Monday, September 19, 2011

The Democrats and Hollywood...Both Headed for the Trash heap.

The demise of the Democratic Party. It's becoming apparent quick that Boy King is going to end up being a worse version of Carter...and there was a time that really seemed impossible. We all swore back in the day that it would never happen again but yet, here we are. It only takes one new generation that does not remember the misery that a far-left administration can inflict to cause such a calamity. A good team to run a campaign to scam the people and there you have it. Throw in a greedy news media who would rather stoke controversy and head lines than what is good for the country and you've got yourself a miserable country filled with unemployed people and a screwed up foreign policy.

Let's start with Europe. We only need to look across the Atlantic to see what our future holds if we don't start making some changes NOW. Yes, that means stop listening to idiotic "celebrities" who for some reason find themselves enamored by Europe. For years now they have bleated their love of Europe. Now keep in mind that these people are multi-millionaires who live a life style that none of us ever will. They could live anywhere on the planet in luxury so it doesn't matter where they go...but they're too stupid to realize that. No, they judge the quality of their lives based on who they are hanging out with, which headline they've been able to get the their paid consultants to get them on...and wouldn't know what a "real" person was if it ran into them on the street. And by the way...they'd pay them off if they did run into them in the street so they wouldn't get sued.

Listening to these privileged movie stars is not going to do a thing for our economy. Get over it. Face it, America. You've been watching too many reality shows on TV. In case you haven't noticed the selection of shows we have now to watch on TV it is downright embarrassing. I can't figure out WHY Hollywood thinks we are interested in these idiotic shows. Maybe it's why they show the commercials every 2.3 seconds with annoying repetition. It's almost comical if you think about it. You can watch the food channels which, let's see, some guy running around trying to stuff his face with 250 hot dogs and pork fat, or cooking competitions that dwell on how much butter you can finish your gravy off with but yet here we are being lectured by MOOOOchelle that we're all fat and need permission to eat french fries.

What happened to the actual INTERESTING educational shows that had no political background? Remember those? Was there ever a time that TLC, Discover, or National Geographic wasn't trying to brainwash us? I guess not. Now it seems that is all they do. Frankly, I don't like it and I don't watch it. And I have no interest in watching a bunch of shows that mock marriage or religion. I don't want to be brainwashed to believe that religion is evil. I don't want to be brainwashed to believe the liberal garbage they are trying to convince me of. Thirty years ago weathermen had sticky felt stick-on clouds that fell off maps instead of satellites. Don't tell me you have enough "research" to know that we are destroying the world. Don't tell me you know everything about dinosaurs. I have no interest in watching some animated fight between animals that don't exist and animals that you REALLY have no freaking clue about.

Hollywood has become so pathetic ....Seriously, what was the last good movie have you seen come out of California lately? You haven't seen one...why? Because the state is so regulated and controlled and taxed nobody wants to do a movie there any more. There is no freedom of creation. There is no freedom of thought. If you go to Hollywood you better damn well be a brainwashed robot who bleats liberal nonsense or else. Which is COMPLETELY opposite of the population. When did this happen?

When an actress sits up on the Emmy's and accuses the Tea Party of being racist when she has NO CLUE what the hell the Tea Party even's a sad day in our country. Hollywood their $2000 shoes telling US we're racist. A president who is doing his level best to destroy our economy and start trouble between classes of people. A socialist left that KNOWS that happy, employed, fed people don't riot or cause trouble. A political party that is so desperate to stay in power and have ABSOLUTE power that they would manipulate our way of life and start riots between us. What kind of sick people have we allowed to become our leaders? Why do we watch the shows that these elitist Hollywood people produce?

If they love Europe so much they can go live there. In the mean time, I'm watching my DVDs. I have no desire to watch Hollywood and its inflated egos and liberal brainwashing. If Matt Damon wants to bleat his nonsense he can do so without my money.

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