Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blame the GOP....Blah..Blah..and BLAH.

So is everybody ready for the Boy King's Republican bashing tonight? That's pretty much what I predict the speech will be about.

1. He wants MORE billions of dollars to put us further in debt with the same failed policies.
2. It's all the Republican's fault. He "inherited" the economic mess (even though he has TRIPLED the debt) and it's the Congress (even though they were elected just last November specifically to stop the Dems from purging the treasury and spending us into oblivion) fault.Remember...reality and fact doesn't matter to Democrats. As long as they can get people to repeat their lies over and over they think it becomes reality.

Never mind common sense. Republicans only control congress and even then they can't do anything if Boy King vetoes all their bills. The Senate will not even bring their bills up for discussion.

The golden rule, kids. Democrats always blame the Republicans for whatever it is they are doing.

Remember the old days when the old Soviet Union used to do the same thing? This is a communist calling card. The communists would say "What missiles in Cuba? There's no missiles in Cuba". The Dems are doing the same thing.

Celebrities sitting in a hair salon in Britain getting their pedicures are talking about how uneducated Middle Americans are. How pathetic can you possibly get? Does Hollywood truly believe they are relevant these days? Have you noticed how the American movie scene these days is for the most part DEAD? When was the last time you enjoyed a good American movie? That's because they are all too busy drinking at their cocktail parties swapping political strategies. These elitist socialists have no clue and they have a lot of nerve trying to propagandize our children with their socialist ideology. We're SICK and TIRED of it.

I don't want to watch your elitist bulls*** on TV or at the movie theater. I don't want to know what political opinions you have. I don't want you brainwashing my kids. And if you don't stop it you're going to find out in a hurry that it's hard to get pedicures in foreign countries when you HAVE NO INCOME. The more these warped robots help to ruin our economy the less money THEY will make. But of course...Math is hard for celebrities.

I recommend we all watch football tonight. Thank God we still have the NFL. At least ...for now. I'm sure the liberals are doing their best to figure out a way to purge it,

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