Thursday, September 15, 2011

New York is "Too Jewish" For Democrats????

Well, I think the coverage of Obama's "Attack Watch" site has gone over well, don't you think? =) I enjoyed the political misfits video...hysterical. And if you are following their Twitter account it can provide you with endless enjoyment. Hours and hours...

I love Americans. You just can't get enough American sarcasm in my opinion.

Chuck Schumer came out yesterday and said that NY-9 was "too Jewish" for the Democrats to win.


Are we now is some sort of alternate reality? Did we fall through the worm hole? What the hell kind of statement is that? Pigs are flying, folks.

It's important to note that the Boy King goons are all pointing the finger at conservatives and saying it's our fault. We lie so much (they say) it "misinforms people". Boy King has "never" said or done anything to Israel...He "loves" Israel.....Uh huh.

That trick may work with his brain-dead anti-military crowd but it's NOT going to work with the Jewish voters. Actions speak louder than words my friend. Israel is on the brink of disaster on all borders and if anything bad happens Boy King is going to be answering for it. Plain and simple. Conservatives have NOTHING to do with any of the events going on in the Middle East. Besides Israel, Iraq is the only democracy out there. If Boy King wants to leave it cut and dry and let Iran take it over then we will pay the consequences.

As usual...We always pay the consequence once Democrats leave office, don't we?

At this point if the Democrats are not seriously considering getting Hillary to run against Obama then they are total fools. They have few options left. Boy King's team is getting increasingly desperate. The question is going to be whether they go for broke and implode or do they do the wise thing and get Hillary to run?

They MIGHT have a chance if Hillary ran but even that is in question at this point. They have done so much damage to the country I can't imagine even that working.

We should all be concerned about Boy King's childish ways. I doubt he will go away quietly in the night humiliated. His ego is so huge I don't see him doing that. I see something worse...and ugly. As happy as I am about the country waking up and FINALLY realizing what a crook he is...I am equally worried about our enemies. And I worry what he will do on his way out the door.

We have a bumpy year a head of us.

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