Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waking Up and Taking Our Country Back

So now there's a video game where leftist thugs can go to "shoot down" Tea Partiers and people like Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly, and other popular conservatives. Given that the socialist left just about fell over itself after the Tucson shooting to label conservatives as violent I find this ironic.

Double standards. The left leaning liberal media is full of them. I could sit here all day long and list the examples but in all seriousness I don't have to. It has become so glaringly obvious to all. It's almost comical.

We have the Congressional Black Caucus all but calling on black communities to riot and the liberal media says nothing. The union boss calls on its members to "take out" tea party members while INTRODUCING the president....crickets. The good cop, bad cop routine is not going to cut it anymore. We've seen the true colors of the left now.

The economy is in such sad shape and it's become painfully obvious to everyone whose fault it is in all seriousness this is the only direction the left can take. The socialists know it. People are finally realizing that the intent by this administration was never to "fix" anything. The intent of this administration was to "fundamentally change" the country. We've been reporting all the speeches by the far left since day #1. Everything they've said they would do they are doing. There is no miscalculation here. Boy King has no intention of changing his policies because his policies are doing EXACTLY what he wanted them to do.

You do not see a revolving door of economists trying to correct anything. You see the Boy King going on vacation after vacation ignoring the situation. You see him plundering the treasury for all his socialist pet projects. He is not going to suddenly have an epiphany and realize all the things he's doing are hurting our capitalist economy. That was his intention from the beginning.

The liberal media is going to ignore what they can get away with. Our only concern at this point should be how far this administration will go to shut down the conservative voice. Eighty percent of the people do not rely on the alphabet news for their information now. Most people realize NBC is just a propaganda machine for the socialist left. Most people get their information from the internet. We have a web of news sources we pull from and everybody shares that information. If that communication link is severed then we will see true dissent in this country.

Americans will not tolerate being censored. They will not tolerate any disruption of the election process. If the Democrats had any grand illusion of taking control of this country by force they are sadly mistaken. They have infected our country but we have not died in the process. We are Americans...We will lick our wounds and continue to purge the disease from our system until it's gone.

If anything can be taken away from this entire debacle....We are now a lot wiser. In the past decade we have learned that not only do we have enemies far away that want to do us harm.....We have enemies right here that want to as well. We have realized how special and great this country is...and how easy it is for those who are jealous or sick to try to destroy it. It's worth fighting for. They can't have it.

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