all the Republican's fault. He "inherited" the economic mess (even though he has TRIPLED the debt) and it's the Congress (even though they were elected just last November specifically to stop the Dems from purging the treasury and spending us into oblivion) fault.Remember...reality and fact doesn't matter to Democrats. As long as they can get people to repeat their lies over and over they think it becomes reality.

Never mind common sense. Republicans only control congress and even then they can't do anything if Boy King vetoes all their bills. The Senate will not even bring their bills up for discussion.

The golden rule, kids. Democrats always blame the Republicans for whatever it is they are doing.

Remember the old days when the old Soviet Union used to do the same thing? This is a communist calling card. The communists would say "What missiles in Cuba? There's no missiles in Cuba". The Dems are doing the same thing.

Celebrities sitting in a hair salon in Britain getting their pedicures are talking about how uneducated Middle Americans are. How pathetic can you possibly get? Does Hollywood truly believe they are relevant these days? Have you noticed how the American movie scene these days is for the most part DEAD? When was the last time you enjoyed a good American movie? That's because they are all too busy drinking at their cocktail parties swapping political strategies. These elitist socialists have no clue and they have a lot of nerve trying to propagandize our children with their socialist ideology. We're SICK and TIRED of it.

I don't want to watch your elitist bulls*** on TV or at the movie theater. I don't want to know what political opinions you have. I don't want you brainwashing my kids. And if you don't stop it you're going to find out in a hurry that it's hard to get pedicures in foreign countries when you HAVE NO INCOME. The more these warped robots help to ruin our economy the less money THEY will make. But of course...Math is hard for celebrities.

I recommend we all watch football tonight. Thank God we still have the NFL. At least ...for now. I'm sure the liberals are doing their best to figure out a way to purge it,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waking Up and Taking Our Country Back

So now there's a video game where leftist thugs can go to "shoot down" Tea Partiers and people like Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly, and other popular conservatives. Given that the socialist left just about fell over itself after the Tucson shooting to label conservatives as violent I find this ironic.

Double standards. The left leaning liberal media is full of them. I could sit here all day long and list the examples but in all seriousness I don't have to. It has become so glaringly obvious to all. It's almost comical.

We have the Congressional Black Caucus all but calling on black communities to riot and the liberal media says nothing. The union boss calls on its members to "take out" tea party members while INTRODUCING the president....crickets. The good cop, bad cop routine is not going to cut it anymore. We've seen the true colors of the left now.

The economy is in such sad shape and it's become painfully obvious to everyone whose fault it is in all seriousness this is the only direction the left can take. The socialists know it. People are finally realizing that the intent by this administration was never to "fix" anything. The intent of this administration was to "fundamentally change" the country. We've been reporting all the speeches by the far left since day #1. Everything they've said they would do they are doing. There is no miscalculation here. Boy King has no intention of changing his policies because his policies are doing EXACTLY what he wanted them to do.

You do not see a revolving door of economists trying to correct anything. You see the Boy King going on vacation after vacation ignoring the situation. You see him plundering the treasury for all his socialist pet projects. He is not going to suddenly have an epiphany and realize all the things he's doing are hurting our capitalist economy. That was his intention from the beginning.

The liberal media is going to ignore what they can get away with. Our only concern at this point should be how far this administration will go to shut down the conservative voice. Eighty percent of the people do not rely on the alphabet news for their information now. Most people realize NBC is just a propaganda machine for the socialist left. Most people get their information from the internet. We have a web of news sources we pull from and everybody shares that information. If that communication link is severed then we will see true dissent in this country.

Americans will not tolerate being censored. They will not tolerate any disruption of the election process. If the Democrats had any grand illusion of taking control of this country by force they are sadly mistaken. They have infected our country but we have not died in the process. We are Americans...We will lick our wounds and continue to purge the disease from our system until it's gone.

If anything can be taken away from this entire debacle....We are now a lot wiser. In the past decade we have learned that not only do we have enemies far away that want to do us harm.....We have enemies right here that want to as well. We have realized how special and great this country is...and how easy it is for those who are jealous or sick to try to destroy it. It's worth fighting for. They can't have it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Weather Channel is Now a Propaganda Machine...How Predictable.

I saw this yesterday and it ties in nicely with what I've been blogging about for the past couple of weeks. How the left continues to spread propaganda and brainwash people. How they seep into seemingly benign areas of our lives to "nudge" us toward their socialist ideology. Something as "innocent" as the weather channel.

When my ex-husband worked on the LANDSAT project in the early 90s and then VP Al Gore TOOK OVER the project for his pets in NOAA I knew right then and there that there was a reason that would make sense one day...We just didn't know why. Global warming was born. Our defense satellites were now being used by these freakazoids cooking up a scheme. And cook they did.

Socialists will exploit any chaos or any tragedy. This is what socialists do. Or rather, we should correctly label them Marxist communists but the socialist/marxist/communist will do.

How easy would it be for the socialists to create some "swine flu crisis" now that they've bought off the health care industry and Pharma?? Oh, my bad...They did that already.

So now the Democrats are staging protests in Israel and reporting it on the Weather Channel? WTH?

I'm not going to sit here and say the GOP is innocent. They have their greedy bastards, too. But at least they don't go to bed with Chairman Mao pictures under their pillows. These people are freaking nuts.

With a bad economy...and people in a state of frustration crazy things happen. The socialists have had their hands tied behind their back the past 30 years or so because when people are happy they don't riot. They don't start fires. They don't flash mob tourists. They basically ignore the politicians and go about with their lives.

But when they have no job, no money, and sick kids or are bored and unhappy they do bad things. So which party exactly is making the conditions ripe to create this air of frustration and unhappiness?? Why, that would be the socialist left!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words. This needs to be our mantra this election. The socialists are trying to create the perfect atmosphere of chaos and ugliness on purpose. They think they can cheat, lie and steal their way to a win in 2012...and we've been saying this for three years. Two years ago people would have scoffed at the idea, called it "crazy". And here we are....seeing EXACTLY what we said would happen.

Things will get worse between now and the election in 2012 but we have to keep it together. We need to pull together and hold the fort and force these people out no matter how ugly things get.

No swine flu. No riots. No chaos. The Marxists can go create their own little Utopian socialist world somewhere else. They can't have the US.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Left Exploits Tragedy

I've been watching all the 9/11 shows on cable this past week or so. Most of them I've seen before. Some are new. It always brings back the horror of that day and the things that we as a country went through. It was like nothing else our generation has ever seen. It affected all of us. Politicians and the ugly media were forced to come together as one. We can be butt-hole neighbors all we want but when the house is on fire you all come together to put it out.

Of course, it didn't take long for the ugliness to seep its way back in...thanks to the ugly left. It ushered in the Pelosi era which will be a blot in our history that our grandchildren will still be trying to pay for. George Bush went from the highest ratings ever to the lowest ratings ever thanks to the diligent work of the ugly left who went to great lengths with their hired PR consultants to bash our president as he worked hard to protect the country.

History will be kind to George Bush. The truth always comes out. He put our country before politics. He could have been like the Boy King and put HIMSELF first but he didn't. The best interest of our country and our safety were more important. Even when he knew the left would pound him or even when he knew people in his own party would pound him, he did the right thing. I myself am guilty of being frustrated and angry that he did not push back against the political vultures that descending down upon the GOP during the 2000s. Why, oh why, did Karl Rove allow the "you lied" LIE get so far out of control? Because George Bush rose above the politics of politics and was doing what he had to do to keep the country safe. Unfortunately, it was the Pelosi ugly left that decided to exploit this time in our history to plunder our government and suck it dry.

The mere fact that politicians would exploit a tragedy to do things that are bad for our country says it all. This is the calling card of the left. The socialists will exploit minority groups to force their agenda through. They will exploit people's feelings of empathy to trick us. Something as simple as the weather...has become a way to get our money, pass regulation to control us, to expand their hold on us, and destroy capitalism. They have no moral line they will not cross. They will use a hurricane to distract us. They will do whatever they have to do to stay in power to spread their ugly ideology.

Americans have grown up a lot since 9/11. We learned that not only are our enemies far away out to get us, but people in our own country are out to get us as well. We are not as naive as we once were. But we still have a long way to go. It's come down to politicians taking over the 9/11 memorial on the 10th anniversary, banning PRAYER of the most recent horrendous event in history. It's time to take our country back from these politicians. We cannot let the left take our country down this ugly path anymore. We cannot let the news media spread socialist propaganda. We cannot let Hollywood brainwash our beliefs.

The left will exploit every tragedy to its advantage and we just have to stand up and make them stop.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Anything But The Economy--The Left and Its Distractions

So now everyone is sniping about the Boy King's speech. Bottom line? It is a distraction from what is IN the speech which is NOTHING. For some bizarre reason the president's political strategists think that causing distractions is a better strategy than focusing on what is IN the speech. Let's take a wild guess what will be in the speech:
1. Republican bashing. He will blame congress for everything. Yes, he will pander to the low information voter who knows absolutely nothing. Logical people who actually pay attention even a little will rationally conclude that the GOP was elected in 2010 to take back congress in a HISTORIC landslide victory because people were sick and tired of the Pelosi, ram-down-our-throats spend-every-penny-we-can-get-our-grubby-hands-on era. People were so ticked off with the slimy deals and arm breaking to get Obamacare passed, not to mention the false accusations of racism towards the Tea Party that they vowed not to forget...and they haven't. Apparently, Obama has. So much so he is banking on the folks that don't pay attention to actually BELIEVE HIM when he says that it's not HIS policies that suck...but the GOP that has been in congress for eight months.
2. He will spend the rest of the time talking about how we need to accelerate spending to "fix" things. He will outline more Utopia butterflies, rainbows, and GARBAGE that he will claim will fix our economy. More spending in other words. He wants MORE of our money. He wants MORE taxes. He wants MORE regulation. He wants the EPA to bash Gibson Guitars. He wants Amish people to stop selling milk. He wants more foreigners to get paid to become doctors here in the US (look up the faculty staff at your local hospital and look at the ratio of foreign doctors to American. You will be SHOCKED).

This is getting ugly fast, folks. The Dems know the cliff their headed for is getting closer. They are going to use every dirty trick in the book. They are bashing religion. They are calling people racist. They are not only encouraging mobs to riot and cause chaos they are BANKING on it.

The weird part is...They actually think this is going to work. I got news for them.....Americans are better than this. We are smarter and more wise than they are.

The scary part is...How close the left actually got to "fundamentally changing" our country. If they had been more patient and had held their rage in check they might actually have gotten their Utopian world. And their Utopian world would have included a few elitists at the top enjoying a life of luxury while the rest of us wallow in the ghettos.

They can forget it. They've stirred up trouble for sure but we have plenty of momentum to fix things. The left has yet again...destroyed itself. Too bad.