Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Communism and Its Many Ways

I see with great amusement the White House has decided to create it's own attack website. So liberal goons can "report" all the "smear attacks" against Boy King. If anybody says anything negative about BK they can get put on some kind of "list".

This is like creating some kind of hit list.

So, what exactly happens when websites get on this "list"? Are the socialist left Marxist communist GOONS going to come after us? Will we be targeted? Will our computers get hacked? Will the FBI break down my door and take my computer? What the hell kind of crazy crap is this?

What kind of leader of a country does this sort of thing? Oh, I dunno, how about Hugo Chavez? Castro? Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao.  OPPRESSIVE COMMUNIST REGIMES THAT IS WHO.

Can you imagine for just ONE SECOND how the left would have reacted if George Bush had done this?

Not only should people be outraged, they should be embarrassed that during a time when this guy is giving speech after speech attacking conservatives he is concentrating his energy into some website that is supposed to punish those who speak ill of HIM.

It's all about HIM isn't it?? If this doesn't show his true character then I do not know what does. It's something a 7th grader would do when a bunch of kids at school are giving him a hard time.

It also reveals the desperation the Democrats are feeling right now. If the country were doing good, if their policies were working, if nobody knew the truth behind all the crooked, shady, unconstitutional deals going on they wouldn't need to do this.

I remain convinced that this WH will target our freedom of speech between now and the next election. They will either disrupt how conservatives communicate or they will disrupt the election itself. OR...they will try to commit massive fraud. We have to remain vigilant and stay on course. Expose the Democrats for their dirty deals and do NOT be intimidated. Do NOT be discouraged. Do NOT let these bullies scare you.

They are desperate and they know it.

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