Monday, September 12, 2011

Throwing Boy King Under The Bus, or Not?

I was moved by all the 9/11 memories yesterday. Of course, most of us remember the moments it happened and always will. It wasn't just a day or an event. It was period of time. The paranoia that followed...the Anthrax scares afterwards that nobody seems to ever, ever mention. I wonder why nobody mentions that? Did they ever really solve that? I heard at some point a guy at Fort Dietrich was responsible but I do not think it was definitively solved.

I suppose it's something the news media does not want to focus on because it might give people ideas. I remember the 70s "Tylenol scare" was a huge, huge event and it was made worse by copy-cats. The reason why food items are wrapped in safety devices today is because of the Tylenol scare in the 70s. Let's face it, we live in a world now of sick individuals who desire their 15 minutes of fame.

To me the memories of 9/11 coincide with the fear we faced afterwards and a feeling of being vulnerable. Anything can happen. It's not impossible that something as tragic as 9/11 could happen. The world is full of people who are jealous of our country, its democracy, our high quality of life, our standards, our laws, and our strength. Instead of being inspired to make their country as great they harbor resentment.

One of my favorite Bruce Lee quotes was something he said in the early 70s about the Vietnam war. Somebody asked him what he thought of it. He said "when people are no longer oppressed they are at peace". That is such a true statement. Content people do not create wars. As evil as the middle east appears to be sometimes it's easy to forget that they mostly live in squalid conditions under oppressive regimes who pound religious "rules" down their throats. Some people say it's none of our business. If they want to cut each other's heads off or kill their daughters for wearing eyeliner who are we to say they can't? Well, that's fine and dandy unless they decide to COME HERE and insist we live like they do. When they plan a grand operation of say hijacking airliners and killing 3000 people then YES, it's our business.

There are a lot of things going on in the world right now that the news media is censoring because of their liberal bias. Israel being attacked by Egyptians is one of them. The liberal media were cheerleaders for the Egyptian uprising. Even the CEO of Google was guilty of provoking that "revolution". For two years the far-left groups had been over there stoking the fire. Now we have great danger in the Middle East brewing against Israel and the news media turns a blind eye. Liberal groups naively think that if we just "sacrifice" Israel the Muslims will be satisfied. They don't get it. Not only will that NOT work it will make it WORSE. The US would become target #1. But of course you can't tell the left anything.

It's becoming very apparent that Boy King is headed for a major fall next year so it will be interesting to see what the Democratic party will do. Will they throw him under the bus and go for another candidate? Or will they self implode and try to divide the country with RAAACISM rhetoric? I would bet my life on two things: If they can stoke enough anger from the black community through false charges of racism, slander, and discontent they will go with Obama. That's a tall order, though. It's insulting to the black community for the Democrats to think they can exploit them that way....but it's their calling card. The second thing, if they can manipulate another "crisis" that scares the public.

I believe the Democrats will do a combination of both. Do not kid yourself into thinking Boy King will go away quietly in the night. His ego is much too big for that. If he gets thrown under the bus watch for him to grab some kind of "leadership" position for the black community and/or minorities. Never mind that he has DONE NOTHING for any of them. But he's too young just to retire to Hawaii playing golf. He has a lifestyle to feed now.He sees himself as some kind of "world savior". Pathetic but true.

It will be interesting to watch the next several months and the next year. We have a long way to go until 2012 and the Democrats know the light at the end of their tunnel is getting closer. They've got to make a decision on what to do. They usually self-destruct at times like this and they drag down the country with them. If they are greedy enough to hand over power to the likes of George Soros you can be rest assured they have no qualms about destroying our country on the way out and will take whatever money they can get their greedy hands on. It's like a lice infestation that's hard to get rid of. We'll be picking the nits for years.

What tragedy will they cook up for us? What kind of crisis do they plan to create? Just how far will they go to maintain power? Those are the questions that worry me most.

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