Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Progressive Onslaught of Hate

There are things happening in this country that I would have told you could never happen 20 years ago. Communists rallying in the streets, people heckling and insulting our military vets in colleges, and police officers standing aside why women are sexually assaulted all in the name of their union.

These are horrendous things. Most of my youth we spent a great deal of our time worrying about the tyranny of communism. It is not just an ideology that you take lightly. Communism is handing over all your rights and freedoms and being dependent on a government. You can't work where you want to work. You can't buy what you want to buy. You can't live where you want to live. Under communism there would be no hope of a better future. Everyone is resigned to living an existence with the bare necessities. The government would have complete control. Of course, all these politicians who believe it is a Utopian world of glory are telling you this because THEY would not have to live under it...they'd be CONTROLLING YOU. They are trying to create a class of elitist rulers with a poor, dependent subclass population.

There has never been a successful communist state in the history of mankind. They have all failed. Most interestingly, Europe for the past ten years has been dabbling in a socialist Utopian state and they are now giving us dire warnings...telling us not to go down that path. Of course, the politicians sitting around on their fat butts eating greasy ribs aren't going to tell you that. Even while skiing in Colorado.

Speaking of which...this entire Moochelle Obama and childhood obesity thing is really grating my nerves. She is going off during troubling times to ski in Colorado, eating 1500 calorie rib feasts telling us we're fat??? Can someone please tell these people what fools they are? What level of arrogance does it take to do that? A pretty snotty one in my opinion.

Despite all the noise in the news media and all the distractions, Americans are overall pretty intelligent. They can see through the noise and the gimmicks and the disinformation and see what is really going on. This is why the Republicans won so huge in November. The left acted shocked and surprised about losing because most of them are stupid enough to believe their own press.

Nothing has changed since November. In fact...the left has become more desperate. They are willing to ignite unrest in the Middle East with their communist groups because they know they are losing a grip on power. They think that creating chaos will frighten people into submission. They think if they collapse the economy, make more and more groups dependent on the government and create a dependent class of Americans they will have ever-lasting power. What idiots.

They are throwing it all into the fan in a Hail Mary pass.

Americans don't work that way. If we're paying $8 for a gallon of gas and eating cat food with no job in 2012....Obama is history. He is yesterday's soggy toast. I guarantee you that nobody will want this grind the Democrats have had us going through to continue. For the past eight years we have done nothing but fight off this progressive onslaught of hate and people are SICK AND TIRED of it.

Yes, we need to defeat the hate. The Democrats need to either destroy each other or go somewhere else...because frankly, people are sick of it. It's time to take back the narrative and create some happiness up in this place.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Groping Women in the Name of The Union?


I read this story with disgust. Police officers who support the unions are stepping aside and letting women staffers at the Wisconsin capital building be roughed up and GROPED by union THUGS. This is not American. This is absolutely an outrage and every single police officer there who refuses to protect and do their job should be fired.

That proves to me that unions should be destroyed at any cost. There is NO EXCUSE for that kind of behavior. Without police protection there is anarchy. Never in my life time did I think I would see people protesting like this. It's 1968 all over again. These people are bringing back memories of the Vietnam era when Americans were ashamed of their country and people rioted and turned on each other. In the 80s it was revealed how ugly the Vietnam protesters were and how shameful the anti-American activities were...and all of that was somehow not taught to our children. We have allowed these people full reign to teach our children these ugly tactics.

Of course, they will not win. The Republican Revolution is underway. The majority of Americans see this behavior and they are disgusted. The trick is for us to spread this information so people WILL see it. The liberal media will not report it because they KNOW the backlash it will provoke.

So spread these videos, these stories, and make sure you do your part. We can not rely on the liberal news media to inform the public anymore. They won't do it. This type of behavior cannot go unreported. These people are determined to throw our country away. They have been brainwashed and paid to act this way. Just like the idiotic hippies in the 70s who spat at our troops and called Americans murderers, these people in no way should be allowed to roam the halls of the capital building and grope female GOP staffers. That is crossing the line and way beyond acceptable.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin and the Utopian Left

In November the good people of Wisconsin threw out the Dem majority in their state and by a huge landslide elected Republicans to fix their state. Yesterday we saw the Dems throw another temper tantrum. They do that a lot lately, huh? Whenever you see communist groups marching the streets of this country you know that the GOP has done something good. It means the left is panicking.

Dems can't win an argument when it comes to the destruction of our economy. They are systematically destroying it and hoping you won't notice or pay attention. However, when you DO pay attention they call in their communist goon squad and put on a show to distract you from the issues. What the Utopian Left (funded and organized by George Soros) is doing in Wisconsin is EXACTLY what they did in Greece. Riots, chaos, intimidation, threats...you know...the regular leftist tactics. All the while crying crocodile tears that the right is a big bad violent racist mob of bullies. Boo-Hoo.

By the way...George Soros is banned from Greece and with good reason.

It is times like these that make you scratch your head and say "Didn't we just WIN?" Yes we did. We won a HUGE majority in congress and it was not just luck...it happened all across this country in places that most Republicans never see the light of day....like Wisconsin. We won because the majority of Americans are alarmed and fearful of this president and what the Utopian Left is doing to our country.

NEWS FLASH FOR DEMOCRATS: When you pay communist groups to protest and march the streets of this country going against popular opinion...it makes people ANGRIER and more FEARFUL.

It actually reveals a lot. It reveals that the Utopian Left is ready and willing to deploy intimidation tactics to get what it wants. It thinks that if it attacks and intimidates the GOP they will cave and cower and give in. It also thinks that it can wear down the majority of people who by and large don't have a long attention span and as a whole get disgusted and inpatient with "political crap".

The Dems are miscalculating. Americans do not have much tolerance for communists and they certainly do not have tolerance for them marching in the streets of the U.S. dragging school children with them. Watching this show in Wisconsin is going to tick off Americans but the Dems are too stupid to realize that. They are so caught up in their temper tantrum they AGAIN are acting on reflex and have become so arrogant and beligerant they don't see the writing on the wall.

But then...maybe they do. As Republicans become better organized and gain momentum in the House the more we should expect this Utopian Left show of shows. It's going to get uglier...a lot uglier. But don't lose faith. The uglier they get the better our chances in 2012.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

We've Got Way Too Much Time On Our Hands

One should never start their day with a story headline from the Huffington Post. First, I don't read HP. She is a communist and has no interest in the US except making money and destroying the U.S. She wants to "exploit capitalism" and "teach us a lesson" as she puts it. So why any human being from this country would read her garbage and contribute to her blog is beyond me. But of course, most people don't know she is a communist or has said those things. They don't look at the videos of her at communist rallies. They don't read about her ties with George Soros. They probably don't know who George Soros is.

But anyway, I saw the headline on Drudge with Aston Kutcher, another person who annoys me, and you know there are days I look at the headlines and just shake my head in disgust. Here's a guy who actually thinks he is important. He is an elitist punk. He drives around in a Hummer and wags his finger at us mere simple human beings for using too much oil or electricity or whatever nonsense the elitist Hollywood people have worked themselves up over out in California. You know....the state that is bankrupt because the leaders and important people like Kutcher run around whining for more money or convenient luxury items but they don't want to pay for it. They think socialism is a great thing. They've never picked up a history book in their lives and have absolutely no clue what socialism is. They just know the maid brings them a cup of coffee in the morning and does their laundry and the most important thing they will do today is Tweet something.

Another headline I see is about Lady Gaga and her appearance at the awards show in an egg. Now there's important stuff. I bet it took a few days to think that up. It really must be exhausting to think up bizarre things to do in the name of art. I mean, they just copy Madonna at this point. That's all they are doing. The way to get famous and make money in Hollywood or the entertainment business is to say or do something ridiculous or obnoxious. Madonna had her sex schtick. Back in the 80s the way she dressed really was shocking and punky and her Like a Virgin song was catchy and scandalous. Lady Gaga today is really no different.

Last night I saw the commercial for Justin Beiber's movie with my 17-year-old daughter in the room and we were like "He has a MOVIE?" What...he's like 12, right? What could they possibly do a movie about? Oh, that's right....it's Hollywood. They package and sell human beings. So what will happen is this kid will grow up and be yesterday's newspaper in about 10 years. What happened to that cute little kid with Donald Trump hair? He's all doped up in rehab with a bald head and no teeth. But look! He's got a Go Green tattoo on his arm.

I suppose the people who buy into the entertainment industry are no worse or different than people like me who follow politics...and basically it all comes down to the same thing. We've got way too much time on our hands.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

As Usual, Sarah Palin is right.


As usual, Sarah says what we all agree on. It's as if she has the voice for all of us. Which is why the Utopian Left hate her so much. They spend all their time trying to shut off the conservative voices and Sarah can make one simple statement and break through that murk the Utopians create.

The Utopian Left


I was reading this story in Time Magazine online and found it quite fascinating. Obviously, it raises all kinds of questions and thought and it's a good conversation piece if anything else. But, of course when I started reading the comment section it became alarming. Basically, a bunch of enviro-nuts and communist-lovers had taken over the thread and discussed things such as depopulation for the greater good (of the environment) and one in particular that suggests that "proper non-tyrannical communism" is the answer to life. They believe themselves above us mere simple humans. If you follow the enviro-nuts at all you know this is how they feel already. But most people do not know they feel this way.

That's when the term "Utopian Left" popped in my head. Maybe I've read that term before somewhere else...but it has suddenly dawned on me that it is a perfect term to label the far-left. Labels, as we know, are used successfully by the far-left to slander people. Well two can play at that game my friend.

The Utopian Left believe that they are superior. They believe they are smarter and of high intelligence. We simple humans are not smart or intelligent enough to realize that their goal of depopulation and supreme perfect communism is going to rule earth. It is the way it is and they will achieve this goal in whatever means necessary.

So Utopians are now convincing themselves that mass extinction is not such a bad idea if the people who survive are of the same mind they are. That is a very scary thing. It kind of falls into the "conspiracy" category so I won't dwell on it. But as you can see by the comment section of that article, there are groups of people who do believe that this is going to happen so it's worth noting that reality.

But back to my Utopian Left label. I think it's a great idea to start labeling this group of people and exposing them and telling the mere simple humans what these people are saying. I'd say in an uneducated guess that about 60% of the population does not pay that much attention to politics. Not like we do, anyway. So when you label something and it sticks that gets around faster because word travels fast. It's an easy way to identify people. The Utopian Left have been organizing and protesting in the Middle East, causing riots and disruptions in Europe, and have a common goal to destroy capitalism and the U.S. in particular. We need to label this group of people and expose them. The liberal media certainly is not going to.

Friday, February 11, 2011

So What Was the He Resigned/He Didn't Resign All About?

Yesterday, we witnessed a flushing out of socialist players like never before seen. The liberal media and Obama were laid wide open. A lot of people are confused. They don't understand a lot of what is going on. But it is pretty obvious what happened.

The socialist left (including our president) have been meddling in the Middle East for a few years now. Sending over socialist and communist groups and aligning themselves with the Muslim Brotherhood to topple our allies was their goal. But Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Egyptian Army showed them who really is in charge of this Poker game.

Obama and his progressive socialist buddies are no match for our allies in the Middle East. Yesterday Mubarak flushed them out. He stepped aside today and now the real work will begin. Egyptians who are completely innocent...who truly want peace and freedom...will go home and be happy. The foreign socialists who traveled there to stoke the riots will not. They will foolishly remain there and try to organize more protests, perhaps thinking naively they can defeat the Army or stir up trouble for the U.S.

One of two things will happen: They will be rounded up and thrown out of the country (and tailed). Or they will be put in jail and WISH they had left when they still had the chance. My guess is they will be watched. Notice our allies in Europe have remained completely silent. France and Britain have not said one word. They are watching...and taking names.

It's one thing for Obama and his socialist leftist thugs to stir up trouble in Europe. It's quite another to travel to the Middle East and stir up trouble there. It's an entirely different ball game. But yesterday was all about exposing the players...and Mubarak did an excellent job of it. Our news media nearly wet itself with the happy news, they had it all planned out. Obama gave speeches before the fact congratulating himself. Our CIA director was even clueless. The Intelligence officer to the WH showed the world where his allegiance, and this president's allegiance, lies.

The socialist left and Obama believe they have "won", but they haven't. They've been out-smarted.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia...Our Allies In The Middle East

Much to Obama's distress today, our Middle East allies --you know, the ones Obama threw under the bus-- stood firmly together and called Obama and the far-left socialist groups out. Obama showed his hand in his game of Socialist Poker and our allies called his bluff.

King Abdullah of Jordan did not crawl out of some cave like an idiot. He is an extremely smart man. He and his wife have dedicated their lives to their people and culture and have done wonderful things to advance peace in the Middle East. Just like his father he has brokered and overseen an extremely efficient army and intelligence apparatus. He was educated in the UK and the US and he works quietly and smartly. I admire him very much. I personally know several Jordanians and they have told me with no doubt in their minds "He intervened and called out Obama". I believe them.

Chaos and rioting does nothing to advance peace and freedom in the Middle East. Chaos and rioting is what socialists and communists do to cause anarchy. The Green/Red Alliance in the UK, Answer in Canada, Code Pink and Weather Underground in the US have been manipulating politics in the Middle East for several years. We've been watching them do this and the liberal media has reported NOTHING.

Our allies have recognized this and have formed a protective shield for Mubarak. They will not allow Obama to interfere in the peace process in the Middle East to advance his agenda. When Obama can explain why he meets with Jodie Evans of Code Pink monthly but yet calls out our intelligence community about the events in Egypt I will be interested to hear how he justifies it. Our allies will not allow a bunch of hippy socialists fool the Egyptian people. The majority of the Egyptian people will not want any involvement whatsoever with the meddling foreigners. This is a very effective argument and it is working. Agreeing to protester demands and convincing the Egyptian people that working with foreigners is what got them in trouble in the first place is all they have to say to calm down the rhetoric.

Today, Jordan, Israel, and Saudi called Obama's bluff and made the news media look like complete idiots. Our news media nearly wet itself today in anticipation of Mubarak stepping down in some grandiose fashion so they could claim "victory". Instead...they stuck Obama in the eye and revealed how devious the news media was. The greatest part was watching Andrea Mitchell tell all her "insider secrets". She smugly told us who talked to who (Joe Biden apparently was point man which is in itself hilarious) and what was going to happen and how and how justified it was. They've been demonizing Mubarak since the start. I have to admit I found it hysterical that everything she said blew up in her face and she was left stuttering and clueless.

Well that insider info turned out to be a bunch of hogwash, huh?

Here's a clue WH: If you think Israel and Jordan will stand idly by while you try to "change the world" to your Utopian socialist dream....PSYCH!!! The Middle East has been around a LOT longer than the progressive dweebs. Your San Francisco flower power has no influence over there. Obama's arrogance and messiah complex has no sway. Even the power of your liberal media monopoly does not work on people in this region. You are only making the situation worse.

The WH was supposed to bring peace to the Middle East. Not make it worse. Somebody might want to let them know.

The Red/Green Alliance

So it's coming out now that a group from UK called "The Red/Green Alliance" which is a group derived from the Socialist Worker's Party is ring leader #1 in the Eqyptian protests. Nice. Funny how these things work their way to the surface, huh? So the news media, the WH, and US Socialist groups, Google, the Unions, and all the other communist groups instigated this "uprising".

They could not get Americans to riot but by golly they can get the Egyptians to, right? They can't get people in the UK to riot...but they are so smart they can go into the most violent part of the world and get them to.

What upsets me about this is the WH is KNEE DEEP in these protests and the liberal media refuses to report this. We've been saying this all along and every day that goes on it gets more and more obvious.

What do we have to do to convince people what is happening? Are we going to just sit here and watch the communists/socialists cause mayhem? Are we going to watch Israel go up in flames and not do anything? Are we going to watch them create a caliphate?

Muslim Brotherhood is where Osama Bin Laden is from. Is this 2000 all over again? Remember back when people thought..."Oh...he's just some crazy guy...he won't do anything". Tell that to the people killed in the World Trade Center.

This Says It All


Last week Rachel Maddow did the same thing. They took the headlines of a fake news site where Sarah Palin said something "outrageous" and printed it as news.

Seems innocent enough....but it is not.

How many people believe that Sarah Palin actually said the words "I can see Russia from my house" ? She never did. Tina Fey said those words. But people believe she said them because the news media has repeated it out of context so much. They do this with Sarah Palin all the time.

Every time they slander Sarah Palin they just repeat over and over the nonsense they've made up and after a while people only know "she sucks" and nothing else. The liberals are very efficient at labeling and slandering people. The Entertainment industry backs them...the comedians....all the liberals cashing in and trying to make money along the way.

Case in point Joan Rivers. She's like Kathy Griffin. She would slander her own mother at this point. Anything...to get publicity and make money. It's all about money.

Sarah Palin IS money because she is so popular with the conservatives for saying it like it is and for not being a Washington pocket scum. The left loves to cash in on that popularity as well to make money....by slandering her. They are TERRIFIED of Sarah Palin. Sarah is not afraid to stand up and confront them and she is not afraid to stand up and defend her country. The left hates that.

The progressives and the liberal media (same thing) are already on shaky ground with a majority of people in this country...they are digging their own hole. If they want their newspapers to sell less, want their ratings to go further down....keep telling lies. It makes people angry and it upsets the conservatives, and guess what? Conservatives have the majority. The liberals continue to deny that fact and it is to our advantage.

But this new practice of spreading MADE UP stories and then backtracking needs to be called out. It is a deliberate attempt by the liberals to spread untruth and it is deceitful.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Obama In The Scheme of Things


I honestly don't think Obama in the scheme of things means much. He was created by the progressives and will be discarded by the progressives when they no longer need him. What does that mean?

It means a group, rather than a PERSON is running our country. Seriously, how much confidence do the people have in this president being able to handle situations? Not much.  How much trouble can our country get into when the fox is guarding the hen house? Let's not go there.

I know it sounds like a broken record, but I keep returning to the Carter years. There are so many comparisons between Obama and Jimmy Carter it would be impossible to list them. But we have to remember that the reason we feel Obama is like Carter is because it's the same group of people. All the chaos and collapse that came about in the 70s is happening all over again and it is the same group of progressive liberals with their stubborn agenda that takes us back to the same place. You can fast forward to the Clinton years and realize quickly that although the Clintons were liberal they also had their own agenda. Which is why the progressives turned on them. When you deviate from the "progressive agenda" you are no longer useful.

Remember progressive is socialist. Study Woodrow Wilson's presidency. Hitler did. Many of the Nazi propaganda tactics were directly attributed to Woodrow Wilson's presidency. A convenient fact that is deleted from history books. Fast forward to Roosevelt. After he led our country down a path of huge government expansion and power he died and we immediately put into place laws to limit the term of president to two. For a reason.

Not that progressives feel that they have to follow the law. They honestly think if they don't like a law they can just change it to their benefit. But all that lovely karma is catching up to them and in 2012 they will become acutely aware of that karma when they have no jobs. Whenever there is a huge pull to the left there is another shift to the right. It keeps us balanced. The law of Yin and Yan.

It never fails to amaze me how astonishingly clever our founding fathers were. Nothing has changed much in history when it comes to greed and power. Humans are humans....different times in history, same set of problems. But now we have allowed an enemy to sneak up on us and they have taken our freedoms from us without us even knowing it. The cold war may have ended...but the communists live on. They just morphed into a cute picture of a polar bear.

Obama was made a rock star by the progressive, socialist movement and when he no longer advances their cause he will be thrown to the side like a used sock. The Republican Revolution is underway....but don't be fooled into thinking the socialists will just go away. They are looking for their next rock star. History will not remember him as being a great president. They will remember how easy it was for the socialists to dupe the public.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unions, Google, US Socialists/Communists...and Obama


For those who cast a suspicious eye at the news...ALL news...when Egypt erupted in riots it only took about six hours to single out the socialist/Islamic link. We've been watching Code Pink, Weather Underground, and the unions for a couple of years now. Especially given their interference with  the Turkey flotilla boats and the Gaza protests. Code Pink is an UGLY organization. Remember how they hounded Bush during his presidency and it was NOT in the name of "peace" and "anti-war". It has everything to do with destroying this country and capitalism in general. They cannot STAND the USA.

George Soros is the sugar daddy with all these groups. He has been funding them for the better part of the current and former decade. He has been funding the socialist groups in Europe, has facilitated the economic collapse of more than one European country (UK and Greece), and his prize now is the US. He resides in DC and has close ties with Obama. He meets with him weekly. He has made dozens of speeches STATING THESE GOALS and they are on YouTube for anyone to go and watch. The liberal media completely ignores him because they get their pocket money from him.

Money buys everything in this world whether you're a socialist, communist, or capitalist.

I am a little surprised they let slip about the Google executive who got arrested in Egypt. I'd think they'd want that to be kept underwraps but they got too greedy again (as they always do). They wanted to exploit the "he's being tortured by Mubarak" headline. Right now Obama, the socialist, communists, George Soros, Code Pink, Weather Underground, and various liberal news media outlets and UNIONS are feeling a little paranoid. The Egyptian riots are coming to an end. Mubarak is staying in power. What they THOUGHT was a sure thing...suddenly is not. Not only did they reveal their hand in a poker game...they bet the house.

Not only did he throw an important ally (albeit not perfect but he is a better alternative to Israel being bombed and people being murdered on a daily basis) under the bus Obama showed his true colors. All the people who are supposed to be our allies are not going to trust him AT ALL.

Nor should we. You can imagine how China and Russia are snickering at his weakness and naiveness.

If Obama tries to save face by saying he tried to bring about this change for the sake of all the poor Egyptian people who were being abused under a brutal dictator...save the speech. He was gunning for a "new world order" and instead got an incomplete result. Thankfully, we have time to get him out of office before he and his leftist goons have a chance to try again. Which they will. Because it is what communists do. Do not be fooled into thinking they will just give up. Communists never give up. They just morph to the next project.

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's NOT About Obesity And Your Health


I wish people would finally get it through their heads....Michelle Obama's "Americans Are Fat" campaign has NOTHING to do with her sincere concern about our health. There are emergency food shortages all across the world. Do you think the people in those countries might find it irritating seeing how Americans are too FAT?  It fits in so well with "Americans are Arrogant" campaign and "Americans Should Apologize" tour. Do you think in Africa they have commercials showing fat Americans asking for their help?

If you use the charts the government uses we all have to look like Twiggy or we're in the obese category. So now the government can use that against you. In case you haven't noticed the progressives have been very busy building a Big Brother network of weazels to watch everything you do and rat on you if you don't "conform". Sounds a lot like the KGB doesn't it? In fact...they probably have a Department of Weazels. Maybe we shouldn't give them the idea.

I'm actually glad to see a story about this...because it does tell me people are annoyed and it's being acknowledged. These are things that the liberal state-run media can't spin out of or create a utopian world of denial like they do about....well, everything. All you have to do is go down the street the gas station or grocery story and mention an Obama policy and immediately you get a reaction of disgust. Even at the Dollar Store. I was cashing out the other day at one and the cashier elected "If you get cash back on your debit transaction they will charge you $1. for it. You can send your thank you card to Obama for that".

Yep....People aren't fooled by celebrity news anchors. And size 12 and 14 are just fine, thank you.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Smart Move On The GOP's Part


A lot of my conservative friends (including me) are howling about Obama and Carter being alike. We're listing the comparisons and pointing our fingers. That's fair, first because it's true and second, because that is what we do. The liberal media certainly is not going to do it. Most Americans old enough to remember how terrible Jimmy Carter's presidency was don't have to be told how terrible it was. They remember it.

But it would be foolhardy for the GOP to do this. The GOP is smart by sticking with the narrative they are on and letting the blogosphere do the smack talk. Even smarter, they have McCain out there talking about how centrist Obama is which I find hilarious, actually. Some people are reacting with shock and horror but I tell them this: Imagine McCain sitting with his classic sarcasm and grin saying this because that is exactly what he is doing.

The GOP should not come off as hostile toward Obama during this crisis just as the Democrats could not come off as hostile toward George Bush during 9/11. There will be plenty of time for that later. The Democrats would love nothing more than to scream and point at the GOP for being unsupportive or disrespectful. They'd love to hang the "Republicans are violent" sign around their necks.

Remember, it is the socialist and communist groups in the Middle East (that Obama supports by the way) that are stirring up trouble. In my view this is a hail Mary pass by the left because they know their reign of domination is quickly coming to a close. And much to their distress, the GOP is holding it together. The GOP is focused and closing in. DeMint and Issa are sniffing out and closing in...and the far left is panicking.

The Greatest Things About Ronald Reagan

On this day of rememberence of Ronald Reagan I would like to list my favorite things about him.

At a time in history when everyone had had enough...there he was telling us how great our country was. After all the hippies and spitters had burned the flag and told everyone how terrible we were...There he was telling us to be proud and grateful. He taught us how to love our country again. He told us not to trust the government but not to hate it.

He had authority. It was like having your Dad in charge. You felt secure, if not a little frightened. You knew things were taken care of. You knew the bad guys weren't getting you. He locked the doors and windows and nobody was coming in. He had a clear path to the future and nobody was going to stop him. It wasn't a path of going backwards, it was moving forward.

He invested in NASA and our military, two of the greatest achievements in our history. Both institutions have given more to American society than any other. Our scientific community was not bought off by a political party to scam the American people...it was focused on space and how to get places and protect us.

Our military had been treated like dirt in 1970s. It was not uncommon for people to call people names and consider them murderers or any other nonsense the anti-war people were spewing. Ronald Reagan changed that and I experienced that change from within the military myself. It was a GOOD thing to be in the military. You were honorable. You were respected. You were educated and you were disciplined. Ronald Reagan saluted the Marine guard who stood and protected him. He demanded that the American people respect our military and the people who fight and sacrifice on a daily basis to give us the freedom we share and enjoy.

At a time when we see socialism and communists rearing their ugly heads again, when the threat of war and economic troubles loom like a rock...We wish he were back again.

Conservatives need to remember that it was Ronald Reagan's vision of a GREAT U.S.A. that made him so loved. Obama can barely say a nice word about our country without throwing up so this is not rocket science. The left has foolishly tried to compare Obama to Reagan and it makes me laugh. Obama could never try to love our country and be successful at it. He has done more to try to destroy it than anyone since Woodrow Wilson.

So conservatives going forward need to bring that "America is great" theme to the table...it's one the left just can't bear to stand.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

US Communist Groups and Islamic Socialist Groups Working Together


This is a coordinated effort by Islamic Socialists and US Communist groups to destabilize the Middle East and OBAMA KNOWS IT. Code Pink and Weather Underground have been in Egypt and Gaza for two years. Even GOOGLE executives have been in Egypt protesting with the communist groups.

Why is the liberal media not reporting this? Anti-war communist groups are not going to stand by while the Egyptian Army tries to resolve the situation in Egypt, even if Mubarak resigns. They are determined to destabilize the Middle East and provoke war. The liberal media is not reporting this. These are communist groups INSIDE THE US. This did not start with Tunisia.

Part of the George Soros Propaganda Machine


George Soros just poured HUGE money into a propaganda wave to discredit the videos targeting Planned Parenthood. Of course, socialists really hate it when they get caught and exposed. Especially George Soros. Here's a very evil, evil man with billions of dollars who has great influence on our government.

I am not surprised ABC is part of the George Soros propaganda machine. All the alphabet news networks are. He has poured money into their pockets. George Soros is his own mafia.

Republicans need to get very serious about exposing and bringing this man to justice. He is no friend of the United States. He is a socialist who has stated several times that capitalism needs to be destroyed yet there he is....in our White House talking with Obama every week. He has also stated just THIS WEEK how Israel is the "problem" in the Middle East.

Given his childhood I find it remarkable that this man has the AUDACITY to say anything about the Jewish people. Yet, the Washington Post gives him free reign and the liberal media says nothing about it.

Scary, huh?

The President Who Made Jimmy Carter Look Good


In the scheme of things, the Republicans could go in and cut spending all day long and only get a minimal bill that Obama would sign. Of course, he will only sign a bill that makes HIM look good but would do NOTHING toward paying down our debt. If anyone suffered he would make sure he sang from the rooftops that it was the GOP's fault.

It's going to take a change of government. It's going to take a comprehensive plan like Reaganomics where the entire country is on board and understands that we're going to have to hunker down a few years and grit our teeth and get it done. But things WILL get better. Right now Obama is buying time and trying to stay in power. He is trying to collapse capitalism and thus far he is doing a fine job of it. But obviously, he doesn't want it to collapse immediately or he won't get re-elected. He is throwing the dice.

I think we're watching the rest of the world pay the price for this. What's happening in Europe and the Middle East is easy to watch for most people without having to feel the impact. Most turn off the TV and turn it back on to watch American Idol and the weather and then turn it back off. I think in that socialist brain of our President he thinks that if people get scared enough they will cling to his feet and beg for his help and he can play "messiah" again. I hope he really does think that because it only shows how little he understands Americans. Socialists aren't very smart. They are masterminds at manipulation, but they get greedy. They've been planning this "revolution" of theirs for nearly 100 years and what do they do? They go over to the Middle East and use a bunch of people in the name of their religion as "useful idiots" (as John Lennon would say) to start shit and it will absolutely, positively blow up in their faces.

If things keep going the direction they're going and it gets as bad as everyone says it is...Obama is going to go down in history as "The President Who Made Jimmy Carter Look Good". Any coward could go start trouble in the Middle East. It takes courage and intelligence to go over there and really bring peace. Only cowards and evil thinking could imagine that starting war and revolution "in the name of peace and freedom" could be good for anybody. Those of us old enough to remember what the early 70s were like, when Israel was under constant attack and people were being blown apart daily,  remember the anxiety attached to that. It wasn't that long ago. It only stopped when George Bush went to war and stabilized Iraq. It took the focus off Israel. .Just step back one decade and you will see how violent things were.

During the Clinton years we had no earthly idea who Al Qaeda was yet there were over 200 terrorist bombings worldwide during the 1990s. Israel was constantly under attack. What do you remember? Monica Lewinski? Do the progressives truly believe that Americans will standby and watch Israel get pummeled and think nothing of it? Do they honestly believe we would just bury our heads in the sand and not care? Are they so naive they think if we "sacrifice" Israel the Islamists will just cheer and suddenly leave us alone? Are they really that stupid?

Yes! I think they are. They think if they start wars in other places and collapse capitalism their utopia will be complete. They want to make things SO bad....we beg for the government's help. But it's not going to happen. It's going to be quite the opposite.

Obama will go down in history as the president who made Jimmy Carter look good. Americans were not made from greedy socialists. We were made from God fearing Christians who hated people telling them what to do. We tossed the British tea in the Boston Harbor and said "GO TO HELL" and we will do it again, but this time we will be telling 20% of our own people that. It's going to get ugly and it's going to involve a lot of pushing back...but it will happen.

Americans cannot accept these socialist ideals. They are not American.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan....My Heroes.


A video for all time. Watch and enjoy and SHARE WITH EVERYONE.

A Republican Revolution


With Egypt and the Middle East about to erupt in Socialist Islamic revolution...the U.S. will no doubt have a Republican revolution....and frankly I'm ready for it.

Read the SIGNS


This is on the signs of all the protesters in NYC protesting for "peace and freedom" for Egypt. It's a group of socialists who HATE ISRAEL. The entire website is about killing the Jews. So if you watch the news and you see all these "peace-loving American-Egyptians" look at their signs. They are calling on the DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL. Sheeple will watch the news and go "Awwww...those poor Egyptians. They just want freedom....that evil Mubarak guy." Meanwhile...the website says it all.

Glenn Beck Observations this morning

Glenn Beck does his homework and it shows. This is why the left DESPISES him so much. He exposes the left and he loves our country. This is why they spend each day trying to destroy him. George Soros especially.


OFA of California is celebrating that over 1 million people are on WELFARE. Only a socilalist can love that.


If you think Egypt is about "freedom and peace" then I have some ocean front property in Kansas to sell you.


Jon Stewart is liberal but he has a tendency to nail the truth...and this is one of those times.

This is what you call PROPAGANDA.

Just Ask Code Pink or Weather Underground!


Code Pink has been protesting in Gaza and Egypt for two years. In fact, they've been working with the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize the area and you can go to their website and see their ads calling for them to help "cleanse our country". Weather Underground (Bill Ayers) has been in Egypt and Gaza as well. So Obama is feigning SURPRISE?

Well let's see....Didn't he and Nancy Pelosi DISMANTLE our intelligence community the past two years? Do you think they may have had a REASON to do that? Do you honestly believe that Obama, being such a strong supporter of socialist groups and communists would be caught off guard by this? Or is it more likely he was part of the problem? I find it ASTONISHING that the WH has the nerve to "leak" a "surprise" at the events in the Middle East. As HotAir points out....He himself made a speech in Cairo two years ago.

Remember when the Israeli prime minister came here and Obama insulted him? When he treated him like crap and left him in a room to go eat dinner and treated him like garbage? Remember when he said "Don't interfere with us...we're trying to change the world."

Well this is Obama changing the world folks.

UPDATE: If you ever had any doubt about Google and it's far-left socialist tendencies....doubt no more. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2011/02/04/businessinsider-missing-google-exec-egypt-2011-2.DTL#ixzz1D1RZkCOh

Excellent article at Bigjournalism.com


Andrew Breitbart has more balls than anyone in journalism...with the exception of Glenn Beck of course. He is absolutely right. The left slanders conservatives consistently all the while protesting and supporting socialist and communist groups who are out there stoking violence. Why is Code Pink in Egypt? Why is Weather Underground in Egypt? Why are they meeting with Obama in the White House monthly? Breitbart was posting the involvement of Code Pink in the Flotilla raids on Israel from Turkey and the protesting in Egypt and Gaza a year ago. The left slanders the right with its "RAAACIST" and divisive talking points when it is calling for leftists to riot and cause chaos going UNREPORTED by the liberal news. They are just trying to shut down conservative radio, conservative news, and conservative blogs so people cannot get this information. It is a coordinated campaign and it is failing.

The Ford Pinto ...Is this the 1970s?


I loved this article. Actually, I love hotair.com and most of its posts. I spend quite a bit of my day reading its headlines and linking all over the place. This struck me as amazing because...I do remember the Ford Pinto and it is a perfect example of what Obama stands for. Cheap and dangerous.

If you could paint a picture of everything Obama stands for...the Ford Pinto (Or even worse the Vega) is the picture I would show.


Let's say it all together: "Whatever the Democrats are accusing the right of doing...they are doing it themselves".

So in the spirit of this golden rule I give you the following headlines I am seeing:


Actually...what is even more amazing to me is the smokescreen the Dems are creating with this "Americans are obese" campaign. While there are food shortages and hungry people all across the world the White House is telling everyone they're too fat. Isn't that just a BIT weird to you?


If you haven't figured out that George Soros and his socialist cronies have systematically bought off the liberal news media, then we need to talk. There is only ONE network on TV that is NOT in the liberal pocket and they get threatened and pressured every single day. The left CONSTANTLY intimidates and slanders Fox news. Most people realize this. It is why their ratings are so high.

There is a lot of regulation going on with the White House right now and that is probably why we're seeing the interference with the utilities and unfortunately, we will probably see interference with the internet as well. When the liberals expressed "SHOCK" about Egypt cutting off the internet...my radar immediately went up. Of course that would never happen here. But will happen is outages. If your internet services get slow and wonky and your power goes out a lot more than normal....cast a suspicious eye towards Washington, DC.


DrudgeReport.com has a list of things today concerning power outages, natural gas shortages, and even one claiming Obama is to blame and it's part of his "going green" initiative. That wouldn't surprise me. Rather than post each item separately just go take a look.


Honestly, I do not recall a time when we had this problem "suddenly" during the winter. I remember in the summer California had issues when it was hot but frankly, when does California NOT have issues? But TEXAS?? Somebody needs to answer questions about this.

The Dems have a habit of playing "PILE ON". They want one thing to pile on top of another and another and another which takes the attention off each separate "crisis" distracts people, and thus they never have to answer for anything. They do it all the time. We are all focused on Egypt of course and the liberal media is doing a beautiful job of convincing everyone how EVIL Mubarak, our ALLY, is so they aren't going to take the time to dig into the reason why there is an emergency in NM, AZ, CA, and TX and why people are suffering through power outages.

The other day when there was EMERGENCY ALERT about the weather concerning snow and ice I thought to myself...Wait...Isn't it JANUARY??? Don't we have cold weather, snow and ice EVERY SINGLE JANUARY? Why is this an "emergency"? Why suddenly are we having power outages? This is not normal and snow, ice and cold air in the winter is NOT NEW. There is something very fishy going on here.

Kirsten Powers Actually Gets It.


This actually came out yesterday but I was so impressed that a liberal told the truth I'm posting it again. She truly gets it. She truly understands what will happen if allowed to continue and she understands how the liberals are trying to DEMONIZE our allies.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh...Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.


Well of course Jimmy Carter wrote a book to mislead people about his time in office during the 1970s. It was the worst presidency (until now) of our time. In fact...when you see Muslims chanting "DEATH TO AMERICA!" You can send Jimmy thank you cards for that! When he dissed the Iranian students by drinking wine with the Shah and then dithered like only liberals dither to allow the Muslim mullah fanatics to grab hold of the country...well there you go. History was made.

Gee...it all seems so familiar doesn't it??

Unfortunately, it's not that Obama is too stupid and is making the same mistakes. Obama is rolling dice and gambling that his socialist buddies are right and it really IS our best interest to let Israel get attacked and let the Middle East erupt in war....so say prayers for our Israeli friends.

And here we go!

So I decided that since I am posting nearly constantly on Facebook that perhaps my friends and family think I've lost my marbles. I do have a tendency to be focused =) But I find the events in our country to be very disturbing and search very thoroughly daily through a very wide range of news sources and blogs to find out information. I have instincts. I cannot tell you how many times I've fished out facts and then a day later there it is...my suspicions confirmed...headlining the news. Maybe it's a gift. Maybe I'm nuts. But I work hard at it so that's all that matters.

SO here I am. I'm going to consolidate my information and invite my friends to see what I find and they can draw their own conclusions and share the information they have found. And we can find and share together.

And by the way...if you're a marxist socialist communist idiot...get the hell off my blog. Go live in Cuba and eat bugs. Live in a tree and eat soy beans. But don't tell me your nonsense. I don't want to hear it.

Here's to my friends! May we do a service in saving our country and help eachother live through the misery of liberals controlling the government and trying to destroy our country and capitalism as we know it. It all starts with blogging and connecting and communicating...and getting the information out there.

Happy 100th Birthday Ronald Reagan. This one's for you, Gipper.